Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beware of false prophets

Hi to My Dear friends and followers and Viewers here is a message at Yahoo News . That is about Beware of false prophets .

Yes! it is an absolute necessary to inform people to be safe from false prophets.

At the same time Believing the True prophets and saints Like Gharib Nawas is most important. Yesterday 29.5.2011 at Ajmeer in the Dharga od Kawaja Moinudiin  chistiyul quadri alais Gharib Nawas the urs started and as a opening ceremony flag hoisting went well. Millions of people turns to this site and get well being.

The Durgha Sherriff Kwaja moinnuddin was dead But is still Living. I tell you a information. when i Made my visit along with my guru Dilawar Huassain  ,I did my sincere prayer to Garib nawas at the Dargha. I was surprised to hear the voice of Kawaja Moinnuddin and said to do a prayer at all times ,which he like from me is the glad  message. It is a miracle to me and I firmly say that he is still living every where on the earth.
 The urs festival will have a option of a special gate openning up to 8 th June.In all other days this Gate will be in closed is also a news.
Requesting people to go this shrine and get blessed from Gharib Nawas. The Dharga People are all very kind to me in my visit. Try your Good Experience here at Ajmeer Dargha..

Thanks to Gharib Nawas and thak you .



Monday, May 30, 2011

World News

Hi friends and followers and my dear audience at this site here is a Glad News from Germany in the World News .So this is a post about world News.

After a Long Time a valuable News respecting Human Life has come to us through Press and Media.
My sincere Thanks to German Government on behalf of World Peace Lovers.

I have written many post requesting world government's consideration to remove Atomic Power Plant/ Nuclear Plant as step towards Humanity.

Germany is one among the big european countries as First Country  declared that Germany will remove all Nuclear Plants in the Country. Abserving the impacts of damages happened at Japan in the recent tsunami and earth quakes in atomic plants and Japan  made Germany to come to this fine decision. Now Germany declared this decision to us because we people on the earth were World Peace Lovers.

So we people of this world Love Germany with immense Love.Once again proved that feelings has informed that Human life is precious than anything on the earth.

thank you.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

getpaid atLink: Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,

getpaid atLink: Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,: "Hi my dear friends ,follower's and my audience at this site here i would like to say about   Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS, . ..."

A Doctor Love Profession and Love  People  and Love Treating people. A remarkable and excellant Human on this earth.

Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,

Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,

Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,

Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,

Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,

Hi my dear friends ,follower's and my audience at this site here i would like to say about  Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS,.
You can refer my name - J.K.Sundararajan.or this post to him for a good introduction.

Yes!. He is a Professional Surgeon and a eminent and authentic Doctor in all type of surgery and Plastic surgery. He treat people with Mankind.

His Aim is Service to Mankind. so He has attached to Shelters where they do agree on his Policy . He is not collecting any fees. He works for the Hospitals and with their laid Disciplines. He strictly follow the patients every day. If you meet him for any of your need in surgery than you will try to attach with him on affection and love.

  Dr. Uma.M.D.D.G.O.,at chennai ,recommended this Doctor to me ,which I want to mention here. She is also a Doctor by Profession but with Charitable Mind to help deserving People.

Timely attendence of this Dr.Alala Sundaram at Hospital is very particular. If you meet him at this Hospital for any of your treatment than you will agree to say that he is a Man of principles and what gem of Characters. He is the Most efficientwell Known  Doctor in Surgery in India.

So Here I like to Thank him for the excellant Treatment given to my wife at St.Thomas Hospital.He is available at St.Thomas Hospital at 6Pm to 8.30PM on every day. Please Book an appointment at +91 044 22319393,22314133,22325182,22325143 to avoid any type of inconvinience.

Thank you all for reading this post in full and Taking the advantage of th message of this post. For your  Plastic surgery requirements please contact this professional and Popular Dr.Alala Sundaram.K.V.,M.S.,MNAMS,MCH,FICS ,Who is an example to "Service To Mankind"

thank you.One True Love

Kerala Assembly Election Schedule 2011 and result.

here is a message about Kerala Assembly Election Schedule 2011. This is the same schedule of Tamil nadu.

The message is kerala is a neighbour state to Tamil nadu.

In Tamil nadu election rally and in all television network at tamil nadu , nothing revealed about the manifesto of Political parties of Kerala.

what is the status of increasing the height of the dam.? what is the stand of congress at Kerala on this matter ? what is the stand of Congress and D M K and A I A D M K ?

News blindness. That is news about the neighbour state is blocked by al network is noted by people of India. Because  are all Indians in India. Divide and rule is applied in News giving  also is a feel.

In kerala communist party will face a massive defeat. On the other hand congress and B J P will get many candidates get selected.

Congress will form the Government  at Kerala is my Prediction.This the truth.

thank you.

Tamil Nadu State Assembly

May I request your Kind attention to visit my blog, http;//getpaidatlink.blogspot.com.

