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President Barack Obama Dances The Tango in Argentina (3-23-16)

getpaid atLink: contest in all 234 seats - B.J.P. !!!!!!!!

getpaid atLink: contest in all 234 seats - B.J.P. !!!!!!!!: Mr. Vijayakanth leader of D M D K party Heading Makkal Nala Kuttani from Yesterday. Mr.Viyakanth might have failed to get an allocation o...

contest in all 234 seats - B.J.P. !!!!!!!!

Mr. Vijayakanth leader of D M D K party Heading Makkal Nala Kuttani from Yesterday.

Mr.Viyakanth might have failed to get an allocation of 124 seats to contest in 234 Tamil Nadu Assembly seats from Both A.I.A.D.M.K. And D.M.K. and B.J.P. may be a truth is a view.

D M D K alliance with BJ P would be a straight Success in many seats to D.M.D.K. But a Party with Policies not interested to declare Contestant for  C.M. Chair. But Now with the Present Situation on this concept prevails in all Political parties may change B J P and B J P could announce a contestant   for Chief Minster chair.  

This 2016, Tamil Nadu State Assembly Election have 5 Contestant for C.M. Chair. So , Even after Result Unity between parties is not a Possibility.

Mr.Vijayakanth heading front says Removing D.M.K and A.I.A.D.M.K.  from Political Power in Tamil Nadu  is the main Desire. 

How ever B J P may contest in all 234 seats or go with alliance with A.I.A.D.M.K. with a demand of 117 seats share to contest. 

But in My View  B J P must announce its contestant's for 234 seats. Their is a Bright Possibility of to be victorious with single majority to form the Next Assembly of Tamil Nadu . this will bring a National party rule  in India which could be a good change people of tamil nadu looking for. About 50 Years ,People from Cinema Industry ruled Tamil Nadu ,so Now People of Tamil nadu are Looking for a change in This .
Also People in Poor and poverty Under stood that Cinema did not brought major changes in Poor and Poverty.

  People of tamil nadu to think Positively in bringing a Change to have changes in their living is a Must.

getpaid atLink: Mr.Barack Obama dances - world’s most powerful lea...

getpaid atLink: Mr.Barack Obama dances - world’s most powerful lea...: Mr. Barack Obama dances at state dinner in Argentina. Looking relaxed practicing a few steps with dancer Mora Godoy, while his wife Fir...

getpaid atLink: Shashi Kapoor’s son SLAMS rumour-mongers for sprea...

getpaid atLink: Shashi Kapoor’s son SLAMS rumour-mongers for sprea...: When asked about it, son Kunal told PTI, “He is at home… Stop spreading rumours. He is (very much) alive and is doing fine.” The 78-year...

Shashi Kapoor’s son SLAMS rumour-mongers for spreading lies about his father’s demise!

When asked about it, son Kunal told PTI, “He is at home… Stop spreading rumours. He is (very much) alive and is doing fine.”

The 78-year-old legend is the younger brother of iconic actors Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor.

Veteran Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor was doing fine, his family said on Tuesday as it rubbished rumours that he was in hospital in a critical condition. Reports of Shashi being hospitalised were doing the rounds of the social media since morning.

Shashi Kapoor’s son SLAMS rumour-mongers for spreading lies about his father’s demise!

His nephew and actor Rishi Kapoor also dismissed the rumours, tweeting, Uncle Shashi Kapoor is doing fine.

Mr.Barack Obama dances - world’s most powerful leader appeared to have second thoughts

Mr.Barack Obama dances at state dinner in Argentina.

Looking relaxed practicing a few steps with dancer Mora Godoy, while his wife First Lady Michelle Obama gave it a whirl with dancer Jose Lugones, the Obamas held their own on tango’s home turf.
US President Barack Obama (L) and First Lady Michelle Obama (2nd R) dance tango with dancers during a state dinner at the Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires. (AFP).

world’s most powerful leader appeared to have second thoughts.

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how TN politicians are reacting to Vijayakanth's announcement.

TN 2016 -

Here's how TN politicians are reacting to Vijayakanth's announcement.

