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Benefits to Google user

 Hi to my dear friends,followers,Google users,and friends from International media here is a post on hierarchy of needs.
They are self- actualization needs,esteem needs, social needs,safety needs,physiological needs.
social needs relate to need to have social relationships.
esteem needs relate to respect and prestige.
physiological needs are basic needs for our survival on the earth.example; food , water,shelter,clothing needs are related job safety,product safety,and fringe benefits.
self actualization needs are realizing one's potential.
Thank you for reading this post in full.

Solar Energy

Hi my dear friends and followers and media friends here at this blog thank you for your gracious support.  I hope that you will be happy to read this new post on alternate sources of energy.
Yes This is the time to go for a change in using energy. sources of energy other  than fuels are known as alternate sources of energy. The sun and wind are alternate sources of energy. so is bio gas, a gas made from the waste of human and animals. These sources will always be available to us and will never run out.
solar energy is freely available to us in cells are used to convert solar energy to electricity. solar cookers use solar energy to cook food. It is good for health.
Thank you. To help the nation and the governments please use solar energy. Try to manufacture batteries and solar plates suitable to automobile  operations.
Thank you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

getpaid atLink:

getpaid atLink: Sebastian Vettel in will have a tough fight with Lewis hamilton and Scehumaker on the road at Greater Noida Today.  My predi...

Bought bitdefender anti virus But Today ESET antivirus free download installed !

Bought bitdefender anti virus But Today ESET antivirus free download installed !

I Bought bitDefender internet security on 27th may 2011. it is valid up to 26th May 2012.

This is a American software company provides this internet security.

The cd I bought was packed on Oct.2011. so today My antivirus protection at my control panel in security center has become antivirus ourdated. what is this.?

The CD bitdefender may be packed on october 2011. but when i bought on may 27th 2011 and installed on the same date than it is valid for a year that is up to 26th October 2012.

So here bitdefender anti - virus software provider must take care customer service.

I wrote my mail to unistal limited in this regard today, let me see what reply they offer and I will publish the same in my sites.


facebook is not working

facebook is not working

getpaid atLink: facebook is not working

getpaid atLink: facebook is not working: Hi this is about is ot working at my computer ,why? i do not know. has to solve this issue is my request. or i lik...

facebook is not working

Hi this is about is ot working at my computer ,why? i do not know. has to solve this issue is my request. or i liketo know is facebook will not work at my computer?

Thanks to team

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Apply for a Job

Job application letters should have two essential parts one is cover letter and the second one is Resume.

 The purpose of your job application letter is to persuade your employers to read your attached resume, and the purpose of your resume is to motivate your employers to contact you for an interview. Hence each of them plays an important role in your job search.

To know more about cover letter please read the next post.

Thank you.

Sebastian Vettel in will have a tough fight with Lewis hamilton and Scehumaker on the road at Greater Noida Today. 

My prediction say Sebastian Vettel will   defeat  Lewis Hamilton Today . so  Vettel will be the winner Today at Greater Noida.

You  may witness  



Pietersen-inspired with the original Game of their Team with a great win yesterday. In the last five one day test Loss was an agreed one between England and India Team. So that India got defeate at England tour in all five one day test similarly in all one day test at India now england got defeated.
This is an agreed game to inspire and to exploit the Game and the people of these countries.

Here after Dhoni will not have the chance of winning any Game in Cricket is my prediction. This will happen.

Strike-stung Maruti

Hi friends already I predicted this fate of Maruthi .

In 2012 Maruthi udyog will have recession and it will pave way for closure of many units in Mruthi udyog. Grdaullay before May 2012 Maruthi udyog will face a huge loss and it will make this company sudden lock out or closure. This is the future of Maruthi Udyog and Maruthi car sales in India and inthe world. Export orders will come to a very Loww level nd many orders will get cancelled for Maruthi cars.
This is my yet another prediction.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Covering letter to your profile

Hi my dear readers and followers here is a promising message that reveals about cover letter. Cover letter is like a sales letter, and a cover letter is must.

. Gain attention and develop an interest in the employer about your qualification; (introductory paragraph)

. Carry conviction with the help of your past performance and testimonials; (main body) and

. Motive the prospective employer to take an action, i.e., grant you an interview (Concluding paragraph).

secret Love between Producer and celebreties?

Hi this is about secret Lover of women. Yes! Here I would like to open the secret Love between Producer and celebrities. 
Celebrities are Beautiful. Producer wants to take an advantage in using celebrities. 
Producers produce any thing, Like Car, Wagon, Gold, Diamond, Platinum Jewels and other Home Appliances and Electronic Goods etc looking for the best support from celebrities. 
For example a producer produce Milk Chocolate, He approaches Amitab Buchchan to give an advertisement to attract many towards the purchase of that chocolates.
Similarly an ex chief Minister traveled in a Benz car which added value to both, the chief Minister Rank and also to that Benz Car. I could not able to recollect the exact Number of that Benz car. It is some thing like 1515 in registration Number. People were happy to see Higher Rank officials travel in such a car. This is a right way of bringing People together towards Big Goal. This is a great Moment.
This should have attracted many to buy Benz car to their use. It is natural. Politician’s uses were also used as advertisement for many valuable products.
Now I like to reveal about that secret lover to a women or celebrities. It is None other than Gold, Diamond, and Platinum Jewelry. 
In Advertisements you could have found celebrities with a product why because it to have a big reaches in people knowledge. Many people have a feeling that they are no way inferior to any celebrities, and they rush to buy Valuable Jewels more costly than celebrities bought. These people try to collect these details also in secret. This is a challenge to many women. 
Jewelry is the secret lover to a women in this world..
Similarly Car is a secret Lover to a Gentleman. This is also a Top secret in car sales. I know you know about this secret. I also know that, you do not know certainly how to realize that sale. You know about a lead but converting a lead is an art in sales.  Some where you are Missing otherwise Your sales Figure will be always on the top as Bench mark against your target.
Secret lovers to celebrities’ gives way to many people to think about their Purchases can not be denied.
Computer, Laptop, Electronic Goods, is attracting Girls and Ladies and women first. 
Technology is itself a woman so that it adjusts with all People in this world.
Buy Gold is the best way of raising assets; it is the only product has highest return value.
Thanks for allowing me to share these truths with you.
Good day. Have a Nice day and please return o this blog in few seconds to read yet another interesting secret about other matters. All Matter which Matters. .

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top car Now Volkswagen

here is a message about Top car -consumer perception.

In this as per the latest information Toyota from Japan is leading with a high percentage. Right From U S to all countries in the world  were high satisfaction and having a thought to have one more Japanese made Toyota car in the house.   even with  other great features  in other brands from all countries could not able to reduce the priority and interest on a Toyota car .

The second Place goes to Ford cars. Though other brand cars from other nations may be having their entry in the recent years in all countries did not affected Toyota is a great compliment to Japanese technology and to the country fact they were swallowed a portion of sales from cars like Ford,Chevrolet etc.  But the  demand and interest in Toyota is still increasing.

Every car in all brands is having a special feature with the technology developments .

Now Toyota car trailing behind Volkswagen in the world.

