Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blogger Buzz: Getting to know the Blogger Community

Blogger Buzz: Getting to know the Blogger Community

Blogger Buzz: Getting to know the Blogger Community

Blogger Buzz: Getting to know the Blogger Community: "Posted by Lisa Ding, Community Manager Hi Bloggers! For more than a decade now, the Blogger team has watched our community of users grow..."

Blogger Buzz: Announcing Blogger Mobile Templates

Blogger Buzz: Announcing Blogger Mobile Templates

software at Lowest price with High returns

software at Lowest price with High returns

software at Lowest price with High returns

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The navigator is the common one known to all. You see, these GPS, which is a navigating tool, are used nowadays in cars, mobile phones, etc.

This GPS has a television screen. We can fix it in our cars. Actually, this is the device, which is loaded with the maps, to find the path.
As I have already told you about this GPS facility in the cell phones, they are very useful. The new versions of this GPS are interactive too, so that we can save the path in it.
the above is the gps in the car.
Hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about Your Dental care.
Yesterday I saw your mail in my g mail in box.

You want to Know few matters as a dental care.

First Do not in take water in very hot condition. similarly do not in take water at very chill/cold condition.

always brush your teeth twice in a day. (after bed,before bed) . After  you take sweets wash your teeth with out fail.

take vegetables with calcium rich.  Or consume calcium tablets once in a day.

once in 4 years have a regular dental check up.  Use Good Tooth paste like Colgate Total or Senquel - f  or  other branded . Fluoride is a needed component in caring your teeth.

Mr.Manmohan singh

 a best adminstrator in India.

Mr.Manmohan singh

Mr.Manmohan singh

Hi to my dear friends and viewer's here is a sensational News from Mr.Manmohan Singh.

Yes! Mr.Manmohan singh is now , today declared that he is interested to bring Prime Minister to the jurisdiction rights  of Lok Pal Bill. This is a great achievement to Congress headed by Mrs sonia Gandhi.

Mr.Manmohan singh is the Prime Minister with clean Hand and the Best Administrator in India and also world countries were watching His Best administration with a Great Charm is an accepted News in this world.

So Today he has declared that he would like to reassign the Ministries.

I believe in reassigning the portfolios or shuffling the Ministries is a correct Measure by the Union Government. In this we people get best results and Democracy is strengthened.

Now I expect Ministers like Mr.P.chidambaram, Mr. Pranab Mukerjee, Mr.Kabil sibal,Mr.G.K.Vasan,Mr.Dayanidhi Maran,Mr.Ghulam Nabi Azadand Vilasrao Deshmukh (the Minsiters of D.M.K. Party) Murli Deora Mr.Sharad Pawar and Mr.S.M.Krishna and few other 's may be shuffled.

Bright possibility of New Faces in Minister position is expected.

Mr.Pranab Mukerjee - finance Minister is not versatile in Thinking in many matters. Now ,also ,he has created problems by increasing price of Coking Gas. The increase is also huge. Also to note he always say that he will not go back from his steps and decisions. Thsi si wrong in Democracy. Congress Party Rule get Bad Name because of such actions  through out the country. Atleast Now He must withdraw  this price increase ofcooking Gas keeping in mind the Uttar Pradesh election.
Also to Note he is from West Bengal and Mr. Pchidambaram,Mr.G.K.Vasan, is from Tamil nadu. In Both states in Election held for state assemblies congress did not Yeilded the best results. So It means Few congress Leaders are only interested to occupy positions and not working of the welfare of Indian Natinal congress party and People in the country is in the painful thought of Mrs sonia Gandhi and Mr.Rahul gandhi.

So Taking authority as Prime Minister of India for the remaining Years in this term of this Government By Mr.Rahul Gandhi is also Correct. He can be well Guided by Mr. Manmohan singh.Manmohan singh only can able to shape Mr. rahul Gandhi as a best Chair Person as Prime Minister. This is a must. The Time has come.

