Friday, December 31, 2010


This is the latest information letting you know, wine samgyeopsal.    Samgyeopsal , or thick slices of bacon, is a favorite for many Koreans. The pork is grilled over charcoal or on a hot iron grill, dipped in bean paste  and wrapped in a lettuce or sesame leaf.Methods of eating SAMGYEOPSAL VARY BY REGIONS AND RESTAURANTS. wine samgyeopsal is marinated in wine overnight, which makes the meat soft and odorless.The Gift

New Year on 26th January

This is the latest information letting you know, Seollal - New Year Festival.New year's day is always exciting . people busy partying or making new year's resolutions. In korea , it has one more special meaning: you are a year older.Nowadays,some Koreans celebrate January 1 as New year. But usually , Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year called Seollal. It is one of the biggest holidays in korea,along with Choseok in autumn. This year,seollal is going to be on January 26.The Gift

vatican church gift = Blessings

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

transportation systems

This is the latest information letting you know, Transportation systems.The transportation systems category consists of two sub categories  - environmentally friendly automotive technology and technologies related to ships  and maritime facilities.Although the  car makers have already made significant headway . Eco friendly engines technology is  developing.Hyundai is scheduled to begin commercial production of the liquefied petroleum Gas-electric hybrid version of the compact sedan Avante Next year.

so you all eagerly awaiting to drive the vehicle. NISSAN has launched electric car in small car is a successful attempt by Nissan.Decision Points

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is the latest information letting you know, Inje Ice Fish Festival.The 12th Inje ice fish festival will be held this winter on Soyangho in Inje,Gangwon-do.Soyangho is the largest fresh-water lake, formed by the water flowing from Seoraksan and Naerincheon.The winter is the best season to experience the taste of ice fish. The festival runsThe Gift

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

business opportunities - global market

This is the latest information letting you know, Tenders worldwide.First you have to decide what is the type of tender you are interested to enter. The following are the types of Tenders. Global Tenders, Online Tendering, Business Directory, Up Coming Project Details, Government Tenders, Public sector Tenders, Private  sector Tenders, Procurement Notices and For Sale Notices. On these you can send your tender to have your growth. after deciding the area to tender click the site can get all business opportunities here. Best wishes. Tendersworldwide brings you these business opportunities by providing you access to every single lead and tender available in the Global market.Decision Points
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Monday, December 27, 2010 traffic data

this time takes hge time to start the traffic details for this new URL. Normally in 2 or 3 days alexa data starts. now my bad luck ,after 12 to 15 days no data  screen is existing it is surprising.

Music Impresses the World

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Hi dear viewer's  Shin Hyun - su 's talent is  especially  praiseworthy  because it was very hard for her to maintain it.She managed to keep practicing Violin .studying overseas was out of the question for her.Her family could not even pay for her own Violin.Fortunately,Shin had many people who cared for her.Shin is passionate,optimistic and hardworking.

Now she is a Role model to many people who want achieve in their areas. Aloud applause from the audience filled the Gala concert hall of concours long - Thibaud in pairs on November 15.

It was for shin Hyun - su , a Korean violinist who won first prize there,one of the ten prestigious concours of the world.
so people has to follow shin on the earth in achieving the remarkable result. with love J K S.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

health and excercise

This is the latest information letting you know,Regular stretching. Major reasons why we should have a regular stretching routine.
stretching increases improves  our ability to perform activities of Daily Living tasks such as bending to tie your shoes or reaching for something in the cabinet.
stretches- increases blood circulation,improves muscle symmetry,reduces the incidence of low back pain,relieve stress and promote mental relaxation,may delay the onset of muscular fatigue and muscular efficiency.Decision Points
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

love and Romance

This is the latest information letting you know, Sexuality and gender. Romance and the essence of the late Joseon Dynasty, an era of reform and cultural renaissance, come to the forefront, imbuing the period piece with a strong sense of humanity and intimacy. More importantly, the series takes an approach reminiscent of lush period pieces like E.J-young’s “Untold Scandal” (2003), by focusing on issues of sexuality and gender. Like the original novel – toys with themes of homosexuality and forbidden love while highlighting the inequalities of a male-dominated society. Actress Moon Geun-young took up the challenge of playing girl –turned – boy Shin Yun-bok. And she does a surprisingly good job of portraying a confident and rebellious girl struggling to make it in a world ruled by men. The precocious actress did more than just mimic her male colleagues. ”The Painter of Wind” takes historical liberties with the lives of Kim Hong-do and shin Yun-bok, depicting a full blown Romance.The Gift

