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Sydney Fireworks New Years Eve 2012 from Balmain:


Wish you all A happy New Year 2012.

Zodiac signs and predictions continued......

Hi friends Zodiac signs and predictions continued at http;// please visit this iste to know other Zodiac /rasi and stars.

How is 2012 for Zodiac VIRGO Bornin the world?

Hi , How is 2012 for Zodiac KANNI /Virgo Bornin the world? stars uthiram 2,3,4, Hastam,Chitirai1,2,:

Read this forecast ;

General improvements in all your walks of your life can be seen after June 2012. Year 2012 beginning will be with the same statusco. You will have unwanted Travelswhich may cause ill health/uneasy.Your family member can be expected to fall in ill. Your nervous system may disturb you for some time. after June 2012 your income will get doubledif you are doing real estate and other self employed business. 

Domestic difficulties to owmen are expected. If you are a social worker than your image may get affected. Your image will get spoiled. You may not expect a better results or favouring results in all examinations you appear.
This year will be an unsatisfactory year. you may invest in real estate. Your Promotion in your Job or in office will get  delayed. Your Performance will  be less than you expect in2012.
one orother worriescan be seen in continuation.


How is 2012 for LEO Born in the world?

Hi this is about How is 2012 for LEO Born in the world? yes this is a forecast for Magam,Pooram,Uthram stars:

All Your Dreams will come True. 

You will emerge as a happiest Person on all matters and on your desire.

Agreat opportunity before May is expected. Use this opportunity. You would have eliminated  your Bad Gatherings. Now you will be clean and good to others in all views. You will change to your own Business which will florish well. You are going have a glorious year 2012. 
You will have the best advice from wise persons. You like that. That will guard you . You are going to sparkle in your acts. The results  and commitments will say you the Developments on this 2012.situations are good. You will do the necessary changes will get you higher benefits.
 You will get marry in this year before May 2012. 
You would have got seperated from some of your Bad Friends but their is a possibility to get reunited by June 2012. But You should not do this mistake is an advice. If that happens your all Glorious moments in your life on this year 2012 will not take place.You will get High Profits on your business. you can expect your promotions. your  family will be Joyful on many functions . You will get influenced by a family member which will get you Bad results and Loss or danger to your Life. 

Not to believe your family members fully.

real estate business will get huge revenue after July 2012. You will buy Gold/Diamond Jewels thatmay be for your marriages or for your daughter/son.

You will get an offer to go abroad for best promotions in your life.You will tour and travel to few countries.

Romance is in the year . Your Health will be good. few will recover from diseases.Few may revert to diseases after august 2012 if running Dasa is not Good.

mental stres will be their for uthram star .Best relief in all matters will be witnessed from July.


How is 2012 for CANCER Born in the World?

Hi this is about How is 2012 for CANCER Born in the World? Yes! forecast for Punarvasu 4th Poosam and Ayilyum :

You are promoted to the Top. This is the Great development in Life. Many born in this Zodiac sign will get marry with out fail.
You will get ambition fulfilled. Financial flow will be very good from many directions and from many matters on this year.
Many Good things will happen in this year 2012.
after your profit in your busines/job will be doubled.
Heavy work load will be their. so tress can found in many. 

Few may met with accident and Lower part of the Body may get affected ,may be legs or from hip/appendix  to foot. you will buy Vehicles like Car/Motor cycle,etc. and you will buy properties like Flats or Individual Houses . You will get scholarships. Your success is on the way in your competitions. Grey shade things are Lucky for you in 2012.You will be happy with your relations on many times through out the year.

In love you will be successful and you will get Marry.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

getpaid atLink: Arun Jaitley

getpaid atLink: Arun Jaitley: Hi this is about Lok pal bill Today at Parliament and Mr.arunjaitley .Today Arun jaitley and Mrs.sushma swaraj lashed the weakness in L...

Arun Jaitley

Hi this is about Lok pal bill Today at Parliament and  Mr.arunjaitley .Today Arun jaitley and Mrs.sushma swaraj  lashed the weakness in Lokpal bill passed by Mr.manMohan shingh Team as U.P.A. . 

Arun Jaitley has to confirm that Members of U.P.A. that they all ,as Member of Parliament Today because of people voted and their by elected them, and they all not from heaven, People in U.P.A.must remember they are a part in people. This must be emphaiszed by people like Arun jaitley and others. While begging for votes people say that they are interested to serve to people and Nation but after elected they forget this completely and say ,Government can not hear every voice from the society. It means Democracy has No Value. This feeling in the mind and thought of people in U.P.A. must get change. Their is no Possibility,so People again going to teach them by not casting their votes in favor of I N C and its supporters/allied in the forth coming elections for state assemblies this include Uttar Pradesh. 

In the Name of Government few enjoy the wealth of this nation using the office as M.P./M.L.A./M.L.C.

In this M.L.C. is not at all required to administration. This M.L.C. category must be removed in administration of India. This is an unwanted expense in People Money and Grains and in others

In all government authorities These M.L.C. categorized people enter and try to make money by abusing power. Politicians to think how to end this? / dissolve.

Present Politician's must start to think when they are all going to start to work for people welfare and Nation welfare.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

what will be 2012 for China?

Hi this is about what will be 2012 for China? planets are favoring China. in 2012. so Financial position and economy of this country will go up steadily.

Business will will do good. Government welfare schemes will not work properly / will not favor people and this will create confusions in the country administration.

Political parties will not have cordial relations. unrest in politics of china can be expected. Huge Death from fire and dangers are can be expected. Government  or a leader will get honored by all nations at the same time Government will face huge Human loss in calamities which is unavoidable.

Education and insurance business will get spoiled. February 2012 to June 2012 Country ,Government of China,Politicians and peoplemust be very careful in all walks of life. This is the Danger time t this country. 


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Prime minister - must not come to Tamilnadu says Popular politicians

This is about Prime minister - must not come to Tamilnadu says Popular politicians ! Today 25.12.2011 to 26.12.2011  Prime Minister of India plan to attend fewfunctions at Individual Industrialists owned organisation . But to show it as  Governemnt Program Prime Minister landing at Governor Bunglow and attending a supportine functive which is to justify the visit.

