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Sridevi Boodevi sameda Kariyamanika Perumal koil Samprokshanam /Kumbabhi...

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Visited Mecca, 100% Historical Record Proof

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Sridevi Boodevi sameda Kariyamanika Perumal koil Samprokshanam /Kumbabhi...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Recommendation to a job at "The Hindu" from a politician is respected but Official ?

Recommendation to a job at "The Hindu" from a politician is respected but Official ?

yes this is also a miracle and curse to me.Son in-law to Elder brother of my Father in-law is working at The Hindu  over 15 years. He was recommended by Ex- Congress M.P.Vaijayanthi Mala Bali addressed to Mr.N.Ram in those days had High Values.
Maternal Uncle to My Father in-law Visamangalam Srinivasan did Divine Pooja's at The Hindu Office and also performed at The Hindu Residence at alwarpet. He recommended to a person was honored and now His son V.T.Raman is doing Pooja at The Hindu Office and at Residence of the Director.

Now look at my curse. 
My Mother M.N.Jayalakshmi aged 84 years ,and her maternal aunt Mrs.chellammal and her Husband is Uncle (atthimber) to the Founder Mr. Kasthuri Iyyengar. And than their son  Raghavan worked in accounts and few years back retired residing at Trustpuram 6th crosss street,Chennai.
 He recommended My Daughter S.Harrita B.E.Computer Science with IOS application Training profile for a placement at The Hindu. 
The same candidature was represented   by Mr.G.K.Vasan to Mr.N.Ram still waiting for a  reply..
Ex Home secretary Late Malathy recommended my daughter 's profile to media people of The Hindu who   visit her   in those days.I went to The Hindu and met Mr.Ramanujam P.A to.Director to know the fate of my daughter placement ,replied as pending ,yet take decision. 

My Father in-Law Mr.rajagopalan Asst Commissioner in-charge told us that if V.T.Raman makes a request in the residence than they will definitely consider. But I have not done that.
 In fact The Hindu is also working om IOS Applications. so my daughter say let me work in the present employment and She further added that she  strongly believes that  when their is a need The Hindu team will call  her and offer placement .
Let us hope for the Best.  why my intention is to have my daughter at The Hindu" why because it is a very safe Zone in woman employment.

Let us Hope for the Good.

Miracle in my service -God's Verdict when many officials their I am an ordinary employee Handled the situation successfully was a Pride to me!

a Miracle among Many in my service at TVS .Like this many Miracles I can keep on saying. But with this I will stop now and if you are interested I will Post  miracles in my service and in Life in my blogs.

I was working at TVS Sundaram Motors in Poonamalle Branch. Where My work is connected to supply of Spares to work shop requirements connected to Ashok Leyland Vehicles like Trucks,Tippers,Bus, chassis .Hino,Iveco ,ZF and Hydraulic Rams etc.with Multi Brand Break systems and Axle assy,and Wheels.
 Iam very much familiar in all these spares in all Models.

Automotive trader is  a dealer to Ashok leyland at Andhra. This dealer sold one Hino Engine fitted Bus to Srinivasa  Motor services and Bus services.