Friday, December 24, 2010


This is the latest information letting you know, Insurance.Many Insurance companies with many employees working at savings to nation. Insurance is a saving. companies will do have many schemes to promote their policies . All insurance companies are are controlled by a board. here the agents  or financial advisor's are called for a training for 21 days. they have the choice to do the same in online.on completion they have to write a examination conducted by Insurance Institute. On successful completion they are becoming the authorized agent or financial advisor of a insurance company. This certification permits them to collect policies from material are supplied by the insurance company at training.Insurance is a security .Decision Points

Thursday, December 23, 2010

fruits = healthy food

This is the latest information letting you know, Your Health.Precisely, it would be best after you wake up in the morning. The empty stomach is the perfect condition to absorb the nutrition from these fruits and certainly will have more benefits to your health. Please do remember, a perfect mix match of fruits will cause significant good impact to your vitality.Try to eat carrot,Apple,cucumber,Ginger,Celery,Tomato,Bitterguard,Milk,Orange,pineapple,watermelon,Kiwi,Grape and papaya. these are all rich in vitamin to keep your health fit and high glowing complexion.Decision Points
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This is the latest information letting you know, Celebrities. Celebrities are normally come forward to care the affected. They are the first in the society in helping others. you can see the endless wave of Volunteers in Taean sea water, which was affected by the oil spill.The volunteering activities of some celebrities also accelerated the participation of more volunteers. Kim Janghoon the versatile singer-song writer, donated $529,000 to the restoration efforts and completed a 30-day campaign to help cleanup the west coast with about 300 you must be ready to become a volunteer in a situation/for a matter ,when it is required.Decision Points

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

living room furniture free delivery

Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know, Living Room Furniture. In this living room furniture Armchairs, sideboards, Bookshelves Coffeeetables, TV Units, Wall Units, Chaise Lounge and Day beds, white coffee tables, and sofa cum bed made out of full leather,are produced for a living room. This is with high quality raw materials to keep you satisfied at all times. Also you will have a very good appearance to your living room. In this Go Modern limited company is producing all types of furniture suits to your taste. Please visit the site, immediately for full details and to place your best orders. Please inform this to your relatives and friends. this is an information carrying Price worthiness about  furniture in time door delivery.

Monday, December 20, 2010

mortgage loans

Hi my dear friend you are telling to me about your financial need. I suggest you to go with a financial mortgage company which offers loan at the lowest rate of interest  and you can able to come out of the present financial crunch. so please use Mortgage loans from reputed companies and financial institutions,banks.
Thank you.

Upgrading Your Bathroom

Hi to dear viewer's, nice to see you all stay in connected. This is a message letting you know upgrading your bathroom..
every day morning   after retiring from bed we get in to the Bath room for cleanliness. here we have to think about upgrading the bathroom. the pleasant appearance of a bath room will make you smile and it is a beginning of new day.
so please upgrade your bathroom .


ho to my dear friends ,follower's and visitors,this is an yet another useful message about Insurance.
Insurance in many types. They are General Insurance ,Burglary Insurance, fire Insurance, Vehicle Insurance,Jewels and house Insurance and others.
2. The other type is very particular which cares you, that is health insurance.This is a must nowadays.
so please proceed to get the Insurance and lead a tension free life.
Thank you.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


hi dear friends and followers at this blog please stay in connected for ever. our growth is confirmed  due to our huge number of friends here.

I like to share a message about this is a secured and safe fund transferring in banking finance organization having branches across the world.service is very good.

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The changed URL name is
expecting the friends and followers will revert to this site from that old site of mine. sorry for the inconvenience caused.
The most useful information is about e bay. this is a one stop shopping to buy any matter or material of this world. That is also with an option of bid. this is certainly a boon. many people get their need at a lowest bid also. Good things at your door step from e bay. Fund transfer payments through please try and enjoy this future.

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Hi my dear readers,viewers,followers media,press and broad casting friends,and google users, thank you all for waiting to read this new post.
This is the news of the day at this post is very sensitive and it is about Bedtime acts. regular exercise improves sleep. But vigorous exercise at bed time acts like a stimulant and so is not not a good idea.exercise is best in the morning or evening.
A heavy stomach well only interfere with sleep. So make sure your dinner is light and at least two hours before bedtime.

