Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hi this is about 999Dam a picture revealing the blast of Mullai Periyar Film.

This is an unwanted film,yes!  Now Government has to analyse on what date this film was opened with Pooja and other celebrations with whom presided the function at what place are all to be collected. 

Congress Government by Mr.Oman Chandi is at Kerala Now. Union Government is with Congress.Prior to this government D.M.K.Government was at Tamil Nadu. 

why any action has been taken against this film in the beginning itself. Otherwise Congress by forcing people with such film with sensational developments like Dam Burst due to over load and in connection to that in flood claims huge Human lives in tamil Nadu .

Why sensor board allowed certification to this film? Mrs Ambika soni is also a member of sensor board control. since the minister wanted to show sincerity to congress leadership ,the film might have got certified?

so This is a cunning act of Congress once again ?

electricity price increase in Tamil Nadu?

Hi to friends and viewers and followers here is a message about electricity price increase in Tamil Nadu?

This increase has not to be implemented now at Tamil Nadu. after increasing Electricity charges  Government may not be in a position to bring Normalcy in Electricity/current supply .

Electricity Board may please keep its budgeted figures to increase price. 

Let the Price increase may effect after the current supply resumes to Normalcy to all Business and Home in Tamil Nadu is a right decision. 

Tamil Nadu Government may please delay this price increase for some more time is right.


shard Pawar

Hi this is about an attack on Sharad Power - Minister in Union Government today. Mr.Hirweendir singh slapped him  is the flash news. I believe that this would have been his own arrangement ,keeping the next election in nearness. 

People in India know that Mr.Sharad  Pawar is a minister from Maharashtra and he himself a Dangerous person. Even people in Maharashtra use to talk that he might have involved in Bomb blasts through Dawood Ibrahim or he may in an association with Dawood Ibrahim is the doubt still prevails in People min in India. 

so let us see how this attack investigation takes place. 


Mr.singh say this!

getpaid atLink: why Nehru the "surname" had no respect and value a...: Hi friends and followers and Viewers here is a message about   Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Politics, S. Asia History , Sex, UK Empire . I read thi...

getpaid atLink: why Nehru the "surname" had no respect and value a...

getpaid atLink: why Nehru the "surname" had no respect and value a...: Hi friends and followers and Viewers here is a message about   Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Politics, S. Asia History , Sex, UK Empire . I read thi...

why Nehru the "surname" had no respect and value after the death of Jawaharlal Nahru?

Hi friends and followers and Viewers here is a message about   Indira Gandhi, Nehru, Politics, S. Asia History, Sex, UK Empire. I read this post Indira priyadarshini  was a Islam person why because she married Feroz Khan.
She was in love with him so she married him with his name change as Hindu.

Than Rajiv  married Sonia a Christian Girl from Italy a country very near to Rome. She is a Christian.In India she just like that added Gandhi name with out converting in to Hindu religion. Political leaders and others were also not insisted for this change till date. She must be given Pressure on this matter is people talk in India.

Any How Nehru Dynasty is a family with a combination of Hindu ,Islam and Christian. More over Indira's Yoga instructor and silent lover Dhirendra-Brahmachari tells a story that Hinduism is mixed in Nehru dynasty.

Here I would like to establish one thing that is Islam wants to make India a s Islamic country ,is an attempt through Indira Priya darshini and than through Rajiv by sonia in Love Christianity want to establish India as a Christian country. Nehru was the first Prime Minister. Indira priya darshini Preceded by Charan Singh
Succeeded by Rajiv Gandhi. Here Indians has to look and Think deeply on this master Plan of Nehru? How dare this Family Members maintained their Rule on Indians is a pathetic matter. People of India must Look forward to suspend This family from Indian Politics,why because we
Indians did not sold India to Nehru dynasty. This is a change in India is a must , I believe. Indian in India must feel shame and coward on these continuing proceedings.

Above all after Sonia involvement in India you could have found lot of missionaries do propaganda work for Christian religion cast conversion promotional programs for many hours against Huge payments to all Television network in India. In Dhubai or in any Gulf Country you will not be allowed,In Rome or in any christian country you will no be allowed Than how In India this is allowed? why?   Is Bal Thackery /Lal Krishna Advani are sleeping with sleeping dose?

On this even may be Fraudulant Hindu religious leaders Like Bal Thackery orLal Krishna Advani  or Vajpayee or any R S S movement did not shown any step to Boycott these programmes on television network. why? Press and media are interested in promoting Christianity because they get HugeFunds from Missionaries Trusts. This is the truth.

Here I would to confirm that No one at any number of attempts can not convert India from Hindu religion to any Other religion. It isa ruthless attempt by all.


 Zail Singh 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

getpaid atLink: Bahrain

getpaid atLink: Bahrain: Hi this is about Bahrain. This is a country which is going to have problems and unrest and protest in big way in one or two days. This is th...


Hi this is about Bahrain. This is a country which is going to have problems and unrest and protest in big way in one or two days. This is the going to join in the revolutionary countries.

Behrain people will make the war finished in few hours. Yes!. This is a well planned. 

exisiting Government will go away from administration is my prediction.

the Economist

the Economist

the Economist

Hi this is about why Germany is wrong about the euro? Turkey president joining hands with U.K. to tackle syria. In Syria lot of human lives are Last. keeping quite.
Germany is doing well in Euro? so read this storyat this site

In egypt,syria,and in other few countries ,fro, the existing protest and problems we are loosing Islam brotherhoods.

same time we find National Unity in all these countries is raising vigorously.

Is D.M.K. is with full of fools?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Rajdeep Sardesai N' Nira Radia Nexus

Rajdeep Sardesai N' Nira Radia Nexus



SC asks PM to explain silence on Raja. .wmv

SC asks PM to explain silence on Raja. .wmv

How politicians like Barack Obama,Royal Kingdom U.K., to live on this world?join here with in this dangerous plot!

Hi this is about How politicians like Barack Obama to live on this world?


