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getpaid atLink: Electronic Machine

getpaid atLink: Electronic Machine: "Hi friends and follower's here is a message about electronic machine. Electronic machine are found to be very good in accuracy and quickne..."

Request to More on Catherine Middleton, Prince William, Royal Wedding to U.K.People

Hi friends and viewer's we are in a happy note due to Royal wedding.

Yes! On 29.4.2011 that is yesterday we witnessed the Royal wedding because of BBC Live Telecast is Happiest moment in our life also.

The wedding went as per the schedule is also to be Noted. I like to wish the couple for a Happy Wedded Life.British PM  gift book to royal couple is Nice Present.

But at the same time , the same telecast by bbc might be used to create a Bad feeling and opinion in the people of U.K. so Goverment by British Prime Minister David Cameron has to take up the matter which is very very important to the betterment of people at London to the Knowledge of Royal Kingdom and to the wedded couple. By getting sanctioned this immediate need of the people at U K from Prince Williams will be a Very Big Gift to make People cheerful . This Gift by P M and BY Prince will be endorsed by people at all times in representing their Loyalty and Greatfulness. While People at U.K. with a Gift and a hike in salary will be a Nice change from this Wedding result expected by me and  the other part of people of this world.
Because we are all People of this Planet Earth. Here I request has to initiate her advice or opinion on this post to  British Prime Minister David Cameron.Have You Written a Book? We Want to Read Your Book. FREE INFORMATION.

I Trust and believe that Royal Kingdom and P M .U.K. will  be accepting this opinion from me. I am telling this to take place because Cruel Political People of this World will start and generate negative Thoughts about the Government of U.K. This should not happen. This is my like. Because I Love My Royal Kingdom at U.K.

Thank you.
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Electronic Machine

Hi friends and follower's here is a message about electronic machine.

Electronic machine are found to be very good in accuracy and quickness.
But it is untill not disturbed by you in any manner.

For example , Now a days ,electronic Machines are used in Election,wether it is for state assembly or for Parliament in India. I witnessed a election recently in India .

Please wait for a while ,their is a call in my mobile .

Yes! I am sundararajan. Oh ! what a surprise ,you , my dear Pravin. How are you? How is your family ? How is your business. allright , your call surprised me a lot , because I started writing a post about the information you have told to me yesterday in our discussion about electronic machine to get share with all my friends and viewer's. please let me finish that post and I will call you back in seconds. Do not mistake me.

I switched off the my mobile and continuing the information about electronic machine used in elections in India. For example it is used in Tamil nadu,Kerala,Pondicherry,and west Bengal.

People believe in electronic Machine.

But my friend told that in this electronic machine to caste vote ,alteration can be done in seconds. This is in detail,that is in Vote casting electronic Machine you will be having contestants from political parties and in front of that party Logo in which the contestant contest will be their. And in front of that Logo their is a provision of a Button .By pressing this button you will hear a beep sound ,which declares you have casted your vote.

But in this with a very good understanding between election commission and a Political Party can be arived. On the agreement , for example , in a booth using out of 10 machines   4 or 5 machines will have a corruption set up. By this corruption set up asmall wire in a second can be attached with a logo and the last end of the same wire will be attached to a contestant logo who has been decided to win by the agreement.

so people will turn to poling booth and caste their vote to their choice and willingness,but because of the arrangement in that corrupted electronic machine all votes casting to different contestants  by people will get in to the account of the logo and contestant which has been already decided.

Also to Note election commission and the political parties will do act in such a way that they are not supportive or cooperative between each other in all of their action to make people to believe that the victory/win of that candidate is right.

This is the possibility,as per my friend who is a professional electronic machines.

So This type of wrong actions might have taken place in the elections held. so people verdict may have the possibility to face the utter failure.

Thank you.
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Thursday, April 28, 2011



sathya sai baba death is Planned

Hi viewer's here is a shocking message about Sathya sai Baba death is well planned.

He dead on 24.4.2011.  Admitted in to Hospital on 28.3.2011. To keep His dead body for Public ,The box was ordered and bought on 4.4.2011.