Friday, December 17, 2010

herbal life

Hi my dear readers and followers and friends here is a message about  Useful medicinal Herbal plants for osteo arthritis. 
they are ;
and prasarini.
Thank you . take care

Thursday, December 16, 2010


hi dear readers and followers here is message about Ayurveda manages osteo arthiritis.
Massage with medicated oils such as
Mahanarayana tailam,Dasamoola taila,Mahamasha tailam,Vishagarbha tailam.
Dashanga lepa externally.
excercise plays an important role in improving circulation and helping the body to eliminate the wadte materials. 
Yoga poses improve flexibility.
Dhanurasana is  very good . Decision Points

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


what is the impact of Osteo arthritis?Apart from general indisposition resulting from constant fiction/movement of joints due to excessive physical activities may cause any one or more of the following health problems. these are told  all Doctors  .
restricted movement,pain in the affected joints,bony swelling around joint margins, cracking noise,muscle weakness and wasting,stiffness of short duration .
Thank you. 


what is Osteo arthritis?
Arthritis Characterized by erosion of articular cartilage,either primary or secondary to trauma or other conditions, which becomes soft,frayed and thinned with calcification of subchondral bone and out growths of marginal osteophytes; pain and loss of function result mainly affects weight - bearing joints.
thank you . I will come again much information on this subject in the following posts. keep reading the following posts continuously.
Thanking you. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

you can

hi readers and followers and friends here in this post you are going to read about what all you can Do in osteo arthritis.
they are;
Adequate rest,
regular,slow and gentle exercises,
reduction in weight,
meditate to avoid stress,
simple healthy diet,
fruits like pomegranate,mango,grape.
Thank you. take care. consume fruits

Monday, December 13, 2010

food -antioxidants

Hi this is about your eye care . This is another matter in caring your eyes. After reading these posts on eye care you will definitely convey your thanks to me.
Eat  lots of fresh fruits and vegetables like papaya, oranges,carrots, and spinach that contain Vitamin A, beta carotene and essential minerals which are good for vision. a cup of broccoli  every day  can keep a lot of your eye problems at bay as it contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

alcohol free

Hi my dear viewer's and my beloved contacts here is a message letting you know children's health. Koflet is doing well in cough in children. 
This is a cough reliever .It benefits in both dry cough and cough with mucus.Koflet syrup reduces bronchial irritation. It is enriched with the goodness of Honey and tulasi.Alcohol free. No sedatives.
It also boosts immunity. it has a pleasant mint flavor.
Take care.

Blogger Buzz: Take Control of Your Site Feed

Blogger Buzz: Take Control of Your Site Feed

Blogger Buzz: Take Control of Your Site Feed

Blogger Buzz: Take Control of Your Site Feed: "Posted by Ben Eitzen, Software Engineer Feeds are a great way to reach a broader audience and keep your loyal readers up-to-date. In fact, ..."

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates: "Earlier this year we simplified the process for monetizing your blog by adding a “Monetize” tab in the Blogger app. We started with AdSense,..."

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Hi this is my New blog at Google blog Till date I operated this blog with the url name as since I felt with huge traffic rank from but due to the blog name advertisers did not given any offers. so I decided to change the same blog spot  url name as Thank you.
sorry for inconvinience caused.
Humbly requesting google for a kind consideration and perusal for page rank . This will certainly help me in my survival sir's.
Requesting kindly to arrange to reset the traffic rank details of this same blog. please .Decision Points
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Saturday, December 11, 2010


hi readers,followers and friends here you are going to read about what you do not do in osteo arthritis.
astrigent or salty food  and barley.
exposing too cold atmosphere,cold water,soft drinks,
excessive exertion,long walks,sleeping at day,awaking at night.
suppressing natural urges.
Thank you . please follow this . take care of your health.

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This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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skin glow and body massage

Hi my dear follower's and visitors ,friends Please read this new message about Anti - stress massage oil.
You may be under going Body massage in a health club. Here this is a massage oil with which you can do massage yourselves. Body Massage oil relieves stress and relaxes the body. Contains Ashvagandha (Winter cherry) , as effective anti - stress agent, and Manjishtha (Indian madder) , which soothes the skin.
This oil massage keeps your body and skin fresh so you will be look beautiful. Take care. Please buy this and enjoy the good result .

Poker site promotion

 Hi friends this is an exciting news and much useful to you in your career promotions. This is about the new site called . This site  provides sign-up opportunities to free bankrolls, poker training sites, poker software tools and online poker rooms.this is a great boon to you I believe.

