Sunday, November 29, 2009

Typically swiss hotels

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Do you celebrate it?

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    Here is a Hot news letting you know  Do you celebrate it?."What about your stand on Halloween? Do you celebrate it? " this is the questions in a site.which has been answered by me with my little knowledge. so kindly bear with the mistakes if any. Please feel free to write to me after read this full post matter.

     Yes! I will pay my sincere solute, Homage and respect to the souls. It is must to every one in the world. Some may not do this. In my life of these fifty years on this earth I have seen many people will strongly object God/lord Prayers and further they say there is no God. But on the other hand I have seen the same people as atheists will perform their poojas/prayers to the souls with out fail. So It means 99% of the people on the earth have strong belief on this Prayer to soul. This is nothing but paying a great respect to the elders.  

I request you not to reveal further on this because people must have belief on some thing. So let it is. Already almost the world is overloaded with corruption and other mischievous acts and Terrorism, which is informing that we people were knowingly or unknowingly attempted to cross the Life ocean , but mingled directly or indirectly in these ,and almost we are all covered 75% of the Life ocean to reach the other shore . I do not know that How far we may come to reach the shore successfully with neatness and corrective all to celebrate Halloween.clik this link will take you to the site for more details.

    All saints from all communities and The Holy Father at Vatican City along with all other Fathers praying for us, in particular they all along with we people have a great concern on the next Generation.

     So please do not raise such topics for any debate is my humble request. In this matter I strongly believe all saints in all communities and The Holy Father will also accept my views. They will not deny accepting my views in here at this post.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my Opera community

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Access to opera link is free.

Hope you will adhere this advise and revert to me about your experience.

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requesting help -

My,and Team leaders ,

thank you for allowing me to blog .please provide  add link enclosure box below to title box. please. I need this facility at two blogspots. they are,


Thank you my dear google blogger team.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

OS boots in just seven seconds

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Please read all posts and click the link in highlighted which is in turn take you to the site where you have huge benefits. here this is about Welcome to the

A great surprise to watch in this world is Google is out of anti - aging. What cream she applies to her face we do not know. She (google) is becoming still younger on on every dawn.

Here  is a hot news about OS boots in just seven seconds. yes! read this line which  I read about Google chrome. Having already established its speedy and streamlined Chrome browser as a steadily growing force in the Microsoft-dominated Web market, online powerhouse Google has this week offered up a tantalisingly brief glimpse at its upcoming Web-based Chrome computer operating system (OS).

Yes , clik here OS boots in just seven seconds for more details.

I feel this is a very good development. but you said that you are getting enscripting error comes when you use google chrome. I think now google has solved this problem.

As i told you that google has to provide small facilities like reloading facility of a site with different timings. ( every 1 minitue to hours0. Till date  this great facility is available only at opera browser . Google may look in to this may arrange to help browsing people. 

Like this at google in blogspot blog Adsense is not visible in side bar. this may be due a small error. all Bloggers are not technically sound in computer. so google may arrange to help bloggers in this regard. I like to have atleast a payment from google adsense. Iffel it is possible. 

Here I like to make a request to you all readers of this blog please click the adsense ,Ads by google also to know more about the market and business. Google and Technorati and few other sites are working together for their prosperity as well for ours too. so it is our need to say our needs to our google teams to arrange to help us. I believe that google is doing their best. let us cooperate with google ,yahoo,Microsoft,Mac,firefox ,Technorati and others in this field.

Please try this New google chrome. Free down load available in pakage also.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Media and Books in Online

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If you read this post I will be happy. because this a latest technology about Media and Books in Online . yes! now you can by using this wireless can store  1500 books to 3500 books in global wireless andU S wireless package. Any time and from  any where you can access this facility.

This is the technology development using this you can read  More Than 360,000 Books from Kindle store. Further they say, they know that even the best book reader is useless without the books you want to read. Now it is possible by using this wireless  you can read many Leading Daily News Papers .

For example some images are posted at the top of this post.

Please do not waste your time and energy. The Paper-Like Display, Reads like real paper without glare, even in bright sunlight,Global coverage  are th epresent facility. It will increase in future.

A special note at this post is by images on the top Here I wanted to bring many laeding daily News paper to the Knowledge of people on the earth. All News paper may be familiar at U S ,europe and few other Upcountries. But my intention here is Huge number  people in many countries must know about this Publications. To begin with many of them must go for subscription to have updated world happennings is my humble request.Hope it will happen.Because it has become essential to the people of this world.

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