Saturday, August 21, 2010

quotes - insurance and registration charges

My dear lovely viewer's Good Morning. I know that you are going for a new car.  
while you go for a new car you get quotations from different dealers .Your quotations may be given for a car,lorry,bus chassis,two wheeler. here you would have been given a quote for insurance and registration charges.
here you need to go for a personal query with an insurance company and road transport office where your vehicle need to be registered. here you can get your prescribed fees for the you are aware of INSURANCE AND REGISTRATION EXPENSES WILL INCUR FOR YOUR NEW VEHICLE REGISTRATION.
For special numbers for your car/vehicles their is an additional charges levied. please try to know that you go with your bargaining at a dealer where you want to buy your vehicle/car. certainly you will understand the quotation difference ,so you will get higher benefits on bargaining.
excise duty and sales tax are fixed. their is no possibility of changes on every vehicle.
for example your quote may be showing a minimum margin from your quoted  vehicle  . just you turn down your interest on insurance and registration of your vehicle by the seller/ deduct the registration charges and insurance charges from the quote and say your willingness to pay the remaining amount in the quote given to you. Till that time the dealer will be saying that you are buying the vehicle from them leaving a small margin. now the dealer will go out of your deal .It is a well known fact that all car /lorry /bus chassis  sellers have huge margin in their sale from Insurance and registration expenses. 

Buyers must go in detail with the original Invoice of the vehicle manufacturer, then to proceed to buy a vehicle.Dealer were having their own agent/companies for insurance and as a agent /broker car/two wheeler sellers are making huge money. neither the manufacturer or government is benefited on your huge transactions is a pitiable information in this. why all Government knowingly allow this is still under a question?.
Dealers are getting volume order discount/special order discount/turn over discount and others. 
Ultimately manufacturer's and Government were not getting benefits is the truth in all transactions.This point blank message cannot be denied by government or manufacturers. this is a bag log has to be ruled out in automotive Industry with new dialogues between government and manufacturer.
similarly while you buy a new vehicle you must look in to the Invoice of the manufacturer submitted for your vehicle registration to know details about the manufacturing year and model. The spec numbers were provided is bearing all details which is going to be in your R C book .so before registration you must be clear about the model and year of manufacturing from the spec numbers provided in the invoice.You can ask the dealer to explain you on this before registration. Also You must confirm the color of your vehicle in the Invoice .
wish you all to have a best deal and do well in buying a Two wheeler /a car/lorry chassis/bus chassis.
Thank you.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Hi my dear viewers intended to buy a two wheeler,car,lorry chassis/bus chassis, this is a post about receipts.
while you are in a happy mode and excitement in buying your vehicle - two wheeler/car/bus chassis/lorry chassis  many of you become generous ,so you are reluctant or lazy in collecting your receipt's for all the payments completely paid by you towards buying your vehicle. because of this mistake in your account their will be outstanding in the dealer accounts book where you bought your vehicle. You had much pain in collecting money ,including from financing companies to pay towards your new car/two wheeler/lorry chassis/bus chassis. here I advise you to collect the receipts for the cheque payment's made by the financier's towards your vehicle purchase.Because of your lethargic ,innocence and over confidence on the dealer name and on the sales team you would have not collected receipts for your full payment's,so the possibilities are with the understanding between manager,cashier and sales person contacting you, your cheque payments may be used for selling and delivering vehicles to some other customer's who pay complete payments in cash.This cash will be misused.with/without the knowledge of the management. As a  customer do must not give this chances in your purchases of a car/two wheeler/bus chassis/lorry chassis to a dealer point.
You may have a question in your mind ,how financiers are not checking the payment receipt for the payments released? God only Knows answer for this question.because learned persons as professional's are working in finance companies and learned people were also in buying their vehicles get loan from finance companies.

Please do not give way to mistakes and be strict in collecting receipts for your complete payment.Otherwise you are also a tool in making  a loss to government,manufacturer and yourself as an end user.
Thank you.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

News Paper

Good Morning. Thank you all for staying connected.
I know that you are waiting to read a new message here. Here is the news letting you know Official News Paper. Yes! , Chinese Official new Paper is doing well in all spheres and do Publish all with out any fear in the mind. This is a Kind of Openness of the Team. Please visit the site for many great news. 
We people (including people in Media Team ) and  Including Leaders of all nations must not give much importance to few news published in any News paper which may become danger to Human Lives on this earth. publication is their rights and a part of freedom.So we must not exaggerate any news. Please read and listen calmly and peacefully. 
We should not do this injustice for our next generation. We must look for many attempts in all matters to keep the world people to live in Peace.
Thank you so much for reading this post. Thank you for allowing me to say these thoughts. My next post will be posted with the Rest of my thoughts. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


My dear lovely viewer's Good Morning. Watching BBC wildlife in you tube is a great thing. Have a visit to this site and see many video's by BBC world wide about wildlife in you You will feel and can know the value of a life. If, you are a terrorist please watch these video's at wildlife coverages, your mind and thoughts automatically  will be out from any terrorist ideas. One way it is adventurous in other way it is a lesson showing how much risk is governing each life on the earth. So you will start liking please do not try to take rights at your hands at least in the matter of claiming innocent people life to show your strength. This is a shameful act of your in all these days will be the thought in your mind now. I believe terrorists will stop all your atrocities and will start keep faith in discussion and dialogue. This will enable you to get your expected result. This may be in long duration but will be a sweet to you.
A solute to , a good media among others.

