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Jayalalitha fight with M.K Stalin in TN assembly Regarding katchatheevu ...

Now ,on date both A.I.A.D.M.K. and D.M.K. are very strong enough to run the Assembly to add more values to Democracy and can provide good governance for the welfare of People in Tamil Nadu. as a first step , Now Both these Political Parties can follow Mr.M.G.R. and may postpone/Delay the Local Body election up to 2021 ,assigning huge expense will further add burden to the  existing deficit Budget as a valid reason !! . This could be a way to avoid many number of political parties in elections ,and a way to people to provide clear cut man date in all forth coming election's. The delay will allow people to avail all welfare measures of the Government at easy reach and in short time. This is my view and a way to Respect Mr.M.G.R Policy on this Local Body election!!!!? Thanks.

Sikkinan Komban : Full Story of 'Mission Madukkarai Maharaj' - Thanthi TV

sad end of this Elephant shocked people across the world. That is painful story which can not be denied any one!!!!!

(18/6/2016) Kelvikkenna Bathil : Exclusive Interview with Kalaipuli S.Th...

why release of this Film Kabali delaying? Punch dialogue's may be changing and for that re shooting or any other process like that is a doubt? It was told that In the end of may the film may get release,but unusual delay ??!!!!!! 

(20/6/2016) Kelvikkenna Bathil : Exclusive Interview with Sadhguru Jaggi...

Can we think that in the Name of Teaching Yoga and Tantra and others - a way to make huge Money in India? Till Date Not even a single Guru or saint spent Money for the prosperity of poor or eradication of poverty!!!? why?? These People with Huge Money and wealth can provide food and education at Free of cost in India to Poor children. But many schools and colleges run by saints and Mutts grab huge fees for education ?!!! can we think that this will change ?
I strongly believe that may popular Yoga Teachers are with Huge wealth and enjoying all pleasures of the world and their work's might be a process to convert Black money to white? God only Knows?!!! But God certainly not punishing or punished any such Human on the Earth is still a miracle or surprise to Us????!!!!!!.

media and press derives popularity at all ends is also a History till date????!!!!!.
How long we need to travel or live to find a genuine Saint or Guru who could teach or transfer all Knowledge to people in Poor at Free of cost with food and needs to learn that art they teach,this is also an unanswered question till date??!!!!!.

(20/6/2016) Kelvikkenna Bathil : Exclusive Interview with Sadhguru Jaggi...

In This Interview their is not at all a single question to answer about ,How all Yoga Teachers in the form of great saints with Huge wealth and Prosperity? Why These Yoga Teachers are not interested to have their living other Nations than India?

why these Yoga Guru or Teachers not spending Money for the eradication of Poverty in India or in any other Nation?But they all enjoy all pleasures and comforts at the cost of Religion's? why this is continuing? Not questioned to Mr.Jaggi Vasudev also?

Google Ads & Analytics Innovations Keynote

Welcome to the Google Advertiser Community

Welcome to the Google Advertiser Community

pay biz blogger: BBC World News 2016 01 11 Kanu's Gandhi

pay biz blogger: BBC World News 2016 01 11 Kanu's Gandhi

pay biz blogger: Mahesh Sharma met Mahatma Gandhi's grandson Kanu g...

pay biz blogger: Mahesh Sharma met Mahatma Gandhi's grandson Kanu g...

pay biz blogger: Mahatma Gandhi's grandson living in an old age hom...

pay biz blogger: Mahatma Gandhi's grandson living in an old age hom...

pay biz blogger: Mahatma's great grandson asks Rahul not to use Mah...

pay biz blogger: Mahatma's great grandson asks Rahul not to use Mah...

pay biz blogger: PM Modi Calls Mahatma Gandhi's Grandson In Old-Age...

pay biz blogger: PM Modi Calls Mahatma Gandhi's Grandson In Old-Age...

Monday, June 6, 2016

getpaid atLink: How to share your stories, pictures and videos wi...

getpaid atLink: How to share your stories, pictures and videos wi...: How to share your stories, pictures and videos    with BBC News May I request  Hard Talk or haveyoursay may arrange to get answer ...

How to share your stories, pictures and videos with BBC News -Ruling /Governing India can not be considered as Family / hereditary property of any Family in India?

How to share your stories, pictures and videos  with BBC News
May I request Hard Talk or haveyoursay may arrange to get answer to my doubt’s given below!?...

My Humble request With  .

Can you please say or reveal or arrange to investigate the truth on the following!

Why Family Members of Blood relatives of Mahatma Gandhiji were not allowed to Live in India When Freedom /Independence issued on 15th August 1947 or after That?

In the last decade Mr. Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi great Grand son RajMohan Gandhi is working as Governor in India. 

All the leaders /Rulers of this world and people visit Gandhiji Samadhi as a First Respect to India But No one ask about why the Blood relatives or family Members not allowed to Live in India and or why they are living at South Africa? being the Legal Heirs of Father Of Our Nation India?

what is the Hidden secret in this Top firing  issue of my Nation India. ? who was behind this arrangement or who were behind this arrangement? 
what is the cause for this very cheap politics in India from 1947?

British Government and its Governor's and Viceroy's know well that many Leaders worked under Mahatma Gandhiji in Freedom Struggle, and how Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr.Jinnah were elevated as Prime Ministers of Divided India?

Who was the man/team of people behind this division?

Why and what made Mr.Muhammed Ali Jinnah suddenly converted his Religious social League as a Political Party?

Why Mr.Muhammed Ali Jinnah stood in front/lead in Generating a cordial Welcome to Mr. Mahatma Gandhi when Gandhi returned from South Africa to India?

