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Afghan Youth Empowerment Project to connect and interact with active youth from all parts of the world

The Afghan Women's Justice Project provides humane treatment and legal defense for Afghan women and children incarcerated for gender-based injustices.

World's oldest woman on record is 114 years old.

The world's oldest woman has officially been named as Misao Okawa, who is 114 years old and lives in the western Japanese city of Osaka.

Reward announced to catch the Killer's who Killed United States President

Reward announced to catch the Killer's who Killed United States President.yes , this the date in the History of  America a Black Day. Yes, United States Government announced Reward amounts to the informer's for catching the Brutal  Killers of Mr.Abraham Lincoln,United States President Of America.

The reward amount were $1 00 000.$50,000 and $25,000 for the head of three Accused Criminals who killed US President. These criminals who arranged themselves to have a near place with the United states President and they killed Mr.Abraham Lincoln who is a well wisher of People .


 what is going to happen to U.S. from July 2013? please read the following Posts which will carry this News!.

Election Result in Tripura state

Election Result in Tripura state

Yes the result will be a Bad one to Congress party . Tripura a small state in India and the people in this state today would have  shown their dis like on Congress Party , the result will be total wash out to Congress.

Congress will face a huge Pressure from all political parties this includes the allied parties in U P A today by this evening. 

Election result's in the sates today  will pave way for Next General election in India.

Nagaland and Megalaya Election Result Today!

Nagaland and Megalaya Election  Result Today!.  in India Election Results For The states of Nagaland and Megalaya is going to be a damaging Result and a washout to Congress . This Huge set Back in these states to Congress will make Congress to think about their mistakes.
In Megalaya a small relief may be felt in the success story of Congress. 

A great Come Back to Communist Party of India will a result will shock Congress.

Congress Party will have a major set back and about 90% of the Earlier records will be wiped out.


India must Handle this issue of Concern on Tamil Speaking People Lives Individually with Sri Lanka is a must!

India must Handle this issue of Concern on Tamil Speaking People Lives Individually with Sri Lanka is a must!

India must Handle this issue of Concern on Tamil Speaking People Lives Individually with Sri Lanka is a must!

It is not Necessary to go war against Sri Lanka ?.
Yes, Mahinda Rajapakse as President of Sri Lanka offered   poor administration which resulted in Killing of more than 40,000 Tamil Speaking Human Lives . In that many children last lives. The act of Sri Lankan army in that atrocities against Tamil Speaking people at Sri Lanka reflected that Sri Lankan army person 's  was confirming that most of them were Brutals and failed to have Humanity is a concern.

In my blogs I published these Photo's showing killing of innocent Tamil people at Sri Lanka posted from Channel 4 Television,and this was not responded properly at that time. Now Member of Parliament from all Political parties in both Houses were shouting for the living of Tamil People Now  at Sri Lanka. This is also Right.

But It does not mean union Government to go on war on SriLanka. International Organizations must be forced to remove Mahinda Rajapakse from Presidential Office,either bu exile or personal resignation. Please accept, till you have Mahinda RajaPakse as President of Sri Lanka we can not do anything for Tamil Speaking People at Sri Lanka. Our Government sent many benefits ,welfare measure's for to help and support the deceased/abandoned  people/ Families in Tamil Speaking People at Sri Lanka. 

Politician's of any party or Union Government can not confirm the reach about the Benefits to people who deserve. 