 Read carefully the following ,we are going to handle a secret matter to change all these people over night to come  forward to help us. 

Chanakya was the mentor of King Chandra Gupta,But he was living in a small  cottage like me.

when once a visitor went to meet Chanakya,the latter was engaged in state affairs and doing it under thelight of a big candle.

On seeing the visitor, he put off the candle with him and lighted a new candle. the visitor who was surprised,asked Chanakya as to what was the need for putting off an existing Candle and to light a fresh one?.

Chanakyasaid that the candle he was using belonged to the state and was then working on something which related to state affairs. Now that he had to meet a private visitor he had no right to use the Government candle for his personal dealings and so he had to put it off. 

Note: this Logic and theme does not apply to Nehru Family members and the present ruling government in India.

Top Three Web Hosting ?

Hi this is about web hosting. This is like a spider,which increases your connections on web instantly and stable.

a spider brings out through its mouth the fine web string from its inside and , having moved in that web for some time,retrieves it and puts it in to its stomach again. 
In the same way, the supreme  plays by creating the entire universe through his maya and destroying it in due course at the end .

So nothing is real.

Tamil Nadu secretariat Building structural Re Designing

Hi this is about    Tamil Nadu secretariat Building  structural  Re Designing .

This is a request to Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa - chief Minister of Tamil Nadu , to do Structural re designing of  Tamil Nadu secretariat New Building Anna Salai. This is essential and it will be accepted by all in the world.

Yes! The present structural design of the New secretariat Building plans to have Valluvar Kottam chariot at the Top , But This is not Right. Tamil Nadu Government Symbol is Gopuram/Temple, Hence The Top of the New secretariat Building Top Must be restructured in design with a Gopuram Tower instead of the present idea to have the Valluvar kottam chariot

even this building given to Hospital operation, with the present idea given to present Government at Tamil Nadu would be well appreciated by all in the world with Logic.

Thanks -  Tamil Nadu Government may consider this valuable  idea.This is a special request from People of Tamil Nadu.

Excusive offers

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so Please rush to buy Shirts and T-shirts and Pants from Branded companies at Free for your purchases . enjoy this Mega offer. Christmas offers started in the Market.

New Year Tree sale,Christmas Tree sale started with special discounts.


Win 100 Gold coins contest join for free!

Hi this is about Win 100 Gold coins contest join for free!

Yes! Tommorrow in the cricket test Match between India and West Indies  Sachin will make 100 runs. for that he will be awarded 100 Gold Coins at Free.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

When their is a problem Keep Yourself away?

Hi this is about an interesting story on When their is a problem Keep yourself away? Yes!
This is a clever way to tackle a problem is one among the best solutions from our forefathers/ elders.

Now this is well observed and most with many politicians than with people. 
For example a clever and Famous Politician want to have his office and his Party Rule in the country, so he keeps himself  always away from the country on many Valid reasons like Conferences / Meet.
Now you would have understood about whom I mention here.
Tamil Nadu Government has written many letters in this regard is the information available from pres and media. ?
Tamil Nadu People May start a War to Bring Back Kachha Thiivu Island back to Indian Territory and it will be a Great Danger to Sri Lanka which may become Unavoidable?
But in the meet He representing Union Government met with Sri Lankan President at Maldives recently, also informed that in the talk , sri Lankan navy must not attack on Indian Fisherman is a part of it. But after this meet in actual Fisherman were disturbed was utterly dangerous. It means Union Government of India must have informed srilankan Government to Punish Fisherman in all manners to make them realize the Power of the Government. This is May be other way to make fisherman surrender to coordinate to Run the Kudangulam Nuclear Plant. If this is the real reason behind the fisherman attack in India while fishing near Kachha thiivu (Island) than Union Government of India must be dissolved is the People view. Also Fisher man may be expected to become ferocious and may kill Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa must give values to Fisherman Lives, He may be strong and stiff and Fearful to Srilankan people But He should not try exercise Power even on any indirect means is not permissible and Punishable.
On This matter International Communities like U.N.O has to initiate because Union Government is very busy with Inter National affairs and Union Government of India I now doing the work of U.N.O. This is ridiculous.

music in secret for your Love Success

Hi watch and listen this music for your life extension.

You will have your Love success ,listen this music.:

solution for 2G spectrum case to Mr.Man Mohan singh:

Prime Minister with an approval from President of India has to order to Cancel all 2G spectrum Connection issued with immediate effect. Government of India Can return the Money paid by  all present  Holding Connections  on 2G contract. By returning this Money  Congress Government By Man Mohan singh will come our Bad name and Problems.


SC asks PM to explain silence on Raja. .wmv

Friday, November 18, 2011

Idea to Selvi J.Jayalalithaa

This is about an Idea to Selvi  J.Jayalalithaa .People of India and people in India were clear ,further to have a clear decision to vote a political Party may please translate using Google transliterate facility ,get printed the matter of this video speech and issue the Hand bills to people in five states where Elections are on the way. This is a   sensible Talk by Mr.C.N.Anna Durai and Rajaji  . Start A.I.A.D.M.K. in all these states now.Try this Good opportunity for the welfare of People in India by A.I.A.D.M.K.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

aavin Milk and Electricity

Hi few days back Union Government reduced petrol Price about Rupees 2/=. But Today State Government increased Electricity charges. Union Government to secure good Name with an useless reduction on Petrol Price.People will suffer from State Government increase price on electricity  charges. But this may be to make the People mind to favor Kudangulam Plant Nuclear plant operation ,also may be a support to support Union Government on this issue. State Government started caring People with a rapid speed but at this point of time the price increases will disturb People and economy. In future the involvement of finance and may be a corruption deal in that will also an expected in the present corruption's  of Union Government.It can not be a surprise also,No one is asking to reveal the Budget and investment and other agreement details to give to the knowledge of people,because this is from people Money.

aavin Milk to  increase Price  was a long Pending issue and it match with other brands ,so people may accept this increase

In aavin Milk Tamilnadu Government may issue machines to prepare receipt like P T C conductor Do. This will enable the Amount credited immediately in to the Bank account  concerned . Milk cards can also be like Debit cards instead of Paper cards. people can be allowed to recharge their requirements at the specified points. 