Here you can see the Result Published for the election 2011 for Tamil Nadu State Assembly.

This election will provide a Glorious Victory to A I A D M K .

Logo - Tow Leaf is Powerful , can be Noticed again.

M G R - he has won from Bed is the History.
Present situation He is going to win after Death. The people belief on Him .

J.JayaLalitha - Bold and courageous Lady and her Mass pulling capacity , and her complete control on A i A D M K as a Party Leader / supremo , Above all she is beloved to Leaders like Mrs. Gandhi , M G R and few Others. Their blessings will work for her success.

She is the Next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. She is going to exhibit that she can do wonders in administration is a new Thought of Mine.

people of Tamil Nadu is not in favor D M K and allied parties of D M K is the Additional strength to This success in 2011 election.

Do you like to know more on Results , please Look at my above mentioned site .

Thank you. I Hope People will agree with this result.

Gym and Excercise club

Exercise in Diabetes 

Regular Exercise for Diabetics is very essential; Exercise.
 Lowers Blood sugar
v Decreases Diabetes Medication
v Decreases or stops diabetes complications
v Lowers BP.

In these exercises glucose and fats are used in presence of oxygen i.e. aerobic oxidation takes place; this is more effective in burning calories.
Examples - Walking, running, cycling, swimming, and skipping.

In THESE EXERCISES lesser utilization of oxygen takes place and is less effective in burning calories.
Examples - Weight lifting, stretching, muscle strengthening exercises.

With love j.k sundararajan. Take care of your health

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Opportunities at U.S.A and France

This is the latest information letting you know, Artistic Opportunities.

While New York is a dynamic art market where artists compete fiercely for artistic opportunities.Paris has long been an inspiration in itself for many renowned artists around the world. Korean artists are no exception.

i welcome all artist on th earth to enjoy this market at U S A and Paris.
Thank you.

restaurants and cousine training

This is the latest information letting you know, saessak Biibimbap.
saessak bibimbap is a leading health food in korea. Instead of using stir- fired or charbroiled mountain mountain greens, (the traditional ingredients of bibimbap), young broccoli sprouts,turnips,lettuce, and other green are mixed with gochujang (red pepper paste), sesame oil and streamed white rice. the  sweet scent of sesame oil enhances the taste of the fresh greens and rice.

Monday, May 23, 2011

free software

Hi to all my friends! This is about Egnyte. Egnyte is having a strong track record of building companies in the Hi technology sector. They are very good and also having a well qualified team of seasoned executives.

Click on this link file sharing software to know more about this. They are also affording a 15 day free trial. I hope this facility will surely helpful and useful to take a right decision. So rush now and have the free trial period to gain a lot. They are providing a very good online service. A very good support for Large Files is available with Egnyte.

So visit the site immediately to collect all the details. All the details that you need are available in this site. I am sure that, this site will help you to choose the best. Configurable file server which is available here is very useful with the help of this you are allowed to define any number of folders and sub-folders in the File Server. This facility is quite good. Web and Desktop access is made easy here. They are also providing a very good security, performance and privacy. So grab this opportunity. Please inform all our friends about this.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Books published Joyful time

My dear lovely viewer's of this blog,  This is the latest information letting you know,Long Long Time Ago. This Long Long Time Ago book published by Hollym and won the prize amount 15000.

Atotal of most loved Korean folk tales have been collected in this illustrated book. Readers can meet a variety of beloved characters that have made Korean children happy and excited for generations. This is a beautiful book .
please buy this book and read to have a joyful time.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

festival Discount

My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected.

This is the latest information letting you know, Taebaeksan snow festival.

The 16th Taebaeksan Snow festival includes a snow sculpture exhibition,an outdoor concert, and a fireworks show,. It also offers various family-friendly programs such as a curling competition and snow train rides.

Thirupur - solution to sweage water

Thirupur - solution to sweage water

Thirupur - solution to sweage water

Hi dear friends and viewers here is a mesage about sweage Water . This sweage water is floating on the land and spoling the ground water which makes people life Horrible.

Now The people at Thirupur need solution. This is a part of Coimbatore.

Ex Tamil Nadu Government and on the Leader ship of Mr. Karunanidhi presided over a function for ChenTamiz Manadu. It had a expense of 330 crores approximately.

The expense made in ChenTamiz Manadu at Coimbatore is a utter waste . The other side of the matter is , in the name of Manadu few people from Politics bought many Lands at coimbatore. To Finalize the sale deal of Land Properties at coimbatore the Manadu was held is also a Talk in between People. who know the truth.

In this Manadu I strongly recommended  Mr. Karunanidhi  and the officials is ,Their should be an imporatnce to Auvvaiyar. But till the finish of the conferrence Zero importance to Auvvaiyar.
Importance to Thiruvalluvar , who is a bhuddist , and it was strongly objected by me. Also My objection is Thiruvalluvar is not the Author of Thirukural  ,but it was compiled by Thiruvalluvar.