Instead of joining hands with International Countries in this matter , India need to handle this delicate issue lonely is a must is my view.
First Union Government and Politicians in India must care the Refugees in Tamil Nadu   , arrived at Tamil Nadu coastal regions as abandoned by providing all needs to them to have shelter,food,clothing  with a safe landing /returning to their Homes at Sri Lanka is a must is my view. 
Why because now at this stage we can not believe the present Government at Sri Lanka and which will not work for the Welfare of Tamil Speaking People who remains their as deceased . In fact Sri Lanka Government may try to kill Tamil Speaking people further by allowing them to struggle for their Survival. so survival of them Must be a great Concern to Indians and People in Tamil Nadu.
for this sending Peace keeping force in any form is not at all a meaningful way. 
we Indians Must Send back all refugees at Tamil Nadu ,back to their Home  who arrived from Sri Lanka to their survival with all necessaries to Live with safety.
than by arranging these units to take the responsibility to hand over all welfare measures to the remaining  Tamil speaking people who continue to be in struggle for survival. This is a First Move is a must.
For this Union Government of India must Generate Huge Force on Sri Lanka Government and Its President to accept for this welfare  Moves on Humanitarian Grounds. If International authorities were allowed/asked /supported to declare a Financial /business Dead Locks  which in turn will create further trouble /risks to the Lives of Tamil speaking People at Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Government will not care about our People Blood Their. In Doing Politics Sri Lankan Government will further crush Our Tamil Speaking Origin Living at Sri Lanka would be a practical matter we could witness is a possibility is my view. 
So India must Handle this issue of Concern on Tamil Speaking People Lives  Individually  with Sri Lanka is a must!.

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getpaid atLink: Govt: Specific alert was sent to Hyderabad yesterd...

getpaid atLink: Govt: Specific alert was sent to Hyderabad yesterd...: Govt: Specific alert was sent to Hyderabad yesterday morning  Now this alert has to be analyzed first. while the information from Intell...

Govt: Specific alert was sent to Hyderabad yesterday morning

Govt: Specific alert was sent to Hyderabad yesterday morning

 Now this alert has to be analyzed first. while the information from Intelligence went right , on the seriousness of the issue why Government of Andra Pradesh failed to care?

Is the negligence of Andhra Pradesh Congress Government and Congress Government by UPA ,than it may be  a plan to create fear to Telangana protester's?.God only Knows!.

  Union Government information alert to state Government at Andra Pradesh state in time  ,but it failed to care,so is their any plan to Dismiss the State Government for the irresponsible reaction which claimed about 20 Lives?

Their may be a motto of the Union Government to smash the importance of All India Trade Union's Strike for reasonable demands  for 2 Days went successful but it created a loss of 26000 crore ,a statistics say. So is this a Diversion?God only knows!


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getpaid atLink: Vijay T V - neeya naana Gopi - Time has come to M...

getpaid atLink: Vijay T V - neeya naana Gopi - Time has come to M...: Vijay T V - neeya naana Gopi marriage - Mr.Gopinath   A very Popular person Mr.Gopinath who generated many Programme on many Topics on the h...

getpaid atLink: Law - Judgment Day to criminals allied to Sandal ...

getpaid atLink: Law - Judgment Day to criminals allied to Sandal ...: Law - Judgment Day  to criminals allied to Sandal wood smuggler Veerappan  ! Kind attention Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir .   Veerappan is no...

getpaid atLink: Economy ,Business - Delhi completely Blocked - Bra...

getpaid atLink: Economy ,Business - Delhi completely Blocked - Bra...: Brace for a 2-day nationwide trade unions' strike from today This blocked the capital of India. Delhi completely Blocked   the Movement's...

Economy ,Business - Delhi completely Blocked - Brace for a 2-day nationwide trade unions' strike from today

Brace for a 2-day nationwide trade unions' strike from today

This blocked the capital of India. Delhi completely Blocked  the Movement's.

The permitted strike is itself a sign of Poor performance of UPA Government by Mr.Man Mohan singh. Being he himself ex Governor of Reserve Bank and could not sort out the real demands  by discussions. in Particular he did not participated in the Talks/Negotiations.

Politicians were not remembering that they are fixed for a position for a said term and they did not care about people welfare as soon they took oath of office is the existing Practice. This Concept  should change in India.

NEW DELHI: The financial and transport sectors are likely to be hit as the nation braces for a two-day strike called by major trade unions protesting against high prices, unemployment and the labour policies.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had earlier appealed to the trade unions not to go on strike. Prime Minister  must learn that he is also a part of the society and he could part in the Negotiations. leaving the work with People and working at other matters is not at all a Good Governance 
Strike going to cause a loss of 40,000 crore to Indian economy!. so Such strikes must be blocked before it starts with proper developments leaving solutions to the issues is a must.
Present Government by UPA failed in this, so Political parties in India now go with a demand to President of India to Dissolve the Parliament. If Politicians are People oriented than all must get United for the welfare of the Country and people ,which is the need today.
Thanks. .