This is a Bus operated between few villages by a Politician. when this vehicle struck with technical problems this politician could not able to face the people /passengers due to its Non Operation. People got angry on the Bus owner and its operation.
so to repair this Hino Engine Fitted Bus he brought the bus to our work shop . a vehicle has to attended by any dealer in any part of the Country is an agreement in vehicle service class govern.
My Colleagues unknowingly the Unavailability of spares in Ashok Leyland with a anticipation to get large income from that Hino Engine service in a hurry work shop supervisors took the Job immediately.
work shop people in Engine room detected the spares requirements and created the indent for that . Than the same indent submitted to me at Spare Parts ,I analyzed/checked out  the availability of spares at Ashok Leyland on a personal visit. than I returned the indent duly informing about the Unavailability of Spares. 
The owner of that Hino engine is Very Rich and he is ready to make any amount of  payment . Just he want to run that Bus service to serve the people of those villages.But My work shop people replied to that Bus owner about the unavailability of spares after a week. so the Bus owner Mr.Kesava Reddy got angry and annoyed. The situation changed to very very friction and Branch managers could not reply to the Bus Owner. from my end with in a day I have replied to the than works Manager Mr.C.Rangarajan  from the date of indent received.  also I clarified about the availability of the same spares from the Local genuine Dealers. 
One dealer said those spares can be availed from Singapore Market. I informed this details to works manager as well as to my department chief and to my Branch Manager. Spares from Singapore Market will carry very high Price so No authority is ready to take the risk .But when situation turned against Normal than the Branch Manager wrote a Fax to the than Executive Director seeking permission to procure the same parts. 
My Chief and My.E.D. were ratified with Ashok Leyland. This is the problem of Ashok Leyland as a Manufacturer. But the situation at Ashok Leyland has not resulted in favor to the Job concerned. so My Executive Director Faxed in Reply the permission to Purchase the Hino spares by Air from Singapore Market through that Dealer. That dealer is having a business shop at that time in Singapore. so Our dealer arranged the spares by air. By air so price with transportation reflected high in the Invoice ?
we work for our Manufacturer.Dealers,and for our Vehicle Buyers /Fleet Owners.  with the spares availed my work shop finished under the leadership of Foreman Mr.Rajam and Mr.Reddy finished the service in 24 Hours . Job carried over on Day and Night continuously ,the workers involved were stationed at my office itself and they did not turned to their Home for 2 Days. 
Now on Looking at the Bus running ,owner Mr. Kesava Reddy become very very happy and the Violent anger Gone from him , He said and paid the entire expense borne by us. after this Manager's and Foreman were gone along with the Bus Owner Mr.Kesava Reddy to the Hotel room where he was stayed for those days and provided Dinner. Curse is including E.D.of my company not rewarded me for the best work. But at branch level Not Officials but all work shop employees saluted me and praised me for the performance and for cleverly handled and avoided any untoward matters on this Hino Engine issue.
In Ashok Leyland many loves me. when I go ennore even if the chassis Long members not found with Tags bearing part Numbers , I used to find by using the measurement of length between front and last cross members Shackles.
Another Miracle at Dighi in Mumbai in presence of .General Manager Pathe of TELCO TATA Mr. Ratan Tata praised me for the suggestions delivered to vanish the Non Moving stocks in Original Equipments in Dealer Points as well as at Tata Ware Houses. .After I got Praised in TATA I sent /forwarded/posted  the same solutions/ideas  by paid post to Mr.R.Seshasayee  Executive Director and it has been well appreciated reciprocated to me as that they are also working on the same ideas and conveyed their thanks for the interest shown.
I will Publish this Miracle in my Next Posts.Thanks.

State Government authorities were going to be reduced in exercising social welfare schemes?

In a Judgment  supreme court of India said that Aadhar card is not important  .

But Aadhar Card  collects all information's about a Man /woman.  

By issuing Aadhar card to people of India Government of India wishes to eradicate Voter ID Card which do not have any valid check about a person is also looks right?.

Information's say that Aadhar Card is going to stop Ration Card and civil supplies . Instead of supplying Items at Ration shops government likely to pay an amount to Bank account of the Aadhar card holders. I do not think this is a right approach.Because essential commodities in the market are ruling  very High price  and which is not suitable to Common Man?.

State Government authorities were going to be reduced in exercising social welfare schemes is also a news in People Talk.

Election commission is  establishing Voter I D with many mistakes at every time even  when it is submitted for correction ,it is duly issued with other new mistakes  so government plan to  keep Aadhar Card as a Voter I D ,the existing Voter I D were Going to be destroyed is also in People Talk. This is to control Election Commission Powers and controling ID Cards in the hands of Parliament is a people Talk. forgery votes are  impossible is true?.

Supreme Court only can identify the truth in this issue is the Talk prevails in between literates.also they talk that supreme court is full of Educated and Parliament is not so ,and now they remember and recollect  Ex Speaker Mr.Somnath Chaterjee words in parliament saying that rowdies act at Parliament.

In people gathering area people talk that BJP is going to come back to power and it will wind up all these it true?

few say No,No...  Third front will get formed and it will come to Power even with an alliance or support from outside or in from Indira Congress.

Schemes by Congress lead UPA 2 Government will get operated or Not. before UPA2 Government issue Aadhar Cards General Election likely get announced. if announced than any social wl;efare schemes will be stop/Ban by Election Commission by its Rules Framed.

People will be in trouble unless if they vote to a single Party. If vote to a P M Candidate who has No Numbers is still a Mockery or Fun of Our Democracy.




C B I judgment to Fodder scam case is may be wrong in my view/opinion to

C B I judgment to Fodder scam case is may be wrong in my view?

C B I investigated the Fodder scam thoroughly and delivered its judgement . The Judgment say that Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav is to be imprisoned for 5 Years and 25 years fine amount to pay.