DMDK Chief Vijayakanth’s announcement to contest alone in the upcoming elections had sent shock waves among Tamil Nadu’s political leaders

In Comparison to last State Assembly election of Tamil Nadu The Value of DMDK party  has been increased to a good strength by the efforts of Mrs.Prema Latha Vijaya Kanth is the truth.

Mr.Vijyakanth with his angry Nature spoiling the image of the party is the People Talk. 

Over a Decade People of Tamil Nadu in Politics Travelled away from D.M.K. is the truth. But Mr.Stalin is putting efforts to his best in all types to bring Back his party rule. 

Similarly A.I.A.D.M.K. ruling Tamil Nadu continuously about 10 years.
in this in the Last 5 years the Governance can not be certified as Good. In Particular ,Reason for flood and its aftermath relief measures are not correct

In Delhi in the year 2015 Framers could not cultivate and faced Huge loss and Mr.Arvind Kejriwal -Chief Minister of Union Territory Delhi paid Rupees 50,000 to each Affected Farmers was also the truth in Governance record.
Here at Tamil nadu unmeasurable amount of loss due to flood and it was not compensated properly. Political parties worked in field to support people aiming this up coming 2016 Elections and not on Humanity.

In Particular Political parties like Congress with Huge Funds could have extended relief measures but not happened so.

B J P from Government allocated 949 crores and Tamil Nadu state Government allotted 500 crores and People with Graceful /merciful mind set Donated more than 300 Crores to Government.

State Government said that it  paid Rupees 5000/- only to 14 Lakhs of People/families who were affected by Flood. 
by this payment 14,00,000 (lakhs)  x  5000= 700,00,00,000/- Crores. Fund released for relief measures and partly spent for the issued reason. I could not under stand why and what made the State Government to block more than 50% of   the funds!!!!.
A.I.A.D.M.K. Government did not attended /constituted /designed towards reconstructing works on Koovam /Adayar river from Kasi Theater /Ekkattu Thangal Bridge end to Little Mount End as a precautionary measure for the future is also a Surprise to me and people. Press and Media were running around this area were also not shown much interest on this people welfare measure,why is a surprise!!!!.

A.I.A.D.M.K. Party may not be interested in 18 M.L.A. Consituencies of Chennai in tamil Nadu. It may show interest on other regions of Tamil Nadu ,but what is the use of a Government when it is failed to care the affected? People will think , the same situation will come to them one day that will be not attended by this Political party if elected to Power? so People in Tamil Nadu looking for a change is right message prevails in media and press.

Congress once again joined hands with D.M.K. Though Congress party obtained almost 3rd position in all election results is the truth. 
But  Congress party in Tamil Nadu will not work in this election due to No Funds.

Yes,7 imprisoned for Late Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi  going to be released by Tamil Nadu Government  and D.M.K. welcome this move of Government. Supreme court directing this  in its order was represented by Parliamentarians in Parliament recently. But Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Congress M.P.'s were objected this release of 7 persons. so,If these 7 Persons are released than Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as President of Congress Party will not pay the election  fund to Tamil Nadu Congress party contestants. And Congress contestants will not contest election from their own funds  and can not obtain funds from D.M.K. for election expenses.
so Congress Candidate with D.M.K. will contest  but the complete allocation will be a utter failure. so it is a major loss to D.M.K.!!!!. Congress party people will not work for D.M.K.Party people Success on confirmation of their failures.

Now , B J P Contesting in 234 seats will get good Numbers to form the Government will be  the result. B J P to work.    

  good Luck to All Politician's belongs to 4 states in which election going to take place.


BJP announces list of 194 candidates - fast action is not happening in B J P for the State Assembly Election in Ttamil Nadu?

See realtime coverage

West Bengal Elections: BJP announces list of 194 candidates, actor Rupa Ganguly makes the cut

Former state BJP chief Rahul Sinha and actor Rupa Ganguly of teleserial 'Mahabharat' fame figure among 194 candidates whose names were announced by the party today for the West Bengal assembly polls.

why this fast action is not happening in B J P  for the   State Assembly Election in Ttamil Nadu?

My Answer:

This due to a Mistake of BJP,RSS OR VHP.