Auvvaiyar , the great and grand old lady of Tamil Literature who tookThiruvalluvar and Thirukural to Madurai Tamil Sangam and the attempt was failed to get acceptance. But the Great Grand Old lady is Powerful with Divine powers and she was believed as other form of tamil Language so, she got angry on non acceptance of Thirukural and immediately in anger she thrown Thirukural in to The Tank of Madurai menakshi Temple. Because of her divine Power and hee immense interest in tamil This Thirukural was brought up to the top of the water over Lotus Flower in that tank.
so All Tamil sangam Litrates were accepted Thirukural and saluted to Auvvaiyar is known to all. But ChenTamil mannadu (chentamil Conferrence )has not given imporatnce to Auvvaiyar. If Iam the Ruler of this state or country I would definitely hang the people who organised this Fair/conferrence.
Because a Tamil poet was not remebered and not respected wantedly in thsi conferrence.

Also I said it is a literal waste to spend money on such type of Language conferrences. The great Poet Bharathiyar said .if their is no food for a man than we will vanish this world. We live on the same earth where such sentence were told. so This 330 Crores would have been spent on this swerage water from Textile Plants to sea project by Plastic Pipes. so the land water would have been saved.

If we delay to do this project than people cannot Live at Coimbatore - manchestor of Tamilnadu. Also To Note In Many Lands Platinum Ore is available in Plenty is the Flash News from archeological department and space reach department through sattelite.

This is a message exclusively to the New Chief Minister sworn in at Tamil nadu -Dr.J.jayalalithaa.

Let us start save the land and the water and the People at thirupur and Its Textile Industry.

Thank you.

Sathya sai Baba and 40,000 Crores.

Hi friends and viewers here is a message about sathya sai Baba and his Forty Thousand crores Assets.

Government is not interested to know about this Assets and its maintenance. One group of people say Government is acting like that. Showing like the Government is away from Sathya sai Baba assets.
Because almost all Politicians Black Money is paid here. and than it is floated in to Companies and Industries and they get back the money in white . What an idea of maintaining assets of sathya sai Baba.

This is a cheating to People. The total Money Belongs to Money. Because Total Money being paid by People to sathya sai baba Trust.

Trust chairman has to be removed and by appointing new chairman the assets can be brought in to Government Treasury to use the same for National welfare.

Thank you.


Hi to my dear friends and Growing audience at this site thank you all for staying in touch. Here I am going to say an information which is divineful.and it is about  powertochangeindia.com.

In this you can get the right informations only. They do prayers for your good health and prosperity.
For information I requested them to do prayers for my Family Health and prosperity. They are going to do with in days.It is the matter of Time.
The people are divine at this  site. They divinity of the site and people can be experienced.

Last week I went to a church along with my friend Mr. Berlin ,at that time a  Paster from Nagakoil has come as a special Guest. So I had a luck to have the prayer by this paster. what a great Prayer and the best results are unimaginable.

thank you.

Anti-terrorist Day

Hi friends and viewer's here is a News about anti terrorist day.

In India Today May 21st is declared as Anti - Terrorist day. Only pathetic matter in this , it is not necessary to Loose a great leader ,a statesman and my beloved Mr.Rajiv gandhi in India .

In this matter only I do not like Mrs Sonia Gandhi .Rahul gandhi,and Priyanka Gandhi. because as a respect to my beloved leader they must come to pay their Homage to Mr.Rajiv Gandhi at Sripreumbudur in Tamil Nadu. Even Prime Minister or other leaders from congress Party are also not deputed for this purpose is not right.

Above all even the Leaders at Tamil nadu in Congress Paty also not visiting the site to pay their Homage,  they are all very lazy and not at all fit to be Congress party people , so that they do their prayer in front of a small Photo. What a shame toCongress Leader Mr. rajiv Gandhi wholost his life for this Nation. Here The Congress Leader must understand the worthfulness of Congress leaders from Tamil Nadu.

Thank you.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Road side canteen

Hi friends and viewer's Noe this is a post on road side canteen.

Now you can find lot of canteens on road side, which is a traffic Disturbance and it is running smoothly with out ant disturbance from Traffic police because they get free feed or Money.

This Road side canteen are supported by Fair Price shops owned by Government. In this Role M L C 's are very great. T.U.C.S. - many  Fair price shops in the name of Amudham in Chennai were supplying food grains to these shops and mint Money. These grains belongs to Family ration card Holders. This matter is well known to all Politicians in India.

Above all theses canteen generate many diseases to People at free of cost.Health Department is also looking at this with out any Human feelings.