I think this is a wrong judgment. When scam is proved than C B I court might have asked Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav M.P. to pay back Rs.35 Crores to the Government treasury at the earliest possible time till than he will be in jail might be a good judgment. also Government might have been advised to cease 35 Crore  in the form of Money and materials . so their by Lalu Prasad Yadav could be relieved from imprisonment. with out Money his Political career will get stop.

for example : I Noticed once in a Bank cashier Unknowingly collected a fake currency of Rs.5oo. this was found in the evening and cashier informing th same to the Branch Manager and Manager said to cashier to pay Rs500 from his packet . that is the penalty for the careless on the Job further he added. 

while an unknown error makes a man to pay back his own Money to the treasury in such a case why not Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav is not asked to pay back the Money . Scam amount informed in the case in media and press is Rs.35Crore. so Judgment can change the Nation and Politics is my strong Opinion.
Press and Media may please investigate the truth in collecting the Money instantly from its staff by Banks is in Practice against the Mistakes.

A Miracle among Many from my end while in Service at TVS

 A Miracle among Many from my end while in Service at TVS Sundaram Motors!

Top secret about Prayers and My Experience ,this you can ratify/check/investigate for truth in this ! this is an example only.

Once I was an employee of TVS Sundaram Motors. I got transferred to work at Poonamalle Branch in Chennai. 
This is a new venue in operation of that time to my company. In particular this cultivation land. so we find Snakes even in to Bin's,  where we regularly work. 

Also to Note because of improper Pooja's to that New Venue Many employee's met with accident's in that a Contract employee /person when he is attending a Ram Fault in a Tipper Lorry suddenly the tipper fall down and his neck is the Tipper Bed space . It is not so easy to life that Tipper why because it is Hydraulic. 

all employees rushed to that  spot including me and some how managed to lifted the tipper Ram and immediately with the help of the Office Manager Mr.Narasimhan and Br.Manager Mr.Ravi chandran he was taken to Sri Ramachandra Medical Mission Hospital Care and admitted for treatment. .

No Government Official from any department intervened in this matter because of the Company values and image and authority in the society is also known to us. The than Branch Manager of that branch was very clever in handling any issues is also known to us. 

keeping all these in my  mind when I visited Shrine parthasarathy Temple at Triplicane Ahobila Mutt 45th Jeer H.H.sri van sadagopa sri Narayana yatheendra Maha Desikan was engaged in Discourse about 14 days stationing in that Holy premises an engaged Dolotsavams. at that time my well known friend Mr.Desikan is also accommodating his holiness in that time done his services.

Also I had seen many times Khwaja in my dream ,so that I used to ask  solutions  on faith to him. He also delivered many . In that he told that to contact 45th Jeer and to make a request to perform Necessary. Necessary means , nothing Major Poojas, it is simple that is Raw rice added (Not Cooked) with Turmeric and Ghee will be sprinkled / spread from the hands of Jeer on all employees at that Poonamalle  Sundaram Motors venue where I was also an employee.

I did not asked the Prior permission of  Mr.Ravichandran - Branch Manager and Mr.Narasimhan - Office Manager of that time . why because I thought for doing good no one will object and that is TVS - an iyyengar company which respects all the Vaishnava Mutt's is also true.

so with the permission of  My Guru from Islam sri Khwaja I approached his holiness 45th Jeer at Triplicane Temple . He also replied ,that this is nothing wrong and we are proceeding tomorrow towards  performing poojas at Thiruvallur  where Shrine Lord Veeraraghavan and Ahobila Mutt branch exists he replied and agreed to drop in for few seconds to sprinkle Mandraakshadai on all places and on employees. This is what a Miracle on that day.
for information TVS Company Sundaram Industries Built the Body at Kochaddai for 2 Van and the Chassis was donated His Excellency and executive Director of Ashok Leyland LTD Mr.R.Seshasayee with the proper paper works with ware House officials at Ennore and  with Mr.j.N.Amrolia and other at Hr at 10 Rajaji salai ,Chennai  and registered with RTO (bearing Numbers 4545,5454) and after completing warranty  Pre Delivery Inspections  those vehicles with key's  were properly handed over to Jeer Mutt Personals. at that time I had a luck to work at that jobs of that vehicle also from working at spare parts department of Poonamalle Branch.. 