Due Mullai periyar issue , blocking Devotees to sabarimalai sastha , and press and media releases messages says , close assosiates attending   on a Master plan to Disturb the Life of the Chief Minister of Tamil nadu was found in the recent days by the chief Minister were all Disturbed the life of People at Tamil nadu. so People do not Like Prime Minister Mr.Man Mohan singh. Also to Note people were not interested in Man Mohan singh why because , corruptions in his Government. 

This Prime Minister is not doing any favor to care Tamil nadu people is also to be noted. we people of India suspect Sonia in the fatal death of Rajiv Gandhi.  Already people suspected Jawaharlal Nehru in teh Death of Ferozkhan Death - (Indira priyadarshini Husband), People suspected Indira in the Death of Sanjay gandhi, than now people suspect Sonia in the death of Rajiv Gandhi.

So Politicians at Tamil nadu wants to protest against Prime Minister against his Visit scheduled and on his visits ,Possibility of any untoward incident, because yesterday suddenly Sonia said That Indira Congress will win against all partie in the five state assembly elections. This is a Big Joke of this Year2011.People started smiling at sonia on this Joke in a ridiculous way in 2012..


election Date and result forecast available

Hi friends for your convinience and easy the results for the forth coming election for state Assembly in Five states predicted Individually. May please read the posts offering the results about this elections to take place and be hapy on accurate predictions. Thanks.

Only Fun is yesterday Sonia said that Indira Congress will win in all five states and prove that Anna Hazare Policies are not suitable to India. This is a fun also it is a comment from a Despot in Democracy.

Please Note that Indira Congress lead by Sonia will face utter failure and  this elections elections results will show the end of Indira Congress/ Nehru Dynasty rule/ or an utter failure towards the dream of sonia to converting India a Christian Country.


getpaid atLink: Merry Christmas

getpaid atLink: Merry Christmas:   Wishing You All A Merry Christmas 2011. when we start Love even water is sweet. so Let us love all Let Live in Love. Thanks J K.

getpaid atLink: science

getpaid atLink: science

Merry Christmas

 Wishing You All A Merry Christmas 2011.
when we start Love even water is sweet. so Let us love all Let Live in Love. Thanks J K.

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Frequent blood donation every three to six months, is good for heart.


This is the latest information letting you know, The pregnant lady.

The pregnant lady is advised a series of blood and urine tests, both routine and patient specific.with scentific advancements in the last decade, blood tests and ultrasonic markers have been made available to detects like Down's syndrome and Trisomy 18  and 13. Though these relatively expensive tests increase the financial burden on the couple, records show 90% viability of such tests.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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foreign exchange Free

Hi this is a flash news about foreign exchange Free,yes, this is true. Few Travel operating organizations in the world gives you free foreign exchange.You just call the travel operators and say your proposals about travel destinations, and forget it. these Travel operators will come back to you with all ticket and travel arrangements and accommodations and food and other things for your joy for a pleasant travel.You will be issued with out any additional charges travel operators gives you foreign  exchange for your easy use in all your destination to make you feel your a pleasant travel.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

getpaid atLink: Parliament will have final word on Lokpal: Advani

getpaid atLink: Parliament will have final word on Lokpal: Advani: Shri L K Advani is currently the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, and the Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Part...

Parliament will have final word on Lokpal: Advani

Shri L K Advani is currently the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, and the Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP),on Sunday made it clear that though Team Anna has a right to voice its differences on various aspects of Lokpal Bill,

Anna hazare team drafted Jan Lokpal bill is not at all going to be passed by parliament , it means it is a parliament failure. Prime Minister has no faith on people.  parliamentarians are elected by people is the common way in Democracy , but Present Priminister was Nominated by Sonia an Italian women in India as a chair person of U P A and well approved and accepted by the 87 years old eldest politician Mr.Karunanidhi also is a shock to the world.

Since Priminister nominated by a Political Party President ,so he last faith in people. He is the first  Prime Minister of India who had no faith in people on his second term as Prime Minister

For example few days back also he stated that Kudangulam project is an invest of 14000 crores and it can not be dropped by government,so he do not want to care on people life. As a people representative he must listen and must be willing person to listen personally the problem of People in Tamil nadu. But he is not showing green signal on this step. 

Now Economy is also going towards down rating. Indian Rupee per Dollar is increasing every day it means He is not favoring Indian economy in the recent programes.

Nowthe only solution to justice to Democracy is He may call his parliament to go for a vote of Confidence.or The parliament can be advised to dissolve to Presidential office.

is it True?j.jayalalithaa sent out sasikala and members from basic membership of the Party?

Hi this is the latest developments in the political history of A.I.A.D.M.K. Governed by party supremo selvi.j.jayalalithaa is a surprise and shocking news to people in India.

This is ridiculous. But already their was a rumor saying that J.Jayalalithaa name getting spoiled by Sasikala and her relatives and her followers.  Now the truth in this has to be fairly analyzed. we can not say this as the truth. Not to jump on any judgment.

Press and media were highlighted this as a very big issue which is not at all going to cause anything to nation or people of Tamil Nadu or India.

All right let me say my opinion on this matter: the Name of  Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu People from cinema /Film Industry ruling Tamil Nadu from 1967. This includes Mr.Vijayakanth an actor . Now we are going to watch the celebrations of 2012. Already  for 44 years Mr.Anna Durai,Mr.Karunanidhi ,M.G.R alias Marudur Gopalan Ramachandran, V.N.Janaki Ramachandran,J.Jayalalithaa,were shared ruling Tamilnadu. so the time has come to decide   to put an end to an opportunity to another person from film Industry is a must to people of Tamil Nadu

Does the politicians from film Industry  brought any development to people at Tamil Nadu ?,No,
It has brought extraordinary wealth and assets to Mr.Karunanidhi,Mr.M.G.R,Mrs.Janaki Ramachandran . Yes! we know the wealth of Mr.Karunanidhi,if his assets including sun TV not separated by brilliant auditors in different separations than Mr.Karunanidhi would have been the World Richest. Luckily he have legal heirs. If Mr.Karunanidhi like the declaration as the richest of this world than that is the second his party D.M.K. will get closed so that all separated asset accounts. 