Yes ,When World agree and accepted and published in Internet  that Tamil Nadu as Intellectual Part of India, what is the need to B J P to  maintain and Promote B J P at tamil Nadu through a Person Mr.Muralidhar Rao belongs to Andhra to Heading B J P of Tamil Nadu  is not right, and  is my Objection.

Mr.MuraliDhar Rao is very young to Mr.Ila Ganesan,Pon Radha Krishnan,or H.Raja on Age as well as experience in Tamil Nadu Politics is my faith.

So the B J P Higher Office to decide on This quickly to post a suitable leader to take charge for Tamil Nadu State Assembly elections is a Must is my Recommendation

Also I think in Tamil Nadu with The present trend, B J P to contest in all 234 seats could be a right and courageous decision. To Announce Mr.Pon.Radha Krishnan As B J P Chief Minister Candidate will certainly make B J P as a Victorious Party in 2016 Election in tamil Nadu  with single majority status is my belief.

get started quickly to the Governance of tamil nadu.

Thanks. regards.

Situation dangerous as ISIS committing genocide: US - avoid this, Islamic countries in Middle East Must Ban IS Activities is my Recommendation


Situation dangerous as ISIS committing genocide: US 

Economic Times - ‎2 hours ago‎
WASHINGTON: The situation in ISIS-controlled territories in Syria and Iraq is "dangerous" as the dreaded terror group is committing genocide targetting religious minorities there, the US has said, indicating it will ramp up its operation in the region

Already I have posted my Predictions for 2016 with bad positions of Planets in astronomy. Please read that earlier post to this post ,posted here . It is my Humble request Islamic state Demanding are right only when we have Middle East countries on the earth. It is not so . We people on earth from different parts such as Europe,United States, South East Asia and Middle East And African Nations. So we are bonded with different Languages and cultural Heritage. It is the responsibility Every Citizen of His/Her Nation  to maintain .His or Her Cultural Heritage is a Must. at the same time we people have the Moral responsibility to live with all on earth on Human Relationship which can not be denied. 
In This No Religion is superior or inferior. All are great one or other Unique Special Nature. 

in Ultimate, in My Request ,IS has to maintain its Religious Values to its Highest and at the same time IS Not to create any Boundaries on People , and not to deny the Right of Living on Land in any Part of this World with proper records is a must is my Humble Opinion.

Also to Note, After to People Population following Buddhism ,Islam stands in Second Position on Population on Earth. Now By Few Foolish and Barbarian acts of IS will collapse the Islam Religion. Population of Islam Religion is reducing on earth on Every Day Due to Bomb Blasts and Brutal Killing must be a concern to Islamic Nations.

This is not Right and with the recent attacks on Islamic countries By European Countries and Russia because of IS Acts ,Islamic Nations and Islam Religion is on Huge threat. So Please stop/ban IS activities immediately is a Need.

Other wise As per Nosterdomous Predictions ,predicted for 500 years and 500 years ago,(500 Years nearing to end)on The earth by July 2016  On the Earth  People belongs to Islam Religion could be about 500 to 600. So To avoid this, Islamic countries in Middle East  Must Ban IS Activities is my Recommendation.

Thanks.Regards .

Wednesday, March 9, 2016




April - May 

Java ,Sumatra Islands

Very Big  Blast  from sky on the Earth is a possibility.

Plane Accident is a Possibility in April 2016.

If war Happens in Particular religious shrines in Israel and Iraq were get major damages is unavoidable. so Please. 

North Korea will become Super Power. 

America and France and Germany will slip down from Super Power is Unavoidable bad situation could  be witnessed in these course of time in 2016. In fact China will get badly affected Nation due to Heavy Storm and Earth quake. But It will Try to Rule America and its Economy for a decade is a possibility.

United Kingdom will face the Death of Monarchical Ruler in this Year. Communal Clashes will take place often in London or in U.K.

Major level of Damages in Pakistan including Human Loss.

In India

 in Gujarat  very big Protest will turn to Religious clash.

Low Pressure Cyclone will create Unbelievable Level of Damages in 
Odisha State and in Andhra Pradesh  State in india.