Here I wish  to mention about a dealer of that Branch. I used to say him about the dreams of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. he used reply that I born in Islam i did not had any such experience ,though you are a iyyengar you got luck to see such a holy person of Islam in your dreams and talk.Further he requested me that not to reveal about this dream to any one ,keep it confidential in your mind and heart which will be best to people. and to you ,further he added. I also Agreed that words of that TVS Dealer Late T D Rahim .

Actually as per the information I approached His Holiness 45th Jeer is only known to me .
The next day when I entered in  my Job with a wrong trust/faith  in the Office manager and Branch Manager that they will not disagree on the arrival of Jeer at that Branch . so by after a confirmation call from persons of Jeer Mutt I turned to Office manager Mr.Narasimhan,and he is happy but he said you did a mistake you would have told about these arrangements to Branch Manager Mr.M.V.Ravi chandran and should have obtained prior permission. here I shocked and started Crying and tears from my eyes as non stop. My fear is how to say to Jeer Mutt that Not to visits to TVS sundaram motors and please forgive and proceed to your work at Thiruvallr.In fact Branch manager was affectionate to me. he used to talk on many religious matters.He was surprised in watching me while performing Ayutha Pooja of that Branch in a perfect manner. so I did had not had a chance to think about prior permission from that branch manager.

But it is quite unfortunate ,Mr.Branch Manager denied to allow /permit Jeer or his Holy vehicled /vans with Salagramam and vighraga  moorthies in to the company while working hours. also he said that we have few employees from christian community and few from Islam community and few from other communities. if i permit this performance of Jeer today at this company branch than tomorrow few will ask me permission to chant Holy Bible and few will say to kill few animals like hen or chicken or goat at this fence as a solution from them for to stop the untoward incidents happening at the company till date ,he further added.
immediately I called the attention of T D Rahim Bhai - dealer of TVS to know what to do? I humbly requested him  to make a call to Jeer Mutt personal with the Phone number I provided to avoid the stop at my Branch at Poonamalle. 

after this I turned to my work ,in course of that I turned to Engine Room and discussing with Foreman Mr.Rajan about a engine parts order.
after one hour at engine Room Office manager and Branch Manager were rushing to see me and talked to me. It was shocking . yes! they were telling that we were unknowingly denied your request and  now we realize our mistake why because ,Both the Van's 4545,5454  in front of Two gates stopped on Break Down (axle cut ) and we were stunned ,so please rush with us to the in and out Gate. while walking towards gate entry Branch Manager was asking me in presence of Office Manager ,are you a Sufi?are you a Tantra performer? or are you a manthravathi?I Just smiled and conveyed my sincere thanks to that dealer and My Khwaja.

 so immediately all arrangements with Temple Umbrella's and about 15 silver pots of Milk and Rice,turmeric powder and Ghee were arranged by few employees like seerar srinivasan team. Rahim Bhai arranged to help in fetching Milk. 
Than jeer his holiness Sri van sadagopa sri Narayana Yathendra Mahadesikan was stalled his silver chair in the cabin of the Branch Manager Mr.M.V.Ravichandran . before that Branch Manger was rushing out his staff.s to pull out his office equipments completely to vacate the room for Jeer is also true.

salagramam's and Moorthies were stationed in that Room. Akshadai prepared and chanted by me with the Goshti of  45th Jeer.a christian who is incharge of acid wash department was standing in first to recieve the sprinkling from jeer the next was an Islam mechanic from arakonam working at this work shop was standing to receive the blessings with sprinkle of akshadai than all employees including teh Branch Manager. This is also another  Miracle.
Above all Branch Manager of that Branch who never show any interest in keeping Photo's or images of any lord with his room or table. But immediately after he bow before Jeer and got blessed he was requesting to offer a Photo of that jeer or swamy of that vehicles. His Holiness 45th Jeer was also offered a photo to him which was immediately framed by the same manager and did regular to keep flower to that Lord Lakshmi Narasimha swamy image with Goddess Lakshmi and maintained/upgraded /improvised/started  his faith in God. 
How ever he is highly qualified ,after this, growth to the branch manager was extremely Good. he got promoted as General Manager and than director at HR Department are all to be remembered by him. 