M.G.R. Had all assets on Binami so that we can able to see many sudden richest operating engineering colleges,Medical Hospitals and other Industries in Tamilnadu .after the death of M.G.R. many become richest they know well that the money belongs to M.G.R. In Black money list from swiss Bank possibility of in that. As chief Minister M.G.R. earned one Rupee as salary. But on the date of his death the assets of M.G.R declared by his lawyer ,published in  a magazine telling that he had assets covering Fish Market at Alandur -Chennai to 256 fishing stream Boats at west Bengal , a total worth of assets is about 336 Lakhs. No one can deny this.

In fact many persons from cinema  to Politics of Tamil Nadu were glittering in Public Money than their earnings at cinema is the Truth.   no one can deny this also.

Coming J.Jayalalithaa earned little in film Industry.But J.Jayalalithaa had assets already given to her by Her Mother is the Truth. This is also a Truth. Now a case is also on her but if the justice come in favor to her than calling J.Jayalalithaa ascertained huge assets from political career will be ruled out. Than She may be in the Non corruptive politician list next Mr.Man Mohan singh.Let us wait for the result to come. But Mr.Manmohan singh Team of colleagues and allied political parties were Totally Corruptive is a sad News Known to this world. what to do? God is Good but the actions of God were become lessons. 

Let me come to the present matter .throwing out Mrs Sasikala and Mr.Natarajan and 12 others  from A.I.A.D.M.K. party ,even from the basic party membership  may not be true. if true than A.I.A.D.M.K. has the responsibility to give knowledge to people on what reasons these people were thrown out from party has become a subsequent result and responsibility.
Also These people may be asked to start a New Political party to end D.M.K. A.I.A.D.M.K.Supremo may not be interested to develop Vijayakanth may be a reason to ask these people to start a New political party in tamil Nadu. Any thing can happen in this world. 

Now I like to remember Mahabharata . yes ! in Mahabharata Dronachariar ,Kula Guru throwing out Karna from the warriors enlisted to contest in the Mahabharata war. Karna was clashing with Drona and says that I will not fight in the war till Drona chariar in the war. After Dronachariar fell down in war Karna attends war in favor of Duriyodhanan. But at this occasion Drona calls the attention of Karna with extraordinary artillery capabilities  and says I know your extraordinary capacity so that I have dislocated from the warrior list , than only at last you only can be available source to save Duriyodhanan in war is the secret of  that action kept you away from the war. At this situation Karna knowing the values of elders and diplomacy and cry.

similarly  Selvi J.Jayalalithaa may thrown out these people to keep them as a available resource for future plans in politics. why I think like this ? why because , Mrs.Sasikala  was respected more than a sister by Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa is a well known fact.

I look for press and media may please think in this way also and write articles on this issue to knowledge people


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Blog Rank

Blog Rank

Blog Rank

This blog had page rank 3  and than 2  and now 1. Good going. Thanks.

I will try to get once again three with my good entries and good books with

Is it possible. No it is not Possible.while I write the Truth about Politicians and their scandals and corruptions Government and rulers and Politicians creates huge pressure on Social Networks like Google .com so Page Rank may not get increase.This is the cheap politics in India. Trust and believe this truth. what about U.S.,U.K. ,Europe and in Other countries. Oh I am sorry You may not be intersted to write about this at your countries than it may affect your blog Rank. No Thanks.


George W Bush is better Than Barack Obama!

This is the latest talk in People of this world . Yesterday I returned from mile east countries. the people say that George w bush is far bettre than Barack obama.

George w Bush attacked and did frankly. but in the America Obama killed Bin Laden and many more cunningly or secretly.

It means Pentagon is very weak as on date  ?

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getpaid atLink: art: This is the latest information letting you know, Art - Exhibition. Austrian master's biggest Asian exhibition from January to May 15 cla...

getpaid atLink: art

getpaid atLink: art: This is the latest information letting you know, Art - Exhibition. Austrian master's biggest Asian exhibition from January to May 15 cla...


This is the latest information letting you know, Art - Exhibition. Austrian master's biggest Asian exhibition from January to May 15 claims to be Asia's first and largest collection solely dedicated to Austrian Art Nouveau Painter.
The beautiful oil paintings are beyond imagination in its attraction and in natural art .Klimt a member of the Vienna Secession movement produced brilliant paintings and drawings, concentrating mainly on the female form. Please make a visit and buy the paintings and enjoy the style of art.


  This is the latest information letting you know, Moon Lanterns .Wish Lanterns glow in the dusk as residents of Yeongwol, Gangwon, make their way across a stream Saturday to mark the first full moon of the Lunar New Year. Koreans traditionally light lanterns build bonfires or swing canisters of burning coals on the first full moon for good Fortune.

British rule is for Better than Rulers in Indian Government!

British rule is for Better than Rulers in Indian Government!

British rule is for Better than Rulers in Indian Government!

Hi this is about British rule is for Better than Rulers in Indian Government!

yes! this is true. Now this is the present feel in all Indians except politicians in India. 

People talk in city and villages say that  we need to pray as all Indians as together to request God to Disturb all Politicians of India and Oh God May Please bring back British Government in India. 

In the name of developments Politicians are doing huge corruption.

In the Name of respect and Moral all politicians from opposition and ruling parties in India are cooperative in looting the country. 

In the name of Cooperation between Politicians they seed all principles to divide People in India as a whole.


google page rank

google page rank

google page rank

This is about Google Page rank. Google page Rank is a vital part to a blog to get advertisers or sponsors help and support in approval of the same to get offers.

In my experience even with page rank My blog could not get any offer from any advertisers is a surprise and a shock to me. Look at my luck. To me Luck is also from Devil,it seems.