On this May State Government of Tamil Nadu can arrange accordingly at aavin to recharge at recharge points to the level of required to increase the sales of aavin Milk and its Turn Over. 

In the Last Government administration in aavin their was duplicate cards was a strong rumor in people of  Chennai talk is to me remembered at this time.

Now a request to Tamil Nadu Government,may please reduce the price   from the increased a permissible  amount, Please do no allow ant protest for this,any unrest is an unwanted disturbance to Government Operations.Because Opposition parties and Rowdies/Dada's may be looking for an opportunity. do Not offer  an opportunity. If offered than this Government at Tamil Nadu is once again try to revamp D.M.K. - a dead political Party on date.

aavin Can Do Wonders along with the  Government support and help  by all Means.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

getpaid atLink: evergreenvideos

getpaid atLink: evergreenvideos: Enjoy this ever green Video. Here I like to mention one important Note.  Now you are all informed about Thirukural - 1330 messages i...

A Legend Actor from tamil

K.B.Sundarambal as Auvvaiyar with Lord Muruga evergreenvideos

Enjoy this ever green Video.

Here I like to mention one important Note. 

Now you are all informed about Thirukural - 1330 messages in one and half line scripts by Thiruvalluvar would have been missed by this world. 

Thiruvalluvar Compiled this Thirukural. He is a Buddhist saint lived at Mylapore in Chennai. He is not a Tamil scholar. He compiled this excellent wonders and submitted at Madurai Tamil sangam was at Madurai at that time for Approval as a Tamil Literature.

Madurai Tamil Sangam   Rejected totally and neglected    listening Thiruvalluvar in all the three times. In that situation,

Auvvaiyar a Popular Tamil Poet and Divine Women saint met Thiruvalluvar at Mylapore. Now you are viewing that Auvvaiyar a bit of her divinity through this video. There are so many like this about her.

She was looking at crying Thiruvalluvar and immediately listen the reason for the feeling in him. Than Auvvaiyar asked Thiruvalluvar to come along with her with the Thirukural he compiled to Madurai Tamil sangam. In those days   no Transport facilities like today, they reached Madurai by walk.
After reaching Tamil Sangam at Madurai, Auvvaiyar called the attention of all their and asked them to accept and approve Thirukural, on the High values of the messages and literature and the way in which it was presented. But Tamil Sangam rejected this appeal from Auvvaiyar, immediately she Got angry and by a poem called the divine Power and Thrown the Thirukural to the Pond Their. As soon she finishes her poem, Thirukural floated at the Top over a Golden Lotus Flower. So you all must know that because of the sincere effort of Auvvaiyar now we have Thirukural proudly at our hands.

The Last Government by Mr.Dr.Kalignar Karunanidhi Governed Tamil Nadu had a very Big Tamil Forum at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, where Platinum material is available in plenty in ten feet below the soil.

I sent a request to have a Gallery and a chair car for Auvvaiyar also in that Tamil forum. But not at all considered by the Government is a pain to me. Atleast the Present Government by selvi. J.Jayalalithaa - Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu  will start Respect Auvvaiyar and may please give priority to this Tamil Divine women Poet along with Buddhist Compiler Thiruvalluvar.

I wrote on this same matter at my blogs on many occasions.   I represented this matter to press and Media also. No One is respecting my words.

Government by Dr.J.Jayalalithaa may please initiate on this matter to respect our Tamil Literature and literates. This will be a guide line to all in future Tamil nadu administration. Auvvaiyar is a great symbol to Tamil Culture and Tamil literature.



Barack Obama = wikipedia/wiki

Beijing marches toward big day with parade rehearsal.Here the Chinese presidential building is so simple.It is similar to our Central railway Building at central ,in Chennai in India. so here we need to Pick up the simplicity of the Chinese President. To learn further informations about the Chinese simplicity . please visit china and very good chinese people. This is the secret of their successful economy.

China is a country with Huge population doing many wonder's on the earth. so we people has to take this positive matter from the country to follow. Further we may also try to build our country strength by supporting our government in all matters .
Peace and Non-Violence is our strength.I hope, Chinese will not differ in this matter.

Monday, November 14, 2011

getpaid atLink: Is Israel Prepare for war on Iran?

getpaid atLink: Is Israel Prepare for war on Iran?: Hi this is about Is Israel Prepare for war on Iran? No,No,No... Ordinary Man can not under stand the real situation and power of Iran today....

Is Israel Prepare for war on Iran?

Hi this is about Is Israel Prepare for war on Iran? No,No,No... Ordinary Man can not under stand the real situation and power of Iran today.People in Israel demand to go for war on Iran is  not a Right Move. 

Even U.S.,Russia,China and other countries supports on this This is not right at this point of Time . Today Iran is so Powerful with Atomic Power weapons. 

If Israel Dashing on Iran than it will face problems from Palestine taking due advantage of the situation. 

Also it is to be Noted, Honestly I Like to tell this that Iran Disaster will be an Unimaginable one from a war for only few Hours. My Dear People in Israel Please do not Go against Iran and Drop the Idea go on war on Iran completely from your mind and thoughts. Read the above words carefully and seriously. No country in the world can save you from Iran in any war. Countries may try to take the situations after war period. On Date No one in the world have any idea to fight to win against Iran. Iran can not be like Iraq. 

WE can not challenge the chemical weapons and atomic weapons of Iran. 

so Once again I like to request People of Israel ,Please revert from the idea of war against Iran. This is not right for your country welfare.


visit immediately

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Today Italy Tomorrow may be India

Today Italy Tomorrow may be India

Today Italy Tomorrow may be India

Hi this is about Today Italy Tomorrow may be India? Today Italy had a new Prime Minister similarly Tomorrow India may demand for Present Government to resign or Mr.Rahul gandhi as New Prime Minister to be in office. who knows , any thing is Possible. 