but I have been deceive by the Company. I left the Job and struggled .but on a Interview for sales department ,being a HR Chief Authority he en routed me once again to Vice President Mr.Mani saying that we last an asset but now it is in our door so if interested please join him in your department to have high results.  he believed that except me No one achieved that much of High results in a short time on cash and carry Business in North India in Mumbai ,in fact any branches belongs to Impal or Madras Auto Service or TVS and sons. Once again I was asked to take a chance at North India. My daughters were grown so i denied to accept and again I shown interest in vehicle sales in that time. Because of income in the right track i was interested. 
I could have given a pressure to Management By Mr.Sharad Vijaya Raghavan as Executive director. But I did not. Because he know me well at Mumbai and pune  Performance. at that time he as a Regional General Manager caring Breaks India Ware House situated opposite to Asiad Games Grounds. I met Him twice at That ware House and regional office and was well appreciated by his colleague Mr.Gorgonker who took me to the Regional office by his car flaged with Congress Flag which I remember even today. I did not asked him to take me to Regional General Manager  but he was fascinated on my Performance which made him to took me to Regional General Manager Mr.Sharad Vijaya Raghavan of that time.
 i say that curse played a vital role in my life.
Also a recommendation letter to Mr.Sharad Vijaya Raghavan   From Mr.Dinesh obtained for me by Mr.Shanmugam _General Manager -Ashok Leyland Spare Parts department. I have submitted this recommendation letter to the perusal of Mr.Sharad Vijaya Raghavan and personal submission of the same letter by shanmugam to Mr.Sharad Vijaya Raghavan. . But no response is a painful matter. This I have not told to Mr.Ravi Chandran  G.M.-HR..All in life due to good  time and Luck. Mr.Mani Vice President failed to remember that he personally approached me to set a branch for Impal near by to my branch at Navi Mumbai,in turn I did all arrangements and support and help in successful installation of that Branch. In Fact my chief clearly told/instructed  to me that not to involve in branch arrangement work right from place finding ,But after my office hours I did my service because it is also a unit of TVS.
I can not say that TVS Sundaram Motors deny recommendation's.  for example when i was in service one Mr.G.Rama Krishnan expatriate/immigrant from Sri Lanka was Recommended by a letter by  the than A.I.A.D.M.K. Propaganda Leader Selvi J.Jayalalithaa  , considering the values of Humanity .actually she gave recommendation letter one to Ashok Leyland and another to TVS Sundaram Motors. In Both offices he had Interview and selected . than he selected to work at Sundaram Motors since his mobility will not allow him to go to Ennore every day - the reason he said. In sundaram Motors he was the Parts Officer . He was well versed in Mechanical engineering but he is Zero in spare Parts and Number logic ,sales,ware house operation concepts. But after a short period he gained knowledge and worked as a commander in our department.
all right this is an example to confirm that Sundaram Motors responds to recommendations. But Curse played in my life.  

I under stood in my life that we live with Human but could not with Humane/Mankind.

one of My Uncle sadagopan was living next to Vice Chairman Mr.Santhanam at Race Course Bungalow in Madurai, and he know all in TVS ,he also said that he is ready to talk to TVS People to find a placement to me. But I rejected it . Also to Mr.Badri G.M. TVS Logistics was at eldams road to whom , a recommendation letter from Mr.Dinesh was submitted by General Manger Ashok Leyland  not reciprocated/responded. I have been called to Madurai TVS and sons and had a Interview but not replied.
In fact when I was working as Deputy Manager in ACT India at Alwarpet H M Car spares  and car sales Division of Sical  , many days respectful Mr.Narayanan - a person for TVS Development's used to see me while he was going for walking  blessed me.

 Though I am a sincere and Honest employee of TVS I did not had Regards even for  my service.

The above detailed Miracle is one among many . I will write yet another Miracle happened in my Next Post  while I was in service at the same TVS Sundaram Motors Poonamallee Branch.

I do not use my Links with Holiness for my personal development's is a Truth.You can ratify/clarify the above written matters.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

may please find the truthfulness in this matter and do the needful and may please hand it over to Islam Community

I have told about Huge Treasure in the Humayun Court Building in Underground.
Many thinks that this is a matter to destroy our Historical Buildings/religious buildings . No it is certainly Not. In case if you have any thought like that please eradicate or erase from your mind.Please, you may not believe my words, But this can be confirmed/ensure  from few Hazrats in Ajmeer Dharga and Hazarat's  across the states to Ajmeer regularly on every year ,provided ,If they are true follower of Gharib Nawaz than they would have seen this in their Dreams, also they will also speak the same truth . truly, I am in a clear mind and sure ,This is not to disturb any one feeling/religion. This is a matter about Huge Treasure in a Building belongs to Mughal Rulers. Already over 9 years in the name of Renovation some thing might be Going on is also a Doubt to me.
My wish is , may please find the truthfulness in this matter and do the needful and may please hand it over to Islam Community , at least , let us see that community in a flourished status (Zero level Poverty status  in Islam   across the world wide )in India and in abroad. thanks.