60 YEARS of  INDEPENDENCE WELL UTILIZED FOR CORRUPTIONS? yes! in India today the situation  is U.P.A. Government Top's in Corruption charges.

in Many meeting many Prime Ministers told that they will take all actions to provide light to all Villages. But in reality many parts of Metro cities and its surrounding areas are in Dark in Night because no Light provided. India is popular for its Farmers. Farmers are living at Villages. but many Villages do not have current Facility ,and partly having lights to few houses and No street Lights. This is an example. 

In BBC I read that a message say that Unemployment is increasing. For example if teh Government wanted provide Light to Villages than on this matter itself you can find many million employment opportunities. But Politicians think if they provide the needs to people than people do not have demands and needs,also People will become knowledge ,which will make a full stop to major portion of Politicians ,who are from Rowdies segment.

Now ,Indians started talking why our forefathers got freedom from British?. also they add ,if we are under British Government than we would have reached many heights in all spheres of life,and we last the chance because of freedom. 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

getpaid atLink: Best Gift to Merrychristmas

getpaid atLink: Best Gift to Merrychristmas: Hello to My Dear People and my beloved fellow friends and my Relatives: As we near the end of the year, I wanted to take a moment to t...

Best Gift to Merrychristmas

Hello to My Dear People and my beloved fellow friends and my Relatives:
As we near the end of the year, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Love and trust you've shared with Me in 2011.
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Nuclear Plant By Russia at Kudangulam! Why?

supporters to Congress at U.P.A may with drawn their support?

supporters to Congress at U.P.A may with drawn their support?

game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi

game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi

supporters to Congress at U.P.A may with drawn their support?

supporters to Congress at U.P.A may with drawn their support?

getpaid atLink: cricket

getpaid atLink: cricket: Hi this is about cricket Match today , Today  match will end in Draw . Please wait and watch this result. Thanks.


Hi this is about cricket Match today ,Today  match will end in Draw. Please wait and watch this result.

supporters to Congress at U.P.A may with drawn their support?

Hi this is about The time Has come to END U P A Government?

Political Parties support U P A not have Hands in all scandals?

Now the time has come to end the U P A Government ,due to Krishna in corruption and other leaders of Congress party in Corruption and scandal ,now certainly D.M.K. and Trinamool Congress and others will with draw their support to Congress .. because they are not connected in all scandals ,and supporting parties do not allow their party to get Bad Name because of the present Government
The time has come to END the U P A Government at Last.

  the supporters to Congress at U.P.A now will with draw their support immediately otherwise  People will certainly can assume that the remaining news about others involvement  in administration. 

This is the First time in the History of India Major Number of Ministers in Congress Government secured bad name on Corruptions and scandals in India.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi

game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi

game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi

game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi

Indane,HP,BPCL,and others - no proper supply to people booked additional Gas cylinders over decades!

Indane,HP,BPCL,and others - no proper supply to people booked additional Gas cylinders over decades!

getpaid atLink: Indane,HP,BPCL,and others - no proper supply to pe...

getpaid atLink: Indane,HP,BPCL,and others - no proper supply to pe...: Hi this is about   Indane,HP,BPCL,and others - no proper supply to people booked additional Gas cylinders over decades!  Because these ratio...

Indane,HP,BPCL,and others - no proper supply to people booked additional Gas cylinders over decades!

Hi this is about  Indane,HP,BPCL,and others - no proper supply to people booked additional Gas cylinders over decades!  Because these ration cards show additional cylinder connection State Government is not effecting the supply of Kerosine is to be Noted by state Government's . In this connection State Government's have more responsibility to discuss with Union Government and Oil and gas supplying/selling companies in the country to bring a proper solution to this problem.

People know these additional Gas cylinders are supplied by all the Gas supplying Companies to the Distributor/Dealer Points. But these companies /Agencies sell these Gas cylinders comfortably to all Tea shops in the state.

My Solutions to this problem:

1. Cylinder sold to commercial purpose must have seperate identity may be in  size and capacity to be standardized. 

2. Gas Cylinders may be made available in 10Kg and 19 kg sizes and may effect the supply of 19 kg to Normal connections and as a supplement 10 kg  small gas cylinders to Additional Gas connections Paid /deposited  /recorded in ration cards may be a good solution.

Let us Hope Union Government and State Government's and Gas selling Oil Companies may get in a right discussion in a conference to decide this people welfare provision against Money paid from people for that. So this is a paid service ,also get includes Public welfare and Living.


game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi

Hi this is a people at Tamil Nadu requesting Tamil Nadu  - Hike on electricity charges at Tamil Nadu may please to reduce?

 Huge  hike on electricity consumption is a big burden to Tamil Nadu people is well Known to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. But this price Hike was done with the advices from joint secretaries is totally wrong. This is Damaging the Name and fame of chief Minister.

But this hike is done to please Prime Minister of India ,and by this hike charges people  to suffer and to realize and to create a artificial pressure between people,by that they must turn themselves opposing the protesters who protest at Kudangulam demanding closure of Nuclear plant is a Master Plan . The split will bring an end to the support to Protesters at Kudangulam is the prime Idea. By this Prime Minister will be pleased is alsoan idea. But this is a wrong thought. 

Please Note: Due to Lunar eclipse on 10th December 2011 Huge Number of Human lives due to water and water resources matters is definite. Vegetables , oil, Gold, Honey price will get increase. 
Unrest in the countries is definite. The countries which all going to face Huge loss of Human lives are France, India, Italy, Austria, Europe , and North America. All oceans will have huge waves and loss due to that can be expected.

Many Middle east countries will get in to the sea/immerse in to the Ocean is going to be witnessed by this world in near short future.  Please watch my prediction and find yourself the truth ness in the
Planet Powers on us.

so at this juncture , it is needless to support Programs of Prime Minister by Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu .Already D.M.K. is supporting the Anti - People  Government  is enough.In India Individual prestige and image is not at all required , only people welfare and safety must be an ultimate to Government.  so on this secretaries has to give importance and may please advise accordingly.