Thank you.

Cabinet Ministers of India

Cabinet Ministers of India

IMF MD Christine Lagarde

Hi to my Dear friends here is a glad news about Christine Lagarde.

Please to inform you all that Christiane is the first M.D. of this International Monitary Fund.First woman occupying the Top Position in I.M.F in 57 years is the great thing to all of us.

A great boon woman's of this world. In India First Woman Prime Minister id Indira Gandhi.

In India First woman head presiding as Leader Indian National Congress is Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

In India the First woman Chief Minister is J.Jayalalithaa.

Now In India the First Woman President  is Mrs Pratiba devi singh Patil.

Now we are all happy to Notice that Christiane is the First woman M.D. at I.M.F. This is a great achievement. she is the Ex Finance Minister of France.

Now she occupies this chair and I stongly believe that she will administer this position to provide Best results to us.

World leaders congradulated on her win in the election.

Thank you.Dream With Me

Sunday, June 26, 2011

getpaid atLink: Trust

This is the day Emergency declared in India.

getpaid atLink: Trust: "Hi to my dear viewers here at this blog this is about Trust. Trust is a word ,also it is a Group of people maintaining assets of  a Politi..."


Hi to my dear viewers here at this blog this is about Trust.

Trust is a word ,also it is a Group of people maintaining assets of  a Political party or Mutts ,Ashrams, and Madali,and Yoga ,and few others .

Here in the second Trust Money that matters.

as I predicted Now people of this world started watching Money and Gold  Grab from the Sathya sai Baba Ashram at Puttaparthi.

In India in the name os saints and samiji or Mutts where Black Money is floated by many,that includes politician,this is well known to Government also.

No action being taken by the Judiciary and the Government. Now the Time has come to Pass a Law to bring the entire Money and assets of a Trust in any manner in operation to the Government Treasury is mandatory.

World Leaders like Mr.Barack Obama , and Mr.Bank Moon and others must intervene in this matter and must have a role in foring this law, because Money comes to trust from all countries. So this is a must.So this is a world Issue.

many political parties enjoy huge money from  their party Trust. 

In India Income tax free providing sec 80G has to removed permanantly.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

getpaid atLink: anna hazare

getpaid atLink: anna hazare: "Hi friends and viewershere is a message at this blog on the latest development  on lokpal bill by anna hazare and the Political parties in I..."

anna hazare

anna hazare

anna hazare

Hi friends and viewershere is a message at this blog on the latest development  on lokpal bill by anna hazare and the Political parties in India.

yesterday anna hazare told that he is going to start fasting August on 16th 2011 to get the bill passed,which is a favour to anti - corruption in India.This will certainly help the growth in Future Generations.

But the Union Government said , that if anna hazare enetrtain fasting on August 16th 2011 than the treatment to anna hazare will be similar to Baba ramdev.

So anna hazare has to start his fasting at Maharashtra where Siva sena under the leadership of  Bal Takray    will certainly help in this matter. Mr.Baltakrey is the living person who potray Hinduthva at all times. He gives imporatnce and matters like this considering the future generations in Inida.

Maharashtra Government will support this type of Genuine matters is an authentic evidence  from the anna hazare fasting in the last occassion  .

Anna Hazare must not do his fasting at Delhi, and I like to advice him that he must do his fasting either at Maharashtra or at Bihar - the government by Mr.Nithish kumar will giv support to such good deeds.

I will not recommend Gujarat or Karnataka where the rule of B J P party  Government. Because using the situation B J P may ake a chance to claim the life  of anna Hazare. They will not inteven in this fasting and they will allow anna hazare fasting till his health condition get in bad shape. So Anna hazare must not believe B J P party also in this matter.