We may say in meetings that consumer perception does not always match reality, but it really creates a strong awareness in the minds of all car manufacturers and its marketing Team.

Technology and Innovation were related least important is to be noted by all manufacturers in the Automotive Industry.

One quarter of Toyota owned Americans are considering buying a new Toyota. This matter cannot be ignored Just like that. With the Things and changes  going on across the world is almost decided by Americans.

I strongly believe that Toyota will not allow her position in sales strategy to any other brand car from any country in the world.  This is also a reason and a part in increasing value of Yen which cannot be denied any body in this world.A silent country with silent people and no Intervention in any other country matters ,and hard work towards their nation Development were the secret of Success to Japan in the world.

A country after severe damages in the second world war has proved to give a real meaning to "Together we can". After reading this post you would have decided to go for a Toyota.

Thank you .

women health

women health

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

women health

Hi my dear friends and followers and viewers here at this blog ,I have immense pleasure to invite you all to read new post on stress causes.

they are work place stress- job dissatisfaction,Too much of work load and limited timelines.Lack of incentives and sufficient pay, Office politics, Conflicts with boss.

Study stress are Exam preparation, Performance pressure, peer pressure, Expectation of parents,



Financial worries,Inadequate food,shelter,clothing, and unemployment.

Thank you ,please read the next post to know Physical symptoms of stress.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Wish you all a Happy Deepavali festival.


Hi my dear readers,Google users , follower's and broad casting media friends here is a message for you. Please read this in full. I thank you all foe keeping constant belief at this blog posts. I know that you are following the matters in the posts. Thank you once again. keep continue the same.
Now the message is about stress.

common stress reactions are Tension,Irritability, inability to concentrate, a variety of physical symptoms like headache,fast heartbeat, excessive sweating etc.
It is almost  impossible to live with out stress. causes for stress will differ from person to person.But stress will harm your health so take care in the beginning itself.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Life style

my dear readers at this blog here is a hot news on the stress in husband and wife relation.they are conflict,Deception and betrayal, Hiding facts and  Misunderstandings.
Life style is also a cause for stress. They are Heavy drinking, Excessive smoking, Lack of Physical work, Insufficient sleep and  No proper sex engagement once in 21 days with their life partner.
Life events are also creating stress in many. Death of near one, Divorce,Mid life crisis, exposure to mental or physical abuses at tender age.
so these are all to be controlled. yes it is possible . It is at your hand. have faith on you than it is possible.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


my dear readers at this blog this post is about Physical symptoms.
they are Headache, backache, Muscle tension and stiffness, Diarrhoea,constipation,nausea,dizziness,Disturbed sleep, Chest pain, rapid heart beat, Weight gain or loss, Loss of sex drive , frequent colds, and fatigue.
Thank you for staying in touch. please read the next post about behavioral symptoms .

Friday, October 21, 2011


my dear friends and readers and follower's here at this blog ,thanking you for staying at this blog. here is a message letting you know Deal or No deal.

Please deal the stress and come out of it.

Facing factor causing stress and not running away from it is the most practical method to deal.

Maintain a positive attitude towards life,

Get physically active by exercising  regularly,

seek emotional support from your family and friends,

have a healthy diet,

consume fruits and liquids,

involve in meditation,

Do asana's in yoga. "shavasana" is one well known asana that relieves stress.

smile as mush as you can, even if you do not feel like! may with laughter sessions.

take leave and go for a tour with your family.

reduce expenses.

Thank you for staying in touch. please read next following posts which is going to be much interesting.

I know you will read all posts here.

J.Jayalalithaa Next Move!

J.Jayalalithaa Next Move!

J.Jayalalithaa Next Move!

Hello welcome to a message about  J.Jayalalithaa Next Move! accepted by the New generation  is observed from the election results held for Local panchayat Boatd and Corporation election's.

Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa has said  , this result  is a certificate by people for her administration last five Months.

No it is not/

a Blow to all oppostion Plitical parties in Tamil Nadu. Parties Like P M K were told that how J.Jayalalithaa is going to give cow and Goats to poor? as Reply the beneficiary and the benefited were is the shocking to all these parties.

Concern to D M K party , Leader of this Party said till election result that the Government in the last five months has shown interest only in arresting D M K Leaders all over Tamil nadu and Government failed to give prospectives to People of Tamilnadu.

But after looking at the results , asweep by A.I.A.D.M.K. in all corporations and Panchayat Boatds , the same D.M.K. Leader said today that the government is in rule so the Power made A.I.A.D.M.K.  tohave such success. This is ridiculous. Few Governemnt secretaries were resigned and got settled is also seen by people of Tamil nadu in teh Last Five months. 

People verdict is always Puts light on Mistaking /Mis using Government Office  by casting their votes to others than these Mis users is the past data/ record.

J.Jayalalithaa said this result is a certificate to her administration in the last months. ? This is wrong. I do not accept this comment. People expects more from J.Jayalalithaa , so People decided to Vote J.Jayalalithaa  headed  Party to give More Responsibilities to her office. This si the Truth.More responsibilities means ,Government has to function for the favor of people to have a smooth  life along with teh developments in teh state.So J.Jayalalithaa got extra stress and responsibities on her shoulders in working for the people of Tamil Nadu. People expects she will and her Government will take teh Government in proper direction for the prosperity of the state. One among the people I also accept this view of mine. I know you people will Agree on this committed result to A.I.A.D.M.K.

Now next move Supremo J.Jayalalithaa may be to have contest in many constituencies at Uttar Pradesh is  a need I Feel and believe. J.Jayalalithaa has to get in to National Politics  which will give a best result after 6th December 2011  - as a properous time in her life from strological reasons. Press and media will also join with her in her future Politics which I would like Predict here as a next Move by her.


getpaid atLink: British Mayor For Tamilnadu in India.!?

getpaid atLink: British Mayor For Tamilnadu in India.!?: Hi this is about British Mayor For Tamilnadu in India.!? Yes! But it this is an asumption Today at Tamilnadu. New Mayor Got elected to Gove...

British Mayor For Tamilnadu in India.!?

Hi this is about British Mayor For Tamilnadu in India.!? Yes! But it this is an asumption Today at Tamilnadu. New Mayor Got elected to Govern Chennai Metro city from Rippon Building - Corporation Building  chennai.

The Co incidence is his Name. He is Mr.Durai samy.  Historical data say that in those daysMayor and all English Governors were called with a Respective word that isDurai samy. This is a Popular word spelled by Indians.

Now in real Mr.Durai samy has got elected as Chennai Corporation Mayor has made the people to repeat the Old Version of their   ironical.  representing.

I believe he is Lucky to have his name as Durai samy. Let us hope for the best from Corporation of Chennai like  our History say  about British Governor.


Jewel Value By court

Jewel Value By court

Jewel Value By court

hi to this about Jewel values in a case today heard By  court at Karnataka. 

The jewels belongs to Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa. . But at the same time Court or any higher authorities may please to Value all the Jewels only at the Rate prevailed on thedate of Purchase or the Jewel Belongs to the period. I feel that evaluating Jewels on Today Rate or captured Date rate is not correct. 

