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Abu Dhabi: PM Modi interacts with Indian workers

PM visits Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Independence Day 2015 Chief Minister Jayalalitha Flag Hoist Speech

PM Narendra Modi's Independence Day Speech | August 15, 2015

My Dear Mr.Narendra Modi ,stopping the merger of Voter I D with
Aadhar Card Details is not right is my recommendation at this Digital
India Movement starts.

Off course I strongly Recommend to and PMO to Issue a Digital Card to all Citizen's on
merging Voter I D and Aadhar Card as "Citizen Ship Card" would a Right
Choice and Move by

Please Note:-

also believe that your Personal Secretaries or P.A's in PMO to assist
you are very brave but they need to arrange their ideas in Planning what
is to be first and what is second?

why I mention here?
Your Move to Foreign Countries or Up countries Gained /earned /Brought
in huge Foreign Money in all Banks. In Fact the Banks are still find
Trouble in maintaining those incoming fund is also true. If you talk to
Bank Officials you will get this information's about maintaining the
fund received from Foreign Nations. 

Now to provide Land
for the People who were showing interest to develop" Make in India"
Program a Grand Success. Here You and your team did mistake. Before we
serve food we must put a Leaf or Plate .similar to this by BJP
must have passed Land Acquisition Bill  as a First Bill in both Houses
of Parliament than the foreign tours towards  bringing Industrialist's
and People who show interest in come "Make in India". for any good start
Congress or Politician's in India Never supported was the History. 

Now Parliament session was wasted in Both Houses due to Savage Movement's by Politician's. 

Mr.Modi Government to Note that Except Mrs.Sumithra Mahajan other
Speakers who belongs to congress and other Political Parties this
includes the chair person of Rajya Sabha  Operational workings look like
that they were showing interest to deviate the Session with brave
styles and not to give Hope to to work people welfare
successfully is my strong View.


Here after by Mr.Modi must start working on this aspects is a must is my belief and strong recommendation. My
best wishes for a successful Digital India. This only can vanish all
Mistakes in the Society,Economy,and Administration and Judiciary and

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getpaid atLink: Chennai Morning Walkers Pool In Money To Fly Colle...

getpaid atLink: Chennai Morning Walkers Pool In Money To Fly Colle...: Chennai Morning Walkers Pool In Money To Fly College Girl Who Lost Her Way And Ended Up In Chennai   Posted: 10...

Chennai Morning Walkers Pool In Money To Fly College Girl Who Lost Her Way And Ended Up In Chennai

Chennai Morning Walkers Pool In Money To Fly College Girl Who Lost Her Way And Ended Up In Chennai


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Good samaritans are not a myth. A group of walkers at Anna University proved that on Saturday.
When a few walkers saw a woman and a young girl asking people for directions, some of them approached the duo to offer help. On enquiring, the walkers found out that the mother and the daughter were in the wrong city.
R. Swathi, who had scored 1,017 marks in her Plus Two, came with her mother Thangaponnu, a shepherd from their hometown of Musiri in Tiruchi. While they were to be at the Anna Arangam Tamil Nadu Agriculture University in Coimbatore on August 8 for a counseling session ahead of the admissions process, they landed up at Anna University in Chennai by mistake. However, Swathi and her mother's story had a happy ending, thanks to some of the walkers.
In a Facebook post, that has gone viral now, with nearly 15,000 shares, one of the walker's friend posted the entire incident.
The girl and her mother had given up hope of making it to the counselling session in time. However, help came in the most unexpected form. Flight tickets, conveyance and even breakfast were arranged for the women by a walking group called.

Sharing this mornings experience.
Miracles do happen in our daily life: -

On 8th. Aug. 2015 @ 6.30 am a uneducated single mother with her daughter were in Anna University Campus Chennai, looking for direction for Anna Arangam for her daughter counseling in B. Sc. Agriculture @ 8.30 am.
... See More.     
“They were asked to come to Anna Arangam, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore, but they reached Anna University by mistake,” M. Saravanan, a former student of College of Engineering, Guindy and a member of the walking group told The Hindu.
The walking group members decided to share the cost of Rs 10,500 for the flight tickets.
The sponsor of the flight tickets transported them by 8:15 am to board the 10:05 am Coimbatore flight. Arrangements were made to pick them up at Coimbatore airport. They reached the University counseling centre by 12:15 pm.
"We took off at 10.05 a.m., landed at 11.28 a.m. and in the next hour we had the admission letter on our hands. It was a miracle," Swathi told The Hindu.