Law - Judgment Day to Tamil Nadu Secretariat

Law - Judgment Day to Tamil Nadu Secretariat
This is a crucial Judgment today expected from Judiciary by Tamil Nadu Government.

Yes, New Secretariat building built at the cost of Public Money occupying huge land portion on Anna salai by ex D M K government was an Unnecessary one. That building was constructed to remove the Name of Rajaji from the People Talk.
Court may direct Tamil nadu Government to go for a open bid, than Huge Money can be availed  and in turn which can be utilized for People welfare measures.for example people may be allowed to buy essentials like Milk and electricity were at very cheap rates.

Other wise Court may allow the Complex to be converted to an Hospital at High quality like AIIMS. (All India Institute of Medical Science and research). This is also a good move by Government of Tamil Nadu. look at the building , now itself the fixed granite and illuminations were coming out/likely to fell.
Poor quality of the building. 

above all ,  My View and Opinion to Hon.Supreme Court Judge/any court Judge  is,
This new building  now   with the Metro railway rail constructions on all side. This is a danger. Security lapse is the main reason ,on which this Building could be justified to go for the conversion as Hospital to care people at feasible rate and Huge facilities.

Law - Judgment Day to criminals allied to Sandal wood smuggler Veerappan

Law - Judgment Day  to criminals allied to Sandal wood smuggler Veerappan  ! Kind attention Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir .  
Veerappan is not a social activist or not a Normal Human from our society.

Verrappan and his Gang looted the Natural resources. 
He and his Team Caused Damages not only to People but also to Nature. so The team which works against Humanity and against Nature or collapsing nature must be Hanged
People talk in say that ,Though stay released by court today Judge will definitely issue an order to hang these criminals. Few of the supporters to these people were from Politicians and Business people who got enriched their wealth in those days is the vested interest in demanding the court not to hang these criminals.
I think Supreme court Judge will go with People talk and Justice.

Vijay T V - neeya naana Gopi - Time has come to Mr.Gopinath to foget totally this word Neeya Naana in his Home!

Vijay T V - neeya naana Gopi marriage - Mr.Gopinath   A very Popular person Mr.Gopinath who generated many Programme on many Topics on the heading Neeya Naana in Vijay T V  , which is a well known subject and eye Opener to us.
Now a glorious and Happy Moment in his life started , that is His Marriage/wedding. This is the weeding Photo of this Gentle Man Mr.Gopinath. I strongly recommend that Mr.Gopi must forget
Vijay T V - neeya naana Gopi  - Time has come to Mr.Gopinath to forget totally this word Neeya Naana in his Home! 

His Relatives and Friends would have joined in this celebration and blessed this couple.

as a fan to him , we need to congratulate him .   Now he is promoted   from Bachelor to Family Man . a Promotion in social life.        
I Love and like  this Gentleman . He is good in his efforts in Vijay TV . I like to wish him a Happy Married Life. I wish all the angels in upfront to come to support in his Growth .A good Human with us from  Media . Good Luck and Good wishes.

science and Technology - One-minute World News

science and Technology  - One-minute World News
 Ever growing Danger  from science and Technology to people in the  world in particular to south east Asia from Korea(north Korea) is to be attended by Leaders on priority in issues. U N O , may please to take steps  to stop such further development's , Off course it may  be delicate  Mr.Banki Moon  - Sec,Gen,U N O why because he is a citizen from Korea, But I believe that he is a Human To our Human world on the earth. The time has come to attend this issue as a prime most.

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Devotional DVD AT LOW PRICE -Swami Gnanananda Giri - Life History

Swami Gnanananda Giri - Life History

Religion - H.H.Chandrasekara sarawathy

BBC News 6 hours ago ! Asteroid 2012 DA 14 in record breaking Earth pass

BREAKING : Asteroid 2012 DA 14 in record breaking Earth pass
watch this development. Thanks to 


Meteorite Hits Russia With Force Of An Atomic Bomb!!!!