Also to note Jewels can be evaluated  prevailing rate  on the day when a person wants to sell .

In the case heard/Investigated  by court ,Jewels May belongs to J.Jayalalithaa, But all those were Gifted by Raja Samasthanam's  were value less.
For example a person have  jewels on today ,which has to be evaluated on Todays rate. But at the same time those Jewels were pertainning toahistoric period than it will fetch Huge Value's of Money on auction, which also can not be treated as a Value for calculating the Money value.

so in this case , I strongly believe that Jewels can not be valued,why because all jewels were complimented.

So I feel That This case may be dismissed on these invalid reasons but vital reasons  ,and also to remain that now for a question on 2G case ratification by Mr.Pranab Mukerjee the present Finance Minister on  Ex Finance Minister , Prime Minister clearly said not necessary to jump on vague decisions ,since I know about my Collegues and their righteous performance ,added by Prime Minister. The same answer was given to Press and Media also to Put an end of an unwanted crisis on Home Minister is also correct.

so Law and Judiciary may please ratify these words and correctnes in the reply and on this evaluation of this statement ,Court may Dismiss thiscase is my feel.

We are all Indians and Now we as aprt of Indians in the name of Tamilians were live at Tamil nadu.
we respect our Government,parlaiment,Judiciary,Executive and other systems in the Government. We are responsibleso that we respected our Election Commission and turnedto Vote in the election held on 2011 for Tamil Nadu state assembly election.

Here we are also committed to have our Good Governance from Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister of Tamil nadu.  But for the court at Karnataka She is J.Jayalalithaa . people of Tamil Nadu feel that the court might have created this Pressure to hear this casein the last 5 Year ,Why Because People of Tamil Nadu were not affected. 
Now by the court Proceedings and hearings Government is stumbled on many issues with out decision taking authority. so People of Tamil Nadu Like to make a Humble request to this court that the court after hearing in this sitting may Please Dismiiss the case or Court May please give a time untill the Chief Minister makes herself Free. Because people of Tamil Nadu elected  the Chief Minister over a expense of money in crores in a election is well Known to Law and the Position may please be allowed to act at the office. Court May Please allow the chief Minister to tell convinience to attend the Hearings. This is a special Provisions is required. All are Equal before Law, But a High Office which hasto decide many matters on many matters has to be permitted By law,Also ,Not allowing to Perform the Chief Minister Ofice may allow people to think that Judiciary Not allowing the values of Election commission and the values of Democracy is not properly Respected and and People may also think Constitutional Rights  were allowed to function properly in India.

So Court May please allow the Government of Tamil Nadu to function for this five year Term to develop the state and people.


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hi my dear follower's and readers and friends at this blog here is a message about The advice.The Advice of Hazarat Moulana Yaqub Nanotwi Sahib Rahimmahumullah is very good to follow on the earth.

Rahimahumullah says ;

the gaze should only be utilized to the extent  of necessity and never to attain unlawful pleasure,for pleasure has no limitation and he that craves for it, will never attain satisfaction and contentment. it is only the person that fulfills his desires within the limitations of necessity that can attain true contentment.

Thus the endowments of a strange woman are no different from that of a person's own wife; to differentiate between the two is nothing but the deception the trickery of Shaitaan.

 so we must try to live well with principles on the earth. 

a chicken wing gets hot when you turn it on

Wednesday, October 19, 2011



getpaid atLink: Hot News alerting Indians Today! American Life may...

getpaid atLink: Hot News alerting Indians Today! American Life may...: Hi this is about Hot News alerting Indians Today!  Yes! United states senate yesterday alerted Americans on travel in India and working in ...

Hot News alerting Indians Today! American Life may be in Danger ?

Hi this is about Hot News alerting Indians Today! 
Yes! United states senate yesterday alerted Americans on travel in India and working in India andvisit to India must be in Extraordinary alert.
Barack Obama cautioned Americans in India by this hot news Yesterday. AlsoUnited States of Amrica senate said thatLot of Huge Bomb Explotions are on the way. The possibilities of these Bomb Attacks from Pakistan Terorists are well planned and it may be executed in a short time ,this is the Dangerous alert to All Indians also. 

We Indians Must be alert, and must not gather in Groups on any cause . Christmas, Dewali and Ne Year Celebrations may be Distirbed in India and UNited States. 

Pakistan decided to act on Door die ,and it has proposed to Destroy America  and Americans at Afghanisthan  and at  Iraq as Military Personals.


Hi dear follower's and readers at this blog this is an interesting story please read the following .Hazarat Abdullah bin Abbas Radiyallahu-Anhum narrates that Bal'am bin Baura was an Aalim of standing and status. He lived in Jerusalem nearby Kan'aan. Some narrations attribute him to the Bani Israeel. I feel that you must try to read The Woeful Tale of Bal'am Bin Baura. Nabi Moosa Alayhimus-Salaam was on the side of the Bani Israeel and hence it would be impossible for him to use the Ismi-A'azam.against the Nabi of Allah.Please do not fail to read this matter .Here you can feel the divine power. this is recorded in the Qur'an Majeed.

Results for the byeelections today in India

Results for the byeelections today in India

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wine bottle

 Hi to my dear readers and friends at this blog thank you for staying connected.
here is a message about Keep Drinking.
When exercising , the rule of thumb is to drink 200ml of water every 20 - 25 minutes. When exercising less than 40 minutes , later is fine , but for anything over 40 minutes you might need a sports drink that has a little bit of sugar or salt in it which helps balance the fluid and energy loss.

selvi.j.jayalalithaa successful on commitments

Hi this is about selvi.j.jayalalithaa successful on commitments.

It is a surprise to all politicians in Tamilnadu. In particular PM K party leader calculatedthe strength of benefiting people and number of cows,Goats are needed to spplement to them as per the commitment of Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa. why I say Here selvi.j.jayalalithaa because as selvi j.jayalalithaa commitments were made to people. As chif Minister now satrted caring on commitments and fulfilled partially.

Tamil nadu people on looking at the donated cows and Goats stumble and happy. the same opposing politicians were also stumbled and ashamed of their earlier comments on these compliments from the Government. 

 now ,they say in the last five Months present Government has done many mistakes. But people say They must change this attitude by not voting to these political parties. Also people question, while they are with a party for five year term in office in Governance ,they could not do any thing to people ,and  then the political parties had a walk out from D.M.K. Thinking that they have image and values in people community.

After this Panchayat Board Election they will realize that thet are nothing with out D.M.K. D.M.K. vote Bank gave them success in the earlier contests. Now the political parties Except D.M.K. will have utter failure and Many Deposit :Loss results,This includes to Vijayakanth party .
In the state assembly election requested Selvi J.Jayalalithaa ,not to have any allaince with Vijayakanth Party also. But she respected Vijayakanth Party and allowed its growth. Now she realizes to allow Vijayakanth party to see virtually people support to his party is very low. This is a lesson to Vijayakanth in this Local Panchayat Borad elections in Tamil Nadu.