This is the right time to anna hazare to start a political party . Country wide and from the nations in the world he will get Huge support. soI strongly believe that only by claiming Power at cnetral Government  people like anna hazare/Kiran bedi/Baba Ramdev and others can achieve Lokpal Bill as drafted and designed by them.

keeping in Mind the need of this Bill anna hazare must come forward to start a political party. with this it is so easy to analyze the political parties and their actions today.
Here it is needless for him to negotiate with any party people in the Government.

By this Communist party and many other small parties will come to an eomplete closure in India. At present B J P and Congress try to bring back the dead communist party once again. 

Let me hope he will take my advise.

Thank you.Surrender the Heart (Surrender to Destiny)
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Sex Life

Medicine for  sex life.

Sex Life

Sex Life

Hi to my dear friends and viewers here is a message about Sex Life.
One who is having the habit of keen  watching will have full satisfaction in sex Life. this is a message proved by Professor Adina Kalinski from John Hopkins Fumburg health care collge at U.S.

He says , a man with the characteristics like, much confidence, Independant feeling,  and understanding others feeling and  his sex Life is Inter connected. A close connectivity with all typeof emotions are the disrurbing factors in sex life of a person.

He confirms to say that persons who watch keenly the hapenings in his sorroundings and people listening others views and opinions are getting  Huge satisfaction in sex life is the Discovery .

So Try this to have a good time in sex.

Thank you.

U.S.and Afghanistan and N A T O

Hi to my dear viewers here is a message about  U.S.and Afghanistan and N A T O.

In afghanistan N A T O and U.S. have forces. Now U.S. and N A T O has decided to withdraw a Major unit of armd forces from Afghanistan. After Bin laden killed and negotiations in process with Taliban , Now this is a new declaration By Barrack Obama.

Well and very good by Mr.Barrack Obama..

Thank you for reading the post.

Will Declaration by U.S.

Hi to friends and followers and Viewers , here is a message about will declaration by U.S.

From U.S. Tommorrow a person going to declare the will declaring the Total assets belongs to him . He inform that This will is written by Sathya sai Baba.

This declaration going to take place tommorrow the Thursday.23.6.2011.

Already I have written a message that the Possibilities of  assets f sathya sai baba may be looted by few  in a short period. This is my prediction. Now this has started.

In the name of Religion few people Looting the wealth of people  is in continuation. 

So Government has to pass a bill declaring that at any point of time on scrutiny measure or after death the entire assets of any sage / saint or Political Leaders  will be credited in the account of treasury of the Government. This is a need of this time. The time has come to get this bill pased by our parliamentarians. 

Thank you for reading this perfect prediction.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

24 carat gold caoins

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

getpaid atLink: Free Rice 20 Kg

20 kg raw rice is not distributed. 10 + 10 raw rice and boiled rice is supplied compulsorily to 20 kgs. This should be to people choice. In city people will go for Raw rice, and in village people like Boiled rice. so this is an arrangement is must by an order from the Government. Since it is on free , it is from Public Taxation so any Type of duplicate ration cards must not be entertained by civil supplies. almost road side tiffin shops are gained by few wrong acts . this has to come to an end.

getpaid atLink: Free Rice 20 Kg: "Hi friends and followers and viewers here is a message about 20 Kg free Rice by Government to People who own Ration Card. The present ele..."

getpaid atLink: New Secretariat Building

getpaid atLink: New Secretariat Building: "Hi friends and Viewers here is a message hit the news today is about the new secretariat Building under construction and urgently before com..."

getpaid atLink: New Secretariat Building

People Money is wasted by the past Government at tamilnadu. The secretariat is ugly lokking.

getpaid atLink: New Secretariat Building: "Hi friends and Viewers here is a message hit the news today is about the new secretariat Building under construction and urgently before com..."

getpaid atLink: rajnikanth.

getpaid atLink: rajnikanth.: "Hi dear friends and viewers here is a ot news about Rajni kanth. He is a ctor at tamilnadu. He is from Karnataka origin. he is popular at ta..."