You can not avoid the damage of Mullai Periyar Dam , Because it was planned and decided by Congress Party of India. The leader who took all responsibility for this game in action to kill many Human lives is by Mr.Oman Chandi. All these for to loot the treasure at Ananda Padmanaba swamy Temple at Tiruvandram is well known to people. This  is  also we are going to witness,so now measures to safeguard Tamil Nadu people is a must . Temporarily send  all People from Kerala in Chennai and Tamil Nadu to Kerala.Particularly People who were relatives to Politicians Today at Kerala resides in Chennai in large Number, in many places they even post posters of their political matters of their state. Government know about these people,these people related to Kerala Politicians must be sent out immediately from chennai and Tamil Nadu is a must as safety measure.


Monday, December 5, 2011

getpaid atLink: do not watch Doordarshan Regional telecast on NEWS...

getpaid atLink: do not watch Doordarshan Regional telecast on NEWS...: Hi this is about Please do not watch Doordarshan Regional telecast on NEWS? Yes! Please watch the News in Hindi  than it followed by News...

do not watch Doordarshan Regional telecast on NEWS?

Hi this is about Please do not watch Doordarshan Regional telecast on NEWS?

Yes! Please watch the News in Hindi  than it followed by News in English delivering the sam news about national and abroad. 

But if you keep open two televisions to watch the News at Doordarshan National and Doordarshan regional, for example Phodigai  , for example watch the news at 8.45 P M to 9 PM  and at the same time at News at Doordarshan Phodhigai . The news in Phodigai is not covering all told in News in DD National , It filters all important and inserts all matters about regional only. So People who do not know English and Hindi and they are familiar with regional languages ,were loosing the chance to watch the Right happenings in India and Abroad. I feel this may be an exploitation arrangement by Government of India. 

In Press and Media we find many channels are partial and Backing one or other Political parties and not revealing the Truth , so People watch DD News at Phodhigai, But, DD not revealing the News fully to reach  people of India,here this may be a game or arrangement with Politicians /or set up to exploit People  or may be to keep people away from right Knowledges of Happennings in the country as a whole.

This attitude of  Door darshan to change for this Government of India has to Shuffle the Directors is a need of this time.

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sexual volunteers WikiLeaks ?

sexual volunteers WikiLeaks ?

Hillary Clinton Surrendered Pakistan!

Hillary Clinton Surrendered Pakistan!

sexual volunteers WikiLeaks ?

Hi this is Hot News at this time from reuters ,say that sexual volunteers WikiLeaks ? used.

Message at Rush your visit to for complete story Swedish authorities want to question Assange over accusations of rape and sexual assault made by two female former WikiLeaks volunteers.
 Possibilities of sexual Volunteers by Wikileaks is not at all Possible. This is to collapse this Team of people who work against corruption and sexual mis use and mis use of offices by Government official's across the world . Countries supporting United States were creating all Bad names and actions for that is continues. In India also Wikileaks proposal to release the List of Names of Black Money Holders at Swiss Bank Account created an endager to the Good Name of Wikileaks.
so this world rulers will not allow people to live or work for against Scandals and corruptions and other mis deals. 
Now it is the Duty of People of this world to get together united as a union / forum to support Wikileaks. 

All right I like to say one more information to be remembered , that is Mr.Bill Clinton Husband to Hillary Clinton found to be Misbehaved and had sexual relation ship with his P.A. in his office was proved at court , than what is the verdict? why This world stopped digg that news,It is because of Fear from U.S.


Hillary Clinton Surrendered Pakistan!

This is a post about Hillary Clinton Surrendered Pakistan! Now with a fear from Pakistan attack U S dashing back to surrender to Pakistan. Pakistan government given orders to its Military to fight with out waiting for any more order. Pakistan army can dash with NATO and kill them is an order yesterday. Today Hillary Clinton surrenders to Pakistan.what a Magic.
Their is a rumor that Iran planned to Use Pakistan to disturb Christmas and New Year at United States of America. Possibility of major Damages at U.S.

So that Hillary Clinton surrendered today. what a shame to United states of America ,being a part of N A T O.

Friday, December 2, 2011






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This is the latest information letting you know, Home care.   care of a malaria patient inside the mosquito net. Strictly maintain hygiene. A normal diet can be given. Plenty of fluids need to be given to the patient. Elders and babies and children were to keep away from a affected person. If the patient becomes unresponsive, delirious or comatose, immediately rush to the hospital with good intensive care facility. Understanding this government is also maintaining huge no of mobile ambulance with all these facilities. All rulers are taking care of people's health.  There is no doubt about it. Live safe is my concern.

Help - AddThis Client API - AddThis

Help - AddThis Client API - AddThis

Thursday, December 1, 2011

AddThis - Service Details - Link Ninja

AddThis - Service Details - Link Ninja

getpaid atLink: Retail market by Politicians of India as Foreigner...

getpaid atLink: Retail market by Politicians of India as Foreigner...: Hi this is about Retail market by Politicians of India as Foreigner's . Yes!  Why Mohan singh is so vibrant on Foreign investmen...

Retail market by Politicians of India as Foreigner's

Hi this is about Retail market by Politicians of India as Foreigner's . Yes! 

Why Mohan singh is so vibrant on Foreign investment in retail market in India. ?

He is also a Indian in India. He say that International countries will mistake in this matter if this Bill is not passed? No no ,if the bill is not passed than the Government headed by U P A Chair person and Mr.Man Mohan singh  were loose their respects and Value. It is not at all a Matter. People must not suffer in India is must be Prime to Indians. 
Today Prime Minister sent a letter to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and Ms.Mamtha Banerji requesting support to pass this retail market Bill in Parliament.

This  bill is not at all a necessary one to India now

In Many Retail Market shops 51% share by a foreigner will also get arranged by politicians today in India is bright Possibility.