The difference between all political leaders at tamilnadu and in all states with J.Jayalalithaa is she is curved , designed , developed and trained as a political leader by Late Mrs.Indira Gandhi in the Parliament and state assembly affairs. This is the credibility of J.Jayalalithaa  which has to be accepted by all in India.

a person a does a mistake ,when it has been brought to the notice of a judg ,the judg is expected to warn him/her and not to punish because of the offense which did not harmed any one materially or bodily . Forgiving mistakes on credibilities of the present nature will Give a great Result in Development's in the Country/Home/state/people.


Monday, October 17, 2011

getpaid atLink: Fake Currency and the justice

getpaid atLink: Fake Currency and the justice: On asset accumulation case Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu may not get support from Union Government for a favorable Judgment.Government is on...

Fake Currency and the justice

On asset accumulation case Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu may not get support from Union Government for a favorable Judgment.Government is on tour to south Africa. Judiciary might have received instructions on this issue/case to justice.  Chief Minister has an option to declare that she is interested to give what are all the excessive assets as told/said in the case will put an end to this case. Provided with a request by chief Minister, case sheet must not say any where that these assets are accumulated in wrong methods is mandatory. Why this request can be accepted by Judiciary, Why because she is a Lonely Lady. She do not have any legal heirs to access any thing of her is a message known to all People. Why she need to do a sacrifice? It is necessary to run the Government for the betterment of the people who voted and made her Chief Minister on complete Trust. So God verdict must also be the same as we people wish. Let us Hope for the Good reply from the Next Hearing.

Judiciary can ask a question , even the accumulated assets are given to nation at free .what is the penakty for the mistake? Let court and Judge may say a fees to pay as penalty . It is Possible.

Look in to the case history . For printing Currency of India at the under Ground press at Adi Parasakthi Temple in Tamil Nadu , The Temple Trustee/samy got arrested and judgement given to pay Rupees Ten Lakhs as Bail Jamin Amount and the case is pending yet.Why because ,president of India Late Mr. Jail Singh was wanted to perform pooja with 108 Milk pots at Marina Beach to the samy/adigalar is also known to people,Press and Media.why and what is the involvement of Presidnt on this matter were also was in Talk in people at that time can be remebered.  while Judiciary leaning for Late  President it can lean for Chief Minister also.
People in Tamilnadu  say here that more than 25% of assets in India are with Few Politicians in India. They also come forward to surrender all their assets to Nation.  These Politicians will not do this why because they deny do so, saying that they have Grand Children or Family Generations to enjoy those accumulated wealth in abundance. This is well known people this includes People in Judiciary.


hi my dear friends and readers , here this is message about Buying a used car.
Please get this documents required for transfer the vehicle on your name.
This may vary from state and country to country.
Original Registration certificate or certified Duplicate issued by R T O.
Original Insurance cover note,
original pollution under control certificate,
clearance from Finance companies /Leasing companies . (if applicable)
Original sale Note,(check with local R T O)
No Objection certificate from R T O for other state registered vehicles,
Money Receipt,
Handing over - Taking over certificate,
Any other documents required as per the specifics of the case.
Check validity and Authenticity of these Documents before parting with your money.
Have a car to enjoy the pleasure.

My prediction went true in Hisr election result in Maharashtra.

Hi this is about My prediction went true in Hisr election on 15.10.11 at Maharashtra.

Congress went to Third Place.

In Tamil Nadu in Local panchayat election results Congress willObtain 4th Position.

In Panchichery congress will win  are also going to be true predictions by tommorrow.

So in India End of Congress - Indira Congress is confirmed at Hisr in Maharashtra.


PM Manmohan Singh to visit Nigeria, South Africa - Times Of India

Hi this is about PM Manmohan Singh to visit Nigeria, South Africa - Times Of India.

This is a Three day visit to South Africa. At the same time as per Astrological signs Mr.Man Mohan singh must be very careful on his food including water. Otherwise food pison will affect his health on thsi tour . After this tour he may come to a position of neglecting food or he can not consume food/he will not show interest in food at all.
Possibility of this problem to India/ Mr.Manmohansingh may be a expected one. after his return from this tour he may become bed sick or bed ridden. Possibilities are there. He must have concern on his food and health now is a must.

so Manmohan singh must be very careful fo rmore than 200% in food.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

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This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.

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This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

Free D V D

Hi dear readers and friends here at this blog here is news about  Keep it fun. At times when exercising seems to be a daunting task, yoga is a great way to have a relaxing workout and beating stress at the same time. it also helps tone the body,develops muscle while improving flexibility and energy levels. Yoga can be easily done at home ( with the help of a D V D or a book to guide you). Lot of Books and DVD are available in the market. Please make use of it.
Thank you.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anna Hazare Life on Danger?

Hello welcome. This is about Anna Hazare Life on Danger?

Now Anna Hazare must not Shanthi Bushan and Kejriwal from his Team. 

Shanthi Bushan and Kejriwal out from his team will give easy room to Congress and B.J.P. or any other political party to plan for killing Anna Hazare. 
Anna can believe the only sincere Lady Kiran Bedi I.P.S. a sincere Police officer among many I.P.S. available in India Now.
Why because Anna Hazare and his Jan Lokpal Bill is a headache to all Political Parties. 
Anna respected by Prime Minister is a good step. at the same time it may be a alibi / evidence that Congress  not have any plan o kill Anna. B.J.P.Joining hands with Anna in tomorrow election at Maharashtra.
Already I predicted that in this election tomorrow B J P will get a thumping victory and Congress candidate may face a deposit loss is may be a record in result to congress.

So B J P will demand once again to dissolve Union Government in India.  So Pressure will increase on Congress. So subtle and divert this protest by B J P, an arrangement by international force may kill Anna Hazare and the end of Jan Lokpalbill will be a result out of it. 

Congress will once again reflect in the screen of Indian Politics. If any thing Goes wrong to the life Anna Hazare Once again the Present Indira Congress as  I N C will get rebirth.

It is the Duty of People to save Anna Hazare to have a complete control on Politicians and Government today to keep up the value of Democracy. 

  B J P is controlled completely on Trust than it is Easy to find the Real Congress of India Once again. Congress can not be in ownership   to any Individual family. Indians did not sell India to Nehru Family to rule them. What happened to Gandhiji family members? 
What happened to Lal Bahadur sasthri family members?
What happened to Bal gangadar Tilak family members?
What happened to sardar Vallab Bhai Patel family memebers?
What happened to Gopala Krishna gokhale family members?
What happened to subash Chandra bose family memebers?
What happened to Rani Laxmi Bhai family?
What happened to freedom fighters family from different parts of this Country?

Why History fail to keep respect and records and follow up on these important persons? Why this message last its importance in the education of Children / new generation of India.
In Doordarshan also before News we find only the latest political/industrial/cinema /why not Doordarshan is not showing all freedom fighters in the screening images before every News schedule? Why Door darshan directors are not instructed to show all the freedom fighters in that images shown before every News/? This will create knowledge and alert in the mind of Indians. Why hesitations/? Why cinema Industry people are mostly reflected in the images? This may be to divert the Indian feeling? Only Freedom Fighters and scientists and people who did /sacrificed for nations welfare can only been show in the images by Doordarshan in the Television before   News, has to be ordered by Union Government? Why Patriotism decreases in Leaders?   
Why press and media not showing interests on this matter and doing business comfortably with the current affairs proceeding? Why not digging the truth and a right person to Indian Politics? 
How long the sluggishness going to continue at Press and Media?