Hi dear friends and viewers here is a ot news about Rajni kanth. He is a ctor at tamilnadu. He is from Karnataka origin. he is popular at tamilnadu and he earned huge at Tamil nadu and Invested maximum at Karnataka state is also known to tamil Nadu Government.

Now he was under I C U at a singapore Hospital for Kidney Transplantation , as per the media and press releases.

Today their is a announcement that he is fully recovered from breathing troubles and he is Normal. he has spoke to Tamil nadu chief minister J.Jayalalithaa , and conveyed his sincere happiness on her success and in becoming Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. soon He is expected to Cinema Industry/film Industry  is a great news.

Thank you.


Hi friends and viewers here is a message about srilanka. This is a sensational to watch , the army people of sriLanka were brutally killing the Tamil people in the war happened in the visual is stunning people of this world and U.N.O.

So Srilanka Government must accept Tamil People at their Government as Representatives of people with immediate affect.

also to note Srilankan tamil people must stop even any type thinking in applying terrorism  . They should  try to  claim their legitimate rights at srilanka. It does not mean they can stay and enjoy all at Tamil nadu. I will explain , why I told this in my next post.

Indian Government and U .N.O. under banki Moon must comply the necessary to Srilankan Government. Srilanka must admit and show respect to tamillians at Srilanka.
Thank you.

Lok pal Bill

Hi friends and viewers here is a message about Lokpal Bill. This is also known as anti corruption bill. In this many dialogues held between the committe memebers. But failed in all atempts.

The people in dialogue as Member of Paliament failed to remember they are " for the people ,By the people, and To the people." They think they are with two Horns on their head because they are with he designation as M.P.

Memeber Parliament's must think they are also ordinary people though they are powered by people of India by election and they must accept the Lokpal Bill as demanded by People like Anna Hazare and aba Ramdev Kiran Bedi and others. This must happen to add value to our Indian Democracy. 
Few were not agreeing to Prime Minister and few others are common befor e law. They are also civilians so they and all Indians Must come under the Jurisdiction of  LokPal Bill.

In this Anna Hazare may be expected to be killed by the political drama by B J P or Congress. So these people must be cautious in their actions Till they get the Bill passed in the shape as they demand.

thank you. 


Hi to my dear friends and viewers here is the message about thanks Giving.

Yes! J.Jayalalithaa the present Chief Minister of Tamil nadu got elected from Sri Rangam constituency. so ToDay  she tour to Srirangam to convey her sincere Thanks to People at SriRangam who Voted her with Dashing Victory.

She is the Chief Minister who is goings to release many schemes at Srirangam for the welfare of people. she also Know her commitment to all people in tamil Nadu.

she will do the best to People at Thirupur in solving the issue of Polluted water spoiling the land discharged from the factories.
Thank you.

New Secretariat Building

Hi friends and Viewers here is a message hit the news today is about the new secretariat Building under construction and urgently before completition occupied the building by the Earlier Government to have their party chief name in the First to operate the office ,done very cleverly and cunningly is known to all people in India. This building inagurated by Prime Minister of India  and  Chair person  U P A were did not reaised any question about the incompletition of the building and not raised any question about the urgency in opening the building with out completed is also a shocking news to People of India.

Above all Thiruvalluvar is a Budhhist Monk lived at Tamilnadu is known to every one.  Ex chiefminister Mr.Karunanidhi constructed a Ratham / Chariot to give importance to Thiruvalluvar ,so called Valluvarkottam near at Kodambakkam in Chennai, It does not mean that he has to construct the same design at the top of teh secretariat.

Tamil nadu Government Symbol/Logo well known to people  till date  is Temple . So The Temple can be a design acceptable at the Top of teh secretariat and people at tamilnadu will not be accept the construction of a chariot /Ratham at the Top. This must be stopped. Either teh Present chief Minister or any one minister must comply on this and file a case to stop the construction by a court order. This is a must. Tamil nadu people feeling must be respected.