Meteorite Hits Russia With Force Of An Atomic Bomb!!!!

getpaid atLink: Next General election may be in Middle of April or...

getpaid atLink: Next General election may be in Middle of April or...: Next General election may be in Middle of April or in First week of May 2013! . immediately after Budget Presented or with out Budget Prese...

Next General election may be in Middle of April or in First week of May 2013!.

Next General election may be in Middle of April or in First week of May 2013!.
immediately after Budget Presented or with out Budget Presentation Present Parliament likely to get Dissolve.
This session is not like earlier sessions, This session is important with Railway and Financial Budget's.
so B.J.P. and Communist's and other Political parties  withdrawal of  their support to UPA may certainly create a way to fail in run the Parliament.
Mr.Mulayam singh was telling that his party likely to with draw its support, But with the accidents and Untoward incidents at Allahabad on the occasion of Vasantha Panchami/Kumbamela ,his son Akilesh Yadav Government is struggling to survive on Law and Order Mulayam singh totally Out of Race to challenge Congress lead UPA Government, and he can not with draw his smajawadi party support.
If Congress sent out P.J.Kurien than Budget's will get presented is the situation.

what is the wrong and irresponsible answer by a Congress Chief Minister made an end to Congress Rule at Tamil nadu ?

Today in a press ,media questions in sun TV Mr. E,V,K,S,Elangovan not answered in a Normal manner  he used to be.

Let me tell the Question by SUN TV Anchor .
Why Kamaraj could not able to establish Congress Rule in Tamil Nadu after 1967?

My View and answer to this question is :
Mr.Kamaraj was deceived by Mrs.Indira Gandhi is a well Known Matter.
In 1967 in a Public Meeting the respond to people by the than Congress Chief Minister Late Mr.Bakthavatchalam was went wrong , and it was the prime Reason How D M K lead By Mr.C.N.Anna Durai could catch the Power in Tamil nadu!.
What is the Reply/respond by the than late Chief Minister Mr.Bakthavatchalam was , while people shown angrily the Poor Quality of Rice with worms supplied at Ration Shops to the chief Minister Late Mr.Bakthavatchalam , the following reply late Mr.Bakthavatchalam said to People, that is ,Put Hot water in Rice and all worms will die and float on the top of the Hot water than once again put fresh hot water in to that rice to cook it.
This is the wrong and irresponsible answer by a Congress Chief Minister made an end to Congress Rule at Tamil nadu ?..

He could have told that because of severe famine,Severe water shortage ,cultivation was restricted and their by No Rice stock available, even though we will take action to import and replace the quality rice supply at Ration shops shortly ,must be a good answer is my Opinion/view/recommendation. 

In this Rajaji worked in favor of D M K and he did not supported to Congress.

5. Congress and its leaders  last its confidence in people of Tamil Nadu than they started join hands with Either D.M.K. or A.I.A.D.M.K. in General elections is a wrong Move. Than it has become a slave practice to it.

6. The Only Leader had courage in facing people from Congress was Late Mr.G.K.Moopanar. who told and focused Pressure on All India National Congress Party Leader that Congress must not ride on others and this idea must come to an end.After the death of a Political Giant Late Mr.M.G.R. G.K.Moopanar had interest to promote Congress to its original shape is also true.
But it was not properly responded,so Late Mr.G.K.Moopanar started its own Political Party called T M C with Cycle Logo contested in Elections. after his death/demise Once again Congress leaders like K.V.Thanga Balu started congress ride on  D.M.K. or A.I.A.D.M.K. Banners. Congress believed that it can ruin these parties by joining hands with them is also an ideology.

