Thursday, July 30, 2015

Experience With Maha Periyava: By Sri Vaishnava Venkatraman

Experience With Maha Periyava: Ahobilam Jeer swamigal

In my life , Mahaperiyava at Kaladi ,(actually First day I was at Kancheepuram.than I have been asked by Maha Periyava to come to Kaladi.  ) and at that place I got Prasadam feeded by Mahaperiyava after all the rituals of that morning finished. This was an opportunity provided by my teachers Sri Sironmani Santhana Gopalan,Sri Krishna swamy and sri Kalidoss Ganapadigal. so my life was a present from my teachers.My This is a great thing and I have experienced few miracles in my life because of Mahaperiyava Blessings was also a fixed thought always prevails in me.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Passed away AT 7.45 P.M

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Passed away AT 7.45 P.M. And I Pray to God for his soul rest in Peace always. 

While he was attending a Meeting in IIM at Shillong due to a sudden Heart Attack Mr.Kalam died. 

This is a Loss to Our Nation. He was an Authentic and great scientist of India who was the 11th President of India and today now he not with us is a very Big Shock to all Indians.

 the world and UNO has to Join in this painful And sorrowful News.
j.k.sundararajan. Mr.Kalam always live in my soul and feelings.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

santhanam talk about thala ajith .. most watch

Ajith on his Daughter's School Function with Camera

Ajith At His PRO's Daughter Wedding(Exclusive)

Ajith Manager Suresh Chandra's Daughter Wedding Reception | Arya, Shruti...

Hi to my dear Ajith. You are great to all.well done and best wishes for good going.Keep Going. regards j.k.sundararajan.

Rajinikanth and many Celebreties Attend Arulnidhi Wedding

Karunanidhi Grandson Arulnidhi wedding Exclusive - Red Pix 24x7

I Like Mr.Aul Nidhi and I Love Arul Nidhi as an Actor. He is the the next generation of Mr.Karunanidhi.

The hights touched by Mr.Karunanidhi will be reached by This Grand son.

In My earlier prediction I have clearly told Mr.Arul Nidhi is could be the next Legal Heir to the Political Field after Mr.Karunanidhi.

I believe he will do well. His character is very good.

Mr.Tamil arasu  Has got a Good Son for his Family from the grace of God.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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with love J.K.Sundararajan

the above browser's are very very good in features and experienced by many millions of users across the world ,this includes me. Thanks.

Aavin products to be sold

Aavin products to be sold soon at malls

Along with increasing its processing capacity, the Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation, popularly known by its brand name Aavin, is also working to reach out to the gen-next.
“It is in supermarkets that youngsters shop. We want to connect with the working class segment too. We are already a household brand as far as milk goes,” the source added.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

PapaNasam - a Good sensational Movie

Papanasam - this is a yet another mile stone in the film record in film Industry to Mr.Kamal Hasan.

Movie describes about how technology some time become a Dangerous tool turning a family and mud shedding on the same family.

How and what is the need to people on care to be applied on their family and Children to the present world is well explained. 
In Nut shell Papanasam is a movie must be watched by aged along with Young ones.

Our Society is with two part. One part is very very good and the other is very dangerous. so How to be careful in living with that Dangerous part of the world with living  in very good part of the same is a lesson taught is the message in this  Papanasam Movie.

Good wishes to Kamal Hassan to lead the same track for the people.

Islam - Holy Quran

In Islam people followed and used  pray many Lord's in idol form.  In Particular for each matter their was a idol worship in strong level. 

But 200th Nabi sri Mohammad Nabi who generated a New pattern of Living style in Islam Religion. 

Mohammad Nabi who prayed Lod Allah and demanded the Prayer's To be provided to all . And Muhammad Nabi strongly revealed that God has No shape and said Omnipresent.

While their was a strong claim to remove the Idol worship by preachings of Muhammad Nabi their was a strong Opposition prevailed from the than existed pattern of Islam  Religion systems.

Muhammad Nabi faced all Troubles and even forced to go out from the region where he born. 

Muhammad Nabi sacrificed to the extreme level and demanded to the God Allah to offer Holy Quran to all. With all strains Muhammad Nabi able to get Downloaded Major part of Holy Quran at Mecca and remaining part at Madina . So Islam flourished   with the help of Holy Quran in people in the world. People strength in Population in Islam is in the second Position. 

Holy quran from First Sura Al Fathiah to 114 th sura it is saying all way of Good living to live. 
But at the same time we must remember in many Ayath's in Many Sura's Lord Allah in Holy Quran say eating  Non Vegetarian killing any thing  and Blood shed is (Haram ) Bad act against Allah. But Today in the Name of Islam Religion clashes between themselves reduces their ISlam Value considerably is to be Noted and arrange to organize to stop all war / terrorist acts in the soil of Arab Land's is a must is my recommendation. Please. This is a real way to  respect to Holy Quran.  


Jainism - Lord Mahaveer - Acharya Thulsi -

Jainism - divisions in this religion -

Digambar - who never wear any dress while in Prayer in their Home. Digambar Guru's or Acharya's who roam every where to say the informations of  Lord Mahaveer will never wear any type of Dress.

Digambar means as per the birth  nothing can be added . - Originality.
swethamber - Bhaisamda  --  are another two division of culture in Jainism. these people do believe only in Sthanak vasi. do prayers in Sthank's around the world . Here Aharya's will do visit's and stay and do preachings for the wll being in living.

Mindir marg - this another culture . people in this sect will pray to Lord in temples. do visit temples of all Hindu  God's.

ANother culture is Therapanthi. This is a community in Jainism is a blend of 13 Bindings. that is what Therapanthi. a way of good living in People.


Vishnu - Jains from Rajasthan and Gujarat who pray Lord Vishnu and they are vaishnav.

Jainism had 24 Theerthankar's .

24th Theerthankar was Lord Mahaveer.

Jains Normally Pray to Lord using a Book  is known as "Prathikraman".

To recite  and Learn Prathikraman Jains established many number of Sthanak 'Sthanak is a shelter to do the prayer using Prathikraman .

Jain Assosiation is taking care of these religious matters in tight levels.

My Mother who passed away at 87 in 2014 - M.N.Jayalakshmi was a Prathikraman teacher in sthank's . this was well appreciated and honored once by Shrui Acharya Thulsi . Now Acharya Thulsi (Gujargaye.) is nt with us but rememberance he left is living with us.  Thanks to Achraya Thulsi.

Jainism and Buddhism are almost Similar But Buddhism allowed people to consume Non Vegetarian food . so that Buddhism could develop in vast level and today it is the first in Population of our world.

Islam in Second Position in Population strength of our world.

Christianity on Third in Population strength of our world. like this all religions in this world with its culture and heritage prevails strongly and it can not be vanished.