In this bill about 49% share will be allocated to all Parties by allocating their share in the shops

All Ready retail / super Market's collapsed the retail business people and their business is well known to Indians. Now Political Parties if approves this bill than their share in the shops ( How Many shops to different political parties) will develop the politicians economy certainly not the Indian economy.

People of India must raise   voice collectively as a Nation wide protest against this Bill. People must be supported by Police and C B I and Judiciary why because they are also part of People . 

Now the time has come to People of India to Throw out Congress/U P A from India by all possible Non Violence Methods. 


INDIA FOR SALE! Are You Interested to Buy ? rush to contact P.M.Office / U P A Chair person?

Hi this is about INDIA FOR SALE! Yes!Are You Interested to Buy ? rush to contact P.M.Office / U P A Chair person? 
are you interested in buy and sell?
Are you a Broker /consultant/agent/tout/liaison?.
Are you Really a Rich Man from a Foreign country?
Are you interested in Land acquisition at low cost in India?.

Already Politicians in India acquisitioned  the Lands belongs to Temples Chennai to Kashmir

Are you interested in  purchasing Temple Land acquisition?

Already Union Government and state Government offices through out India permitted these acquisition of Lands belongs to Temple to many Binami persons of Political parties through forgery Documents.  All Government offices connected to Land ,revenue,corporation or Panchayat Board offices are cleverly converting the Temple Lands  ownership on others Names.Many legal cases pending on this issue in Courts

To Add strength to this Now Government of India by U.P.A. Invites People from all countries and Retail  Markets to start retail Market in India with 51% share. Remaining 49% can be availed from Politicians of all parties or Binami of them

The Present Prime Minister and U P A Chair person are much interested to sell India to any interested people from foreign country to have one more scandal added to the account of the Present Government.
 People in India would have been  called for a Nation wide Very Big Revolution  by this time by Politicians like L.K.Advani if they are really interested in Country welfare.
Politicians of India likely to get settle at Italy and Sri Lanka. A Political leader of India is in Love with a Girl belongs to Sri Lanka.

U.P.A. Do not believe U.K. or London is a surprise
  How is this?     People also suspect that B.J.P in the name of cooperation ,may have a understanding with U.P.A.?

Press and  Media in India and in abroad  have fear from the U P A Government, so you can not expect a legitimate investigation and opposition on these matters  from them . 

People like L.K.Advani were also last faith in Democracy it seems? INDIA is On SALE! India is going to become as another Libya or Egypt?

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi this is about 999Dam a picture revealing the blast of Mullai Periyar Film.

This is an unwanted film,yes!  Now Government has to analyse on what date this film was opened with Pooja and other celebrations with whom presided the function at what place are all to be collected. 

Congress Government by Mr.Oman Chandi is at Kerala Now. Union Government is with Congress.Prior to this government D.M.K.Government was at Tamil Nadu. 

why any action has been taken against this film in the beginning itself. Otherwise Congress by forcing people with such film with sensational developments like Dam Burst due to over load and in connection to that in flood claims huge Human lives in tamil Nadu .

Why sensor board allowed certification to this film? Mrs Ambika soni is also a member of sensor board control. since the minister wanted to show sincerity to congress leadership ,the film might have got certified?

so This is a cunning act of Congress once again ?

electricity price increase in Tamil Nadu?

Hi to friends and viewers and followers here is a message about electricity price increase in Tamil Nadu?

This increase has not to be implemented now at Tamil Nadu. after increasing Electricity charges  Government may not be in a position to bring Normalcy in Electricity/current supply .

Electricity Board may please keep its budgeted figures to increase price. 

Let the Price increase may effect after the current supply resumes to Normalcy to all Business and Home in Tamil Nadu is a right decision. 

Tamil Nadu Government may please delay this price increase for some more time is right.


shard Pawar

Hi this is about an attack on Sharad Power - Minister in Union Government today. Mr.Hirweendir singh slapped him  is the flash news. I believe that this would have been his own arrangement ,keeping the next election in nearness. 

People in India know that Mr.Sharad  Pawar is a minister from Maharashtra and he himself a Dangerous person. Even people in Maharashtra use to talk that he might have involved in Bomb blasts through Dawood Ibrahim or he may in an association with Dawood Ibrahim is the doubt still prevails in People min in India. 

so let us see how this attack investigation takes place. 


Mr.singh say this!

getpaid atLink: why Nehru the "surname" had no respect and value a...: Hi friends and followers and Viewers here is a message about   Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Politics, S. Asia History , Sex, UK Empire . I read thi...

getpaid atLink: why Nehru the "surname" had no respect and value a...

getpaid atLink: why Nehru the "surname" had no respect and value a...: Hi friends and followers and Viewers here is a message about   Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Politics, S. Asia History , Sex, UK Empire . I read thi...

why Nehru the "surname" had no respect and value after the death of Jawaharlal Nahru?

Hi friends and followers and Viewers here is a message about   Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Politics, S. Asia History, Sex, UK Empire. I read this post Indira priyadarshini  was a Islam person why because she married Feroz Khan.
She was in love with him so she married him with his name change as Hindu.

Than Rajiv  married Sonia a Christian Girl from Italy a country very near to Rome. She is a Christian.In India she just like that added Gandhi name with out converting in to Hindu religion. Political leaders and others were also not insisted for this change till date. She must be given Pressure on this matter is people talk in India.

Any How Nehru Dynasty is a family with a combination of Hindu ,Islam and Christian. More over Indira's Yoga instructor and silent lover Dhirendra-Brahmachari tells a story that Hinduism is mixed in Nehru dynasty.

Here I would like to establish one thing that is Islam wants to make India a s Islamic country ,is an attempt through Indira Priya darshini and than through Rajiv by sonia in Love Christianity want to establish India as a Christian country. Nehru was the first Prime Minister. Indira priya darshini Preceded by Charan Singh
Succeeded by Rajiv Gandhi. Here Indians has to look and Think deeply on this master Plan of Nehru? How dare this Family Members maintained their Rule on Indians is a pathetic matter. People of India must Look forward to suspend This family from Indian Politics,why because we
Indians did not sold India to Nehru dynasty. This is a change in India is a must , I believe. Indian in India must feel shame and coward on these continuing proceedings.