In continuation to Karnataka state and Ministry for Mines facing corruption charges on illegal Mines Operations causing danger to environment ,Now ,Today Goa Fall in Line.

Mines in Goa found corruptive and Dangering environment and this News with Much importance delivered to People attention in India and in the World By all Leading Broad casting Media and press. BBC brought this news first in detail to people  , so this corruption issue brought to the Notice of people in the world, so this definitely cause shamefulness in the act of Present Government and Opposition Parties if really interested in People than definitely will demand the Government to Dissolve at President Office as United. Possibilities are bright.

so Today Italy Tomorrow may be India may become true in Politics of this world.Normally people in India were dislike such abuse of Powers and corruptions is in the History of Election Results. 
Let us watch the proceedings of the Government and Opposition parties and social Activitist Mr.Anna Hazare and his Group reactions accordingly.


Republicans vow to stop Iranian nuclear bomb

Hi this is about Republicans vow to stop Iranian nuclear bomb .Republicans sharply criticize Pakistan in debate. Hi this is a News from .visit reuters to read this matter in full.

on This Iran will not be passionate on affairs going to happen in the country. It will certainly try to Damage all important forces at U.S..Iran is with huge atomic Powers. This is superior than U.S. or Russia.or china. 

So U.S. not to poke in the matters of Iran is safe to U.S.politics and administration.This is my view.

But U.S. will have a turn around with its forces at Pakistan can be seen in a short period. In the Matter of disturbing pakistan Major Portion of Afghanistan going to get damaged also a small part in Northern India. The damages in India may be the consequences of attacks on Pakistan.This is what people are going to witness before %th December 2011 in this world.

In Korea their is the possibilities  destructions can be expected. This is also my Prediction.


What Next in the world?

What Next in the world?

What Next in the world?

Hi this is about What Next in the world?. yes! Tibet going to get support from China. China Premier will ask Dalai Lama to take responsibilities to Organize Tibet. This is a Miracle can be expected in a short time from now. This would be a great response and Record in the History of the world regarding a Sudden change and extending warm welcome to Love. 

China will extend warm welcome to Dalai lama and Tibet people and will allow promotion of Bilateral relation with Tibet. 

This Miracle will take place in this world in few days from Now.

This is my Prediction. China and Chinese will start response to Buddhist Monks and Gradual importance to Buddhism Principles were all going to be witnessed by we people on the earth.

In my prediction I would like to say a prediction that is , it is highly impossible to operate London Olympics Like Beijing Olympics 2008. Many corruptions from the beginning would have been found or witnessed and investigated.  Also possible troubles from Middle east in Particular from Iran and Iraq in disturbing the Game show.  Also People of U.K. can be found in Unrest and with unwanted stress till the finishing day of Olympics 2012.

On medal Tally Germans and Russians can be found on higher side than sports people from U.K. it is usual to find in medal tally the Hosting country will be on the top because of the Home Town Players will do their maximum and do Highest records. But This Olympics 2012 will not yeild high numbers in Medal Tally for U.K. is going to be a record. 

Visitors from many countries will be less in Number than expected.


Result in the Upcoming election for Manipur state Assembly - Please witness this right prediction

The Election Commission is looking out for one option to conduct the assembly elections in  Manipur and complete them by February end in 2012.

EC plans assembly elections in 5 states by Feb, 2012, Early Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Assembly Elections for 5 states in early Jan 2012;
Hi this is about Result in the Upcoming election for Manipur state Assembly - Please witness this right prediction
Total seats in Manipur state are:This is with the support of Anna Hazare with B J P.But their will be no change in the result of Congress mentioned below in 2012 elections.

   CPI                                  will get                           1 seat 
  INC                                  will get                           4 seats only

  B J P                                 will get                           31 seats only 
   IND                                  will get                           20 seats only 

   RJD                                     will get                         1 seat Only 
   NPP                                    will get                          3 seats only.
   RSP                                    will get                           0 seat 
 A I F B                                 will get                            0 seat 

This time is a turning Point to B J P if Anna Haza re support the above result you can witness with out any change.Thanks.

Results for up coming Uttarakhand state election

Hi this is about Results for up coming Uttarakhand state election.

Now Congress party How to accept and explore the possibilities of approving Jan Lokpal Bill of Anna in parliament is going to speak in results of the state assembly elections.

In  Uttarakhand  Uttarakhand Kranti Dal (UKD) will be found  the most successful in the results than the Last election .It will bill itself as the only regional party further. But This time this party will have alliance with B J P party.  B S P will also contest and Congress will also contest.There are 70 assembly constituencies in Uttarakhand.

Out of the Contestors  the result will be 

If Anna Hazare supports:

UKD    if allied with B J P   will get                         14 seats only

B J P             party            will get                            49 seats only.

I N C                                  will get                            7 seats only.    
 B S P                                  will get                          0 seats will be a record.  

If Anna supports  B J P and no alliance with U K D Than results:

                        U K D       will get                           9 seats only.

                        B J P          will get                          56 seats only.
                        I N C       will get                              5 seats only.

                        B S P         will get                            0 seats
                                                                         70 seats Only.

Results for upcoming Election for Punjab state assembly

Hi this is about Results for upcoming Election for Punjab state assembly!This will be the true and real results you are going to witness in 2012 election at Punjab.