Why to follow to keep Nehru Family in Rule India?

Why is their   no proper answer to above questions? Why new generations are not interested to know about our beloved Freedom fighters and their family memebers survival data?

In the present political set up B J P is a Party have a concrete under standing and binding by a secret agreement through word of mouth with Congress party has to be Understood first. 

What is the need of Modi, lallu Prasad, rahul gandi, mayawati and others from different parts of India? It means what ever come and go let us sleep and awake in Peace is may be a reason. But patriot feeling is absconding from people and New generation. This is a Danger to India.
Also to Note these changes did not resulted in the right results.

getpaid atLink: Danger to Italy and Rome - Right prediction predic...

getpaid atLink: Danger to Italy and Rome - Right prediction predic...: Hi this is about  Danger to Italy and Rome - Right prediction predicted few months earlier. This is yet another right prediction predict...

Danger to Italy and Rome - Right prediction predicted few months earlier

Hi this is about  Danger to Italy and Rome - Right prediction predicted few months earlier.

This is yet another right prediction predicted read at .

I read many predictions at this site which were went right. 

People of this world to visit this blog to know all about this in earlier. Now you can find three or most posts on Today happenings at Italy. Astrology and planets are playing their games rightly in our life.

Good wishes.

Unofficial Funds to Italy

Unofficial Funds to Italy

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Putin will Face a Big Defeat

Putin will Face a Big Defeat

Putin will Face a Big Defeat

Hi this is yet another prediction about Mr.Putin will Face a Big Defeat in his contest for Presidential Office. Possibility of a Very popular Lady/women at Kremlin will Occupy the Presidential Chair of Russia. This is the next Development can be expected in the political changes at Russia on this world.

Present prime Minister may win if Gorbachev is not contesting .

Possibility of Gorbachev to come back to Power at Russia is very Bright. People at Russia wish to have him again to see once again a Powerful Soviet Union.

This is my prediction on Russia Politics.

Caution to all Popular Leaders of this World - George W.Bush Must Not To be Arrested

Hi this is about George W.Bush Must Not To be Arrested.
Yes some where in a country an organization demand the arrest of George W.Bush for his Foriegn Policies applied whilw he was in Office of President at United States.

I would like to share one thing,If George W. Bush was not reacted like that with his Armed forces in that situation ,than ,after Twin Tower may more serial of incidents would have taken place at US.

Twin Tower attack may be by a few groups who  My be in Love at Sadam Hussain and /or may be his relatives.
Few Countries were Jealous on United States on Many areas of developments  is also a reason .and they are interested to Bring down United States or Collapse United states. Also it may be a reason because of a cold War between Christanity and Islam.

world countries know very well that United states is a super power in Holding armsin latest Technology.
Many countries procure from US. Few try to use the same against US.

When George W.Bush was President in Office Business relations of Countries in this world with US was High. But Obama as soon resumed his office He staked claim on that international Business ,which further spoiled US Economy is my view and Opinion.

Now after the Killing of Bin Laden by US and fewbills were not supported by republicans and few others which struck His promotional activities.Also Obama fame is reducing Day by Day. I believe Few senators / US Gov. officers Misguide Obama in Forieg Trade and relations.
If he is able to balance the tradewith all countries than once again his name and works will get promoted.

Obama may contest forthe second Term to Presidential Office.  Provided If he cross the days up to 6 th Decenber 2011 . Till that date the Main 4 Planetory ositions are weak and it may claim a Popular Leader of this World. so Obama and other Popular Leaders of this world Must be cautious up to 6th December,this information includes Mr.Sarkozy and Banki Moon and Manmohan singh and Sonia and others also.
This is my prediction and please to inform you that My predictions Never failed.

Thank you. Please observe my predictions in my Blogs about all matters this includes Sports and Games. Visit and . You can visit my pages in and,, and in all other social Networks published / linked through and

My sincere thanks to Google Team with the Great Executive Director Mr. Eric Schimid.
Thanks once again for reading this post by all Leaders of this world.

Results for the byeelections today in India

Hi this is about ;
Results for the Poll on 13.10.2011 in different states in India.

Date of Poll 13.10.2011(Thursday) for Mid term Polls  in States in India :

Haryana  - Hisar   In Haryana - ‘Hisar’, was originally called ‘Hisar Firoza (also Hisar-e-Firoza).Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Party, Indian National Congress (INC) rule in the state, But a great set back now will reflect on this bye election today. INC will be defeated .Kuldeep Bishnoi – the joint candidate of Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will win Today with a margin of 33000plus votes.

 Tamil Nadu  -Tiruchirappalli (West)AC -Paranjyothi - A.I.A.D.M.K. will win over  margin of 40000 plus votes in the election today at Trichy west.

  Andhra Pradesh  - Banswada   - Mr Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy, who resigned from the TDP and the Assembly in support of Telangana statehood, today filed his nomination papers as Telangana Rashtra Samithi(TRS) nominee will win in the Election Today with a highest margin of votes. Congress candidate may loose Deposit will be a result cen be expected. A blow to Union Government.

   Puducherry/Pondicherry  - Indira Nagar   - Election at Indira Nagar at Pondicherry -Mr V Arumugham of the Congress will win against A Tamilselvan candidate of paternal uncle and Chief Minister N Rangasamy - NRCongress party. A.I.A.D.M.K. Baskaran will occupy the second position in obtained votes Number and D.M.K. Candidate will obtain teh Third position in obtaining vote Numbers and fourth Position will be Mr.Tamilselvan in Polled Votes in Today's Poll at Indira Nagar at Pondicherry.

Maharashtra  - Khadakwasala   -Tapkir is contesting the by-polls against Wanjale's widow, Harshada, who is contesting as the NCP-Congress candidate for the Khadakwasla assembly seat. Tapkir is the first victory to Anna Hazare Jan LokpalBill. Congress candidate will get very Low votes in the history in the Election Today at Khadakwasala in Pune. Politicians from B J P may start requesting the union Government to resign over this victory by Tapkir ,which can be witnessed from Tommorrow at Delhi and Mumbai.

 Bihar  - Daraunda  - Lalu Prasad, taking the seat as a prestige issue, has decided to camp in the constituency on October 9 and October 10, while Chief Minister Nitish Kumar would mobilise support for his party nominee on October 11, the day he would also flag off Rath Yatra of senior BJP leader L K Adavni against corruption.

Kavita Kumari on a ruling JD(U) ticket, the bypoll to Daraunda assembly poll today will win with a huge percentage of Votes. This is because of the Respect from people of Bihar on Nitish Kumar - Present Chief Minister.

A strong and big Blow to Lalu Prasad Yadav can be witnessed in the out come of result from Byepoll election today at Daraunda at Bihar.

Thanks for checking the rightnous of thisprediction after the result published on 17.10.2011. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

getpaid atLink: "The Hindu" may start to initiate !

getpaid atLink: "The Hindu" may start to initiate !: I strongly recommend once again to " The Hindu " keeping in the network and values and business share in my mind I appeal to The Hindu ,ma...