I just delivered the Message which I Got in my Dream Due to my Sincere Prayers to Khwaja Moinudeen chishtiyul qadri   sleeping at Ajmeer in India and Hazarat Mehboobe Subuhani Shah Abdul qadir Jilani kadda sallallaahu (Rah)sleeping at Baghdad - A shrine to me and to all on the earth is a Truth which can not be denied by any one. By Birth I am an Iyenngar . But my interest in Islamic prayers(also in Grantha of Sikhs pray ,Holy Bible of Jesus , 4 Veda's of Hindu religion and Epics)  made me to reach their divine heart and soul. so that they were pleased and gave Darshan to me on many Thursday night and early morning of Friday's. It is needless to say this to all. by told this I may loose the opportunity to see them in my Dream is also a immediate possibility. How ever I told this to the benefit/knowledge  of Islam or any living Mughal Ruler's legal heirs if live at Middle east countries or United Arab Emirates. Thanks. Please Note I am not going to write on this here after or again and I am not expecting any Name / fame or wealth from this is my firm status.

People in the level of sufi's in Jews can confirm this truth

Please do not or you must not think that this is the matter to Destroy any Historical Buildings ( I am also an Indian Patriot and Loves all architectures and Historical by all rulers ruled India over centuries, also to Note over many centuries by many religious based Government,s tried their level best to convert to their Religion,and it is still on process in freedom India also, But frustrated and last their interest is the truth why because Hinduism is a strong blend of Ethics which the Human society on Globe Knows well  is my strong belief. thanks) constructed by Mughal Rulers in India. I am the true follower of Gharib Nawaz. I like to make an Humble appeal to Union Government of India , May please permit UAE Countries or their representative /Divine group/Firm to come to India to Take out this Wealth and it must be allowed to take it to their Middle East Countries. Is it possible. why because Middle east countries / United Arab Emirates  to bring few Hazrat's to this Divine place and with the proper prayers reciting they will confirm this Huge Treasure/Huge Doulat is my message to all. I strongly recommend this. I strongly believe that they will approve this through their Prayers done at that Building spot.
If they denied the truthfulness in this  message than you can say my  above message to the world is false.

j.k.sundararajan daughter performing in radha kalyanam dance at ayodhya ...

Tirumala - Top Secret Chanting to Wake up Lord - j.k.sundararajan

Mangalam to Tirumala Balaji j.k.sundararajan

Manalam to Tirumala Balaji j.k.sundararajan




Top secret prayer tO WAKE UP lORD - Tirumala - j.k.sundararajan

Friday, October 18, 2013

Top secret way to surrender to GOD on daily Morning

Andavan Ashramam and All andavan swamigal , Parakala mutt all swamigal a...


Bill Gates and j.k.sundararajan - How can we see God? Is God is a concept are True? Read the post for details!!

God is Omnipotent,Omnipresent,and Supreme. And God Has No shape why because God is Universal and mixed/blend in all we see and feel and Talk. 
In Human Life all are predated.

Any science or technology can not separate Five elements which is united in Universe. You could separated atom but you can not divide five element's.You can take this as a challenge. for complete details on this may please call me and get enrichment of your  knowledge. 

God is every where and in every thing. 

Lord Jesus,Lord Allahu,Lord Vishnu,Lord Shiva Lord Parasakthi,Kali or in any other form we pray are only deities and they were designed and installed by we people to have a disciplined Society , nothing more than that. why Morals given so important? otherwise we people will be in the stage of /in the version of Animals.You could have seen many brutal killings on this earth, all those are by people who do not know Morals and they are savages. Our Mission is through religions established on earth by Man is to maintain Morals in our Human Life. 
Today we pray to any type of Deities are not God is to be understood first. Your soul is a unit of God. 
when two mix you see one more and not two.It is called a s sex.
Generation of a new from a male and Female organs union is at your hand but the soul enters in that New is not known to you ,similarly you can not see when your soul leaving your Perishable body.  with that perishable .decomposable body we all dancing towards sex and think soul to soul attachment is a need. 
their you can see Godliness ./ Holiness.

with Love J.K.Sundararajan,, Thanks.