It is needless to construct a chariot at the top of the State assembly secretariat in Tamil nadu to respect Thiruvalluvar. This is meaningless and Exploitation to people of Tamilnadu.

I lookforward the present people representative at state assembly sri selvei J.Jayalalithaa must intervene in this matter and to stop this construction with immediate effect.

Thank you. 

common education Programme.

Ho friends and followers and viewers here is a message about  common education Programme..

This is a very good programme announced by both the Union and state Government in the nation. Now in implementing the same the present Government has few troubles. The Government needs ratification and also The government allowed the scheme for Ist and sixth standard students. This is to respect the verdict of High court order. But at the same time The government appealed to supreme court for further ratification. so Government will succeed.

The printed Books for all classes were not  printed at Government Press is may be the reason, The present Government do not want to pay for the Private Press offices while Government press is available is may be the reason. Than the ex chief Minister and the ex education minister has to sort out this issue and they may be forced to pay the payments to press offices from their trust.a delicate situation to Government for the both the past and the present.

Thank you.

Free Rice 20 Kg

Hi friends and followers and viewers here is a message about 20 Kg free Rice by Government to People who own Ration Card.

The present elected Government Headed by J.Jayalalithaa announced this scheme as a welfare measure. Before the election manifesto designed I have desingned this also as one among in my advice to This political party A.I.A.D.M.K.. Linked the post to also is well known to you all. I am happy to see that my idea is implemented. 

Now I request the same gOvernment to look in the Original ration Cards. Yes! their may be Duplicate ration cards which will also entertain this cheme. This is a loss to People . So Government must investigate this and allow this scheme to the Original ration card holders. This is a svings to Government. 

Thank you.

I have ideas to implement this scheme in another way. if government call my attention than I will certainly say all my ideas on this matter to the concerned for rewards.

Monday, June 13, 2011

technology sharing

 What is it like to syudy at UNIVERSITIES?

The universities was purpose-built as a modern academic and technological center. Its undergraduate and postgraduate programmers are designed to give students a sound grasp of their subject and up to-date knowledge of the latest  developments in their field.

Their are  schools. courses in all schools are characterized by the applied nature of their content.The aim is to give graduates the opportunity to achieve  a qualification which will enable them to make an immediate contribution to their future  chosen careers. Teaching methods include lectures,tutorials and seminars and in practical work plays a vital role.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

getpaid atLink: Research papers

getpaid atLink: Research papers: "hi viewers this is about tourism and travel management study at universitities. The University runs an international research programmer a..."

getpaid atLink: Research papers

getpaid atLink: Research papers: "hi viewers this is about tourism and travel management study at universitities. The University runs an international research programmer a..."

Research papers

hi viewers this is about tourism and travel management study at universitities.

The University runs an international research programmer and the benefits of the latest advances in science,technology,business and social sciences are fed into undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Research projects in all Schools attract millions of pounds in support from industry,from government and from research institutes and research councils.

The university offers M Phil and PHD Higher Degrees by research and thesis.Of particular interest at present are research  programmers in biotechnology,information technology,space satellite engineering, drug  reactions ,artificial intelligence ,tourism management, and energy economics .
thank you.Hybrid


Hi fiends and viewers here is news on elephants.

This is about an untoward incident happened at Mysore due to elephants attack. In this an elephant killed a security. That human life is also has the same value of any one on this earth.

I believe this may be because to stop the notes and speeches and dialogues about B J P and Governot at that sate. Because to make a full stop about their relation in continuation to the knowledge of people this incident might have been arranged.

In Tamil Nadu also over years elephants attack people at coimbatore and Nigris area and hill station area. But every time it has been given information as the elephants have come to fields to take their food , and unknowingly in their wrong roots, like these many reasons to media.

But It is serious to note that Government must be in action, (including central Government) to avoid any type of disturbance to people in area of this country. This is the security measure in urgent need.

Thank you.

Political parties in India

Hi friends and folowers andf viewers here is a post about Political Parties in India.