7. On Date D.M.K. Last its Values in people because of its interest on LTTE of Sri Lanka is also True.

8. Now D.M.K. depends /looking for D M D K ,P M K , V.C., and M D M K. all join together can not frame a Pressure on A.I.A.D.M.K. is also True. But Congress and B J P as National Parties Must contest individually in all 535 Constituencies will add  values to Democacy is also True.
In Tamil Nadu  doing Politics between Dravidian Parties is not existing. Both parties working  on separate    Tracks and ideology. Present Politics  totally differs and it is not like Politics lead by Mr.M.G.R. and Mr.Karunanidhi.of that time in Good Under standing is also true?.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


CINE ACTRESS Anoushka Shankar says she was sexually abused . 

Recently her father warded Grammy award .
 Anoushka Shankar, musician and daughter of the legendary Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar, has admitted she was sexually abused as a child .

In a video to support a global campaign to end violence against women - One Billion Rising - she said the abuse had been by "a man my parents trusted".

Ms Anoushka Shankar said she had suffered "groping, touching and verbal abuse".
There has been growing outrage in India at the treatment of women after the fatal gang rape of a woman in December.


Aatma Official Theatrical Trailer 


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politics - Congress on corruption charges in Purchasing Italian made Helicopter's

UPA government again struck at Corruption charges , but Defense Minister said that appropriate actions ordered to execute the investigation by C B I. an office completely working as per UPA Government orders handing one more corruption issue on UPA government is shocking Indians.
Communist and other parties were now planning to go for No Confidence Motion as a first move of this parliament session. Budget's both Railway and Finance were may not be allowed to announce by Opposition, why because Both the Budget's were likely a common Man (welfare)Budget? .

so it is a Good Move by Punishing the Criminals ,and with drawl of DMK support ,UPA Can allow the Parliament to Dissolve by a request to President Of India! .
An allied party D.M.K. may likely to withdraw  its support to UPA for the expected Hanging Order's to LTTE Rebellion's who were under Investigation and in prison for the Brutal assassination Case of Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi - a Good Prime Minister. President of India may likely to Disqualify the plea/appeal of these prisoners belongs to LTTE who were on the Charges of  a Congress leader and Prime Minister Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi !.

People talk in India says that Hanging Order's to these prisoner's was very mush delayed. This is a wrong Governance by UPA. UPA could not pass the order through Judiciary , why because , it says , DMK an allied in UPA is showing itself a strong supporter to LTTE Policies,and if the order issued by Judiciary than as an immediate effect D.M.K. will with draw its alliance from UPA with out fail is the expectation. so to have Power with Congress this Hanging Order and President denying the request   may be in delay is also in People Talk .
People Talk say if the President and Judiciary Love India  as their Mother Country than why for an Indian Innocent Prime Minister brutally Killed case why  delaying decision  further?

President Pranab Mukherjee rejects mercy pleas . Whereas on charged Criminals in Prison on Late Rajiv Gandhi assassination case were sent plea   to Ex President of India Mrs.Prathiba devi singh Patil was denied and were not Hanged by Jailer's , why? 

getpaid atLink: Home Improvement

getpaid atLink: Home Improvement: Construction – civil engineering Proper construction SITE practice Before construction wok commences on site the following majo...

Home Improvement

Construction – civil engineering

Proper construction SITE practice

Before construction wok commences on site the following major issues need to be addressed.

Availability of properly trained workers and qualified supervisors,

Site engineer must have design drafting and construction records accessible.,

Provision of adequate storage area for material to be used.,

A safe access to be secured fr personnel, equipment and materials.,

Established method of statement and execution program discussed and approved by the parties.

Review of weather conditions likely to effect the construction

Use of  an appropriate materials

Choice and application of water proofing system approved with the present highest standards.

Decide Use of approved asphalt rod with the specifications required

My Disclosure Policy

My Disclosure Policy
My Disclosure Policy This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. We believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post will be clearly identified as paid or sponsored content.The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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getpaid atLink: LifeStyle and Shopping Technology with coupons!: You are all can get in to system. While going for system normally people buy assembled one than the branded one. This is wrong. Go for br...

LifeStyle and Shopping Technology with coupons!

You are all can get in to system. While going for system normally people buy assembled one than the branded one. This is wrong. Go for branded ; in market if you are going for assembled computer than please go for Intel mother board etc like materials from branded company.
A jazz lodges a transcript below a defensive hello.