Already their is a clash between Sathyajoth and Rathnagar . Rathnagar is the son of sathya sai baba elder brother.
sathyajith was servicing and along with sathya sai Baba at all times from the age of Five.

Rathnagar is the owner of Arrack ,whisky,brandy, wine manufacturing company  is also to be Noted.

Now Mr chakravarthy an I .A.S. Officer is also claiming to be follower.

The chairman Venu srinivasan and all other Trust members were say that thier is no sort looting happened from the Trust.

One thing is very clear Sathya sai Baba has not written any will and he did not owned any thing on his Name.
All Properties worth about One Hundred and fifty crores in Worldwide is on the Trust Name. The Trust started for maintaining assets and controlled by Sathya sai baba.Now he is dead.

so No body has the right to claim these assets. 

So It is the Duty Of the Central Government has to take Necessary action to Bring in all these assets in to  the Tresary of Reserve Bank Of India. This is the way to declare all immovable properties are Nationalised.(Government Property). Andra pradesh State Government has no right to claim any property to her treasury.

So Let us believe that all assets will be taken over by Government of India. Mr. Manmohan singh can over come maximum level in the deficit of National Budget.
This is the right decision. By this Srinivasan may be in to trouble to submit the exact accounts to Government of India. His Group of companies might have used the fund in to business. This is only a possibility. Not sure.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi friends and viewer's here is a message baout Health studio.

Now many Health studio's have started in metro cities to help people in all age  in maintaining their health.

Here at health studio you have Yoga,Spa,Aerobics,Gym,Beauty, saloon and others.

Here people above forty can get in to Oil Massage,Powder Massage,and other Massage at reasonable costs available to enjoy Life.This has become a need in Lifestyle.

this centers are very safe and secured for your health. Maximum Health clubs are backed by Political support is also to be noted. so safe.

This is a Place for both woman and man in all ages. so they come in with out fear and enjoy all pleasures of Life to stay  healthy.

thank you.Wasting Light

Monday, April 25, 2011

Anti corruption action from Powerful C B I

Hi Friends and viewer's here is a message about Central Beraeu of Investigation - C B I ofIndia.

I believe a good Time started to India .

Election commission started using her Power to the extent possible to Offer Clean India.For example election at Bihar went very successful and in the result Congress and Lau Prasad wife Rabri devi Party Thrashed to Defeat.
The result exhibited the people verdict in favour of Nitish Kumar party is a Boon to Clean India. This is starting Point.

Now C B I ,Today arrested Suresh kalmadi is yet another rapid Growth towards Clean India. We Indians Proud about Our C B I officials. They also started works with out partiality is a Bench Mark. It is to be Noted that Suresh kalmadi belongs to Congress Party. So It shows Congress party realized the need of Clean India.

Also Their is a wide spread rumour in the People of India that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is behind in all these corrective actions to Have Clean India.  If this is the correct Message Than we Indians are proud.

Thanks to C B I and Election Commission of India.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sai Baba and his Rs 40,000 crore asset

Hi friends and viewers here is a message about Sathya sai Baba assets at Ananthapur in Puttaparthi.
Rough estimates put the total value of his assets at anywhere between Rs 35,000 and Rs 40,000 crore, apart from substantial cash reserves.

For the record, the Sathya Sai Central Trust, established in 1964, has the godman as chairman. The members of the trust, which was reconstituted last year, are: former chief justice of India P N Bhagwati, Mumbai-based industrialist Indulal Shaw, V Srinivasan of TVS Motors, former vice-chancellor of Satya Sai University S V Giri and R J Ratnakar, son of Sai Baba’s brother.

There are four others who are said to wield real influence and have access to Sai Baba, attending to all his needs and thereby becoming privy to more information than others. One of them is Satyajit, an MBA who found his way into Baba’s inner circle. Others include Chakravarthi, a retired IAS officer, a man many believe to wield immense clout, Venkatraman, a former member of the trust board and S V Giri.