BBC = The World First

My dear lovely viewer's Good Morning. Here is a message letting you know B B C News. This is very familiar site through out world for its best service. B B C put News first. Also it will be right and accurate. The specialty is it is world wide and listener's can understand very easily. The news takes you to the spot because it is published with images. There is many other best news broad casting agencies are in this world .they try to compete with British broadcasting is an advantage to But you know it is beyond challenge and beyond compare. I believe that it will continue gloriously in the years to come. The total credit goes to the team players of Viewing BBC you will say profoundly that the team at BBC works very hard and sincerely to keep them as an example to other media in this world. Here you should not fail to remember that the support extended by British Royal Government is very excellent. So you want to say one thing .I knows that. That is we Look for the same arrangements and extended help to Media people on the earth by all ruler's/Government’s. Hope you will see this change also as a credential to the new generation to come.

 Make your many visits at BBC to many things about business or arrangements to business or a track to your business/a support to your business. You are looking for business. Get going with BBC business news will in turn help you much to flourish in your business. Follow their views and advice. In future you will say to me that your business is in good going because you are keep get going with BBC.
 I would highly recommend this website to you because they offer the best deal ever, so for other details and information feel free to visit the website .
 I want you to be benefit on every opportunity. Please tell to your friends about this.

I strongly recommend this site to all politicians of this world may please invite BBC news reporter to all your media meetings.

If you want to give any correct news you can try this site which reaches the world first.
 Thank you for your kind visit. Keep continue your same support by making daily visits at this blog to know many matters. News is a message and message that matters at all times.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

getpaid atLink: request to

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get paid fromquote's(service,insurance,registration of an automobile)

hi my dear car /lorry chassis/bus chassis  buyers. it is a good beginning in your business and life.But to begin with no exploitations. always feel free to look in to the invoice copy of the vehicle you have selected .whether it is a car/lorry chassis/bus chassis/two wheeler.
To reach the target and to gain huge profit Dealer's will order maximum quantity than the demand and store in their yard.
so when you are visiting the dealer point  they show you all cars/lorry chassis/bus chassis/two wheeler for your selection. Here you must ask them to show the invoice of the selected vehicle by you. From the invoice you can able to know the Year model  of your selected car/two wheeler/lorry chassis/bus chassis.If it is a last year model or older than that than you bargain to pay lesser since the life of the vehicle is reduced as per records.
also few dealers change the company name often and buy vehicles and sell it to you. This is to avoid the   super taxes payable to the government on  sales turnover.But you please get ensure that are you buying the vehicle from the dealer .To know this your vehicle selected invoice from the manufacturer must have the same dealer name.This is to avoid  a vehicle buying from a wrong dealer name in the manufacturer invoice.
The vehicle you buy will be arranged for registration by the dealer but the vehicle invoice will be in the name of a sister concern of the dealer from whom you buy your vehicle.This must be noticed by you. If you do not accept these type of deals than income to government treasury will increase.
while you buy a car you buy it with the original fitments as per the manufacturer. even going for radial tiers change is a mistake. please do no do that. if want any changes than please do it after warranty and with the recommendation's of a authorized  company workshop. I know here you will be having a question,that is authorized workshops were charging huge,yes,go to workshop authorized and with trained attendants and get quotes from few and go with the best quote, this is after warranty.
I strongly recommend you that please do not prefer to go company authorized workshops because of its name and reputation. due to this they charges you high. prefer to go to manufacturer authorized workshops of dealers up to warranty.Than you select a local workshop nearer to you to save your money.savings is a payment ,so you are get paid by your deeds.

Dear lovely viewer's, readers,Google users and friends from broad casting ,press and media Good Morning. I welcome you all to read this new post on  accept education.
An individual should first accept his own being as valid and seek some inner fulfillment.You should believe that life has a meaningful purpose.Even if such a person is a victim of a certain period of helplessness, or temporary set back, he can overcome it with the belief that human life has meaning and he is detined to do something worthwhile.
The first point is get rid of a negative attitude towards life through a conscious effort.It means you have to possess real knowledge , understanding and the capacity to tolerate hardships. so that I am organizing and providing many Links at many posts to aquaint much knowledge.
so with out fail you need to go with the links in all the links as a benefit to you from my end as an advisor.
Thank you.

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request to

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Mobile Free

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computer and Laptop - Mac apple

Here is a new post about speed and memory. yes! this is connected to your laptop and computer. with an incredible price and with the Quality  conscious Mac apple introduced a Latest feasibility to upgrade your RAM (Read access Memory) and speed of your Laptops in any brand and Note books.
I believe you will not make any delay in procuring this from branded company products. another advantage is Free shipping.
Please go head for this development to say a thanks to Technology. 
Good day. Thank you. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010


            My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. 
I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know, stay fit with your healthy heart.
Have your soup before a meal. You will then eat less. Eat less, but more often. This increases metabolism.
Fish meat contains omega fatty acids. These are good for the heart.
Eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily. Refrigerated vegetables lose between 50 t0 60 Percent of their nutrients.
Fruits and vegetables eaten daily lower the risk of cancer and heart attacks, while protecting against illness and infection.
The secret of a Mediterranean diet is lots of fruit, vergetables, wine olive oil, activity and stress -free life.
Keep your heart healthy to stay fit.
Once gain I will meet you all in my next post with the rest. Bye bye. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Men's health

Hi my dear follower's and viewer's than you for your kind support. Here is a message about Men's health. In men's health here I am going to say a remedy for frequent urination at old age. To stop these frequent urinary problems in older men please consume a herbal product called Himplasia. This is highly effective in solving this problem in your health. Do not worry. A new generation product, Himplasia reduces disturbing symptoms like frequent urination, difficulty in urination, difficulty in
Thank you. Urination in older men, etc.It improves urinary flow and controls dribbling.
Take care.