Since brands from china and Japan are also branded, but the price charged are branded company prices. So be careful.

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The childhood days are really the happiest time in any human life.see here how the children are enjoying.

Media - Syria a big Store of main chemical weapon's!

   Report: Site of Syria strike was main chemical weapon's research hub
WASHINGTON – The site of the alleged Israeli strike in Syria last week was the country's main biological and chemical weapons research center, the New York Times reported Monday. Citing "senior US security sources," the newspaper said that the center ...
Israel Hints at Responsibility for Syria AirstrikeTIME
Israeli airstrike in Syria targeted a shipment of weapons, 2 US officials sayWashington Post
Israel suggests responsibility for airstrike on Syria, as Assad warns forces ready ...Fox News
New York Times -Wall Street Journal -Voice of America

Simran Fight with Vijay in SUN TV -stumbled ! - Entertainment

Simran Fight with Vijay in  SUN TV -stumbled !

Free - cultural programme

Religion - God is Universal , Omnipotent and Omnipresent!

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Who will succeed Pope Benedict XVI?

Who will succeed Pope Benedict XVI?

Possibilities  to a Latin American could succeed Pope Benedict XVI.

Look at my Prediction,went right once again!.

This is my Prediction. Thanks.

Off course this is a very good development in History of Vatican Church after 600 years,and we must appreciate our Father Pope Benedict XVI on this regard.

A religious leader and a political Leader must have an age limit to be in office and it must be a mandatory!

Since Pope Benedict XVI is aged he could not able to make trips to many countries and many places of the world.

Covering Many places of this world to a Maximum will enable to reach Christianity and its grand values to the Minds of people on the earth. This is a Must to a Holy Father in service
After Pope John Paul, Pope could not able to join with people on Earth in many Parts is a sorrowful issue. 

So As
a Pope ,from Vatican Church he must run around the world Nations on every day.for this his health must permit to do so. so Retirement to a Pope is to be created a mandatory on age ,. Maximum age may be fixed as 75 will do allow many person in religious matters to occupy the Highest Honor is also correct is my view. Many people like me on the earth longing for blessings from Pope, it has been made as not reachable at the moment. So , if Pope happened to tour to many places ,why because people like me can not visit Vatican due poorness, he could bless people like me . People looking for blessings for a Good and cultured life. Thanks.

Religious leaders must not focus on pleasures.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

getpaid atLink: Caste/Religion's must be allowed to continue its e...

getpaid atLink: Caste/Religion's must be allowed to continue its e...: Caste/Religion's must be allowed to continue its entity in India is a must!  Yes, Politics and Religion's were must be with two separate e...

Web page -Barack H. Obama is the 44th President of the United States

  news to American President - earlier in 2008

my dear people of this world and in particular my dear American people , i like submit my opinion about American president election tomorrow.the result going to be Mr. Barack Obama is going to be the next president of America. His victory is all ready predicted by me to new york times and Washington post  ..

my greetings and best wishes to Mr.BARACK OBAMA -FOR A GREAT SUCCESS IN HIS ALL ENDEAVORS.
INDIAN CITIZEN. 3.11.2008 22.35PM.
this is my earlier post in 2008 not been reciprocated. all right.
 But my Present Secret News to Barack H Obama once again - a Humble request:
Hi to Mr.President in White House Today with White House staff.
You have finished a term  of 4 (2008 -2012)Years in Office with massive results in bringing/changing the crisis in the Nation ,this includes Financial crisis of that time as 44th President of Unites states of America from Presidential Office.
Now you are the 45th President won in the election and occupied the Presidential office .
But you and your white House staff ,why delay to update the first line of your Official website Page.
The first line is  ,Barack H. Obama is the 44th President of the United States.  This must be changed as either 45th President of United States / 44,45th President of United States
I humbly request you(white House staff) to Update this change in Your Front Page of your official web Page. Please dear.
with Love J.K.sundararajan.