The damaging matter is few shops operated in Damaged buildings.but these buildings are owned by Tamil Nadu Housing Board and here besides Ration shops - amudham few shops connected to automobile and refrigeration service shops were erupted. These are binami to Politicians of Political parties is known to Medias also. Because Media published on this site but Government did not took Proper action . suddenly with a news that the building going to get constructed , the occupied shops with political back up were vacated. But still the ration shop is running. For information Civil supplies paid advance to some one to replace this shop to a new venue. But person who collected advance has not allotted the premises till date.Government officers at civil supplies are also keeping quiet is pathetic.

Thank you.


My dear viewer's here is a message about kanimozi.

She is the M.P.in the present parliament. She is the Daughter of Mr. Karunanidhi  - ex chief Minister -Tamilnadu. He is a billionaire in the country because of Television Channels .

  Kanimozi was arrested in 2G spectrum case . yesterday. It is well known to all. Leading Lawyer Ram jet malani normally never fail in cases he handle. So this imprisonment may be a Drama by congress to get sympathy for D M K party and in Tamil nadu people. Because she is a M.P.so she will get special facilities at Jail.

Like these injustice not to happen , so that anna hazare few days back went for fast demanding Common Civil Law.anna hazare is fooled by all Politicians of India. after some time in a plan they may kill him .
Yesterday to media Mr.Karunanidhi said that he is also a father to a daughter like all people. But he is the father can give property in crores to his daughter. But we people can not get even a job for our daughter is the real situation in the society. In Love we all one and the same ,might be referred by him.

He is not a common man now like he was in his child hood. He is the owner of all pleasures. His father is a famous Manthravathi(tanthric). so what is your question? He did not condemned the looting's of Temple properties looted by politicians at Chennai (saidapet) which were donated by few rich people had much affection on Divine.
why I mention this because his first contest in this constituency at Chennai and the first election meeting for this Last held election 2011.He do not have sympathy on poor people. for example I sent a letter to him on registered post  on the first day of his Last Regime. He did not even reciprocated.

 Here after  The D M K party in Tamil Nadu  has no chance to come Back even after Hundred years. This is my prediction.

TamilNadu Government and Cable TV

Hi to my dear friends and viewers at this blog here is a Glad News from Tamil nadu Government in India.

Government is taking Cable TV network and by which all people can watch all channels at a Low rate chargable. This may be 50 Rupees per month. This is going to be a revolution in Media and Business world.

This will be a Role Model to all INdian states and to the Countries in the world.. Tamil Nadu will get HIgh fame on this matter on the International Grounds.

People will watch all channels ,so they will be in a position to watch all advertisement whichin turn will promote all business. Also Advertisers can have an option to fix a standard rate payable by them to T V NetWork's,also the advertisers has the chance to slelect T V channels , instead of giving in all channels and  can avoid failure in results.

So Advertisers are big firms and MNC Companies they can sit with Government and come down to a comon Rate system and advertising Hours and Times in a day. 

Channel operaters relay even the New PIctures with in a wek from the date of its release. This can be avoided by the Government as support and help to Film Producers and Distributors.

When my suggestions are aceptable I may be rewarded as a honour. Normally Posts and messages are read by Gentleman and Ladies comected to Administration in Government and they take up the idea's  to Government  as it is from them. may please give recognition to me and reward me. Because I have lot of Idea to overcome troubles in all Business field. Channel operators must be forced to come in line with the Government Norms and regulations.

Similarly Government must stop supply of current to chanel operators by 11.30Pm every Day. Here Government can save current.

I am going to say HOw Pirated CD/DVD of New film released in my Next Post. 

Thank you. 

j.jayalalithaa - may do this

j.jayalalithaa - may do this

j.jayalalithaa - may do this

Hello to my dear readers and viewer's here is a message about Tamil Nadu Government.

Operating secretariat at old complex is not wrong. Also I want to say that Both Secretariat buildings were in the same street. One end of the street the old secretariat and in the other end New secretariat.

Old secretariat building was a property belongs to Defense. Now the new secretariat constructed is a Hall used to keep dead Body of leaders for people to pay their Homage.

Also in that new secretariat a banyan tree is exist and in which few people self attempt to suicide, hanged and died is also known to People.

This is a building in which a very Big Hall in exist in the Rajaji Hall. Rajagopalachari called as Rajaji and he held many positions in Government and did not do any corruption. But new politicians after Rajaji in India are found to be corruptive.

Omandoorar is the first Chief Minster .But J.Jayalaithaa can rename this building as Rajaji Building.

Thnk you. 

Tamil Nadu Government By Dr.J.Jayalalithaa

Hi to my dear friends and Ever growing audience at this blog, thank you .
Here is a Post tells you what all the immediate  needs to Tamil Nadu Government.

After Tamil nadu Government sworn in ceremony , Government shuffled officers and their duties in Police Department.

After This Public expected that same type of shufling will take place at T N E B . All engineers to Foreman has to be shuffled Like Polic department. Shuffling will give a good result In Electricity Board. It can be in a type of promotion. 

