Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Adi yogi statue and Sivarathri at Coimbatore Forest area !!!! is it a need?????

My Dear Prime Minister Mr.Modi - 

Adi Yogi - Sat guru Jaggi vasudev - Program - it is not wise to attend and bless the program by my prime Minister is my recommendation.

This Ashram has constructed more than 5,00,000 lakh square feet Buildings constructed in Forest  Lands as unauthorised . Government did authorised these constructions. 

In our country suddenly few Saints errupt in different states in different times ,in particular they say we did not brought any thing to this world and we can take thing from the world when our soul leave our Body" but in practical, some how these saints or sages,or satguru's or Baba's were able to get huge wealth as a treasure with  Direct support or indirectly from the back attain  huge Money and wealth. This is a common Phenomenon we witness in all states in different times. 

Many sayings say that these people with self stamping as His or Her Sri sri sri Holiness etc in a short span of time with a group doing Propoganda's in all ways and means  this includes media and press   are all ,with a note that this is a part of Hinduism.

Many innocent people do donation even they do not have ways to one time meal is also pathetic in India. 

Now This Ashram with the presence of our Prime Minister on Sivarathri in Adi Yoga Program may wish to clear its all hidden problems of the Ashram . 

In Coimbatore " Swine flu " (Pandri Kaichal") affected people numbers increasing day by day. on this function huge level of Public Gathering possibility with out adequate Health security measures to the same public may create a possibility of accelarating these type of fevers and other incidental decease's . So Prime Minister may please to avoid or skip this Function is a need is my view. 

Instead of erecting this Lord Siva statue here at Coimbatore ,with the necessary arrangements the same idol could have installed or stationed in between Thiruvalluvar statue and Vivekanandar Rock at Kanyakumari in the sea is my view/opinion.

People must not get affected in the Name of God or Religion is also my view.

Thanks/regards. j.k.sundararajan.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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