List of the Constituencies in Punjab:
1 Fatehgarh2 Batala3 Qadian4 Srihargobindpur5 Kahnuwan6 Dhariwal7 Gurdaspur8 Dina Nagar (SC)
9 Narot Mehra (SC)10 Pathankot11 Sujanpur12 Beas13 Majitha14 Verka (SC)15 Jandiala (SC)
16 Amritsar North17 Amritsar West18 Amritsar Central19 Amritsar South20 Ajnala21 Raja Sansi
22 Attari (SC)23 Tarn Taran24 Khadoor Sahib(SC)25 Naushahra Panwan26 Patti27 Valtoha
28 Adampur29 Jullundur Cantonment30 Jullundur North 31 Jullundur Central32 Jullundur South (SC)
33 Kartarpur (SC)34 Lohian35 Nakodar36 Nur Mahal37 Banga (SC)38 Nawan Shahr39 Phillaur (SC)
40 Bholath41 Kapurthala42 Sultanpur43 Phagwara (SC)44 Balachaur45 Garhshankar46 Mahilpur (SC)
47 Hoshiarpur48 Sham Chaurasi (SC)49 Tanda50 Garhdiwala (SC)51 DasuyaPUNJAB52 Mukerian
53 Jagraon54 Raikot55 Dakha (SC)56 Qila Raipur57 Ludhiana North58 Ludhiana West59 Ludhiana East
60 Ludhiana Rural61 Payal62 Kum Kalan (SC)63 Samrala64 Khanna (SC)65 Nangal66 Anandpur Sahib - Ropar67 Chamkaur Sahib (SC)68 Morinda69 Kharar70 Banur71 Rajpura72 Ghanaur73 Dakala
74 Shutrana (SC)75 Samana76 Patiala Town77 Nabha78 Amloh (SC)79 Sirhind80 Dhuri81 Malerkotla
82 Sherpur (SC)83 Barnala84 Bhadaur (SC)85 Dhanaula86 Sangrur87 Dirbha88 Sunam89 Lehra
90 Balluana (SC)91 Abohar92 Fazilka93 Jalalabad94 Guru Har Sahai95 Firozepur96 Firozepur Cantonment
97 Zira98 Dharamkot (SC)99 Moga100 Bagha Purana101 Nihal Singh Wala (SC)102 Panjgrain (SC)
103 Kot Kapura104 Faridkot105 Muktsar106 Giddar Baha107 Malout (SC)108 Lambi109 Talwandi Sabo
110 Pakka Kalan (SC)111 Bhatinda112 Nathana (SC)113 Rampura Phul114 Joga115 Mansa116 Budhlada
117 Sardulgarh

Punjab forms the northwest part of India. It's capital is Chandigarh, which is a Union territory and also a capital of Haryana. A land of the people following Sikhism, Panjab is probably one for the most cheerful and happy states in India.

on this 117 constituencies the result will be as follows:Punjab   state -  117 M.L.A. Voters -   16,918,355  Polling stations -  16,757.

If SAD and  BJP  form an alliance as it was allied in the earlier election Than the result will be as follows:

SAD  will get                                  54 seats only.
B J P  will get                                  46 seats only. - if Anna Hazare supports B J P.

Congress will get                            17 seats only. 

If Anna Hazare supporters joining hands with S.A.D Than ;

S A D      party will get                  72 seats only

B J P    party will get                      34   seats only.

congress  will get                            11 seats only 
                                                   117  seats  Results.

A Punjabi /sikh as Prime Minister will not going to have any impact on the results in the up coming elections. Corruption matters and Jan Lokpal Bill issue and Bank scandals were going to hit the campaigns.

More than 69% votes will get casted.

Result for upcoming Goa state Assembly election

hi this is about  Result for upcoming Goa state Assembly election  .
The Legislative Assembly of Goa consists of 40 members – 28-30 of them represent Goa, while the others represent Daman and Diu.

This election will bring utter failure to Congress Party. why because at this time Karnataka Mines and Goa Mines Corruption Matters blasted to the Knowledge of People. On date this Corruptions in Mines are detailed at International Television and radio ,press and media publishing matters about this corruption people had no option than believing and the People will not Vote for Congress.

Congress will Get                          -                1 seat.

B.J.P will get                                  -                34 seats          

Others will get                                                  5 seats.

If Anna support B.J.P the above result is definite. If support  given to Individuals than the result will be:

B.J.P           will   get                                       19 seats
 Anna supporters will get                                  30 seats.

This is the results.


Election Result for the Upcoming election at Uttar Pradesh state in India

Hi this is about Election Result for the Upcoming election at Uttar Pradesh state in India.

The Election Commission is looking out for one option to conduct the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh and Goa with those in Punjab, Uttarakhand and Manipur and complete them by February end in 2012.

EC plans assembly elections in 5 states by Feb, 2012, Early Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Assembly Elections for 5 states in early Jan 2012;

Election result prediction by me:

In the next up coming State Assembly election at Uttar Pradesh in 403 constituencies :

this is updated from the Last prediction  as per the trend today prevails at Uttar pradesh.


1. Kumari Mayawati - B S P Party will get success only in----  31 seats  only.---  

 2. Congress Party will get success only in - ------ -------         23   seats only ----   

 3. B.J.P. will get success in -------------------                        274   seats. ----*

4.  Mulayam singh party will get  ---------------------                 17 seats  only

 5.  Others / Independant candidates  ----------------                  58 seats  only.

   6.  amar singh party   will get                                                    - 0  -  seats
Total ----------------                                                                  403 seats. in Total for this state assembly. 

If Anna Hazare starts a New Political Party or Not supporting  B.J.P Party and supports Independants than the above result will have a change like as follows:

          B.J.P                will get                                                    104 Seats Only.
 Anna Hazare supporters will win in                                           228  seats Only.

This result is unavoidable if Anna Hazare is not extending his support to B.J.P.

This result you can witness in the results as available in the above prediction.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Drug adict treatment

my dear friends and readers do find any one of these following, please take care immediately.
This post is about behavioral symptoms. neglecting responsibilities,Eating more or less,sleeping too much or too little, Isolating yourself from others, Using alcohol,cigarettes,drugs to relax, feeling tense, anxiety and negative thoughts, agitation,restlessness,sense of loneliness, and depression or general unhappiness.
It is easy to overcome all these. How? to know about this read the next post.
thank you.

Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa at Tamil Nadu

Hi this is about Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa at Tamil Nadu. She as a chief Minister wants to offer a clean administration in Tamil Nadu in this regime of five years. Now as special care on Fair Price shop Distribution she directed all collectors and officers to react accordingly to have a clear Distribution.