7 Things You Should Never Tell A Bengali

7 Things You Should Never Tell A Bengali


If you are one of those people whose first line to a Bengali is "Ami tomake bhalobashi", then you need to really, really not.
There are many ways you can annoy a Bengali. Slaughtering the pronunciation of the 'I love you' line is only one of them.
This hilarious YouTube video, uploaded by comedy group Being Indian, shows you how to risk life and limb by saying the most cliched things Bengalis are tired of hearing.
Here's a quick check-list:
1. No, not all Bengali names are pronounced, like they say, with a "roshogolla" in your mouth. Not all of us are Aww-Bhishek or Aww-Bhijeet. There are countless other Bengali names that you may have never heard of--and, that doesn't include choton, bulbul, khoka, laltu, gogol and babu. Just saying.
2. Not everyone likes to have maachch bhaat (fish and rice). Bengalis also love their chicken and mutton and biryani with aloo. And, just so you know, some of them do not eat fish at all.
3. Not all Bengalis are 'pretentious intellectuals'.
4. Not all of them can all sing, strum a guitar and/or are versed in Rabindra Sangeet.
5. Winter Is Coming but that does not mean Bengalis will promptly don their monkey caps to avoid catching a chill.
6. Stop calling them communists.
7. If your knowledge of Bengali songs is limited to 'ami je tomar..chhin chhin chhin', just don't sing. First, it's NOT a Bengali song and second, 'chhin chhin chhin' means nothing.

Xiaomi Tablets at very low price from India - Foxconn

Xiaomi Dials Foxconn To Assemble In India As Prelude To Manufacturing

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Islamic State plans to take over large parts of the world, including almost the entire Indian subcontinent

The Islamic State plans to take over large parts of the world, including almost the entire Indian subcontinent, by the next five years, according to a chilling map that features in a new book on the dreaded terror group.

 Barend Jan de Jong @jjg0
Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State -- 
The caliphate --- a state governed by Sharia law which ISIS plan to claim -- covers areas from Spain in the west to China in the east, the Mirror reported citing the map.
The map reveals the calculated way ISIS plans to take over the world by 2020.
According to the map, Andalus is the Arabic name given to the parts of Spain, Portugal and France that were occupied by the Moors from the 8th to the 15th century while the Indian subcontinent would come under 'Khurasan'.
BBC reporter Andrew Hosken, who includes the map of the targeted areas in his new book 'Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State', said ISIS wants "to take over all of what they see as the Islamic world.
A seven-step ISIS programme, dating back almost 20 years, includes the US being provoked into declaring war on the Islamic world between 2000 and 2003 and an uprising against Arab rulers between 2010 and 2013, the report said.

How to make sure your resume, interview stand out (in the right way)?

How to make sure your resume, interview stand out (in the right way)

Google's Senior Vice President of People Operations, Laszlo Bock, joins TODAY to share tips on how you can stand out from the pack when applying for a job, and what NOT to do that might be a red flag to a potential employer.

Life at Google

Life at Google


All Star Code, a New York nonprofit partnering with Google, is training a new generation of coders by providing young men of color with mentors, industry exposure and intensive training in computer science:
To promote diversity in the tech industry, non-profit All Start Code has partnered with Google in an effort to address the opportunity gap for people of color.

 ¡Hola! All this week, Google will have a presence at ‪#‎EuroPython2015‬ in Bilbao, Spain! Check out the ‪#‎EP2015‬ schedule for our hosted events, talks and social hours throughout the week, as well as our Careers site for opportunities to use Python-language skills at Google:

getpaid atLink: Experience With Maha Periyava: By Sri Vaishnava V...

getpaid atLink: Experience With Maha Periyava: By Sri Vaishnava V...

M R Radha Best Comedy Collection Part 1 | Comedy

The Story of Shaheed Udham Singh Every INDIAN MUST WATCH By Rajiv Dixit

The Story of Shaheed Udham Singh Every INDIAN MUST WATCH By Rajiv Dixit


Anna 100 Years Karutharangam

Even Elephant will slip ,(In Tamil - Yaanaikkum Adi sarukkum  yendru oru padam . Adhu pola) Honorable Mr.Kalaignar also failed to revolt to safe guard Value of Tamil Language and Tamil Poet. Not Only Kalignar many Tamil Scholars till date not claimed such valued results which also Gold plated  claimed to other language by one of our Late Prime Minister of India. so we Tamil people still need to watch the happening around us.  Many message like this happened.
Here I would like to recall a memory. that is about a Punjabi Indian Citizen. This Punjabi Indian citizen was also a part in affected in that Jalian Valabagh Genocide by General Dyer of British Government . This Punjabi who escaped in that genocide killing approached many people and friends. He wanted to go to Germany and than to France than to Great Britain..How ever that Punjabi got supported an helped by few Nationalist's in availing all formalities to get Passport and Visa .

That Punjabi

Udham Singh - (Proud Indian Nationality decided to punish who killed Indians in Jalain walabagh genocide)

left to Germany and than to France and than to Great Britain . That Punjabi some how arranged to reach General Dyer(Reginald Edward Harry Dyer)
and brutally Killed General Dyer is a well known matter to the world. Than that Punjabi told that Now, he is  Happy to get hanged by British Government.are the last words of that Indian.That Punjabi a great Indian took Revenge of General Dyer.

Rest in my Next Post in continuation of this matters.Thanks for reading this post.