Above all after Sonia involvement in India you could have found lot of missionaries do propaganda work for Christian religion cast conversion promotional programs for many hours against Huge payments to all Television network in India. In Dhubai or in any Gulf Country you will not be allowed,In Rome or in any christian country you will no be allowed Than how In India this is allowed? why?   Is Bal Thackery /Lal Krishna Advani are sleeping with sleeping dose?

On this even may be Fraudulant Hindu religious leaders Like Bal Thackery orLal Krishna Advani  or Vajpayee or any R S S movement did not shown any step to Boycott these programmes on television network. why? Press and media are interested in promoting Christianity because they get HugeFunds from Missionaries Trusts. This is the truth.

Here I would to confirm that No one at any number of attempts can not convert India from Hindu religion to any Other religion. It isa ruthless attempt by all.


 Zail Singh 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

getpaid atLink: Bahrain

getpaid atLink: Bahrain: Hi this is about Bahrain. This is a country which is going to have problems and unrest and protest in big way in one or two days. This is th...


Hi this is about Bahrain. This is a country which is going to have problems and unrest and protest in big way in one or two days. This is the going to join in the revolutionary countries.

Behrain people will make the war finished in few hours. Yes!. This is a well planned. 

exisiting Government will go away from administration is my prediction.

the Economist

the Economist

the Economist

Hi this is about why Germany is wrong about the euro? Turkey president joining hands with U.K. to tackle syria. In Syria lot of human lives are Last. keeping quite.
Germany is doing well in Euro? so read this storyat this site

In egypt,syria,and in other few countries ,fro, the existing protest and problems we are loosing Islam brotherhoods.

same time we find National Unity in all these countries is raising vigorously.

Is D.M.K. is with full of fools?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rajdeep Sardesai N' Nira Radia Nexus

Rajdeep Sardesai N' Nira Radia Nexus



SC asks PM to explain silence on Raja. .wmv

SC asks PM to explain silence on Raja. .wmv

How politicians like Barack Obama,Royal Kingdom U.K., to live on this world?join here with in this dangerous plot!

Hi this is about How politicians like Barack Obama to live on this world?


 Read carefully the following ,we are going to handle a secret matter to change all these people over night to come  forward to help us. 

Chanakya was the mentor of King Chandra Gupta,But he was living in a small  cottage like me.

when once a visitor went to meet Chanakya,the latter was engaged in state affairs and doing it under thelight of a big candle.

On seeing the visitor, he put off the candle with him and lighted a new candle. the visitor who was surprised,asked Chanakya as to what was the need for putting off an existing Candle and to light a fresh one?.

Chanakyasaid that the candle he was using belonged to the state and was then working on something which related to state affairs. Now that he had to meet a private visitor he had no right to use the Government candle for his personal dealings and so he had to put it off. 

Note: this Logic and theme does not apply to Nehru Family members and the present ruling government in India.

Top Three Web Hosting ?

Hi this is about web hosting. This is like a spider,which increases your connections on web instantly and stable.

a spider brings out through its mouth the fine web string from its inside and , having moved in that web for some time,retrieves it and puts it in to its stomach again. 
In the same way, the supreme  plays by creating the entire universe through his maya and destroying it in due course at the end .

So nothing is real.

Tamil Nadu secretariat Building structural Re Designing

Hi this is about    Tamil Nadu secretariat Building  structural  Re Designing .

This is a request to Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa - chief Minister of Tamil Nadu , to do Structural re designing of  Tamil Nadu secretariat New Building Anna Salai. This is essential and it will be accepted by all in the world.

Yes! The present structural design of the New secretariat Building plans to have Valluvar Kottam chariot at the Top , But This is not Right. Tamil Nadu Government Symbol is Gopuram/Temple, Hence The Top of the New secretariat Building Top Must be restructured in design with a Gopuram Tower instead of the present idea to have the Valluvar kottam chariot

even this building given to Hospital operation, with the present idea given to present Government at Tamil Nadu would be well appreciated by all in the world with Logic.

Thanks -  Tamil Nadu Government may consider this valuable  idea.This is a special request from People of Tamil Nadu.

Excusive offers

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so Please rush to buy Shirts and T-shirts and Pants from Branded companies at Free for your purchases . enjoy this Mega offer. Christmas offers started in the Market.

New Year Tree sale,Christmas Tree sale started with special discounts.


Win 100 Gold coins contest join for free!

Hi this is about Win 100 Gold coins contest join for free!

Yes! Tommorrow in the cricket test Match between India and West Indies  Sachin will make 100 runs. for that he will be awarded 100 Gold Coins at Free.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

When their is a problem Keep Yourself away?

Hi this is about an interesting story on When their is a problem Keep yourself away? Yes!
This is a clever way to tackle a problem is one among the best solutions from our forefathers/ elders.

Now this is well observed and most with many politicians than with people. 
For example a clever and Famous Politician want to have his office and his Party Rule in the country, so he keeps himself  always away from the country on many Valid reasons like Conferences / Meet.
Now you would have understood about whom I mention here.
Tamil Nadu Government has written many letters in this regard is the information available from pres and media. ?
Tamil Nadu People May start a War to Bring Back Kachha Thiivu Island back to Indian Territory and it will be a Great Danger to Sri Lanka which may become Unavoidable?
But in the meet He representing Union Government met with Sri Lankan President at Maldives recently, also informed that in the talk , sri Lankan navy must not attack on Indian Fisherman is a part of it. But after this meet in actual Fisherman were disturbed was utterly dangerous. It means Union Government of India must have informed srilankan Government to Punish Fisherman in all manners to make them realize the Power of the Government. This is May be other way to make fisherman surrender to coordinate to Run the Kudangulam Nuclear Plant. If this is the real reason behind the fisherman attack in India while fishing near Kachha thiivu (Island) than Union Government of India must be dissolved is the People view. Also Fisher man may be expected to become ferocious and may kill Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa must give values to Fisherman Lives, He may be strong and stiff and Fearful to Srilankan people But He should not try exercise Power even on any indirect means is not permissible and Punishable.
On This matter International Communities like U.N.O has to initiate because Union Government is very busy with Inter National affairs and Union Government of India I now doing the work of U.N.O. This is ridiculous.

music in secret for your Love Success

Hi watch and listen this music for your life extension.