Now I like to say my views.Honorable Chief minister may accept these. fair price shops allows supplies to Road side food shops/Fast food centers/Tea shops and others. This must be stopped. 

20 kg Rice has to be issued as per the choice of people . Few may like to have 20 kg of Raw rice and few may like to have 20kg of boiled rice and few may like to have 10 kg in both. so This must be allowed by an order from Chief Minister Office. It is not exactly in practice . Also It is so important to raid on Duplicate Ration Card's,Their is a list in shops they have which itself declares many duplicate data. Anna poorna plan and other plans for old aged is reaching people has to be monitored Properly. Government supply Rice 20Kg for free of cost so It is a must to have confirmed data base about card Holders and card . For This Government may please connect Voter Id with these ration cards will help in this matter, I believe.Thanks

Fair price shops has to asked to make arrangements to have all materials to supply to Card Holders from 1st Date of any month. people have money in this date.Many shops delay supply and blaming the supply of stores , this may be these people belongs to other political parties. Here attention is required.

Now people are happy to buy cooking products at Rupees Twenty five only where as the same supply effected at Rupees fifty in the Last Government administration period.

Now fair price shops started supplying useless /crushed rice to a maximum level in Raw rice like the earlier Government did. This adulteration may be happening in the Mid way some where before to reach the shops.This has to monitored.

For example Raw rice was in very poor condition but Dhoor Dal was supplied in Good condition .at the same time all these can not be monitored at all times by the Government or Chief Minister or Ministers. Ministry can bring reforms but it has to be monitored by officers concerned and workers at fair price shops.

In Fair Price shops by an order by Government may supply a minimum of Three Kg sugar to each card. Also at the festival times with a special order may Government arrange to effect supply of 1 Kg to all Card Holders as additional supply. Look forward the Government may accept these matters to make people life sweet.

At this time also make a request that may please sanction Pension scheme to these Fair price shops workers by a Gracious Order from the Good office of Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa is a need.  

These are all my views to my Government. Thanks.

London Olympics 2012

Hi this is about London Olympics 2012. Rulers in all nations fear about Security Lapse on this Glorious event at London. Also You can not find full gallery of people crowd on all events on all days in all competitions. 

Importance by countries on attending with a sports Team will also Low than ever.

London Olympics will pave way Huge economic Loss to U.K. Also it is going to pave way to secure bad name to Royal Government.U.K.

After Olympics 2012 or in the middle few unrest may erupt in London. Before 5th December  a small unrest can be found at U.K.This is possible as per astrological planetary  positions. Corruptions will also a outcome from Olympics 2012 will create Unrest in 2012.


getpaid atLink: Blair warns of euro 'catastrophe'

getpaid atLink: Blair warns of euro 'catastrophe': Hi this is about Blair warns of euro 'catastrophe'. But this is too Late. This crisis would have been noticed when he was the Prime Minister...

Blair warns of euro 'catastrophe'

Blair warns of euro 'catastrophe'

Blair warns of euro 'catastrophe'

Hi this is about Blair warns of euro 'catastrophe'. But this is too Late. This crisis would have been noticed when he was the Prime Minister and at that time he was the Hall of Fame. so He would have helped the countries to come out. Now this is to make people to remember him ,such comment might have been made by him?

How safe is my money?

Hi this is about How safe is my money?  It is on critical.Not safe is may be the answer, but do not want to say is the that n many countries Banks are rushing to increase savings Bank account by many attempts. At the same time Many depositors with draw their deposits from teh Banks because of Reducing belief on Banks.

In Particular mutual funds and Brokerages were spoiled all business which went smoothly. Now Banks are shaking. It is better to withdraw your deposits from your Banks.
Banks funded/extended Huge Loans on Political back grounds is going to come to light in many countries in few days.


Prime Minister Resigned!

Hi this is about PM Silvio Berlusconi resigned, in the midst of an acute debt crisis. Press and media were telling many sex scandal stories about him for the last few months. 

There was story tells us that when Rome on fire the king was operating flute instrument with out any significance about the  fire in his country.similarly the Present prime Minister of Italy did not care on the country and the financial crisis

Prime Minister of Italy will be imprisoned .

Their is no other way than resignation of PM is already predicted  few days back by me in my blogs .so Now you have noticed the Truth in my Prediction. The New prime Minister Mr.Monde may take office temporarily. He will Order for a proper election and with in that period he will order for subsequent relief measures to come out from crisis temporarily. 

Any How a big revolution or change is expected at Italy and in the surrounding places like Rome,Vatican city and in other areas. This is unavoidable happening before 5th December 2011 was my prediction.


U.S.force to visit Kalpakkam and all other Nuclear plants in India

Hi this is about U.S.force to visit Kalpakkam and all other Nuclear plants in India. U.S. sending people to investigate Our Nuclear Plants. 
why and what is the need is Not known to People of India. 

Possibility to visitors to fund people to collapse the plants or destroy plants.who knows what on Visits by people from Countries? Visitors may bring revenue to few terrorists?who knows? 

Kalpakkam and other few plants designed by U.S. Now at Kudangulam by Russia , 

Kalpakkam plant already witnessed many people with fingerless and severe T.B. and other Diseases in skin and eyes .Now people and press and Media can Investigate this and has to put light to support the Kudangulam Protestants.
People in Government will also die on the damages may occur at any point of time on any reason. so That state Government as a measure to save people of their state keeping quite on this Nuclear plant issue. 

why Mr.kalam makes trip to United states ?is not Published to people Knowledge. At the time of his presidential office the salary to president has reached One Lakh. so Pension will be a Huge amount.  all questions do not have any answers?Ordinary people employed in companies were receiving a small pension amount is not cared by any one in the country is apathetic issue.

Mr.Kalam and other can say all safety measures are in tact. No one say what is the exact investment amount on this and what is the exact benefits to the state from these plants are not    properly mentioned/prescribed. who entered on these agreements ,why and what is the need for this ? 