May - 15th June 2016

Huge Air Dust Storm/cyclone in Foreign countries will block the Air Travel across the world ,could be more than 10 days.

In India in tamil Nadu Mountains in at Salem Area in tamil Nadu will get affected Badly.

Sea water level will rise to very High,Earth quake,due to that water in flow to sea are the  possibility in these 30 days.

in particular in North India Huge Human Loss could be due to a type of Disease . Heavy Rain shelling can be seen in Rajasthan in India.(Desert Area).

Madurai in Tamil Nadu will get affected .

Sri Lanka will have Huge damages.

June - 15th July 2016

Italy , America, London.

Huge level of Rain shelling at sea for more than 5 Days  is a possibility.

In Pune and Mumbai in India Huge Disturbance due to accidents and Protests.

In Chennai once again Huge Flood  or other type Damages are the possibility.

Hill stations will deliver high level of chillness.

In Sea Waves on Full Moon Day and New Moon day could raise to Huge Hight like Tsunami(about an Hight of 20 feet ) and Chennai must be very cautious. flood - a possibility.

 Karnataka state will face Huge Damages .

In Andhra Pradesh Accidents to a cruel level - a possibility.

Poison gas will on the Earth in this Month.
Kalpakkam will face Damages. 

16th July to 15th August 

Thunder will fall in sea. 

in Europe,Middle east countries ,In United States major accidents could take place.
Earth quake in Up country is a possibility.
Fire broke out in Thirupathi Forest in Andhra Pradesh is a possibility.
war between Pakistan and India at Kashmir Border is a possibility.
Unknown element will flow in the sea could treated as a threat to the world.
Earth quake in Andaman Island is a Possibility.
Major Rail accident is a Possibility.

Ramanathapuram could be affected very very Badly.Resulting Rameshwaram area may go in to the Sea.

Sri lanka will face huge Cyclone and Damages could be Unmeasurable level. Sea Level will Go Up Drastically.

16th August to 15th September

Waves in sea at  highest . Bangladesh will face Very Huge Damages.
War between Pakistan and India at Border will be at serious level.
Cuddalore will face Heavy rain shelling resulting could be flood.
Communal Clashes and very Big protests and issues at Uttar Pradesh  ,Madhya Pradesh and Varanasi  could be a possibility. 
Chennai will face brutal accidents. 
A spectacular surprise in the Earth is a possibility.

September to December

Heavy rain shelling will result flood in rivers across the world will cause  Unlimited Damages .

In Particular about 70% of Land part of Ceylon or Srilanka will go in to the Sea.
Major land part of Andaman Island ,Rameshwaram ,Vedaranyam,Tuticorin ,Kanyakumari will be Dragged  by Heavy Waves about 20 feet hight in sea. More than 7 Cyclone or storm is a possibility and result the above damages. Human Loss ,Loss to living things and loss to Nature could at very high level. 
Gujarat will get affected. Earth quake is a possibility.

Indonesia will get affected by heavy rain.

Karnataka will face zero or Minus degree chillness and human lives loss.
Continuous Heavy Rain shelling will shake Chennai in tamil Nadu in India.
Kalpakkam and Kudankulam will get badly affected.

Odisha State in India will be wiped out by flood.

Maharashtra State could face Heavy Damages due to Flood in Rivers and Sea and Thunder fall blast .

In Most of the countries Flood will affect in this period and result Huge Damages.

Flood in Thames River will wipe out more than 50% of London city is a possibility.

Air crash is a possibility. Rail accident could cause Huge Number of Human Lives loss. 

Earth quake in Andaman Island could be in Major level with very High destructions.

Regards and with Love.J.K.Sundararajan.

B J P Government by Mr.Modi , may please look in to this seriously to help people in poor

B J P Government by Mr.Modi , may please look in to this seriously to help people in poor

B J P Government by Mr.Modi , may please look in to this seriously to help people in poor by B J P  Government by Mr.Modi , may please look in to this seriously to help people in poor to allow enjoying entertainment!!!!! 

  People to pay a Minimum of Rs.99/- than only people in India can watch all FREE T V Channels at their Home. Other wise even free channels will not be relayed , in fact customer set of box account will be deactivated is the present practical truth.