In Case if you need any more vision and mission on this Topic with details and examples in a stage or Television network  May call my attention and I am available. If the media like Reuters or BBC and ABC ,, or any other others may please call it  will be well appreciated for provided an opportunity for enhanced enlightenment to people. Thanks once again. with love J.K.Sundararajan - BLOGGERWORLD - AT, .

getpaid atLink: Building in which in Under Ground (may be Mughal R...

getpaid atLink: Building in which in Under Ground (may be Mughal R...: in connection to this I have added complete Photo's of Pandaripuram ashram, parakalamadam, Jeer Mutt, Andavar Mutt Ashram ,Maduramdaga...

getpaid atLink: My Slideshow Vaishnava Mutts from its begining

getpaid atLink: My Slideshow Vaishnava Mutts from its begining

getpaid atLink: Love All

getpaid atLink: Love All

Love All

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My Slideshow Vaishnava Mutts from its begining

LinkedIn for Students: Your Career Starts Here

Building in which in Under Ground (may be Mughal Rulers/emperors /Mughal Kings earned in/from India) Huge Treasure available!

in connection to this I have added complete Photo's of Pandaripuram ashram, parakalamadam, Jeer Mutt, Andavar Mutt Ashram ,Maduramdagam Kodanda ramar and uthsavar sri Karunagaran  at my You Tube in slide show  please visit my page in  enjoy watching all shrines and get blessed. You "R" Blessed with Love J.K.

also Today I have published a place where a Huge quantity of Gold and diamonds This could Ten times of Treasury than the treasury found in Sri Anatha Padmanaba Swamy Temple at Kerala, This Huge Treasure is Located in Delhi. Already I wanted to post this truth ion my blogs BLOGGERWORLD AND getpaidatlink. bit it was delayed since i was looking for the permission of my Guru Gharib Nawaz also known as Kwhajha Moinnudeen Chistiyul quadri  of Ajmeer.  I used to get many times on Thursday Night and Friday early morning that is between 1.30 Am to 3.30 in my dream His Holiness Gharib Nawaz used to come in my dream and used to tell  few says. in that this is also one. you may believe this that is in my visit to Gharib Nawaz Dharga  when I do my Prayers I used hear sayings from the His Holiness Gharib Nawaz. True to my heart I got this blessing for many times in the month of May on Ursu or Sandana Kudu Utsavam at Ajmeer.

Thanks. read the post to know about the Treasure in Del;hi  , Here I have published Photo of the Place also.
This is the Building in which in Under Ground (may be Mughal Rulers/emperors /Mughal Kings earned in/from  India)  Huge Treasure:

is witnessed in My Dream .already renovation is on for the last 9 (nine) years , so through many religious influenced persons like me with Auwliyas /Hazarat, sufi's / Jin's  might have delivered the same news in secret and by that gradually the treasure might started going out from this Dharga/court with the renovation of last 9 years is also a possibility.

This message is coming and strikes in my dream for more than seven Times. any Islamic scholars if they recite few Ayat's and written the same in a paper an tie it in a Cock leg or any bird leg it will fly and sit on that place in this building . This treasure is guarded by Black cobra 's is as per my Dream. Thanks.

love j.k.sundararajan

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Aishwarya Rai promotes

Aishwarya Rai promotes

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has lent her name to the cause of stem cell preservation by Life Cell, a biotechnology company.
The whole process of banking a baby's stem cell has been made a lot cheaper by the company and Aishwarya urges family and friends to gift it to expecting parents.
"Families and friends can come together to make this gift possible in a parent's life. We traditionally buy so many things for expecting parents," the 39-year-old said at the launch of the initiative.
"So family and friends can come together to pursue this possibility in expectant parents lives and make that the perfect gift for the child coming into this life," she added.
Aishwarya revealed that even she and husband Abhishek opted for stem cell banking when their daughter Aaradhya was born.

Click on, to see exclusive snaps from the event!

Modi a P.M. Candidate born from Independent India

Modi a P.M. Candidate born from Independent India . Modi born after Independence so he is the first Indian who is going to contest as Prime Minister Candidate in a General Election.

above all Modi Candidature  is a sign for a principle increasing State Authority  at center or United front from states at Lok Sabha and autonomous Rule in a State in India . This is a right move in Democracy in India

B J P is arranging to have allied with D M K in Tamil Nadu. so that 2G probe and report by Mr.Chakko is now analyzed in different manner than the last General Election. 
Parliament committee earlier announced D M K minister has corruptive and now the same report say that Prime Minister do not have any link in this corruption is seems to be ridiculous.
How a Minister can do such major corruption with out the permission of Prime Minister? thanks.

