Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Bhumiyudh: Anna Hazare returned to Politics to Fool All Indians - exclusively Farmers !

Bhumiyudh: Anna Hazare returned to Politics to Fool All Indians - exclusively Farmers !

People in India must thank to Anna Hazare - because of his  protests and moves in people generated very very high pressure on People to decide to go gainst INC - Indian National Congress is the truth.

second ,his protests helped AAp Mr.Kejriwal to obtain Chief Minister office and through election stunning result  formed AAP Government at Delhi . This is also we need to observe all the Happened at Delhi in India.

Congress expected that the Protests of Anna Hazare will yeild Huge Positive results to Congress which was a wrong views of Congress Politicians.

Also We Indians to Note that Congress Leaders in I N C headed by Sonia Gandhi are not interested to continue with the Prime Minister Candidate from Nehru Family .

This is the prime Cause Congress lead by Sonia and Rahul was totally vanished Now. 

Now Congress Leaders to under stand this feeling that either we Indians did not sold India to Nehru Family  or Nehru Family is not a Royal Family  like British Queen at Great Britain.

So Old Congress Leaders and Leaders from I N C headed by Mrs.Sonia Gandhi   and  Rahul Gandhi  of Nehru Family were quitting that Political Party and wishes to generate their own Identity with a New Political Party is the present Trend.

Now people in India are very clear with a view that is Nehru Family People misusing the title Name Gandhi as surname in their Names is to exploit all Indians and the World. Now that has come to an end .

BJP by Modi rejuvenated is the truth. People in India voted to BJP only because of the Name Mr.Narendra Modi popularly known as " Modi".

In Delhi Election Mr.Modi or his Companions did not worked is also well Known to all Indians. Having Mr.Amit Shah with out Mr.Modi B J P will Not secure any Victory in any part of India is also my Humble View.  People Believe and Love Modi Only.
Mr.Modi did not worked in the Delhi election so that A A P got such a landsliding victory 67 out of 70.
Same time Anna Hazare do not have any value in People in India. Few in Delhi may join with him .
Anna Hazare expected that he would have been the Presidential Candidate for the Next Presidential office after Mr.Pranab Mukherjee.
This dream failed so Now Anna Hazare started his agitation or protest in Delhi. 

My Humble request to Indians is Please allow Government by not participating any type of protests to Reach Constructive results on all walks of Life by the Policies and Programs of B J P Government is a need of this time . Than only we can Under stand and evaluate the truthfulness and worth  of this B J P Government. All type unrest will pave way to Government to take ride on situations and will be ways to Neglect in serving people is the fact.


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getpaid atLink: Film Actor Amitabh Bachchan calls on PM Modi

Film Actor Amitabh Bachchan calls on PM Modi

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