Sunday, February 28, 2010

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The Glad news is has started its own blog- paypal blog , in which it publishes all its  events and informations to enable you all in fianancial transactions.  I raed this blog it is quite interesting and informative. 

I have named this blog of mine as  is to create a awareness to all people in the world about Paypal services.Paypalblog is a new innovation in this internet world to financial market.

In India paypal  will resume operations in full swing from 3.3.2010. This is  avery good news to all bloggers. so get started to do your tranactions. for Information e bay is the sister concern of so you can do your all purchases at e bay .in through paypal payments.

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Thank you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toplevel Managers and computer

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here is a post on Toplevel Managers and computer.

Top level managers establish vision and long term goals of the organization. Since they determine general direction of the company, they need interaction with the outside environment. The decisions of top level managers require judgement,intiation and experience. the use of computers help to retrieve information from a database that facilitate the application of decision models.

thank you. Please provide Laptops with wireless broadbrand to toplevel managers to get you high results.

Thak you  for reading this post in full. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

strength increasing - both sex

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Here is a post about strength increasing - both sex. Strength is the will power and it is the real secret of success.

None can deny the fact that we want success whatever may be our profession or vocation and the way to achieve success is through the strengthening of willpower. 

There are people who are born with some inherent gifts and talents. for example Mr.Billgates,Mr.Eric and his team ,Mr. Barack Obama and others.

Even when we know that something is going to help us we are unable to carry it out because we do not have the necessary tenacity. We are unable to avoid harmful things because our inborn tendencies prevent us from desisting.

Even some virtuous people may lack this one important quality that is will power.

Thank you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free air condition

Hi my dear readers,viewers,followers and broad casting friends Hope to have your well being at all times. My intention here at this blog is to provide informations at this new post to save money for a secured business. Your benefit is my aim that is known you.

You have car in different models at your use. also you are telling yesterday when we had discussion on mobile that you are going to buy few new car has arrived in the market. since summer going tostart in a short period many sellers of many brands offering car aircondition price as discount in their special offer announcements. click this deal because Aircondition is most important in a car now a days. having consideration to the summer heat growing every year These same car sellers will not offer you this Air condition price as discount in their price slash. so rush to enjoy the benefit. This will be in operation for a short period because to enhance their sales in numbers closing at the year end on 31.03.2010. This will definitely boost their volume in any brand is an experience. I strongly believe that you will not miss this Air conditioner price off offer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alcohol - cocktail party

Hi to my dear friends, followers, viewers, google users and broad casting friends Thank you for waiting to read this new post is about Alcohol - cocktail party.Just because it’s now whiskey season, you don’t have to stop making cocktails.

I know that, you are joining in few cocktail parties in each month.  This is because of your best performances your company hosting the party as a token of appreciation. Now it is a gift available to you from a valuable herbal preparation called Party smart. This is in a pack costing Rs. 50/= only. Each dose cost you Rs.10 only. 

When Alcohol is consumed, Party smart protects the liver and prevents alcohol related hangovers by speeding up the elimination of acetaldehyde.

I know that we pray to lord that in our next birth we want toBorn To Be British.

It’s OK. You can hum “God Save The Queen” to yourself while sipping this cocktail. We won’t tell anyone. This is the beautiful line I read while visiting  cocktails. this line itself has given be some level of kick even before shipping this whisky.

Party smart has been clinically tested. This is a gift to people interested to consume liquor. This is a special care from Herbal Science.

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I suggest liquor sellers can sell this along with liquor as a care to their customers health.Let me hope that they have a tie up with this company.

Be happy at all times.

Monday, February 8, 2010

solve your financial needs

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Your financial need to buy a car, House plans to come true, and for your business you can get in to this site to get your needs in easy and simple methods. I like to see you with your new car, I believe and say do not worry while Yahoo finance is here.

Toyota is a very big car company committed to excellent quality in providing their any variant . Their market at U S and europe is very strong. now strengthenning at Asia. Americans 5 out of ten who own Toyota like to buy the second one in Toyota brand. this is the real success in customer loyalty to Toyota. so i believe that you will proceed to buy your Toyota.

Tata vehicles are very popular for its style and Models and updated technology and Price. It is surprising in this present century Tata group of companies started selling Nano a small car in it' s kind at a very Low and unimmaginable Price. Shortly this car is going to run in all Us and European roads. Very Good demand via bookings and orders to TATA for this car is the Greatness of TATA Group products. weldone. You can have this small car for your convinience operations in metro to cut short your time in walking or other modules to reaching any destinations in busy  metro cities. I know you are tempted to ask me a question that ,Do you have Nano?. I have an idea and it is a my dream car. You KNOW very well that Iam in a position to arrange my daughters marriage. So my dream may not come true. Only if gifted or got this car in any contest I can have Nano, even it is at an affordable price.  Good luck. enjoy automobile have Nano.Enjoy driving in city Have Nano. Now the world is following "small family and a small car" -Nano.