Caste/Religion's must be allowed to continue its entity in India is a must!To B J P

Caste/Religion's must be allowed to continue its entity in India is a must!
 Yes, Politics and Religion's were must be with two separate entity to have role in Developing social life.
Politicians /Politics and Religion's must be separated  is mandatory, and the time has come for that in India and across the World to strengthen the Human society.
 Society is a division of Politics and Religion's.Both Must be separated like a family, in family how individuals with entity and in total as a family .Both must be Independent but dependent on each other.

To differentiate and where to keep which  of this two is to be understood/Knowledged/educated  properly is a need today!.
Politics with an Entry at Street and exit at your Door step of your Home.
Religion with an entry at your Home and stops at the exit is at your door step of Your Home

so At your Door step of Your Home Religion's end and Politics Begin!.

People belongs to any religion or caste can be allowed /permitted as a right to do their rituals/conventions/customs of their religion's with their God.This would be in the street and in the area of Living strictly with out affecting /harming any other people in the same living area is to be maintained.So before a function /celebration of a custom People in a living area must have their own discussions and dialogues to arrange the celebration a Grand one.This apply to all caste's/religions. 
For this Politicians as a first step to create Human security offices to guard the rituals and functions.This must be similar to Police who guard the social life.
Politics which begin at your door step of your Home , do not own any religion or caste. While you step down to the street ,it is called as society. Society is a combination of all people belongs to many caste's. so where is the need of religion? so Government must emphasize this to Politicians and to people and to form all Prescribed forms with out caste or religion . Government record does not need the detail about religion or caste is a status is the need of today in India. Government only can do /bring changes in our social life.

India Against Caste ! BJP Manifesto - India Against Caste - General election!

India Against Caste  
BJP Manifesto - India Against Caste - General election!

For example in India in Tamil nadu state a  political party well known as D.M.K.  say always crushes Forward Communities and exclusively supports  Backward communities.

Actually for this purpose, to establish a strong social structure in social life of India RajaGopachari the first and the last governor general of India also known as Rajaji took all initiatives and founded this D.M.K. with the first president/Leader ship of Mr.E.V.K.Sampath to save people of India from Congress is the truth.Rajaji being a congress man and Freedom fighter might had confrontation with Mr.Nehru on that time is also True.

But in actual we could not found any major development's in Dravidian people life in India. a people talk in India from Politicians say that D.M.K. means Mr. Dravidian Muthuvel Karunanidhi / a party for a n Individual / or for a single Family welfare is also a Popular Talk in People of Tamil nadu after 2G scam.

But let us look at my view and Opinion:
Now Tamil Nadu and India needs to get rid of Caste Banner on People of India.
what to be done for this?
First to remove Forward and Backward community as a data base for the social development in people is a must in  need.

Second, People has to be segregated on economical status. Revenue to a family in a month or a in a day has to be fixed as a Base!.
For example, Today  , a person in India ,need a minimum of Rs.500 to meet out the cost of Living and to run a family for 30days in a month the requirement is about Rs.15,000/= so Government may fix a base as Rs.14,999.99 and people who all on this or under this slab than all to be granted all benefits of the Government has become a mandatory today.
If ,Government propose to plan for this economical revolution than it is easy to take India on Top in the World in all Matters.

Here on this social revolution , you will not see any Politician/Political party could protest / cut Trees /create damage to any natural resources in any part of the country.
and further in the Name of Backward classes looting their benefits by Government can be blocked with immediate effect. for example, we people got distributed Color Television at Free and we are enabled to watch Television in all Home , Good,But the fund being brought in to pay from the reserved fund available in accumulated in ,and allocated by Union Government for the developments of   scheduled casts and Tribes is also a message in People talk
any how, to the world a message from this we absorbed is Dravidian People social development is not executed properly by Government's Ruled in India so the expected  development not arrived and it is an exploitation to our Human society.
at the same time Now over 60 years of Independence with all benefits provided to communities were all not being developed,why because those benefits might have been looted /enjoyed by few. Now we find most of people in Forward communities in Poor and in Poverty status.
ultimately we Indians need a Government approval and agree to bring social reforms ,prime must be India against Caste.