After death of sathya sai baba , The money in crores May be floated in companies like T V S will also come to light. Because all these years All India chairman for this assosiation is from this company.So Now T V S may be in suspect on possibility of funds Used in their business.
Let us weight and see.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Hi friends this is about  ATM. I know that you will be in need of medicines in any point of time in a day.
Do not worry. here is a chance to enjoy trouble free health by getting Medicine at Any Time Medicine , that also original and genuine medicines at your door step.

Any Time Medicine to suppy Medical shops belongs to reputed Hospital owned is from Appolo Hospitals. This is a service from Mr. Pratap reddy Group.

above to this You can avail 10% Discount on cash bill or 5% on credit card payments. All Major credit cards are accepted is yet another best service. so get started enjoying this service .

But I have a bad information also here to add , that is  Pharmacy attached Appolo Hospital,s are not offering this discounts to their patients is pathetic. They pay huge payments to their Hospital so extending this facility at Pharmacy at Apollo Hospitals will Gain Most appealing Love and affcetion of people towards the Present Director Mrs Preetha Reddy. I believe that she respond to this  blog post and will show mercy from her good office to their patients also.

Thank You.
A World I Never Made

Mistake of anna hazare

Hi viewer's this is about Mistake of anna hazare . Yes ! He has started agitation applyinh Non Violence methods to establish Lok pal Bill as he has designed. That a common law and rules apply to all citizen in India. International support and National support from people started growing on every second  at that time of asting by anna hazare. so The political parties do not like his image development also they do not want to shed med on their head on their own behalf. so immediately turned to anna hazare to react on his demand. A clear Drama was staged and anna hazare fall in the pit designed by politicians.

Now politicians say their is a corruption case against anna hazare. what sensational drama staged is known to All people.

Anna Hazare done a Mistake,that is he has joined his Hands with the Politicians of  today and wanted to achieve the Anti - corupption Bill designed by him. This is a mistake and wrong expectation of  anna Hazare. He should appeal to Public ,instead of Politicians who never show interest to pass the Bill as designed by anna Hazare. So he is going to fail in his attempt.

Thank you.Water for Elephants

Doctor with Charity Mind

Hi friends and viewers here is amessage about Doctors with Charity mind. It is ridiculous to find Doctors with Charity mind. You can find Doctors with service mind . You can find Doctors with Money minded and who were minting huge Money even with a Pharmacy attachment with Non Genuine Medicines.

In this circumstance if we find a Doctor with Charity Mind is simply great. You may find few Doctors in this Category. But I found in my fifty three years of age Doctor UMA ,M.D.,D.G.O., in this kind. she is very kind to all patients and she is servicing all with the necessary informations is the additional information . Kindness and Loving Nature with charity Minded is none other than Godliness.

This is my Personal Experiences at her clinic.

thank you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

getpaid atLink: Nacked At Lense even dressed

getpaid atLink: Nacked At Lense even dressed: "Hi friends and viewer's here is a message about X - ray. x-ray is a method used scan your body to deduct the problems exactly. In this C T S..."

getpaid atLink: Doctor with Charity Mind

getpaid atLink: Doctor with Charity Mind: "Hi friends and viewers here is amessage about Doctors with Charity mind. It is ridiculous to find Doctors with Charity mind. You can find Do..."

Nacked At Lense even dressed

Hi friends and viewer's here is a message about X - ray. x-ray is a method used scan your body to deduct the problems exactly. In this C T Scan is special. This is giving very clear picture to Doctors to have their say and treatment.

Patients are lucky to have this Xray facility. Also to know x ray is also a dangerous to our health.

In X - Ray Hindustan Photo Film is doing a great wonders in its technology. It supplies effectively to all Government owned Hospitals. This is a great service by Government. You can see the Government Hospital stores with sufficient stock of this Hindusthan Photo film for X - Ray in different size with necessary liquids. This is a very good service from Government and Hindusthan Photo film Industry for cancer patients concerned.

The Technology is extraordinary. yes! patients (man/woman) with dress scaned in C T scan and it is possible to view in different positions about the organs are visible and Photo copied and it serves people in saving their life . The Lens is powerful to see the Human Body organs even dressed is a technolgy.

