Friday, October 30, 2009


Hi, my dear visitors and followers, nice to see you staying connected. Here is message letting you know Commercial. As per shopping establishment Act or in commercial you should have these following documents at the business premises. You will be having knowledge about this, if not kindly consult your Tax consultant to help you in this regard. The documents will be checked by commercial officer of the government  are ,

Shops & Establishment Act --

1. Registration of the Establishment

2. Daily and weekly working hours.

3. Annual Leave with wages

4. Maintenance of Register – to be purchaded

. National &Festival Holidays Act & Rules -----

5. No. of National and festival Holidays to be declared

6. The intimation of the National & Festival Holidays to the concern to be sent.

7. Registers to be maintained

8. Profession Tax

9. Minimum wages Act &rules – wages payable& registers to be maintained.

10. Employees state Insurance (E S I)

11.  Trade License

12. Exhibits

13. Security.

The said formalities to be finished while opening commercial operation of a Branch.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

European Union

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Here is a message letting you know European Union.

To be the next chair person in chair to European Union many contest. In which the competition may be between Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Luxembourgian Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker have, among others, been suggested as possible candidate forerunners.

Very bright opportunity and verdict may be in favor of former British Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair is my Prediction. Hope God's verdict will be the same.    Leader with courage, openness and   humanitarian minded is excessive in level with Tony Blair among other leaders in competence.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Is P M S a common Problem?

Hi, my dear viewer's , follower's and broad casting friends please stay connected .Thank you for your visits. Here is a message letting you know Is P M S a common Problem?. As many as 8 out of 10 women have P M S. ( P M S - premenstrual syndrome). 1 to 5 percent of women experience serious symptoms, severe enough to interfere with their work and social lives. I t becomes less severe with age and after pregnancy.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What to do for Strong Bones ?

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Here is a message letting you know,What to do for Strong Bones ? here is the answer. REOSTO is a strong herbal formula works for strong Bones. Reosto is an herbal formula with natural calcium .phytoestrogens,and vitamin D - like substances , which are useful in preventing osteoporosis and related fractures. It slows down bone loss and strengthen bones by increasing bone density. It's composition minimizes the risk of fracture from osteoporosis in individuals at risk.

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Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi my dear follower's and viewer's  here is a message letting you know Clarina. Do not worry when you have any acne problem please apply this cream to get rid of that acne immediately. this a herbal preparation and no side effects.Clarina clears acne effectively and safely.Clarina has antimicrobial properties that help control infection in acne. Its cooling and soothing properties relieve burning sensation and itching,and make facial skin soft and supple.

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Women's Health

Hi my dear follower's and viewer's here is a message letting you know Women's Health. Women are a major performer in all families. So to take care of her health is most important .The herbal preparation Evecare ensures complete uterine care. Evecare regularizes the menstrual cycle and controls excessive pain. It increases the chances of conception and its hematinic properties are helpful in anemia. 

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hardworking are rewarded

 Hi, my dear viewer's and follower's please stay connected. I look for the same support from you. Here is a message letting you know Hardworking are rewarded. Now for the hard working and steps towards to reinstate financial stability and Global Peace Mr. Barack Obama awarded Nobel Prize.
Once up on a time there was a poor servant girl, who was industrious and loved cleanliness. Everyday she dusted the house and shook out the sweepings on the great heap before the door. One morning, just as she was going to throw them away, she saw a letter lying among them, and as she could not read, she put her broom in a corner, and took it to her master. It contained an invitation from the elves, asking the girl to stand god mother to one of their children. The girl did not know what to do, but at last after much consideration, she consented, for the little men would not easily take a refusal. So there came three elves, who conducted her to allow mountain where they lived. Every thing was very small of course, but all more neat and elegant than one could tell. The mother lay in a bed of ebony studded with pearls, and the coverings were all wrought with gold; the cradle was made of ivory and the bath was of gold. The girl stood godmother, and afterwards wished to return home, but the little elves pressed her earnestly to stay three days longer. At the end of the time she prepared to return home, but first they filled her pockets with gold and then led her out of the hill. As soon as she reached the house, she took broom, which still stood in the corner, and went on with her sweeping; and presently out of the house came some strange people, whop asked her who she was, and what she was doing there. Then she found that it was not three days, as she had supposed, but seven years, that she had passed with the little elves in the hill. But now she had enough gold, to spend the rest of her life in peace.

The story teaches us;
“people who are hardworking, are rewarded in the end.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Triphala strengthens weak digestion and exerts and chebulic and Belliric Myrobalans. Triphala is non-habit forming, and does not disturb the intestinal flora. You will be out of Constipation problem. You will have hair growth and hair nourishment. Eye power will be so strong in old age also. Herbs are gathered from forests in a sustainable way or cultivated in a natural bio-friendly environment.

Please visits to India to view this extraordinary value of India.

This has high value and role in Indian cultural heritage. To have hand in this cultural heritage please make your business trips to India. 

Thank you for shopping the herbal medicines is a part of your health care.

I would highly recommend this herbal medicine from Ayurveda/unani/siddha/Homeopathy to you because “No side effects”.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi, my dear viewer's here is a message letting you know YAJUR VEDA -AN OUTLINE. The word Yajus is derived from the root "yaj", which means worship. The words yajna  is also derived from it.Just as the word 'Rig' itself means a hymn in praise,so also the word yajus connotes spelling out the ritualistic procedure of the yajna.true to its name, the chief purpose of yajur veda is to give the mantras in rig veda appearing in the form of hymna a pracrtical shape in the form of yajna or worship. Yajur veda also refers to many mantras in hymn form from the rig veda. In addition, it describes in prose the procedural details for the performance of different yajnas. Rig veda helps in chanting the praise by hymn. Yajur veda helps in the actual performance of yajnas using these hymns and mantras.

this is an out line of Yajur Veda.


Hi ,my dear viewer's heree is a message letting you know Bhavaanitvam.When the devotee saying Bhavaanitvam, he was only addressing the Diving mother by calling her Bhavaani, and invoking her grace , through the expression can also be interpreted as meaning ,May I become you". It is this merger with the supreme that the mother granted as soon as she heard the words "bhavaanitvam." The siginificance of this verse is that one imbued with true devotion gets things unasked.

The saayujya the devotee attains by her grace is the condition of supreme saanti, like that which rivers attain when they merge in to ocean. The same condition of peace and bliss is reached by the bhakta who starting from dvaita bhaava reaches saayujya or oneness with Isvara through her grace.

Try this and get the gerace of Bhavaani.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hi my dear viewer's and friends , here is a message letting you know ,Renovation of SRIRANGAM TEMPLE. Tirumangai Alwar ultimately settled down in srirangam and spent a huge fortune to carry out an elaborate renovation of sri Ranganadha shrine. For this purpose,he ceaselessly went round collection donation from the rich.In particular,the seven beautiful "Prakarams" (ramparts) and massive walls took shape thanks to this  Alwar's efforts.

Of the 108 Vaishnava Tirupathi's,forty were visited and sung by Thirumangai Alwar. One of them is slagrama kshetram in far off Nepal,nestling amidst the snow-covered wilderness of the Himalayas. Even today, iwth the availability of modern transport facilities,this shrine is extremely difficult to visit.

The saga of Thirumangai Alwar is illustrative of the concept of praptti (sarangathi), providing the fact that he who sincerely repents his amoral past and turns a new leaf, qualities for the Lord's grace. True remorse and steadfast austerity are the redeeming forces,which truth is amply illustrated in the story of tirumangai Alwar.Let his illustrious life illuminate our minds and actions.