Now on date almost all political parties last their interest in servicing people. They are not with the intension to work for the people but they are with the motive of making Money. This must change. To change this trend Media and press must show their real involvement.

Let us hope this will happen soon.

Threat to Media

Hi friends and viewers here is a mesage about threat to media and Press.

Yes, killing a key person in Press is created threat to Press and Media. Please do not worry about this and you all must work together and give information to Intelligence and C B I and Police to catch the offenders and that should be a threat to this people involving in offensive act against to Press and Media.

Thanks to my dear friends at press and media.

thank you.True Grit (Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

getpaid atLink: server

getpaid atLink: server: "Hi to friends and follower's and audience thanks for listening and following my words in posts.Now this is a flash news on server. In comp..."


Hi to friends and follower's and audience thanks for listening and following my words in posts.Now this is a flash news on server.

In computer and Internet and Information Technology with all technologies of this world are very familiar in use .
People love Computer,Internet,and Information technology and the Team provides the solutions as software.Buy when server failed your attempts will get Zero level of results.

similary in a family Mother is a server . she is feeding all with their taste  in dining table to Lunch Box/carrier. we are all accustomed to their service with Hospitality. at that same time  the reciprocation from us is not equal to Mother is agreed one. every one will say I have provided all to my family members but it also (materials ) a fulfilment by a woman back in action at all times.

Mother serves food to all our needs with Love. so that in many families you would have watched even a women with many birth issues live well and strong even after the death of her partner/Husband.But a male trailing for a short period and also causes many set backs in a family ,particularly , a family strucks, with out knowing what to do? So a Women is a server to family.,when srver fails every thing collapses.

women is the starting study Room for Hospitality.

women is the Meaning and symbol for Love.

Women in a family ( any numbers  and in any ages) is the Living God . Trust this God.
Woman is key person in serving any thing with Love. I know you will agree on this. Please support women and female in all ages. It does not mean that no need to care Male. Once you care Female part of this society ,than automatically ever thing will become easy for you in all matters and make your survival easy. so Love woman and female in all ages.

If you are not agreeing and objecting on any thing of this post than you are person with superiority complex.

Also I like to add one thing , if you comment against this words of this post from any part fo this world, than you will find yourself with all type troubles surrounded immediately.

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011




Hi to my dear friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about Street. You Know that I am living Nagathammankilstreet Extension. This small street not laid by the Government for the :at Five Years. When the Last Government Started ,Metro water department digged a channel to fix new pipes for metro water .After that this street till date not been laid. 

The Newly elected M.L.a Visited the street and conveyed his sincere thanks to People of our street. At that time also we requested this obligation. But Actions are still pending. Government must work on war foot to reach the people Heart By dedicated services.

Thank you.

Power cut

Hi friends and followers and viewers here is a message about Power cut. Because of Power cut I could not able to catch offers to provide the same in the form of links to benefit you.

Now Government faces aute shortage of Current. Few years Back Tamil nadu was supplying Power/electricity to Kerala,Karnataka and all other Neighbour states. Now acutes shortage,so it has be analyzed Properly to know the disturbance in this matter.

Also As a request to Goverment , Please split the one hour Power cut.  Instead of disturbing all people and industries continuously for a Hour in a day , Government can arrange to order the Powercuts in to Two Half an Hour. For example Electricity Baord is switching off current for One Houre , But they can cut this one hour in to two. Instead of between 1PM to 2PM  It can be between 1 to 1.30 PM and 3 To 3.30 PM.

Tamil nadu Government must consider this obligation , posted here on behalf of People. 

Most Dangerous to Congress

Hi friends and followers and Viewers here is a message about Most Dangerous To Congress.

Yes! Tamil Nadu Chief Minister wrote a lettr to Mr.Manmohan singh -Prime  Minister of India  regarding Power supply.