For one question their is no answer from any one? That is ,

Now countries in the world to become super Power and to exercise their Power on Others They generate/manufacture many dangerous Arms and Bombs and Missiles. They test these in under Ocean tests and on space. These tests endangered the 'O'zone in space. No other things did this. 

Now on any Tension any country ruler may call a war on other country ,In such a condition the first aim and Target /attack will be Nuclear Plants.In that situation People of that country or at that place will leave Bones/skeleton in few seconds from the attack. so To encounter this problem People of India must Join together to protest to close the Nuclear Plant's in India. Now Ruling Government's make lives on Danger. This is not right.


getpaid atLink: Terrorists attacked U.S. why?

getpaid atLink: Terrorists attacked U.S. why?: Terrorists attacked U.S. why?

Terrorists attacked U.S. why?

Terrorists attacked U.S. why?

Terrorists attacked U.S. why?

Hi this is about Terrorists attacked U.S. why?

In Middle east countries / in Gulf Countries they were searching and exploring the facility for water. Fortunately they got Oil sources instead of water.

But they do not had infrastructures to design the office and business and other Industrial constructions. so so Saudi Arabia King requested U.S. Gov. to initiate on these matters to design the Business. But on the other Hand after designed every Thing U.S. do not want to come out of the Offices. U.S. Officials stationed and demanded a portion of profit or oil sources for their Use. 

Here on this matter as son of the soil Islam people protested . On this Protest Terrorists Group were generated. 

Saudi King want to be good friend of U.S.Gov.also he wants to be a friend to Terrorists who backed by Islam community. 

Here Middle east countries were went to conclusion to ask U.S. Officers to go out of the Gulf Countries. But unfortunately a friction created  ,because of the pressure shown by Sadam Hussain. so that a war killed Sadam Hussain. He did not Respected U.S.Power in Iraq or in Middle east. 

Keeping Afghanistan a ground for growing Terrorists and their groups through Pakistan training terrorist are expected to move in to Iran and Middle east . from Iran they might have went to U.S. and by using U.S.Made arms destroyed United states of America This is the reason and alsoanother reason they want to spread Islam in all countries. For example in India a country blended with Hindu's they generate terrorists acts by winch they try to make the people to bow to Islam community. This type of developing a community will always have failures. on the other hand Christianity is a religion converting many Hindus to Christianity by making Money through many set up's. This is well known to Union Government of India and to the world. Why Because the Television networks and their propaganda works carried on Television Net work for Two Hours on every day in the Morning and and in the Night. 
In teh Name of Terrorists A community can not be developed,but some level Money makes this conversion successful can not be denied. Almost all Television Networks receive huge Money payments on every Month from these Propaganda Net work of Christianity. 

Terrorism is a war between Christianity and Islam at the cost of many innocent lives on the earth. so that  On this matter U.N.O. failed. It is not a war for any social cause.  The important Matter on this note is Both Islam  Lord  Allah and Christianity God Messenger Lord Jesus were totally against Terrorism is can be witnessed in both Bible and Quran.

On this tough competition Hindu religion survive with developments is a Magic. 

But Now by December end All forces from U.S. and NATO were decided to vacate Middle east countries. 

Scientists shift from Anna University to Kudangulam accomodation permanently?

This is about the interest of Mr.Narayanaswamy , cabinet Minister in India on Nuclear energy. He must support Prime Minister but it does not mean this much. This is over. This is not Loyalty but a fan.He says Nuclear source of energy is very important. People agree on this so that People of Tamil Nadu requesting him to shift Nuclear plants at Tamil nadu to Pondicherry his Home town.

Now people say that Mr.Narayana swamy will be very happy in shifting these Nuclear Plants to his state which he belongs. Otherwise as a Indian He may decide to have his residence for full time at a place near by to this Nuclear Plants. Because Very Popular Nuclear scientists is also interested to shift  his research labs and accommodation near by to this plant at Kudangulam  from Anna University.

what a sensational decision by politicians and scientists are remarkable in India.


Indira Congress closure for reasons?

Present Indira Congress is deliberately killing the Values of Democracy, and it is teh dictatorship of Sonia .Our Political setup today is pathetic. How dare she is Nominated a person as Prime Minister for full % year Term Prime Minister candidate must be get elected ,= this is a change we need in our constitution. Rajya sabha Member must not be given any Ministerial Portfolio's. Most of teh Rajya sabha M.P's are Nominated. than what is the use of Holding the elections.

Election commission or Judiciary are not protesting or not claiming their rights over ruled here .

Election commission is making People of India fools by holding Elections. why and what is the secret of Election commission support the acts of Mrs.sonia -U P A Chair person.

why parliamentarians including opposition parties were not questioning these wrong acts.

why people of India were keeping quite on these decisions to appoint Even Prime Minister - Top Most Powerful Position from Nomination by a Political party Leader?

Why Press and Media were not questioning on this matter? Press and Media would be having fear to face Prime Mister office.?

Judiciary have the fear to challenge Prime Minister office. ? why?

All the way almost four years on completion ,a person as Prime Minister in Prime Minister office on Nomination, why it is not questioned by pres and Media?

Aged leaders are also behind this Killing Of Democracy,Why?

But World say Democracy in India is the Largest Democracy in the world. But world is also watching this ridiculous action of  U.P.A. rule in India By its chair person Sonia.

on all these U.S. and U.N.O. are suspected to have hands.

Google in India can not do any thing because it has to obey the rules of Union Government in India. so possibility of Light on Truth has become megure.

In Ultimate Present Indira Congress Team will get Vanished completely  by the Next Up Coming Election results in India. On results of this election Election Commission also can not do any thing.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Hi, my dear viewer's here is a message letting you know children literature. Good children literature appeals not only to the child in the adult, but also to the adult in the child. Reading sharpens the thought process, increases the attention span, offers the faculty of thinking and understanding besides triggering our imagination.