Public works department engineers has to be shuffled, but after Extracting all purchase details and bribe details (for example - 80,000 crores earned in sand) How much of sand purchased in Tamil Nadu New secretariat Building construction and what is the amount paid for each Truck load of sand, and what is the quantum of sand purchased in Bridges construction and what is the Price paid for each Truck load are all to be digged and Published to Media to give  knowledge of People.

After to this all officials and Drivers has to be shufled in Tamil Nadu owned Government Buses and in depots. 
Tamil Nadu has to issue Free Pas to people above 60 Years age to travel in Tamil Nadu. 

Let me Hope The Government will take appropriate action in all these matters. 

Thank you.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rahul Gandhi and Rita Bahuguna slams Mayawati

Hello friends and viewer's here at this blog Thank you for listening my ideas and implicating the same for the rposperity of our life.Now This is a Post on Rahul Gandhi at Uttar Pradesh in India.

1.My friend Rahul Gandhi Must increase the security on his tour in all places at Uttar Pradesh Now. Because Mayawati is not making any comments on Rahul gandhi actions and on Rita Bahuguna and others in Congress. Rita Bahuguna slams Mayawati for lawlessness, corruption in UP. Rita Bahuguna agitate against all mistakes of the U.P.Government in all these years is known to Indians. 

2.Rahul Gandhi intensifies Congress interest for justice to farmers at U.P and demanding for a Judicial enquiry by UP:Government. 

3.UP Rita Bahuguna Joshi, Cong supporters arrested- TIMESNOW.tv,UP Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi gets bail - Times Of India were the media informations to people . So this ethic issue gets a Shape which going todefeat Mayawati in the up coming election for U P State assembly.

4.Again I like to say Rahul Gandhi must work with intelligence reports for his security.   In  Tamil Nadu all Political Parties including Congress left Rajiv Gandhi alone and claimed his death in that brutal killing is the past history in Politics must be remembered by Rahul gandhi. 

5. few months back in His site I requested Rahul gandhi to call me for an advise in a  discussion to him for promoting Congress through out India. Here I demanded Travel facilities and accomodation at free of cost to meet him at delhi. That has not happened and Congress last  Tamil Nadu once again.Its all right,atleast Let him observe my suggesstions to him through this post.

6.Mayawati and her Party will face a massive defeat , otherwise Congress will sweep in 97% of seats  and this result will be to congress ,only when it is contesting in all constituencies of Uttar Pradesh. This is a must also.

Let me say my rest of opinions to Rahul gandhi in my next Post for the promotion of Congres party in India. 

If he read the results predicted and published on the past state assmbly elections held in 5 states than he will accept my views, I believe. Posts on this matter are available in this blog as well as at http://getpaidout.blogspot.com.May please have a visit to this sites. 

I request Rahul gandhi that he should think He is for India and not a politician exclusively for UP only.

Thank you.

Create your corporate portal

Create your corporate portal

Create your corporate portal

Hi viewers here is a service available to Create your corporate portal. Yes! teamlab.com is the site provides this facility and in advanced level.

Please visit this site and get details and utilize the best services of this site.

Thank you.

Advanced SystemCare

Hi to my dear friends and viewer's here is the latest information letting you know Advanced SystemCare.

I read the following Notes at this iste and found very fruitful,so immediately I thought of sharing the same with you all. Because I love you all more than any thing in thsi world. Please read the following Notes. Also I posted  below a very good support and best review by media  about this site. Please make use of this opportunity and glow.
Advanced SystemCare PRO 4 provides an always-on, automated, all-in-one PC Healthcare Service with anti-spyware, privacy protection, performance tune-ups, and system cleaning capabilities. This powerful and award-winning precision tool fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes Internet and download speeds, ensures personal security, and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.

Media Review

Advanced SystemCare Pro 4 wants to be it all when it comes to keeping your system clean. It gives you a wealth of tools, rolling many of parent company IOBit's better-known system utilities--or at least those utilities' engines--into one convenient package.

thank you for hearing and accepting my suggesstions. 

My Life and struggle

My Life and struggle

My Life and struggle

Hi to my dear friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about My Life and struggle. here I like to share my employment Life.

Yes! In Government service my father expired , so the government issued an appointment order on compassionate grounds in a district. I do not had any brother or sister and my mother is alone her health condition is also not good at that time. So I use to go to office by 6Am express train and use to back by Brindavan express. 

In a short while ,that is in few days I saw a pathetic situation of a Girl employee of the same office. Yes! she was working at my chair before I join in that office is the matter. The superindentant has collected some bribe so she was authentically crying at his table, saying you said that my job will get confirmed,(she was on 10a one Placement) and now another person instated by a compassionate order so I last the Job. Now my Marriage engagements were completely stopped. Person going to become my Husbund and his family say ,after getting a job we can have our Marriage,so I am worried about my life is the crying Note from that Girl. 