For this from Birth certificate to death certificate
in Government records their should be No Clause/provision for mentioning caste/religion in any prescribed forms issued by Government of India.
This is a revolution is a need. The time has come for this,BJP must show interest in this on their Manifesto.
Government only can bring revolutions and reformation in social life of people.
Next ,in India Christians and Islam people must not be indicated as Minorities. while accounting people of India on Have's and Have No's This change is also a Mandatory

So People in India   must say that they are Indians on any reference like Americans,Japanese,Russians,Arabians etc.

Mr.Karunanidhi Prove once again ,a Good Politician But Selvi J.Jayalalithaa continues to be a Human in Politicians!To the Knowledge of people about the Truth about LTTE !tear the screen on the Face of D M K?

Mr.Karunanidhi Prove once again ,a Good Politician But Selvi J.Jayalalithaa continues to be a Human in Politicians!

To the Knowledge of people  about the Truth about LTTE !
Yes, the present status which has not availed keen interest by Press and Media after the death of L T T E Leader Mr.Prabakaran is a surprise to people of this world!.

Sri Lankan Army under the command of Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse collapsed Prabakaran and claimed Huge Innocent Tamil speaking People Lives is known to all. But in that attack ,support of Government of India in terms of Military assistance in Training Sri Lankan army people can  not be denied.
In India the real situation on L T T E leader Prabakaran was ,Union Government claimed to Sri Lankan President and Government to Hand over Prabakaran to India,why because He was the prime criminal in the assassination of Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi -Prime Mnister of That time and a Good statesman. we people know that D M K was against Congress at that time is also in the History/records. D.M.K. involvement being suspected in that Brutal attack on a Indian Prime Minister at Tamil Nadu.But it was cleared that D.M.K. was not involved in that assassination is also True. To take revenge on Prabakaran by UPA Chair Person Mrs.Sonia Gandhi wife of Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi was also Natural. Most of the Indians agreed this View of Congress demanding Prabakaran to be investigated by Supreme court of India and to be punished on Truthfulness in the matter.
also their was a rumor in India said two news. That is , Late Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi sent Indian Peace Keeping Force is absolutely wrong . In this Regard D.M.K. claimed this as offense in many meetings in those days to be remembered.
Also Norway sent his Delegates to establish  was also told as a wrong Move, why because this initiation was to find out where Prabakaran exactly live is the Truth understood after the death of Prabakaran is also True.

Actually we find world Leaders were not interested in any form of Terrorism on any Grounds by any one/Group is the Normal existence.
Also to Note, their was a rumor that  Few I P K F from India Misbehaved with women in Tamil Militants,which created a violence in the mind of them and the result is Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi Death was the Information in rumor can not be cornered with out knowing the truth in that is my view.  Will D M K ready to take this issue on its shoulder's to investigate the Truth?.
So ultimately the above actions were treated as Right by world .

Now we need to think  about one thing. that is why D M K leaders supported the killing of Tamil Speaking people in Sri Lanka ,How? D,M,K, as a allied force in UPA Government in the present two Terms of Government and took part as a silent tool/mission  in the Killing of Tamil Speaking people is understood by Tamil speaking people at Sri Lanka. also people boarded at Tamil Nadu as refugees from Sri lanka were also dead against the Policies of D M K Leader Mr.Karunanidhi is also True/fact.
Just with few Tamil literates/lecturers/professor  like S.P.Veera Pandian does not mean that Tamil speaking people live/survive  at Sri Lanka and in Tamil Nadu  are well respected or treated well by D.M.K.. As per the Tamil Speaking People of Sri Lanka ,they were totally against the Policies and even with the TESO development's are told as a well arranged Drama /Gimmicks by D.M.K. is Exactly true information's from them(speak to them). Now Media and press may interview / analyze this people and their feelings to reveal further the truth in this issue.
This will tear the screen on the Face of D M K is also True is also a opinion in People Talk in India
D.M.K. does not talk about its ideas on people welfare measures but it always talk about Selvi J.Jayalalithaa,it means D.M.K. do not have any Proposals on people welfare schemes through UPA is also True.