In India Even to Watch Doordarshan Channels at Free People to pay Rs.99, than only Dish net work operators will keep the connection in connectivity. 
It means Free channels are converted as Paid channels and Government do not have concern about this serious issue. 
Poor employee after returned to home in the vening ,he will switch on Television,but he can not view any channels including DD Channels. only if he paid Rs.99 a Basic connection payment than only he could see Free Channels relayed in Television Net work. 
For example Vasanth TV ,Makkal TV.Kalignar TV Murasu TV ,Aljazeera TV,Rt tv ,DE TV ,France TV and many other Free channels are relayed ,but to watch those channels people in a Home must pay a minimum of Rs99/. I condemn this Exploitation by Dish Network relaying companies. I strongly recommend to by Mr.Modi to react on this, or Mr.Prakash Jawedekar -Minister for Broad casting and information services to react immediately to make people in India to witness to entertain Free Channels at Free of cost. Other wise if the present set up continues than it can be treated as Exploitation of a Consumer Right.
For correct this B J P Government to react with Television Channels relaying via Satellite using Dish connection and set of box to come to an under standing that all FREE Channels to be relayed at free with out any Deactivation and with out collecting single Rupee from any Home/House in India by any Dish Network Operating Companies and State Government Cable Operation. is a Must is my Recommendation. 

All these companies and State Government owned Cable Operation network can collect any amount as payment to witness or view  for paid channels only has to be arrived by Government of India is my strong recommendation.

In Doordarshan in all channels it relay that DD Dish will relay all Free channels at Free. But Most of the people in India installed Dish to get TV Channels via satellite and Cable connection for cable Tv is a well known fact to Doordarshan and Government of India

So Government to Discuss with Dish Net work operating companies to relay Free channels with out any interruption while people paid for   Dish connection with set of Box.

Government of India to provide DD Dish with set of Box at a very Low rate and to made available at all areas of the country. 

Each family pay Rs.100 to Rs.160 to Cable Tv or Dish TV and a average Indian age is 58 to 60 years. so an Indian Home paying about 2 Lakhs to watch Channels in televisionat their Home. This is an exploitation to People of India .

Also people while pay for Paid channels ,Television channels not to relay Advertisementswith out the permission of People. Advertisement's in between inall Entertainment's on every 15 minutes is an exploitation toconsumer rights. a consumer pay to companies to watch a Television Channel and a program. on that view/watch their should not be any interruption via advertisement's,But it happens so it is an exploitation to people and theyget stress on this act of Television channels.  

Above 2 lakhs paid for stress people spend money on Treatment and Medical .Where and how to get this expense reimbursed? No one will give answer.

with Love J.K.Sundararajan.

Right Meaning in my Recommendation for Divide and Rule application in Democracy in the world.Try this you will be more Happy

Right Meaning in my Recommendation for Divide and Rule application in Democracy in the world.Try this you will be more Happy.with love j.k.sundararajan

Right Meaning in my Recommendation for Divide and Rule  application in Democracy in the world.Try this you will be more Happy.with love j.k.sundararajan

my suggestion to

People in India or Indians Must select or elect as M.L.C,M.L.A.,and M.P's with Very Good Educational Back Ground. Let us watch and witness how a Government with Politician's with Very Good Educational Back Ground works with Executive,Judiciary and Parliament is a need of this Time.

M.L.C. category has to be vanished from Politics for ever in India is a must and need of the time.

Union Government through Bye Law from Parliament and Election Commission and Supreme court to declare that Each M.L.A. and M.P. must have traveled to their constituency from which He/she got elected for a minimum of 20 Times in a term of 5 years. And in That 20 times actions for welfare measures must have been committed and activated and completed on every Year in that 5 year term has to be made mandatory. From this more than 75% of the Constituency development fund has to be utilized  by each M.L.A. or M.P. of His/Her term in Office. 
I Hope Judiciary Parliament and Executive will agree on these below mentioned  ideas. Politician and Political party can prevail only if they adhere these type of workings is my strong recommendation.