Immediately after seeing this situation I decided that if I had sister I will arrange her marriage,Though I do not have sister ,now I can do a help to this girl considering her as my sister. so I talked to my Administrative officer about my resignation. But He said no,no, you are a Brahmin and it is very difficult to get a Government Job since you are a Brahmin.and you do not leave this Job. I spoked to the Director at Chennai. he is arranging your transfer,and we will help this Girl.But I did not believed Him and submitted my resignation , at that time even my service register was not opened. As soon i reached chennai I went to the director and enquired about my placement , he was also telling that you are tranfered to chennai. But what to do? My resignation is submitted and they do not want to reconsider becuase I did not rspected and believed their words. 

Just a temperament and words made my life misserable even today. 
even after 20 years I appealed to Government for a reconsideration . Because By an order from chief Minister I can be reinstated , But The Last Government did not reciprocated and do not like to hear my case. No sympathy showned on me by the Last Government in my state in India. This my Life. 


Hi to my dear friends and viewer's this is the latest information about cottages.

This is a pleasant place available at an affordable rate at U.K. . Cottages are normally Booked in advance in Holiday seasons. Now thsi summer vaccation so only few cottages are available. Please rush to book your cottage at Beach Resorts in U.K.

Here you and your family can have pleasure with the feeling of a your cultural heritage.

Thank you.


Hi friends and viewers here is a Flash news on Boats. Boating is a Great Joy in Travel. You can travel to many Boating sites at U.K. , where it is enabled that you can travel along with your wife, Lover. Mother and Father, or along with your children in a seperate Boat. Boat available in with stream engines, and manul type. You need to pay a small amount for this boat trip in the clean water .
Memorable boating at Boat club on this ummer vaccation at U.K. is a Joyful time.
Thank you.

apparel - Men clothing for Free

Hi friends and growing viewer's  here is message letting you know about apparel - Men clothing for Free.

Now in this summer season a special offer available in Men clothing. Shopping world gives you One Branded Shirt Full Hand for free.

Please Go to these shops and buy any Two branded shirts and avail /select one more Brand shirt for Free of Cost.

This is  a best offer. I strongly believe that you will not miss this chance. 

NATO ARMY at Afghanisthan

Hi friends here is a message about NATO ARMY at Afghanisthan.

NATOArmy personals were killed few days back at afghanisthan. This is a brutal act. I believe that Afghanisthan keeps room for Terrorists because they belong to Islam community, this is absolutely wrong by afghanisthan.

Afghanisthan plays dual role in dealing with U.S,and NATO army at its Land.

Bin Laden who lived at Egypt ,Afghanisthan and pakistan was killed , but it established these countries were giving asylum to Terrorists and terrorism.
Thank you. 

Jilani to china

Hi to friends and viewer's here is a message about Jilani to china.

China is a friendaly country to all countries. But pakistan says china is a best friend to pakistan. This is the trip after the Visit of John Karry of U .S. is should be a vital one. This may bring threat to U.S.

pakistan is always religion oriented and not Human oriented. It is not changing. This is after Mr. Parvez Mushraff.
People of pakistan like to be dear friends with India than China, But Pakistan adminitrating Politicians were do all movements against India. Military chief of Pakistan is very good and Loyal Humanity.

Pakistan army chief who helped U.S. in attacking Bin Laden is on a good cause - That is removal of terrorism.

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rahul gandhi

Hi friends and viewer's of this blog this is about a flash news on Rahul gandhi.

Rahul gandhi has joined his hands with the farmers of Uttarpradesh. He feels that he is the responsible son of uttarpradesh from congress.

B J P has also joined her hands with the farmers and staged their oppositions against Mayawati.

Rahul gandhi went a step ahead . he along with few farmer representatives from uttarpradesh met Mr. Manmohan singh today and explained all situtations and untoward incidents like raping of women in the agitation against Land acquisition by Uttar pradesh Government. I salute to the Farmers. Gandhiji said Farmers of India are the back bones of Indian Government. My land also aquisitioned by an order From Governor of that Time Mrs Fathima Beevi in tamil nadu. and only paid Rs. %,730 rupees as Government compensatation . This is an exploitation by Government. Now I find the same matter at Uttar pradesh ,and farmers in united opposing the Government act by an order from the Chief Minister Mayawati.

Now the justice must be given to this farmers and they must be sttled at the prevailing cost of those land today or land has to be given back to the owners.

Let us hope for the justice from Mr.Manmohan singh.


Hi this is about the latest information about an act from Mr. Baradwaj the Governor of Karnataka.

He has sent a report to president of India to dismiss the present Government. So B J P leader and chief Minister Mr. Ediyurappa along with his supporters stationed at New delhi and met President of India to make the request to remove the Governor.

But the people of Karnataka is prepared to face the Next Election. They do not like the B J P Government is the trend now. No sympathy can be availed by B J P from the dismissal of this Government at Karnataka.

President may order for Assembly election at Karnataka and Utterpradesh.

This is going to be a turning point to Congress party in India.Otherwise Mr. Manmohan singh government will get disssolved.