Thank you.The Lincoln Lawyer: A Novel

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


we friends and viewers must know the struggles to Google .com Team in each country. Naturally in any country Google services were well utilized but the ruling Government keeps a pressure on Google also. why I tell this because This blog had page rank,but I started writing  about Political people and politics few years back itself .so credit goes to Irresponsible and fraud politicians ,my blog last page rank.This is pathetic.

Thank you.

getpaid atLink: sai baba dead

getpaid atLink: sai baba dead: "hi viewers here is a message about sai baba. A great spiritual guru ,is dead at Puttaparthi. Doctors and people in trust were not taken pr..."

sai baba dead

hi viewers here is a message about sai baba.

A great spiritual guru ,is dead at Puttaparthi. Doctors and people in trust were not taken proper action for treatment in time to sathya sai baba.

This may be because they made sai baba ay wheel chair for a long time to allow them to lotted the properties and assets ,cash,jewels worth may be more than 40,000 crore in India.abroad it is not known.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

getpaid atLink: Irresponsible College

getpaid atLink: Irresponsible College: "Hi to my dear viewers here is a mesage about irresponsible college at chennai. This  Engineering college is Located at Kodambakkam , c..."

Irresponsible College

Hi to my dear viewers here is a mesage about irresponsible college at chennai.

This  Engineering college is Located at Kodambakkam , chennai. This college had a recent construction to show respect to Mr.Sundararajan - founderof this college.  In a function on 11th April 2011 this Place was opened . Ex President headed this  function .It is Nice to see. But even today  (17th April  2011 ) the Welcome Banner (Welcome Ex President of India) is handing on the Main gate. This shows the college irresponsibility otherwise it declares  the college Like to create  advertisement from the banner. I strongly believe and feel this is an exploitation to ExPresident of India Because this has not gone to the Knowledge of ExPresident of India.

We people of India were always proud that we are Living with an Eminent Scientist of this  world from India. We thank to God for this opportunity.

Also to the Knowledge of Anna University which cares on infrastructures of colleges. Today we people found that  the Bench seat arrangements for students in each class room is like Bench seats in Tea shops. Colleges were collecting Huge amount as fees for management quota also on the higher side than the prescribed fees amount of Anna University.

While Mr. Kabil Sibil - the Minister has designed the fees structure as decided by the committee advise to the state Government for Schools , why the Minister from the Union Government Neglect to have involement and neglect to show his/her responsibility on fees structure for engineering colleges prescribed by Anna University. Here on this Matter Ex President Of India may interfere and may send his recommendations to Union Government and to the President of India.

Let us see and Expect Mr Anna Hazare involvement in this Matter connected to Education of our Next Generation. I hope and believe Mr.Anna Hazare will show his apropriate interest on this matter.

Thank you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

searchengine marketing

hi friends and viewers here is valuable news about search enginemarketing.

Marketing is a technique which enhances any business. In Internet search engine's are very useful in enhancing any business.

Search engines are Google search,Yahoo search MSNserach, AOL search and others. In these now most of the attempts were made at Google search . It is popular and it is well updated on every seconds. Google search  has become a common knowledge in Internet search to lay man also.

make use of this search engines to widen your knowledge in buy and sell needs. Thank you.

Binami assets

Hi viewers at Election commisson please submit the suspectful records of few leaders of a political parties to Union Government of India and supreme court.
Because contestants declared their assets in the form precribed  to election commission. Now It is understood few contestants declared very Low assets Value in their records. so Union  Government has to be addressed by supreme court to take appropriate action by C  B I to find the Biname assets and money.

This will swipe out Black money in the country.

Please do it. Otherwise people agitation will broke out on this matter is my opinion.

Thank you

Do not give Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar

Hi friends, follower's, and viewers here is a message about Do not give Bharat Ratna to Sachin Tendulkar.

Yes ! I appeal to all Indians and people in the World to join with me in the agitation proposed. Sachin did all for his own records. not for the Country,this is well known to him.

Central Government of India at present have lot of problems from all ends and the demand is Parliament to dissolve.