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Web directories

This is about Web directories. Web directories are one of the bets places where we can get the link popularity on the, get all the details from this site. As we all seeing that in the World Wide Web today lot of Web directories are present. They all belong to different kind of categories. Web directories will surely helps us a lot for pinging up the links. We can place our link on the different kinds of Web directories. Lot of Web directories are found on the web. Some of them are free web directory, some of them are paid Web directories, and some of them are for business oriented purposes. We can make our business so popular by placing there appropriate link on the Web directories. SEO friendly web directory is used to optimize the search engine. You can add your website to SEO Friendly Directory. By doing so your website becomes popular. Have a look at this site right now. Lot of details are available at this site.The Gift

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

computer - intel

here is a message letting you know Computer Industry. Microsoft with Intel technology aiming for wonders beyond challenge. This is the technology for life of the people. Now we find Lot of computer engineering student were with out job. Previously the status was the colleges were had campus interview and got placement's to their students. Presently the campus interview and selections are very limited. This is a part of financial crisis. We know  the government try to overcome this financial crisis.

To overcome this difficulty we must respect to original branded computers and technology. Few nations find market for their products with a very cheap price by filling the wrong area of made in and collapsing the market. This damage branded products sales market. This is in existence in all market in all nations. So the government has to say in strict that any part must be sold with the real made in identity (country where it is manufactured).from excise duty to tax all will vary. But people are charged the price at par with branded computers. Market sell spurious products find this as an advantage and make huge money. Government is also loosing huge tax and custom duty. So it is necessary to have dialogues and discussions between the government's and the Branded computer manufacturers.

Discussions and dialogues will only cater the way to resolve the financial crisis. We hope this will happen.Decision Points 

The Gift 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

child care

Here Message that matters Money. Yes, this is the latest information letting you know,Child care.
At birth  children gets care from mother,father,grand mother,grand father and  from other relatives , friends and neighbors of that family.

As the children grow parent watchfulness and affectionate care or Loving Touch is  getting reduced is cannot be denied by many people on this earth. since the children not getting that love touch or affectionate touch from their parents they become wandering for that. at that time if they are cared by even auto drivers who take them to college which seems to be unmeasurable to them is with the feelings of many that many children run away from family and get marry with any level requesting parents in particular every  mother should extend her affectionate / love touch on every day while they go to college/office and as soon they return to the houses. 
This is the affection ,children are expecting .Please do this you will be  a successful parent in growing  your children.Decision Points 
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Monday, December 6, 2010

how to avoid escessive stress?

Hi this is a splash news to you in caring your eyes . yes! Try to take short breaks at a regular intervals when you are working in front of the computer.all through the day. Similarly , avoid continuous reading or watching television for long hours.
It is good to blink your eyes as often as possible in order to keep them lubricated.
starting at the computer,television,or keeping your eyelids wide open for a long time causes evaporation of tears,leading to dry eye.
Thank you. take care The Gift

Sunday, December 5, 2010


My intention is always to keep up your faith on this blog. I look forward your benefits from the posts here.
since ancient times,light,or white skin has been considered to be beautiful and this norm is generally accepted in the society even today. In those days it was a fashion to use Vitamin C in one form or the other ,both topically and systemically, to lighter the skin color. it was common practice to use different remedies to ex foliate the skin with the aim to make it look fairer.
people want to look beautiful with a good skin color.
Thank you. visit again.The Gift

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hello to my dear readers and followers at this blog, nice to have you all as regular visitors .Thank you all for this grace shown on this blog.

Here is a message about introductory paragraph in your cover letter of your resume.

Include the following in your introductory paragraph;

Please State why you are applying and /or where you discovered the job opening and which job you are applying for. You can apply either after seeing the advertisement, by hearing about the vacancy, or through personal contacts.

Thank you.

Friday, December 3, 2010

free at Google

Hi to my dear friends and followers, here is a message about download Google Chrome.
I know that you all will accept this message.
Google chrome is a very good browser speed and well designed. but it has few problems.
while downloading google chrome it has a anti- virus set up for the software.
Also to note that all computer owners would have installed a anti-virus software which is mandatory. Here the problem strikes. If google chrome downloaded with anti virus to system immediately the system goes to situation to format. This is a problem. This has to be looked in to solution. In this world nothing is secret . Over look any problem and going ahead is the way to success.
please stay in-touch.Thank youThe Gift
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