Yahoo Travel

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You should know that you can enjoy the pleasures of life even under the sea. Under the sea many Lodges were available. Look in to a image here , how a Girl enjoy her life in a bed in a under sea Lodge. Film Industry can make use of this Lodges in your films to make the Celebrities part of your movie to be a best one.  You will feel that you are allowed to enjoy your life with nature.

i wrote this post after read this lines atPopular Stories on Yahoo -"Gliding on the water's surface like an aero plane on a runway, one of the three pilots will operate the joystick to smoothly dive down."

SCUBA tanks are mounted in the submarine and passengers must wear masks while underwater, is also a message. You like to enjoy thrilling immediately Iwrote this post to inform you to get in to action. 

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

New photo effect by


Hi to my dear readers and followers and friends at this blog, please accept my thanks with a warm welcome. In this new post Happy to see you all. Here is a new post about New photo effect by Here you can get green screen photography software to learn funny photo editing online easily. This is to help you to add values to the Valentines Day. You can send romantic photos to your friends and partners. This green screen software technology will help you to treat your clients or family to a fun photo session. We are accepting and going along with all changes of this world. So I believe it is the best time to go with this fun time photo creation. You can impress your children, partners and friends to enjoy picture effects. This site added a video capability with the GreenScreen Zipper. You need to get started with this software by suing this best opportunity comes to your door via Internet is Valentine's Internet Special. It is at an affordable price. Free Demo’s of Green Screen Wizard Evaluation Versions is available. You always obey my words and using the links at all posts.   Now this post is also having the links .click here at fun with photos and save your benefits.

Americans were exploited

Hi my dear readers and followers here is news that is very very important. U S government plan to move all business ventures to Philippines from all countries (including India.) B PO outsourcing is expected to get reduced. So this is a danger to economy. 

World countries have to start to work for common money. On date all countries have sound knowledge and usage of U S dollars. I believe U S dollars can be called as common money in transaction in the world. This is the best way to control the Gold price. When Gold price is controlled automatically market situation will come to normal. Price of normal essential commodities will come down to standard fair price in the market. 

This is my solution to the present world economy and to check the growing price of essentials.

U S in turn has to increase military expenses. But should not use in any other country on any cause. Americans were exploited by this world, they get entry in all affairs immediately to show their power and sovereignty. But this damages the economy of U S A. so U S has to get enter in any matters after so many requests by many nations in any affair of this world. This will be a correct strategy will avoid exploiting Americans.They are first in all matters from all walks of life ,same time it does not mean they should be the first in any war fronts to spoil their economy .I feel My dear Americansmust think on this. This is a request to Barack Obama also ,since he is also an American.Due to dominating nature they may not accept this,but I feel they must think on this, to accept this. I love Americans. world countries may tempt america but she should maintain peace and calm nature to show their best economy to the world.With out peace You cannot be expect growth in any field .

In this world countries and U N O through the secretary general has create a forum / league to set right this issue.

Stable prices will have control on poverty also.

I know that many messages and views I give are respected and used as it is or with some changes. But my blog did not have any due values even links is my feeling.

Thank you. I feel and think for the welfare of this world because I am also a part in this world.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top 5 - Most Beautiful

Hello my dear friends, google users, readers and viewers here is a message letting you know Travel to Top 5 - Most Beautiful .yes you can have a fine trip to top  5 cities in this world from Forbes Travels.

They are arranging in a best way to take care on your travel requirements. Now they announced a special scheme to have travel to Top 5 cities in the world. . They are Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, Florence, Cape Town High Fliers.

I feel this is the best chance to go around these cities. I know you are thinking about your travel comfort. The other name of Travel comfort is Forbes Travel. Have an experience at this time using this announcement in the site.

I strongly recommend this site for your Travel. Some times back, you are telling to me you are planning to visit important cities with your family. I feel this is the right place and right direction from me.

Also to make the most of your business trip, to stay at top-rated hotels with the best packing tips to know details visit

Wish you a happy journey. Write to me afterwards about your best experience at Forbes Travel.

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Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi to my dear readers and friends at this blog, my sincere thanks for your kind support. Please continue the same. I am grateful to you for having strong belief in the post messages at this blog.

Now here is a message about security. Yes if you have a computer than you are in need of a security package from an anti spy ware and anti virus protection. Like that People on the earth now require security from terrorism. All leaders working towards providing peace also they look for security to people who wrongly landed in applying terrorism as their tool for solutions. Leaders wanted to establish an amicable solution to revert the terrorists to Normal people life in a distinguished manner.

Leaders believe that terrorists were not born terrorists; they are also human being and due to situation or on some demand, directed or applied terrorism as solution. This is because of brain wash .so leaders believe that it is possible to bring back the terrorists to normal life by dialogues. 

Now this is a right situation where you find U N O, Afghan leader, American President, Prime Minister of U .K. and other delegates  who have attended a meet recently opened the doors to House of  peace, also compelled and appealed to all terrorists to leave terrorism and by dialogues to come back to normal life. This is a step to establish peace. We all must appreciate these leaders and hope terrorists in all areas on the earth, please come forward to dialogues to settle any issues. This is a right step to stop claiming the life of innocents in any part of the earth. 

Let us Hope terrorists have to change their approach and attitude, and to come forward for dialogues. Let them mend their mind towards peace and love. 

Thank you. To know more interesting news about leaders involvement and actions please visit the site.

Thank you. We Trust in Love and peace.