I appeal to Union Government Lead by Manmohan singh  to announce Bharath Ratna Award to Bagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. On date this spiritual Guru is in critical condition at Putta parthi. BUt The assets of him worth about in Billions. so Government and politicians , right from Panchayat Board president of thast village Ananthapur village may have a plan to loot / grab all these billions. Government will announce the take over of this trust and assets. thsi is what going to Happen.

But No M L A ,M.P.'s,No Andra Pradesh Government till date ,and No Central Government till date
(all Ministers and M P 's till date) have not done any prosperity or developments to people of India in any state But a spritual Guru Sri sathya sai Baba did in Puttaparthi in anathapur district. Not only Airport,medical Institutions, Medical college, Engineering  college,schools are Massive development works and they are ever useful to people over centuries.He has provided 200 crores to Tamil nadu Government for drinking water project. Government with many crores in Budget has not done any development work is a shameful act of all Politicians in India.

For the Massive work and Infrstructures in Andra pradesh Government of India can give Bharat Ratna to Sathya sai Baba and Don't give this award to Tendulkar.

Today splash news is Mr Vasanth Kumar is the First richest in Tamil nadu,and he belongs to Congress is to be noted.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anna - Victoria

HI this is about anna - victorious.

Yes! their is no option to Central Government than surrender to Anna Plea.

Prime Minister knows very well about the impact of this Fast. If the fast continues than that may cause Life danger to Mr.anna . Than It will become a revolution through out India and it will demand the Government at Central to step Down. More over to avoid parliament dissolve Government with a high tactics and struggle the ruling party arranged to close the Parliament session at the earlier date is well known to all countries on the earth.

So Now the government to come down to surrender Mr anna's indefinite fast  ,also the cause behind the fast is a valid one and it was getting increasing support from all countries on every second. . With a heavy fear Central Government in a clever manner made a full stop in this crucial stage.

I believe that this present Congress Government will not do this,just by postponing on many reasons the empowered lokpal bill will not get pass. While parliament session is not in running.

So Finally India will face the next General election at the year end. With Priyanka Gandhi as Prime Mnisterial candidate and with a Promisory Note to people to pass this bill as the first action in the next parliament.

Before this bill passed corruptiv people in politics either they get settle at foriegn countries or they will do all sort of actions to wipe out the records proving their corruption. This will happen.

Now How the Black Money Matter handled very successfully and in a cuning way by both B J P and Congress parties is well witnessed by all countries. No Trust on  Both parties is the mandatory information to this world.

A New political Party in India is inevitable. B J P will get dismantle and possibility of a new party is bright.
People like Kiran Bedi has to come forward to Run this New party  is my suggesstion. Iam ready to support Kiran Bedi. I believe all Indian's will join their hands in this support.

Thank you. Thanks to Baba Ramdev.

Friday, April 8, 2011

getpaid atLink: Platinum Jewel - Richest place in the World

getpaid atLink: Platinum Jewel - Richest place in the World: "Hi friends , follower's and Viewer's here is a Splash news on Platinum . This is the richest jewel in this world today. This is known to yo..."

Platinum Jewel - Richest place in the World

Hi friends , follower's and Viewer's here is a Splash news on Platinum .

This is the richest jewel in this world today. This is known to you.

Recent Sattelite pictures declared very clearly that Platinum is available just in 15 to 20 yards digging.

Yes! this place is None other than Coimbatore at Tamil Nadu in India.

even their is a rumour that is , to avail this, Many political people in the Name of Big Fair being conducted using a Language Name. This is also confirmed by archealogical department.

But Innocent people who sold their Lands and houses recently at Coimbatore are Loosers. They are exploited is the fact.  This Metal is available in Plenty in Coimbatore soil.My dear people at coimbatore Please be careful..

Thank you.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

getpaid atLink: Mrs.Sasikala

getpaid atLink: Mrs.Sasikala: "Hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about Mrs.sasikala. sasikala is a Guide,Friend ,security , and all to J.Jayalalitha..."


Hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about Mrs.sasikala.

sasikala is a Guide,Friend ,security , and all to J.Jayalalithaa. People Know this. In the early Chief Minister Tenure also she was with J.Jayalalithaa.

Mrs.sasikala  did not interven in any administrative matters of the Government is also known to all in India , in Particular to people at Tamilnadu.