John Karry

Hi to my dear friends and viewer's here at this blog here is a mesage about John Karry. He is the fourth Deligate from the Presidential office after Bin laden death to Pakistan. His trip is to establish that pakistan must root out terorist from their soil. also he had few important discussions with The president and Prime minster of Pakistan to wipe out Terorits from pakistan and across the Globe . This is an important Talk today.

Terrorists must come out to discussuions and Law and order is going to become very tough here after.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Popular faces

Hi to my dear friends ,follower's and viewer's here is a message about Popular faces.

Yes! Tomorrow (13.5.2011 ) the results will be et published from 8.30 AM .This is regarding the elections held in Five states in India. The results will be a damaging one for the Popular Faces. 

For example :

west Bengal leading communist leaders will face defeat and it will eliminate them from politics of communist party.New Face Mamtha Banerjee will be the Next chief Minister and her Party will get Individual Majorityto form the Government. She will resign from Railway Minister and will take as Chief Minister of Bengal. 

As soon she takes Power as chief Minister , she will join in the force, aim to sent out the present Central Government by Manmohan singh.

Assam : B J P will form the New Government. Congress will get opposition party in the assembly.

Kerala: Congress Party will form the New Government with Individual Majority. and B J P will be in thesecond line as opposition party in the assembly. Communist party will get a vast defeat and Most of teh popular leaders from communist party will be eleminated by the result.

Pondicherry: D M K lead allaiance will face Huge defeat. Popular face like Mr.Janaki raman ,V.Vaithya lingam - present chief minister and few others will face defeat with low Margin. Rangaswamy will be the next chief Minister . He and his alliance with A I A D M K will get a big Success. Congress will face a massive defeat is going to be the record in pondicherry Politics.

Tamil Nadu:
Here D M K and congress allied parties will get massive defeat . Congress may get success in 2 seats out of 63 contesting seats. This is because of the Congress Party Leader at Tamil Nadu.His popularity is already at Zero level. He is not a mass leader. Since he meet the chief minister often does not mean he is a popular figure in Tamil Nadu. He is not at all an accepted leader. Nominated M.P's From tamilnadu congress party to union government and their supporters contesting in this election will also face huge defeat. because the present Nominated M.P's from tamilnadu were not at all approved leaders by Tamil Nadu people. Of their own deeds they are all declared as leaders by their own set up of people. they have not come to people for any support or in any circumstances to help people is the main reason.
Other parties like P M K,Viduthali siruthai and other parties will get Zero Number as result. it means They will get eleminated by the results tommorrow. These party people are going to be the first to wish J.Jayalalithaa.

A I A D M K and her allaince will get a very big success. But A I A D M K will get Individual victory  so It will form the Government. A I A D M K will not give Ministry to any other Party in its allaince. Infact A I A D M K will get disconnected from Vijakanth Party with in few Months is also to be witnessed by people of India.

In this election result  the   defeat to most of the Prominant leaders of D M K party is unavoidable.. In this Notorious defeats  , shocking defeat of the present chief Minister at Thiruvarur with a margin of 50 to 100 votes, similarly Victory of Deputy Chief Minister at Kolathoor with a margin of 100 to 150 votes will be witnessed by people of India and the world.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

getpaid atLink: Tamil Nadu Election result of April, 13 , 2011

getpaid atLink: Tamil Nadu Election result of April, 13 , 2011: "http://www.jayanetwork.in/PgPopUp.asp?refno=PrgImages/nermugam02_f.jpg&pg=Nermugam&tid=G7&sid=S7623 Hi dear Friends , follower's and viewe..."

Since the prediction of mine here about the elections in many states went exactly right and they took oath of office. so Google and blogger.com team link these posts to the concern will enable the blogger popularity as well as Google relationship with these governments will become further stronger. Thank you. 

getpaid atLink: Tamil Nadu Election result of April, 13 , 2011

getpaid atLink: Tamil Nadu Election result of April, 13 , 2011: "http://www.jayanetwork.in/PgPopUp.asp?refno=PrgImages/nermugam02_f.jpg&pg=Nermugam&tid=G7&sid=S7623 Hi dear Friends , follower's and viewe..."

getpaid atLink: j jayalalitha - In Love

getpaid atLink: j jayalalitha - In Love: "Hi friends ,follower's and viewer's here is a Hot news about j jayalalitha - secret love . Yes! This is the truth. She is not only affect..."

getpaid atLink: President Rule in India

getpaid atLink: President Rule in India: "Hi friends and follower's and viewer's Here is a Prediction about the present  Union Government will get Dissolve.President Rule in India wi..."

getpaid atLink: Kerala Assembly Election Schedule 2011 and result....

getpaid atLink: Kerala Assembly Election Schedule 2011 and result....: "here is a message about Kerala Assembly Election Schedule 2011. This is the same schedule of Tamil nadu. The message is kerala is a neighb..."

sensational Day

Hi friends here is a matter that going to keep 13th May 2011 very sensational across India.