"The Hindu" may start to initiate !

I strongly recommend once again to "The Hindu " keeping in the network and values and business share in my mind I appeal to The Hindu ,may please start a Television new channel network Like BBC,Times,and others. This is the update I look forward from Mr.N.Ram and from the other Directors Mr.Balaji, Mr.Murali, and Mr.Ravi.You need to save and promote the Business developments Generated by Mr.Veera Raghavan, Mr.Kasthuri ranga Iyyengar, Mr.Gopalan Iyyengar. On this Mr.Gopalan Iyyengar contribution is remarkable with harmonious relations with all is to be remembered by all at all times to come.

We talk about Green World. In destroying Green World the contribution of press world is 75%.

Yes! Mostly trusted news media in the world to people is Press in the Last Century, But now in the present century to cope up with the fast trend setters in Business to have growth Television or Visual media in Press has High Values and Respects and responsibilities.

Now the Time has come to reduce to its maximum of using Paper. Press were using Newspapers were made out of Trees. Destroying Trees and Forest from the Green to a maximum level is to manufacture News paper. Realizing the need to maintain the present Green World and to establish to add New Green world to the existing News paper Industry Must thing to Business Diversion .The suitable Business Diversion Gradually to reduce News paper will be Television Network
When I visit Anna salai I use to look at the Big Dish arrangement with out proper maintenance at The Hindu “Kasthuri Building Top will give pain to me. No Proper maintenance of a Dish with damaged net and shabby Look is painful.
Also I use to feel why this Kasthuri Building is hesitating to turn to have Television Network which is a needed Update. What happened to Gentleman’s here?

Let us have the eyes opened at all Press Industries from the above matters. Nytimes,, washingtonpost, reuters.people daily, Russia news agency, The Hindu. New Indian Express and all others must require a Open Discussion in a conference to decide to update to latest, and how these Press agencies of this world can establish /convert their press to Television Network in short span of Time.
Because this has not happened many Television network deliver News of their choice and reduces the values to Press is also to be noted.

This is personal invitation to the knowledge of all Press/News agencies of this world. They are to take a decision how they can support Green world? How they can stop their Contribution in the destruction of green world (trees).

Thanks to all Press/News Agencies for reading this sensational and useful invitation from this post in full. When the message knocks the Mind of Press, I will be Happy to see a Lot of Useful Changes in All Press Industries of this world, this includes press office.  Thanks once again for reading the Post.

Times of India Changes along with the trend and Need

Hi this is about Sun TV out, Java TV in. The Hindu StaffReporter - The Hindu says the following right news to Tamilnadu and to the world.

CHENNAI: Sun TV went off air on direct-to-home (DTH) sets in the city from Friday afternoon. Jaya TV joined the free-to-air (FTA) bouquet on Prasar Bharati's DD Direct plus almost simultaneously.

According to industry estimates, there are more than 3 lakh DTH sets installed in Tamil Nadu. This includes more than two lakh DD Direct Plus sets and more than a lakh Essel Group's Dish TV sets that show DD Direct Plus's free-to-air bouquets. DTH sets have been able to penetrate areas with low cable penetration.To get in to complete detail on this ,please visit this link.

This also shows growing demand to Dish network. This is my view. Here I would like to be very clear in making a statement that Government CableTelevision Network is on the Top interest of the people at Tamil Nadu.
Further to this Growth  , expected further growth to the tune of 30 to 35% in the sales of Dish connection in Tamilnadu.
Now I like to put forward an appeal to present Government that the rate to pay for cable connection has to be implied to Tamil nadu in complete. 
Also requesting Tamil Nadu Government People in very poor condition but have Color Television at free by Ex- Kalaignar Government can be allowed to use. To use this televisions at very poor people Home, J.Jayalalithaa Government can provide cable connections at Rupees 50?- only. (For very poor people, people live in mountain regions and handicapped/disabled with out family).
Government of Tamilnadu to ask rich industrialist to sit with Government for business dialogues to set up More Wind Mills and Solar Plate production.
Exclusively Government can start its own solar plate production and which can be installed in all streets and Roads/Highways to provide clear lighting which will pave way to reduce the accidents on road. Next expectation by Tamilnadu Government is to set up a separate unit company to produce solar plates by the use of T.N.E.B to meet the supplies of current at free to Village Farmers. This has to address on most critical priority by Government of Tamilnadu.


Result of Trichy west -M. Paranjothi - A.I.A.D.M.K. Success Assured

 Mr. M. Paranjothi who has been nominated as AIADMK candidate for the  Tiruchi West election today ,and his success is assured. Voters will turn to poll will be the highest. the percentage of Votes casted will be up to 75 to 82% on this women voting percentage will be on the higher side.

about 53% of votes will be in favour of Paranjothi. rest will go to others. Mr.K.N.Nehru will face a utter failure.
In fact the strength of D.M.K. at Trichy will get reduced will be the result will be a shock to D.M.K. Leader .

People will vote to A.I.A.D.M.K. because they will be interested to vote to this party to get fulfill all the requirements  from the ruling Government.

Islam peopleand Malayam speaking people at this area will caste their vote in mximum in favor of Paranjothi.

So success assured to paranjothi.

After this election success A.I.A.D.M.K. will face Troubles from Union Government up to 6th December  2011.


getpaid atLink: Election result for Indira Nagar atPondicherry

getpaid atLink: Election result for Indira Nagar atPondicherry: Hi this is about  Election result for Indira Nagar atPondicherry. From thi s constituency Mr Ranga samy got elected. Since he contested in t...

Election result for Indira Nagar atPondicherry

Hi this is about  Election result for Indira Nagar atPondicherry. From thi s constituency Mr Ranga samy got elected. Since he contested in two constituencies he was forced to give up one. so he resigned Indira Nagar.

To day election takes Place for indira Nagar Constituency. In this Ranga swamy supporting contestant will get defeat. V. Aroumogham,Congress candidate led by former Chief Minister V. Vaithilingam will win over A. Tamilselvam, a member of the ruling N R Congress and close relative of Chief Minister N. Rangasamy with a margin of 25 to 30000 votes. INC Success is Definite. Total voters is about 2 lakh 29,000 plus. Polling will reflect to the tune of 66 to 69%.

A.I.A.D.M.K. will be in the second position in the percentage of Votes gained.

Congress party candidate with the support of Vaidya Lingam will Win definitely with a high Margin. This will be a great blow to N.R.Congress.


What is the need of rss?

What is the need of rss?

What is the need of rss?

Hi now we people in India must get knowledge why and what is the need of RSS?.  Rashtriya suyam sevak sangh worked and working for National Health .says media, so that it extended its support to Anna Hazare on Fasting protest at Ram Lila Ground at Delhi was the information in Internet.
Indians are not ready to spare even an inch of land to any religion or threat or Terrorists or any international force or for any common cause. This is the stand by all Indians. On this stand in People that includes Parliament and Union Government with the First Citizen of the country - President.

Is RSS having Political color? Is to be explained by Union Government to people of India..

