Friday, July 31, 2009

Put Your Hose Away- Fire fighter

Hello my dear friends and viewer's of this blog hope to see your well-being at all time. please make daily visits to this blog. here is a new Message for your kind information. The post is about Put Your Hose Away-Fire fighter. Why are so many managers ineffective leaders? Because they are firefighters.When you become a firefighter,you do not lead any more.You don't decide where your team is going.The fire decides for you.

The fire controls your life.You think you are controlling the fire,but the fire is controlling you. 

You become unconscious of opportunity.You become blind to possibilities,because you are immersed in,and defined bythe fire.

If you are an unmotivational manager,even when you put the fire out,you hop back on the truck and take off across the company looking for another fire.Soon,all you know is fires,and all you know how to do is fight them. even when there is no real fire ,you will find something you will redefine as a fire because you are a fire fighter and always want to be working.

A great motivator doesn't fight fires 24/7.A true motivator leads people from the present into the future. The only time a fire becomes relevant is when it's in the way of that future goal. Sometimes a leader doesn't even have to put the fire out. She sometimes just takes a path around the fire to get the desired future.

A firefighter, on the other hand , will stop everything and fight every fire.That's the basic difference between an unconcious manager and a concious leader.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Know your Ownersand Victims

Hello my dear people on the earth thank you for kind  friendship and visits you make at this blog. this is New post about Know your Owners and Victims.With the owners in your life, you do not need techniques.just appreciate them.With the victims,be patient. Hear their feelings out empathetically.You can emphasize with their feelings with out buying in to their Victims Viewpoint.Show them the other view. Live if for them.they will see with their own eyes that it gets better results.

In the end,even if we were to train your staff in ownership thinking,you would still have to lead them there every day,or it would be easy to lose. Figure your own ways to lead them there.Design ways that incorporate your own personality and style into it. There is no magic Prescription.There is only commitment.People who are committed to having a team of self - responsible,creative,upbeat people will get exactly that. Leader's whose committment is not there won't get it.The three basic things you can do are 1.Reward ownership wherever you see it.2.Be an owner yourself.3.Take full responsibility for your staffs morale and performance.

How do you turn around a victim without appearing to be that annoying "positive thinker?"

You do not have to come off as an annoyiong positive thinker to be a true leader.Just be a realistic, honest and upbeat.Focus on opportunities and possibilities. Do not gossip or run down other people. There is no reliable trick that always works,but in my experience,when you are a really strong example of ownership,and you clearly acknowledge it and reward it and notice it in other people,it gets harder and harder for people to play victim in that setting. Remember that being a victim is essentially a racket.It is a manipulation.YOu do not have to pretend that it is a valid point of view intellectually,because it is not."

Ownership,by its nature,is grown by the owner of the ownership.But you can encourageit,and nourish it when you see it. You can nurture it and reward it. you can celebrate it.You do not make it grow,but if you do certain things,it will appear."

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Keep Giving feedback

Hi my dear friends here this is post about Keep Giving feedback.Human beings crave feedback.Try ignoring any 3 year old.At first , he will ask for positive attention,but if he is continually ignored,soon you will hear a loud crash or cry,because any feedback,even negative feedback,is better than no feedback.

some people think that principle only applies to children. but it applies even more to adults.The cruelest from the punishment in prison in soiltary confinement.Most prisoners will do anything -even temporarily improve their behaviour - to avoid being in a situation with little or no feedback.

you may have briefly experienced the relaxing effect of a sensory deprivation are placed for a few minutes in a dark,cocoon-like chamber,floating in body -temperature salt water,with all light and sound cut off.It's great for a few minutes.But not for long.

One day the sole worker at one of these sensory-deprivation tanks walked off the job in a huff over some injustice at work,leaving a customer trapped in a chamber.Several hours later,the customer was rescued but still had to be hospitalized. Not from any physical abuse,but from the psychosis caused by deprivation of sensory feedback.What occurs when all outside feedback is cut off is that the mind manufactures its own sensory feedback in the form of hallucinations that often personify the person's worst fears. The resulting nightmares and terrors can drive even normal people to the point of insanity.

Your own people are no different.if you cut off the feedback,their minds will manufacture their own feedback,quite often based on their worst's no accident that "trust and communication" are the two organizational problems most often cited by employee surveys.

One of the most notorious millitary and secret intelligence torture devices over the years has been a reclcitrant prisoner in to "the black room." the time spent in total sensory deprivation breaks prisoners faster than physical beatings.

Let's take the scene home.The husband is encouraging his wife to get ready for an evening event on time.

she ask's,How does this jacket look on me?

fine,just fine,let's go!"

Well,I knew I did not look good in it. I just can't find anything else to wear!"she says.

Human beings crave real feedback,not just some patronizing,pacifying words.

The managers who have the biggest trouble motivating their people are the ones who give the least feedback.

Motivators do thier homework.They knoe the score.And they keep feeding the score back to their people.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Key to Motivation- within your employee

Hi my dear friends and viewer's my sincere thanks for you all for staying connected and for your daily visit. We will grow. Here is a message is about, Key to Motivation- within your employee. Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.

A Manager was attired in an olive green polo shirt and white pleated slacks ready for a day of golf. He would like to know how to get my people on the sales team to improve. How do I manage them? The golf in charge asked him is that all you want to know? Yes, that’s it, declared by the manager. The golf in charge told him "you can’t”. What are you saying asked the manager? One of the first things we teach managers is that they can't really directly control their people. Motivation always comes from with in your employee, not from you." is the answer to the manager by the golf in charge. Also he said, we teach how to get people to motivate themselves. That is the key. And you do that by managing agreements, not people. And that is what they have discussed.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

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