It is believed that always a person support at all times to a leader is Good. This you can find in the History also. This is correct. Mrs.Sasikala is silent women and she is a True and Trusted to J.Jayalalithaa. This has to be appreciated by us. I appreciate this kind action of Mrs.sasikala in helping J.Jayalalithaa in Promoting the A I A D M K party is   correct.

I wish and Say thanks to Mrs.sasikala.

Thank you.

getpaid atLink: Tamil Nadu Election result of April, 13 , 2011

getpaid atLink: Tamil Nadu Election result of April, 13 , 2011: " Hi dear Friends , follower'..."

getpaid atLink: Breaking News

getpaid atLink: Breaking News: "Hi friends ,follwer's and viewer's here is  Two breaking News. The Flash news is that the declaration from Election commission and D.M..."

Breaking News

Hi friends ,follwer's and viewer's here is  Two breaking News.

The Flash news is that the declaration from Election commission and D.M.K and allied Parties meeting at Chindadiripet.

Yesterday Election commission of India said that Political Parties Logo fixing work got finished.

The same day same Time The Ruling Parties at center and Ruling Party at state combined chief for Tamil Nadu Election Mr.Karunanidhi said at Chindadiripet Meeting that their "Success confirmed".

So Here People doubt started on election commission proceedings. People think that election commission has stopped Payments for vote to People at Tamil nadu by the ruling Party. also on this Ruling Party and allied were commented that election commission has declared Emergency at Tamilnadu.

Now The same Ruling Party and allied in a meeting confirm that their "success is Confirmed". It means instead of paying Money to People at Tamil Nadu Huge Money might have been paid to Political Parties Logo sticker fixing people group ,Possibly ,might be by which a small wiring adjustments in few machines during the process of Logo fixing .This might have been happened so that The Ruling party and allied Group in a meeting confirms their success.

So let us watch the Result.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bharat Ratna Award

hi friends and followers and viewers here is a shocking news about Bharat Ratna Award.

Now Thier is a Recommendation from Maharastra Government to Government of India ,recomending Mr.Sachin Tendulkar Name for Bharat Ratna award .

I strongly object this recommendation . Also like to say that Mr. Sachin Tendulkar has not Done any sacrifice.

He played Cricket for his own records like sunil Gawaskar . His records are valuable to him and cricket ,not to India as a whole. In future any player from any country will over come his records and at that time cricket board and sports ,people,media are all going to say comments with refference to Tendulkar name and not India.

He has not done any thing beyond Human capacity.He aimed ti over come all earlier records . He was a Failure Captain .

Government Must Note that Team lead by Kapil Dev and Team lead by Dhoni were brought the world cup to India and this Victory  raised the value and respect in International status to Government of India. This cannot be denied by any one on this earth. 

I would like to say  Players like Tendulkar and Gawaskar are all with a Non cooperative Tendency. They are unable to cope up with 11 players on the Ground and they could not able to extract the results which make the country glow and cherish. These Players played for their Individual cherishment.

So Awarding Bharat Ratna award to Mr.Sachin Tendulkar is objectable by all people in India.Government of India Must not do this Mistake.

Thank you. 

getpaid atLink: action and reaction - success story

getpaid atLink: action and reaction - success story: "Hi friends and follwer's and viewer's here is a message about action and reaction's. Yes! This is about a hot news which is shocking and sh..."

action and reaction - success story

Hi friends and follwer's and viewer's here is a message about action and reaction's.

Yes! This is about a hot news which is shocking and shacking Democracy in India.

J.Jayalaithaa and others including me believe that A I A D M K is going to have Fabulous Victory because of  sensible Voting.

At the same Time the headlines Today says that karunanidhi say that Brahmin's in official status in Election commission are operating actions like Emergency at Tamil nadu
This is a reaction from D M K chief. 

Election commission strict activities are telling the action stories. so this action.

