Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lovers of pleasure

Hi to my dear friends,followers,and readers here is a message about Lovers.
The hearts and souls of the lovers of Allah take solace and comfort in the thought of attaining the pleasure of glancing at his Noble conntenance in Jannah as promised in The Holy Qur'an Majeed.
 But the unfortunate wretch, that is tricked and decieved by shaitaan into admiring the vanishing beauty of perishable beings,knows no peace of mind or happiness. 
they openly confess their agitation and dissatisfaction to the world.
How fortunate are the Lovers of Allah, who ever fear separation from their Beloved, for even a fraction of a second? -For He is Ever- Present.
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Friday, June 11, 2010


hi dear follower's and readers and friends here is a message rom the words of the wisdom is "Youth".The youth that is regarded as the "Prince of the creation" in his prime ,due to his delicate beauty, is shunned by the very people when a beard to appear on his face.
so take acre of beauty at your young age.
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free in online

Hi my dear readers,followers and friends here is a message Free in online.
You can get friends,lover,wife,and sisters and brothers in online it is free and simple. visit dating site and friends,adult friend finder and others for this purpose. this is completrely free.
but it is a wrong thing and will spoil your character and life if you get in to adult sites to find adult friends. . so take care of your health and mind.
Falling in love with a handsome lad is much more severe than an illicit love relationship with a woman.. It is possible that some day he marry the woman, but when two males are involved,no such possibility exists.

If gazing at a child excites the emotions and inflames the passions, then to look at, fondle or touch such a child
is also haram(bad).
Thank you for listening and following my messages and advices here at this blog.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hi my dear follower's and readers and friends Nice to see you again to read this new post on browser.
Yes now there are many browsers with very good performance of their search engines hleps us in Internet. In this Microsoft can be termed as Father of internet, and safari can be termed as mother of Internet.  People in maximum use  Windows or Linux. These browser's provide this also. with this package only we can use our system along with the mother board configuration.
In search engine beyond excellence is Google is well known to all. so Google can be termed as Master of search engines. Through out the world people use google . previously it was yahoo. now yahoo is a part of google.
Google establishes a new generation in the Internet to help us . google is towards domination . Yes. domination perfectly matches to Google with its team work ,management and tranparency in its business.
Internet Explorer doing all her technology developments in all the following, Main site for product information, support, and,artists,arts,bloggers,business,celebrities,design,entertainment,food,journalists,marketing
,writers and others. Visit internet explorer from to catch any latest information you need. This is a great boon. This to compete with any browser in Internet. I could say that,This is a healthy war/competition .
So i will meet you on the other end by publishing the next post