RSS support Lokpal Bill does not extend authority to beat a Legal Person with special entity in Judiciary. 

This attack is to threat Anna and his Team not to support Congress and not to compel B .J.P. to make an agreement to pass the Lokpal Bill   by Anna Hazare. This attack is a cunning act by B.J.P. by behind the Door.

RSS can not claim any authority to punish any Indian on any mistakes committed. Constitution does not permit this. Now we people must know whether RSS is a organization of Indians or criminal elements Must be answered now.

Nation Integrity is on question Now?on Two issues!known to Union Government

Nation Integrity is on question Now?on Two issues!known to Union Government

Nation Integrity is on question Now?on Two issues!known to Union Government

Hi this is about Nation Integrity is on question Now? On Two issues! Which are well known to Union Government?

Government of India, People in Judiciary, Parliament by a special session and Press and Media, Why not questioned on this serious matter commented by Mr.shanthi Bushan till date, which is creating a question on Nation Integrity.

I feel like this.

2. Prime Minister wrote a letter to selvi J.Jayalalithaa with a note that Electricity will not be available to Tamil nadu if Kudangulam Nuclear plant is not allowed to open. Their by Tamilnadu developments on Industries will be under question mark? He added. As an Indian I feel citizen at Tamilnadu including the Present chief Minister are threatened. Nuclear plant issue is a different one. And Government of India has to take effective measures to offer electricity to Tamil Nadu state. 

  Humble request to Mr. Manmoghan Singh -Prime Minister of India is to care Indian People as his Family. In such a thought sharing the needs from the sources of availability can be found out to help Tamil Nadu to grow in Industrial Development which is a credential to India and the Government by Mr.Manmohan Singh.

We people in Tamil Nadu now doubt the Union Government. A project by Union Government when struck on valuable claims, Government of India must think about other ways and Means to provide the needs to states in India to keep up the Growing Trend in Business.

I strongly believe that Professionals like Mr.Manmohan Singh not to talk/write letters like innocents.
Chief Minister may be from a Political party which may not be having any alliance with the Union Government by Prime Minister through parliament in India

Kudangulam project may be a loss to India, but, while Germany, Japan and many other countries going towards the closure of Nuclear Plants, Indians and our Government must also look in to this matter seriously. Since protest from people demand the closure of Nuclear plants ,  Prime Minister or the Union Government can not be blamed for the expenses incurred or about the project can not be commented in Present or  in future talks is also known to all Indians.

So Prime Minister of India May Kindly propose some other options to Selvi J.Jayalalithaa -chief Minister of Tamil nadu to be carried out to get sufficient electricity for the state. This will be a healthier approach from Prime minister of India to Chief Minister. I View this matter in this manner which can be appreciated.

First issue:
Today an attack on a person in Judiciary at Supreme Court is to be given priority by Prime Minister Office. 

I Like to question the situation and visual witnessed today in Media, That is ,How media or Video graphers reached the room  of shanthi Bushan in supreme court at that situation instantly to take a coverage is a question Prevails in my mind. I feel that people in India may think similar to me on this matter which will pave way to put light on this issue for a justice.
Justice can be delayed but must not be neglected.

In the second issue:
If ,Prime Minister  Mr.Manmohan Singh Government is not interested to help Tamil Nadu Government by Selvi J.Jayalalithaa by other modes of arrangements to supply electricity immediately to boost the Industrial Developments , otherwise  ,I strongly recommend to chief Minister of Tamil Nadu must to demand for autonomous state authority  by which the state can be separated as separate country. Since   no option available to Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu J.Jayalalithaa to save Tamil Nadu people and growth of the state.

so Nation integrity will come under question? and it will not be a good part of administration by the Present Union Government by Prime Minister.

Thanks for reading this post in Full. If Selvi. J.Jayalalithaa - Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu shows any interest to read this post in full, than I am a Happy Indian Citizen.

Thanks once again. 

'Crestor lawsuit'

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Legal Fees Only If You Recover Damages is the best news in arriving help from this professional Team of Lawyers.

Hot on the Web

Hi this is about Hot on the Web . Life style and Fashion has offered a substitute to free women from waering Present Type of bra / inner wear.Yes This I saw under Timesof India Network Heading. Than it should me a meaningful one.

Striptease in Brazil's Bigg Boss!Watch this video hotklixed yesterday! Watch this hot video of a strip tease in the Big Boss house of Brazil! visit this link 

sathyameva Jayate

Hi this is about sathyamevajayate.

Today India went on a wrong blunder by Two Indians which delibrately show that Judiciary Loosing its merit and Values. The incident happened at Court Premises ,so This is shameful matter  to our Judiciary. Judiciary Must take further steps to avoid such incidents at Court premises. Supreme court/Court is a place for Cleaniliness and Peace and Justice. and Their should be no room for any Untoward incidents.
I strongly condemn this act at supreme court premises.


RSS cadre took part in Anna movement as patriots: Bhagwat

Hi this is about a e mail mesage recieved which say about RSS cadre took part in Anna movement as patriots: Bhagwat.

Following is the gist of the message ;LUCKNOW: Snubbing Congress leaders for trying to sabotage Team Anna's anti-corruption movement, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday said that RSS had no intensions to take credit of Anna Hazare's movement against corruption.

"RSS volunteers took part in the movement as patriot citizens of India," he clarified, while addressing the meeting of RSS national working committee meet in Gorakhpur. He said that the RSS would support anybody and everybody who fought against the corruption.

But Today we witness Mr.Shanthi Bushan  in his Room/cabin at court beaten by Two Hindu Volunteers  this evening  is  the information from media - SunTv News .

So the above support  by RSS is Doubtful and On question Today!. These Two persons beat Shanthi Bushan may be from B.J.P. Party. so Anna Hazare life is also on Question Now.? visit the link to read the article in full.

Fiat from Italy is Now available in India !

Hi this is about Fiat from Italy is Now available in India !
Yes in India among the two Gaints in automobiles one is Hindustan Motors  from Brila Group,another from TATA - TELCO. But Fiat car emerged as second through Premier automobiles Limited  in India is the History.

Both Fiat and Ambassador had a proportionate share in business. when I was working at Mumbai Market I use to see Many touts use to pay to Premier automobiles Limited employees not to Go in to the company for work. Touts were from anothet Automobile Gaint from Delhi.

Some how managed to close the PAL Car  Business operations completely .But Could not able to windup. may be due to a congress Leader support who belongs to Italy.

But Ambassador Car indegeniously produced by Hindustan Motors Limited from Calcutta/Kolkatta  has closed its business completely. Government did not supported is a Painful matter in this matter.

so Government will not support or help Indian Products is an information is available to Indians.


getpaid atLink: A farewell to nuclear arms

getpaid atLink: A farewell to nuclear arms: Hi this is about A farewell to nuclear arms. This is a say from a great Politician of our time from Soviet Union of Russia/Russia. ...

A farewell to nuclear arms - ANALYSIS & OPINION -

Hi this is about A farewell to nuclear arms. This is a say from a great Politician of our time from Soviet Union of Russia/Russia.