Action by election commission and Reaction by D M K and Congress Chief creates a Doubtfulness in the election Result

Electronic Machines are stationed at chennai. These will be sent to respective constituencies few days earlier to the elction date. But Before that in few Electronic Machines for this election ,wire connections is corrupted , is the hot news/rumour. The truthness in this matter has to be watched carefully and immediately. Professional electronic service people say that by arranging a wire connection in few  machines will carry all casted vote's to D M K and congress and allied parties Logo credit. Electronic engineers confirms this possibility of doing this in few machines of a constituency is subject to verification.

election commission and central Government and Present state Government may have made this set up.who knows? probability is their because of action and reactions.But j.jayalalithaa believe Election commission .
 It means your pressing on a button against any Logo will carry the vote credit in to D M K party is the rumour available now. Sincerely this has to be analyzed,otherwise Victory to A I A D M K is Doubtful. 
D M K and Congress will say , we are grateful to people interest in voting in favour,but this is a trick assigned . so Electronic Machine genuineness has to be confirmed.

Thank you. 


Hi this is letting you know j.jayalalitha.

a proverb says that If you have sincere Friend that you no need to bother about anything. Yes! she has a very Good beloved friend Mrs Sasikala. She is the sincere Friend at all Time. D M K and Politicians and media has tried to split these friends but Failed in all attempts is the History.

Today J.Jayalalithaa is Going to People of tamil Nadu and she is appealing to people (where as other parties that includes D M K - Demanding people to vote for them with Money and other Means)to vote for A I A D M K and allied. People crowd and support at all places she went shows she is Going to win in this Election 2011 on April 13.

Let me wish her success at all times in her endeavours.My Prayers will do a great and huge Victory in her success.

Thank you.

Monday, April 4, 2011

getpaid atLink: sathya sai Baba in critical condition

getpaid atLink: sathya sai Baba in critical condition: "Hi friends and followers here is a message about Sathya sai Baba - religious Guru. His health condition become very critical today. Heart ..."

sathya sai Baba in critical condition

Hi friends and followers here is a message about Sathya sai Baba - religious Guru.

His health condition become very critical today.

Heart ,Lungs, Kidney were not responding - as per the Doctors Treating  at sathya sai Medical foundation and higher studies.

M y prediction:-

Today 04.04.2011 = 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 = 3. Raghu is not in good status in sathya sai baba  Horoscope. So To Night he has to cross . Than he will recover, So Let us Pray for his recovery.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Assam Election result

Hi friends , in India at Assam election for Assam state assembly with 126 constituencies in two stage going to take place. The first stage is on 4.4.2011 for 62 seats.

Ulfa terrorists were not a seperate force. They are the part and Parcel of Politicians . Government with all security measuress but terrorists are in action with out the knowledge of the politicians and government  to Press message is ridiculous.

In the matter of politics terrorists has become  a major partner. when any untoward incidents happens becuase Politicians and political parties in the world wants to keep people in fear . Also they create and say many comments that they will save people. Terrorists are claiming the innocent lives , this itself a self explanation that Terrorists whther Ulfa or Naxals or any other named are all tools to Political parties.

We have to watch one thing only in important periods like election and others This terrorists are in action. OR when the ruling Government wants a diversion of people mind from any important matter They engage terrorists or cruel people who work for Money. so terrorists are none other than a part of Politicians of Today.

This time at Assam B J P will form the Government. AGP and Congress parties will fail in this election. people will teach lesson to terorists in casting their votes .

in 126 seats B J P will get thumping Majority and will form the Government. Congress will have failures. AGP will be noware by this election results. People understood terrorists actions at Assam and westbengal are all the drama staged as and when it is required to create fear in people by political parties.

Now Political parties in India and Pakistan and in the world must leave terrorism acts to make world in Peace otherwise if the political parties are continuing the same actions in the name of terrorists then the world will be in pieces.
Peace is good and pieces is ugly. select the good.

President Rule in India

Hi friends and follower's and viewer's Here is a Prediction about the present  Union Government will get Dissolve.President Rule in India will be in force for another six months from June 2011.

Yes! The present Union Government by Mr.Manmohan singh will get dissolve before 31st May 2011. This is inevitable and unavoidable. The reasons may be Many corruptive matters in Bank Transactions will broke out.