Now Power supply in the state is handicapped. Now Congress Party similar to the earlier action in the Last Parliament vanishing 4000 crores of Farmer Loans , Now Congress Government in the Center under the leadership of Mr.Manmohan singh can come forward to arrange to assist to supply Power to Tamil Nadu  in the Present Bad situation. Tamil Nadu Government  has said It will need hardly one and half years to retrive this situation by many alternater arrangements.
Congress party onely can do such actions. Congress can get good hearted ness of Tamilnadu people.

Now after this election held on april 13 ,Chennai city has also started facing Power cuts. Now it is the need of the Congress Party to come forward to help and to revamp this situation and the Party will also get Good Name in the heart of people of Tamil nadu.

Thank you.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

getpaid atLink: Christianity and Islam.

getpaid atLink: Christianity and Islam.: "A war between christianity and Islam is behind Terrorists and terrorism. But in Reality Both the religions are equally Good in Morals to P..."

Christianity and Islam.

A war between christianity and Islam is behind Terrorists and terrorism. But in Reality Both the religions are equally Good in Morals to People. Both Holy Books The HOly Bible and Holy Quran do not have any advise supproting terrorists acts. In Particular Holy quran in 194 suras in many Places mentions blodd shed of people is a haram act.Infact Islam is Governed by Holy quran and it says even animals not to be killed ,it is also act of mistake(haram).

Holy quran compels people ,not to involve in any acts which is haram to Living Things. It means The terrorists are not Islam people and they are Bruts. They must be called for dialogues and on failure in reaching a result after passifying them ,than the only way is to Kill them is the right decision will not be denied by people of  this world.

In this   from  Islam people ,who were converted to Islam and  people converted to Christianity are engaging war gainst Love. Please stop this wrong action is the request here.

In this a mjor work is required from The Holy Father at Vatican City. But he and his adbvisors are all watching as a Drama or Film on the earth. This is a sin against Human on this earth ,this has to be established by Pope at vatican cicty. It is not only the work to Barack Obama but it is also a work to all Rulers at Gulf Countries/ Countries under Islam rulers. But all these people are enjoying the pain of people because these people are all enjoying all pleasures of this world at their door.

Thank you.

Pakistan and Terrorists

U.S.Intelligence must land at
Pakistan and Terrorists

Pakistan and Terrorists

Hi friends and followers and viewers here is a special message about Pakistan and Terrorists.

The terrorists and their action at pakistan is known to the Government. even Today we saw a news about a Bomb Blast claimed the life of Innocents. This is a drama by the ruling Government. Because The Government makes a easy way open to terrorists to go out of Pakistan. Terrorists killed by United States force twice ,both the time the leaders like Bin laden and others wre killed by by U .S.force. In this action Pakistan is not intersted, but Pakistan cannot go against United states. Because it procure arms from United states. This is a sign of one True Love on Terrorists by pakistan Government , so creating Bomb blasts and other abnormal situations by which the government makes the people of Pakistan away from watching the terorists Movement. In this confusion the terrorists are allowed to Move to other Places by Land. And pakistan may feel, that, all the nations can be exploited by this Drama actions against terrorists at pakistan.

world people started feel that Pakistan may become a victim to terrorists and by virtue of that all of a sudden United Nation force will be statiooned  at pakistan in the name of clearing terrorists. pakistan going to be a second Iraq.

Special session of Parliament

Hi to friends and viewers at this blog this is a flash news about Special session of Indian Parliament is demanded by L.K.Advani at chennai to dicuss on Anticorruption Bill.
This importance is due to the Yoga teacher Baba Ramdev arrest by Delhi Police. This found to be right to Mr. Sibal the minister in the present government ,but the arrest is a mistake as per Indian People. People looking for  a common civil Law applicable to all on corruption.
The mistake by Baba ramdev is the place selected for Fating in demanding the Anti corruption Bill to pass immediately.
He should have selected Mahrshtra like Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev  should have done his fasting at Gujarat for this social cause. Because Gujarat is the state  where Our Father of our Nation Sri Mahatma Gandhiji born. so claiming this anti corruption Bill to pass immediately by the Government By applying Non-Violance would have become Meaningful. But he did his fasting at Delhi where Congress Government is on run, and Congress is not in favour of this bill is now exhibited to public.

