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How to perform pancha kavyam j.k.sundararajan


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C.N Annadurai's English knowledge in America

Thanthi TV told about M G R ,Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi  in news . News said that these people from film Industry and  blinked like Diamond. but that review failed say about Mr.C.N.Anna Durai. First I strongly object this bad act and want to say , all these jewels glittered because of Mr.Anna Durai all said that they were following Anna Policies. In fact the truth is they did not followed Mr.Anna Durai policies was Truth known to people. 

In this News revealed Thanthi TV failed to reveal about the Father of Tamil Nadu that is Mr.C.N.Anna Durai for this Thanthi tv must take apology in Thanthi TV NEWS. thanks.

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