Thank you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


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getpaid atLink: Health Capsules

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weight loss made easy

weight loss made easy

U.K. Approved for Infants Health

U.K. Approved for Infants Health

U.K. Approved for Infants Health

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weight loss made easy

Hi my dear viewer's and friends on this blog Thank you for staying connected. here is a message letting you know Can any specific diet regimen help me?. Here I am going to write here about Dont's.
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Health Capsules

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getpaid atLink: Michael Jackson death secret

getpaid atLink: Michael Jackson death secret: Hi this is about Michael Jackson death secret! Already I predicted in my earlier post about this Death,yes , I told it is a Planned Murder ,...

Michael Jackson death secret

Hi this is about Michael Jackson death secret! Already I predicted in my earlier post about this Death,yes , I told it is a Planned Murder , Also I told the doctor is the main criminal who killed Michael Jackson by injecting over dose antibiotic and Pain Killer medicines. 

doctor will not  prescribe variety of anti bodiotics with heavy doage of Pain killers. All ready Medical panel in the world telling people ,not to use pain killers why because they are harmful and incourse of that stroke or heart attack is possible which leads to sudden death.

In this case ,Doctor killed Michael Jackson is the truth,also to note who pressured this doctor to do so is to be brough to light by Justice is the need of the day. a part from a family member / child hood friend/relative/professional enemy must had involvement on this death.

Death of Michael Jackson is great loss to Music world and to the people in particular at United States of America.

what made Mr.kalam to keep quite on this issue over a long time?

what made Mr.kalam to keep quite on this issue over a long time?

getpaid atLink: what made Mr.kalam to keep quite on this issue ove...

getpaid atLink: what made Mr.kalam to keep quite on this issue ove...: what made Mr.kalam to keep quite on this issue over a long time? No answer. why he did not this attempt before with people/ protesters on...

what made Mr.kalam to keep quite on this issue over a long time?

what made Mr.kalam to keep quite on this issue over a long time? No answer.

why he did not this attempt before with people/ protesters on fasting over a long period and and they visited Priem Minister office last month?

people know that Now Government create pressure on him to please people to allow the plant to open and operate. is this right  to people? No.

Eid Mubarak

getpaid atLink: Eid Mubarak

getpaid atLink: Eid Mubarak: Hi to all . Eid Mubarak .attend this video in your prayer today will help people Prosperity. 

Eid Mubarak

Hi to all . Eid Mubarak .attend this video in your prayer today will help people Prosperity. 

getpaid atLink: Why fear?says Mr.Abdul Kalam - People of Tamil nad...

getpaid atLink: Why fear?says Mr.Abdul Kalam - People of Tamil nad...: Hi this is about Why fear?says Mr.Abdul Kalam - People of Tamil nadu fully rejected the Advice? Is it True? Yes! People of Tamilnadu com...

Why fear?says Mr.Abdul Kalam - People of Tamil nadu fully rejected the Advice?

Hi this is about Why fear?says Mr.Abdul Kalam - People of Tamil nadu fully rejected the Advice? Is it True? Yes!

People of Tamilnadu completely Rejected the opinion and advice from Mr.Abdul Kalam - Ex - President of India and a research scientist at Anna University.

After the advice from Kasinath balaji Mr kalam may be from the pressure from Union Government Adviced on safety concern of Nucler Plant at Kudangulam  and focused the need of this plant to overcome electricity deficit at Tamilnadu , But People who Protest for closure and removal of Kudangulam project  Rejected this advise. 

People talk at Tamil Nadu says  , will Mr.Abdul kalam accept to reside near by Kudangulam Nuclear Plant for continuing his Researches?. If yes, than we people may like to consider.

Will Mr.Narayan swamy Cabinet Minister at Prime Minister Office is interested to Shift this Plant to Pondicherry the state he belongs?,why Because as per his commitment and pressure to have the Nuclear Plant may allow him to have the prosperity of this Plant to pondicherry state. Does he ready for that? 
People also ask Will Mr. Narayana swamy Cabinet Minister at Prime Minister Office may please decide to have his residential accommodation near to this plant? and will he accept to go Parliament from this residence at Kudangulam for Days?.
 And why opposition parties Like communist party of India and B J P and other few national parties are not supporting this Nuclear Plant and also they were not Objecting this plant operation at Kudangulam is a surprise to people of Tamil Nadu.? The opposition Parties were also Not showing interest on the life of people at Tamil Nadu. This is a curse?

Ex president Mr.Abdul Kalam and Kasinath balaji and Mr.Narayana swamy were say to have this Plant operation, Also they strongly recommend that the plant is with full of complete security measures. 

For their remembrance , on any out come of war or dangers from any upcountries or foolish terrorists , than the missile attack or any other attack on this plant and on plant at Kalpakkam will claim the entire lives at Tamil Nadu. so with out Lives what is the use of having this plant? 
No one is ready answer. They say that is because of Brutal action by some one or due to Natural calamity  etc.
so Firmly People at tamil Nadu rejects this Nuclear Plant operation at Kudangulam and they are interested to help to shift this Plant's to any part of the world ,as per the interest of the Government. 

 So Mr. Abdul Kalam Advice on this matter has been rejected by People of Tamil Nadu.


Friday, November 4, 2011

This is a news I read in CNN about cricket on Thursday when three Pakistan international players were sent to prison for their part in a betting scam against England in 2010.

The trio, Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were handed differing jail terms after being found guilty of plotting to cheat during the match at Lord's -- the home of English cricket.

Amir family say , Amir still thinks like a child, he is very naive. he was forced into doing this, he wasn't greedy for money. This is the normal comment will come from any victimized family members.
But Now India must be very Careful.
why Because Many countries including US now not showing friendly with Pakistan and Pakistan is also not showing friendly in vice versa .
But Pakistan may face a sudden Damages  But at any cost India must not be a part or place /room for damaging Pakistan. Why Because in the matter of attacking or damaging Pakistan indirectly or secretly India may get in to damages or troubles to people of India may be expected in due course of its action. so India must be careful.