Gold Lamborghini Aventador is the world's most expensive model car -Bollywood celebrates Durga Puja what about Kollywood ?

Durga Puja, one of the biggest festivals in India, will be celebrated from October 10 to 14.
According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga, accompanied by her four children - Ganesh, Kartik, Lakshmi and Saraswati - descends to earth every year to visit her parents. This is the occasion that the Puja celebrates.
Durga, it is believed, stays for five days to eradicate evil from earth before returning to her husband, Lord Shiva, at Kailash on Dashami (10th day).

Mr.KapilDev is a Master Blaster in Indian Cricket

Sachin  Tendulkar - retire from Cricket is a Right decision and a opening to witness many more Sachin!

Sachin Tendulkar a good Indian Cricketer and generated Many records using many opportunities. He must be thankful for this to the audience in Cricket.

Now he is a richest in India  and Now he is a M.P. in Rajya sabha .

Now he announced his retirement and he is going to contest in the Upcoming Election and he will become M.P. also he will be Minister for Sports in the Next Lok Sabha is also True.

Off course Sunil Gawaskar, Kirmani,Farook emgineer Gundappa Viswanath Brijesh Patel,Jadeja and Mr.Kapildev and few were generated Values to Indian Cricket. 

on all these Mr.Kapildev who brought light on Indian Sports by bringing win on World Cup 1983. 

Actually Mr.KapilDev is a Master Blaster in Indian Cricket.

Off course Sachin Did not took risk in his entire course of Career is also true . He did not shown any interest to be a Captain of Indian Team. Why because Sachin do not have courage to lead a team , he may be a good cricketer  but he is an incapable Leader with very low leadership qualities is cannot be denied by Sports man /woman in this world

If Sachin continue than other many Young cricketer's with Sports spirit can not be seen in Light and many more achievement's will be last by India is also true

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

getpaid atLink: BBC World Have Your Say - Humble request to United...

getpaid atLink: BBC World Have Your Say - Humble request to United...: BBC World Have Your Say Shared publicly  -  8:59 AM   The US Congress has failed to agree a budget and a partial federal govern...

getpaid atLink: Rahul Gandhi is 100% right on this Ordinance!

getpaid atLink: Rahul Gandhi is 100% right on this Ordinance!: Rahul Gandhi is 100% right on this Ordinance! . As per the Judiciary not to allow any person to contest in any election if he/she is with...

Mahatma Gandhi - A Legacy of Peace

NAME:  Mahatma Gandhi
OCCUPATION: Anti-War Activist
BIRTH DATE: October 02, 1869
DEATH DATE: January 30, 1948
EDUCATION:  Samaldas College at Bhavnagar, Gujarat, University College London
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Porbandar, Kathiawar, India
PLACE OF DEATH:  New Delhi, India
Full Name:  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
AKA:  Mahatma Gandhi
AKA:  Mohandas Gandhi
AKA:  Gandhi

Let us pray for a Minute and Salute to Mahatma Gandhiji as respect to  Father of Our Nation.

 Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a political opponent of Mahatma Gandhi

In office
 15 August 1947 – 15 December 1950
Prime Minister    Jawaharlal Nehru
Preceded by    Position established
Succeeded by    Morarji Desai
Minister of Home Affairs
In office

 15 August 1947 – 15 December 1950.
Made of that soil from which Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Mahatma Gandhi were forged: Narendra Modi.

Rahul Gandhi is 100% right on this Ordinance!

Rahul Gandhi is 100% right on this Ordinance!.

As per the Judiciary not to allow any person to contest in any election if he/she is with a verdict declaring he/she as criminal.
This is right.

Now allied in UPA2 were opposing this withdrawal why because most of them are on Cases in supreme court

But to exhibit the genuineness of Rahul Gandhi and Congress the stand taken by Rahul Gandhi is 100% Right.This is an added value to his political party.


BBC World Have Your Say - Humble request to United States President Mr.Obama - Shutdown begins: Stalemate forces first U.S. government closure in 17 years - World to Washington: Seriously?

BBC World Have Your Say

Shared publicly  -  8:59 AM
The US Congress has failed to agree a budget and a partial federal government shut down has begun. What does the shutdown say about the American political system?

This is the first partial shut down in 17 years and over 700,000 federal employees face unpaid leave with no guarantee of back pay once the........  

World to Washington: Seriously?

 Kevin Sullivan 

Global observers find the self-inflicted U.S. shutdown baffling and fear its effects on global economic recovery

Thanks.with Love J K.