He further says, in today’s economic climate, nuclear weapons have become loathsome money pits. We can no longer afford, politically or financially, the discriminatory nature of the current system of Continue Reading...

Nuclear “haves” and “have-nots.”

To Read more on this article please visit this

Russia is big country with big Land area and as a super Power with richness in all walks, this includes economy, while Russian Politicians say like this, time has come for people in the world Nations to react immediately.  a most urgent matter to be attended.

So I Humbly Request Our Government of India, not to go for Nuclear energy and Nuclear arms. This will be a wrong Policy and it is against Human lives.

People protest at Kudangulam to closure of Nuclear Plant is perfectly Right.

World countries started closing Nuclear Plants in their countries. Now the time has come to India to close all Nuclear Plants.

Union Government by any Political Party must be forced by all People in India in togetherness to demand for a immediate closure of Nuclear Plants.

People from different countries in different parts of this world must protest to raise their voice to demand the closure of Nuclear Plants in their countries. This is a Most in need of this time to People.


getpaid atLink: Newton’s Law and Archimedes principle

getpaid atLink: Newton’s Law and Archimedes principle: Hi this is about   Newton ’s Law and Archimedes principle. Yes! Newton Third law of Motion say “Each action will have equal and opposi...

Newton’s Law and Archimedes principle

Hi this is about  Newton’s Law and Archimedes principle. Yes!

Newton Third law of Motion say “Each action will have equal and opposite reaction”.

Archimedes Principle say you take a glass full of water and than immerse a small stone or any thing than you will find the equal amount of water Pushed out from the Glass.

Today on Testing Nuclear atom Bomb Blast and Missile Test under the deep sea    the impact will be Earth quake 9.9 levels in rector scale and tsunami will follow that.

So Pondicherry state in India may be wiped out is a Probability and 20% of Cuddalore will also get affected.

Chennai may also have a small effect.

Here on this matter Newton’s third law and Archimedes principles were executed.

As per Archimedes principle pressure of a blast will create a huge hallow space but immediately by the same pressure Huge quantity of sea water will come out along with waves  is tsunami. Than after some time people will say water has started going back. This is refilling the hallow space due to the blast.

Blast under the sea but the air pressure  of blast action ,which creates a shake on the Earth so that Earth quake is the first out come from all these scientifically Tests done with the approval of UNESCO. What a foolish act of Educated people as scientists and Government!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beauty and Fashion

Hi this is about Beauty and fashion in Life style. Beauty is a need to all. All wants to look beauty, and all wants to have beautiful Mother and Father, all wants to have beautiful child, and all wants to have a beautiful wife and vice versa - a beautiful Husband to enjoy the life. 

Every Day is beautiful Please do not let it get away.. why a man need a women/female because to enjoy life. in between goals is a thing called life , that has to be lived and enjoyed.
Beauty is an ecstasy. It is like a flower, Flower’s Looks Beautiful in the Morning and looses its beauty in the same day evening.

So Human being must be a human so it is a need to enjoy your life. Enjoy life = Man with a women / women with a Man.

Say Thanks to your Father and Mother for provided this Pleasure as a Treasure in You.

Thanks. Love Nature and enjoy it, do not scrub it in any situation.


getpaid atLink: oil massage- a video presentation from

getpaid atLink: oil massage- a video presentation from Hi this is about oil massage in Ayurvedic Treatment a video presentation from Please visit to know complete details about this ...

oil massage- a video presentation from

Hi this is about oil massage in Ayurvedic Treatment a video presentation from Please visit to know complete details about this treatment from many videos available at

Thanks for watching this video's  in full to know the best features of this treatment in Ayurveda.

getpaid atLink: To Earthquake at 9.9 in rictor scale and t sunami ...

getpaid atLink: To Earthquake at 9.9 in rictor scale and t sunami ...: Hi this is about     tsunami is going to Damage Tamilnadu , Malaysia , and Indonesia and other few islands at Bay of Bengal and Indian O...

To Earthquake at 9.9 in rictor scale and t sunami as an retro effect by %.30 P M in India ,Indonesia,Malaysia,..

Hi this is about   tsunami is going to Damage Tamilnadu, Malaysia, and Indonesia and other few islands at Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. It Gives Pain to me and I believe that people in the world will get the same pain in feel. It must be represented by people in the World to stop such actions is most wanted. The time has come.

Nuclear atom Bomb Test at Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean Objected strongly by China because of retrospective causes like Earthquake 9.9 rector scale and    tsunami will be the result out of this test.

Already I clearly wrote about this tsunami. t tsunami is not a natural calamity. It is an artificial and against Nature and People on the earth. 

In the Name of science and Technology  Government of India  going to Test A Highly Powerful Nuclear atom Bomb with an approval of UNESCO at Bay of Bengal. This is going to cause Earth quake 9.9 in rector scale and   Tsunami is after effect. 

In a brilliant manner Government today announces that people live in sea shore areas will be evacuated and this is a artificial earth quake and tsunami test. 

I strongly believe and like to say that   is no natural calamity like   tsunami and Earth quake.   I profoundly say that Japan would have tested this in Ocean so that such a huge earth quake and tsunami and huge damages. Because that was also not a natural calamity Japan did not asked for help from any countries for relief measures. 

similarly Today India and few other countries arranged a powerful Nuclear atom Bomb explosion Test in deep sea area .and Just like that Government announces through Government Television Network Doordarshan that this only an experiment and not a Natural. 
I strongly object this Test, and this is against Nature. Yes! Natures in sea and on earth were going to be severely affected. I strongly condemn any act in any part of this world which Causing Loss Human lives and nature and it must be banned. UNESCO Supporting this ridiculous.

The time has come to people of This world to get connected/joined for a common cause that is none other than protesting and demanding the immediate closure of Foolish UNESCO.
Otherwise keep all the UNESCO Members in these tests at the area where the demonstration is arranged, so we people will have the possibility of Natural Killing all members at UNESCO. Instead of loosing innocent Human Lives it is better to loose such a force and qualified fools as mis-use the office powers at UNESCO.

First time  tsunami in India at Tamil nadu and Indonesia and Malaysia were also an arranged one  and it is am atom Bomb Test under the sea which claimed Huge loss that includes innocent people on the Earth. We people do not want this development's from Science and Technology.

Scientists are unable to invent a pesticide to eradicate Mosquito from the earth to save people on the earth. But Inventions are sold in the Market as relief to people from Mosquitoes; it means Mosquitoes are generated By Government / Rulers to disturb people life and to sell all the repellants to make huge profit. What a Cheap People and Government/Ruler we have on the earth is painful and pathetic. 

so I strongly Object the Nuclear Bomb Test today at Indian Ocean ,in Bay of Bengal . I look forward the support from all media and press to stop this Nonsense test act by Government and scientists.

Other wise Now, I like to Put my Request to Terrorists, that why you all kill innocent people in all your atrocities and attempts, You may Start killing these scientists as a service to Mankind why because they are all against Human..

Science Invented Electricity, it is also a danger, we use in our Daily life to enjoy many comforts, but at the same time we must note all thee Previous inventions did not created any Damage to Nature or Human Lives.