We should understand that this fasting is also a method to bring the Anti corruption Bill get passed by the Parliament for the welfare of this Nation.

Also  we Indians Must in need of a bill which should declare that any saint or sage or swamiji  or Baba not to have any assets on any grounds ,including Trust.

See now after the death of Baba sathya sai baba The government did not made any effort to take the assets of the Trust in to the account of Government Treasury is a pathetic. This is a need of this time.

Thank you. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

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getpaid atLink: Plastic surgery by Plastic surgeon - K.V.,M.S.,MNA...: "Hi friends and followers and my dear audience thank you for staying connected. Here is a valuable message about Dr. Alala Sundaram K.V.,M..."

Plastic surgery by Plastic surgeon - K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,

Hi friends and followers and my dear audience thank you for staying connected.

Here is a valuable message about Dr. Alala Sundaram K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,

He is a Highly qualified professional and a living God to many people on earth. You must know one thing , that is he says Human service is Service to mankind and He wanted to do it at all times. He is attacjed to many Hospitals. In Particular he is available in St.Thomas Hospital from 6PM to 8PM if he is in station. He keeps on Travel to trate people. He is a Lucky doctor to many people. 
He is one among the eminant scholar in Plastic surgery. 

I believe he is suitable and Government can recommend his Name for Noble Priae with suitable recommendations. to U N O. and Nobel Prize committe. His service is countless.

for example yesterday he performed a Plastic surgery to a student who met with a bike accident. This student waiting at a signal but a government Bus struck at his bike and made him to fall. But he was advised to meet this Doctor. so From 5.30PM to 6.10PM he has performed the plastic surgery at Leg and the patient turned to his House very safely. what an excellant Doctor. 

Above all a Glad News the Hospital in which he is treating patients , which is collecting  Ripees 75 Only as administration charges. It is difficult to find Doctors with such high qualification at this type of Kind service. 
Government must Look at him and must award him suitably is my Prayer and Request.
why I pray to Government because Ruler is a God.

Thank you.


Hi to my dear friends and followers and viewers here is a message about Eye Glasses. Now on road we find air pollution. This affects your eyes certainly. so you need to take care of your Eyes.

Also in summer like this you need to wear Photo grey glasses to avaoid any problem to your eyes from Bright Sun Light.
Nowadays Raybon Glasses are available with Free Gifts. Yes! if you buy a Raybon Glass you can a get glass for free.
I recommend you as a care to your eyes Plese go to a reputed Glass /opticals shop to buy your glass.
This Glass will add beauty to your face.

Thank you. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi friends and follower's and viewer's here is a message about Drink.

Drinking is not a bad habit. You can drink, But you have a commitment to your family. That is in your family You have children,Mother and father,Brother and sister. so you are in need of Money to take care of them. so you can be able spend a little in wine or whisky  or Shamphine or other drinks  available in a wine shop.

First People to cultivate a habit of drinking like foriegners. Europeans use to keep the Drink Bottles in fridge,and when even they feel tired they use to drink a little quantity ,which called a peg. They do not drink the entire quantity in a bottle and float the bottle on the street. Here people while they want to drink they loose the confidence and their temperament is allowing them to drink more than the requirement. This is the problem in Indian drinking.

Containment in drinking has to be established by Indians while drinking. Why I tell you to drink because I observed in many pesons who drink daily do have Black hair,strength,and no hailments even at their old age. This is riduculous thing I found in drinkers. S o Nothing wrong in drinking.

But I strongly condemn drunken while you drive a vehicle. This is dangerous to others directly. so do not drive as drunken.

Thank you.