The present Election For state assembly going to take place in more than three states will be a Massive defeat  to Congress (UPA) Government by Mr.Manmohan singh.Because of the impact of these election results Opposition Parties will demand for Union Government to dissolve.

After  this state election Communist party  will get vanished /eradicated from Indian Politics.This is also a mandatory change  to Indian Politics,You are going to witness.

President Rule in India will call for a Fresh election 535 Member of Parliament for Indian Parliament.

All Parties will accept to face  the New Election . 

The New election by the beginning of 2012 will pave way to a stable Government by Congress as Priyanka Gandhi as Prime Ministerial Candidate. This will Happen.

Priyanka Gandhi will get Thumping Majority with out allies with any Parties in India.She will be the Prime Minister of India for the Next Ten Years. After this she do not have the chance to Become Prime Minister of India. 

Now also Congress Leaders as usual will say that their is threat to Nehru Family. This is what we Noticing right From Narasimha Rao to Manmohan singh. the created and wrong infrmation to Indira Gandhi family is a trick by congress to keep the family away from Rule. This an exploitattion in process till date. 

Priyabka Gandhi will put an end to this Exloitation by Congress leaders to Indira Gandhi family.

The Above said prediction will definitely happen . My predictions Never Fail. My Prayers Never Fail. 

Note:- In the above said matter Foriegn /European Governments will come forward to help Priyanka Gandhi.

Thank you.
When You Went Away 


Hi friends and followers and viewers here is a message about Family Pension.

Today the present government's say that they are giving importance to Aged people , in particular above 60 and above 80 are given prime imporatnce as per the scheme's of the Government's. But in practical The Government does not show even minimum importance to the family pension reciever's at any age.

why this is happenning? Because the Gpvernment's are not at all interested in aged people life.

For example ,Retired pensioner's were got paid the pension by 31.03.2011. This is Normal. But every year Government pay the family pension only after 3rd or 4th april of that year. what a pathetic situation.

While Government pay the pension to Pensioners belongs to central and state Government on 31st March of any year ,the same Government must show their responsibilty to pay the Family Pension to Family Pensioners also. This is a Must. The Government believes that these family pensioners are aged so they cannot go on any agitation,their age and health condition will not allow them to for any revolution is also a Thought of Indian Government's.
This above matter is to the Knowledge of All nation and its Government's and the people of this World  to react.

Media, Press and Television net works can also invole themselves on social responsibility to help family pensioner's.

Hope to have positive approach from Government's in this matter.
When You Went Away

Friday, April 1, 2011

Medical Technology

In India Advanced Technology in Medical science is a must.

For example people for dialysis goes to foriegn countries . For example Late chief Minister Tamil Nadu Mr. M G R went to Brroklyn Hospital for dialysis is known to all Indians.

Now advanced technologies in medical science allows people to change their Blood in regular intervals. This is because of many reasons. One among many reasons reducing level of white cells in Blood in short intervals. we need to have technology developments and facilities  in Medical science.

Thank you.

Best Out of Three

Hi feriends and viewer's here is a message about Best out of Three.

Normally in all matters we have a practice to react or come to a justification we offer three chance. 

In Politics Few personalities like to occupy the chair for 5 th time ,sixth time and so on.

Our Government must Pass a Law to dictate that ,a Person Male or female can Hold a very High office Position like Chief Minister,Prime Minister for Three times. In Democracy it is a must. We follow democracy , it does not mean we can keep on electing a person for many times fpr higher office is meaningless. This is also a reason for their mistakes in administration. People were not getting their needs ,Because That person who get elected more than 3 times is getting Over confidence and thinks People are fools. 

Also Personalities think that they can do any achievements with Money Power . But Now with the present election result this though going to be smashed from their minds.This is a lesson for them to go out of Politics.

Citizen of India over 80 years can be the advisors and not to be permitted to occupy High Offices . This is to be enforced by a Law in Indian Democracy. 

The Above said set back of Democracy must be looked in to ,accordingly by Judiciary and Parliament of India.

After this election Congress Party must Change the Leader of that party at Tamil Nadu. The Present leader has got enriched in assets by many means. 

thank you.