What is the Hidden Reason for Mr.Jinnah to organize this very big Welcome when Mr. Gandhi arrived to India from South Africa? Why Other prominent Political Leaders including Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru not arranged themselves to lead this Welcome to Gandhi, when he arrived in India? How Gandhi fascinated Mr.Jinnah than any other Politician's of that time in India is a surprise?

Internet reveals all family Relatives or legal Heirs of Mahatma Gandhiji, but not living in India, why?

Now the latest News in connection to this in the last few days:-
Mr. Kanu Gandhi – Grand son ofMahatma Gandhi   Returned from United States to India.
He is on Treatment from the famous Dr.Bhagat. But at this treatment schedule Mr.KanuBhai Gandhi the grand son of Gandhi reveals Shocking News to Press andMedia???!!!. Yes, he says Mr.Narendra Modi Spoiled Gujarat State in India and the informed development’s were all against the dream’s of his Grand Father Mr. Mahatma Gandhi,  .
And, he says he is expected to stay in India for more than a decade to set right India by the Original Congress . Also he says he will try to fulfill the dreams of his Grand Father Mr. Mahatma Gandhiji?????!!!!!. 
Let Indians hope for a Speedy recovery of health to Mr.KanuGandhi and look forward the development’s in India!!!!!.

Who was the real criminal assassinated Mahatma Gandhi brutally immediately after the Independence (that is with in 6 month period)?

India Got Independence on 15th August but one day earlier Independence issued to Divided India that is Pakistan" why? what is the secret in This cunning arrangement? who are all involved in this cunning arrangement? 

 With in 6 months period from 14th August 1947 first president of Pakistan died due to Cancer and T.B.! Political Leaders in India and British Government officers ruled India can not deny about his serious illness!! In Such situation what is the need to British Government in India and Leaders in Freedom Fight movement to Divide India?
15th August 1947 Independence and on 30th January 1948 Gandhiji shot dead, who was behind this brutal Planning?
And with in 6 months Mr.Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was dead. How these brave leaders death took place? 

How and why British Government in India able to Manage the imprisonment's of Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi with out even a small needle scratch on their Human Body? How British Government able to provide such protection to these Two Leaders’ even in imprisonment's on all Protest’s? Why I am very particular on this Question?

At the time of freedom struggle or fight/war in India Many Number protester's were killed, many Number of Protester's made to face huge painful punishment's (for example Chekizutha semmal shiva and many others were forced to do the crushing of oil from crushing Machines and they were died due to that cruel act, and Kodi Kaththa Kumaran and other freedom fighter’s were killed are the very painful data/stories/history in Freedom struggle of India. But Leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, and others were maintained in the well being by British Government in India!!. When common man is affected or dead in Freedom struggle How Mr. Gandhi and Mr. Nehru Accepted and agreed to This Situation in imprisonment?

In This connection Surprising Matter striking to my mind is:-

we People are informed that   Mahatma Gandhi saw a Farmer near Madurai with only one Dhoti and that also in shabby condition ,made/changed  his mind to take a sudden decision on which Gandhi   used wear only Dhoti and avoided Formal wear like coats/shirt and others.  But at the same time when  People in India with leaders from different places of the Nation who participated in freedom Struggle were given Death Punishment's and Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were arranged  to kept in safe custody in Imprisonment by the than British Government ruled India, Why Mahatma Gandhi hesitated this style of Action immediately?

Above all, why Mahatma Gandhiji  allowed Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah to Divide India? why not called the attention of people of India of that time to take decision on this important issue?

What was the role of Lord Mountbatten and British Government in this Crucial Division of India?
What is the Need to British Government at Great Britain to Divide India through British Governance in India? Is their any form of Benefit arrived from any of the Arab Countries by British ? is their any answer for these question's?.

On One hand Mr.Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was identified or garlanded or told as "Iron Man of India" and well appreciated by Mahatma Gandhiji for union of India and the same Mahatma Gandhiji kept quiet and endorsed the Division of India, why?

After the death of Mr.Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel the only remained person was Mr. Morarji Desai, who was accompanied and accomplished in all Meetings as Congress man in Anand Bhavan -Delhi was not revealed any thing on these! Suddenly he formed a political party that is Janata Party and had a Himalayan Victory against Indira Congress of that time in India! He was a good administrator but not revealed any thing why? 

Why and who was behind the death of Mr.Lal Bahadur sasthri at Tashkent in Russia? After Mr.Lal Bhadur sasthri, all other Freedom Fighters who lived after Independence were not given importance, why? 

Immediately after the death of Mr.Lal Bhadur sasthri why and what is the hidden secret /or pressure on Mr.Kamaraj to allow and make Mrs.Indira Priya Darshini also known as Mrs.Indira Gandhi as Prime Minister of India, Why Mr.Kamaraj agreed for a Title King Maker?

Now I leave all the above nurturing  Questions in my mind to Provide answer's if possible in"Hard Talk"@ or in !.

The answers will help and support a Healthy Congress in India!!!?... 

Now, we Indian’s mind status saying that we have not sold India either to Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru or His Family Legal heirs and the only leader Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru  in Indian National Congress or in Freedom Fighter’s can not be considered to Rule India ? 

Ruling /Governing India can not be considered as Family / hereditary property of any Family in India?  .

I strongly believe and Hope that may not be in a position to fix /provide answers to these questions. Why I asked all these questions to , because Britain may have some one still living who might have worked with British Governance in India  when Freedom struggle took place!!!!. 


Sincere Thanks to Viewer’s for staying connected on these blogs.

PM Modi Calls Mahatma Gandhi's Grandson In Old-Age Home

Mahatma Gandhi's grandson living in an old age home in Delhi

Mahatma's great grandson asks Rahul not to use Mahatma's name in polls