You will have your Love success ,listen this music.:

solution for 2G spectrum case to Mr.Man Mohan singh:

Prime Minister with an approval from President of India has to order to Cancel all 2G spectrum Connection issued with immediate effect. Government of India Can return the Money paid by  all present  Holding Connections  on 2G contract. By returning this Money  Congress Government By Man Mohan singh will come our Bad name and Problems.


SC asks PM to explain silence on Raja. .wmv

Friday, November 18, 2011

Idea to Selvi J.Jayalalithaa

This is about an Idea to Selvi  J.Jayalalithaa .People of India and people in India were clear ,further to have a clear decision to vote a political Party may please translate using Google transliterate facility ,get printed the matter of this video speech and issue the Hand bills to people in five states where Elections are on the way. This is a   sensible Talk by Mr.C.N.Anna Durai and Rajaji  . Start A.I.A.D.M.K. in all these states now.Try this Good opportunity for the welfare of People in India by A.I.A.D.M.K.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

aavin Milk and Electricity

Hi few days back Union Government reduced petrol Price about Rupees 2/=. But Today State Government increased Electricity charges. Union Government to secure good Name with an useless reduction on Petrol Price.People will suffer from State Government increase price on electricity  charges. But this may be to make the People mind to favor Kudangulam Plant Nuclear plant operation ,also may be a support to support Union Government on this issue. State Government started caring People with a rapid speed but at this point of time the price increases will disturb People and economy. In future the involvement of finance and may be a corruption deal in that will also an expected in the present corruption's  of Union Government.It can not be a surprise also,No one is asking to reveal the Budget and investment and other agreement details to give to the knowledge of people,because this is from people Money.

aavin Milk to  increase Price  was a long Pending issue and it match with other brands ,so people may accept this increase

In aavin Milk Tamilnadu Government may issue machines to prepare receipt like P T C conductor Do. This will enable the Amount credited immediately in to the Bank account  concerned . Milk cards can also be like Debit cards instead of Paper cards. people can be allowed to recharge their requirements at the specified points. 

On this May State Government of Tamil Nadu can arrange accordingly at aavin to recharge at recharge points to the level of required to increase the sales of aavin Milk and its Turn Over. 

In the Last Government administration in aavin their was duplicate cards was a strong rumor in people of  Chennai talk is to me remembered at this time.

Now a request to Tamil Nadu Government,may please reduce the price   from the increased a permissible  amount, Please do no allow ant protest for this,any unrest is an unwanted disturbance to Government Operations.Because Opposition parties and Rowdies/Dada's may be looking for an opportunity. do Not offer  an opportunity. If offered than this Government at Tamil Nadu is once again try to revamp D.M.K. - a dead political Party on date.

aavin Can Do Wonders along with the  Government support and help  by all Means.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

getpaid atLink: evergreenvideos

getpaid atLink: evergreenvideos: Enjoy this ever green Video. Here I like to mention one important Note.  Now you are all informed about Thirukural - 1330 messages i...

A Legend Actor from tamil

K.B.Sundarambal as Auvvaiyar with Lord Muruga evergreenvideos

Enjoy this ever green Video.

Here I like to mention one important Note. 

Now you are all informed about Thirukural - 1330 messages in one and half line scripts by Thiruvalluvar would have been missed by this world. 

Thiruvalluvar Compiled this Thirukural. He is a Buddhist saint lived at Mylapore in Chennai. He is not a Tamil scholar. He compiled this excellent wonders and submitted at Madurai Tamil sangam was at Madurai at that time for Approval as a Tamil Literature.

Madurai Tamil Sangam   Rejected totally and neglected    listening Thiruvalluvar in all the three times. In that situation,

Auvvaiyar a Popular Tamil Poet and Divine Women saint met Thiruvalluvar at Mylapore. Now you are viewing that Auvvaiyar a bit of her divinity through this video. There are so many like this about her.

She was looking at crying Thiruvalluvar and immediately listen the reason for the feeling in him. Than Auvvaiyar asked Thiruvalluvar to come along with her with the Thirukural he compiled to Madurai Tamil sangam. In those days   no Transport facilities like today, they reached Madurai by walk.
After reaching Tamil Sangam at Madurai, Auvvaiyar called the attention of all their and asked them to accept and approve Thirukural, on the High values of the messages and literature and the way in which it was presented. But Tamil Sangam rejected this appeal from Auvvaiyar, immediately she Got angry and by a poem called the divine Power and Thrown the Thirukural to the Pond Their. As soon she finishes her poem, Thirukural floated at the Top over a Golden Lotus Flower. So you all must know that because of the sincere effort of Auvvaiyar now we have Thirukural proudly at our hands.

The Last Government by Mr.Dr.Kalignar Karunanidhi Governed Tamil Nadu had a very Big Tamil Forum at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, where Platinum material is available in plenty in ten feet below the soil.

I sent a request to have a Gallery and a chair car for Auvvaiyar also in that Tamil forum. But not at all considered by the Government is a pain to me. Atleast the Present Government by selvi. J.Jayalalithaa - Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu  will start Respect Auvvaiyar and may please give priority to this Tamil Divine women Poet along with Buddhist Compiler Thiruvalluvar.

I wrote on this same matter at my blogs on many occasions.   I represented this matter to press and Media also. No One is respecting my words.

Government by Dr.J.Jayalalithaa may please initiate on this matter to respect our Tamil Literature and literates. This will be a guide line to all in future Tamil nadu administration. Auvvaiyar is a great symbol to Tamil Culture and Tamil literature.