Yez! This is the day the results for the elections held at Tamil nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry,Assam, West Bengal .

Al Political parties are in High Temperature. Because this is the result going to make the closure of this Lok sabha and Next election for the next Lok sabha will b in November. The present Government will come to an end   Because of Planet Positions in Astronomy, which is unavoidable. 

Look at This election  results going to be: 0n 13.5.2011.

Tamil nadu  -   sweeping Victory by A.I.A.D.M.K. lead by J.Jayalalithaa. D .M.K. Party lead by                                Karunanidhi  will  face Big set Back. They may get 49 seats.Congress will get 2                                   seats. Communist will be in the growing sign  in the south.

Kerala         -    Congres will Form Next Government. Particular set back to communist party and it                             will get only few seats. where as B J P will get good number in the assembly.

Assam          -    B .J.P.  Will get majority and will form the New Government at Assam. Congress                                 will have majot set back. 

Pondicherry :    A I A D M K allied  Rangaswamy will get success and Rangaswamy will be the next                           Chief Minister of Pondicherry. 

West Bengal :     This will be a shocking result to Communist Party. Communist Party of India will                                   get Only a minimum seats and This will will be wash out to communist Party and                                   End Of Communist party in North East Begins at West Bengal. 
                             Mamtha Banerjee will be the next Prime Minister. and her Party will get a                                            Overwhelming success and will form the Government with single Majority. B J P                                  Party will get few seats. This is a Begining t  B J P .   

                               For complete predicted election results please read the older posts . 

Thank you. 
 In Your Dreams


Saturday, May 7, 2011

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The King's Speech

Thursday, May 5, 2011

weight control

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Social network and your blog

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

getpaid atLink: News for alabama storm

getpaid atLink: News for alabama storm: "Hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about News for alabama storm. I Notice and wish to inform you that all suuccessful..."

News for alabama storm

Hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about News for alabama storm.

I Notice and wish to inform you that all suuccessful launching sattelites through a rocket from sriharikota in India were doing well in its assignments.

But at all times after sattelite launched American districts get huge rain or storm. Recent lauching and storm at alabama may have any inner developments from the teared air and nature and combustion may be a reason for this storm. Scientists may test and analyze this in the next sattelite launch from India.

Thank you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hardwood Oak floors

Hi friends here is a message about oak floors. This is very good and good looking in appearence in a House. Floors can be decorated with this oak floors,and  Red and white oak hardwoods are the most common, and each is characterized by an even appearance.This has been already laided in many Homes . Red oak is uniformly a light reddish shade, and white oak is tan, white, or cream-colored.

it is unfinished or prefinished, solid or engineered, oak flooring is durable enough is the commitment to technology in wood flooring.Aside from color and durability, oak flooring is known for a pattern of rays.

Thank you.

secret in the death of Osama bin Laden

Hi viewers this is a post gives you information about the secret in the death of Osama bin Laden.

Osama killed by the troops of Obama at a place in Pakistan near Pakistan Army Head quarters.

We all know already Egypt in Deep trouble. President Hosni Mubarak resigns as leader on 12.2.2011 is also known to us.

so due to instability and unsafe Osama Bin laden shifted his residence to Pakistan. Already trouble and unrest at Afghanistan is also a reason why he shifted to Pakistan. Pakistan was found to be a asylum to bin laden with army and Intelligence security. Bin laden resided very near to army head quarters of Pakistan. In all these years Pakistan said that Pakistan did not have any hands with Terrorism. Now with a blowing light on this matter, world understood this is wrong statement by Pakistan.

I like to say that this is a cold war between Islam and Christianity. Now it has come to an end at the death of bin laden. We have to see the braveness of bin laden, we are all proud to use the latest technology in Internet. But Osama bin laden operated the communications only through letters in all these years. This has delayed his movement identifications. Now a audio track telling that Obama and leaders at Pakistan will be killed, in that priority will be Pakistani leaders, is also a Drama. The followers of bin laden diverting the attention by this audio track. Pakistan has to be investigated by U N O troops immediately on terrorist issues for international safety.

Pakistan involvement in 29/11 at Mumbai will also come in to light. This is a must now. A special Task force from U S with an order by Barrack Obama left to Pakistan, sorrounded Osama bin laden in his residential building near to Pakistan army head quarters and killed bin laden is very good information to this world Peace. Thanks to Obama and troops by Obama. Pakistan would have been shamed by the act of supporting terrorists at this time. Pakistan people and Islam people in the world were against Terrorists and terrorism. But Political leaders at Pakistan and in the Islam world were not against terrorist's who belongs to Islam community. This must come to an end.

We are all born to live but not necessary on the Name of a religion or community. Religions/community teaches Morals to live on the earth. Please do not entertain to mix religion to Politics.
Water for Elephants