My Suggestion to People in Tamil Nadu for the Next Assembly Election in May 2016:

 Apply Divide and Rule Policy  .

Farmers Association has to meet Political parties and try to get M.L.A seat for at least for 3 or 4 . work for the success and try to solve your issues by yourselves after becoming M.L.A. and Minister of your Department.

Traders Association has to try to avail 2 or 3 for your development purpose. Do Not elect others and allow one among you to contest for M.L.A and to work for your well being and to sort out your Needs in the Next % Year term THIS IS A MUST. 

Merchants need to select their own representatives and to try with political parties who may prefer to offer get it and work for the success and take responsibility as M.L.A.and a Minister and solve all your problems  your own focus establish the development of Merchandising. This includes right from Vegetable merchant trade to Gold Jewel sales.

Government servants ,N.G.O and other Trade Unions has to come forward to select their own representatives and to make He/She to be allowed to contest in M.L.A. election for which ,to approach political parties which ever allow to avail seat about 5 to 8 seats to be accepted and try to obtain success and solve your all issues by participating in Government and Governance. 

Industries small,medium large scale (sidco/tidco/,)  Industry owners Association must come forward to select few Persons from their Owners List Producers association ,try to take ride on Election and try to avail 10 to 20 seats from Political parties and work for the success and You can promote the Nation with huge employments and along with solutions to your Taxation and other problems by yourselves is a must.This include automobile Industry also.

 People Above than many more are still in my mind.

Let us grow with people of all Nation's.

Thanks and let us join together. 

God has to give amicable sense in Governance to Political parties in opposition to pass bills to favor people of India

  • PM seeks opposition help in passage of GST, other bills
  • 17:07 HRS IST
  • New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today made a fresh pitch for passage of GST and other legislations in the Rajya Sabha considering the "conducive atmosphere" that has been prevailing in Parliament this session with cooperation from the opposition. Like in the Lok Sabha last week, he was both conciliatory and mocking towards the opposition, particularly Congress, during his hour long reply to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President's address in the Upper House.
  • conducive atmosphere is not a possibility because of superiority complex exists in politician's of today can not be denied. if it is acceptable than Congress could have grown to the level of sky in the heart of people.

  • Congress till date not worked for People but it worked for its and its allies growth in Power and finance is the talk in press and media is known to us.

  • Now God has to give amicable sense in Governance to Political parties in opposition  to pass bills to favor people of India. . 

  • Employment to Huge Number of Less Educated can be created by Government of India. I strongly Recommend this as a must may please try to announce new plans for Employment. For example, Government can employ many less educated (up to 12 th failed or passed) can be employed via Employment Exchange( with out any corruption possibilities for getting employed is a must) in Civil supplies

    while we had 48 crores at the time of Independence  Government started civil supplies effected supplies to Fair Price shops to supply against Ration card to people . 
    But now India with 125 crore plus population strength,and now continuing the same method is not right

    so employ many less educated in to civil supplies to make small packets of food materials in civil supply ware houses. Than it has to be supplied to fair price shops . This will avoid the supplies in Gunny Bags with 100 or 200 kgs. In this leakage/shortage happens. Loading and unloading becomes difficult. Engaging Lorries to carry these products to Fair price shops can be avoided. Packed Food Materials can be transported through small vans which can travel in small streets where these fair price shops running. No to Traffic. People will come and pay the Money and collect their requirement's on presenting their ration card and crowd will be avoided. Easy going at ration shops will generate Happy in People and they fell happy about the Governance.
    Rice /Wheat can be packed in 5Kgs and sugar can be in 2Kg and others in 1Kg. So Fair price shops will be elevated or designed as departmental stores. Instead of Keeping Gunny Bags Fair price workers will find the Job easy.
    In Ultimate Politician's looting or Supplies for Duplicate Ration card can be stopped totally.
    Aadhar card must be endorsed with Ration Cards. so when children of any family while they started drawing Good revenue they can skip their Name from ration card by submitting a request or Government on finding such revenues in a family directly can Reduce the quantity/cut short the supplies. 
    This reformation is a must in India
    In Ultimate Employment to Huge Number of Less Educated can be created by Government of India. I strongly Recommend this as a must.