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why Congress did not turned violent or stringent or forceful or vigorous to make all Indians to unite to stop or Ban this Division or Partition of India on 14th August 1947

I remember on all days and use to say to many of my circles that Mahatma Gandhi did not had even a small scratch from any of his protests and revolutions by British.But many freedom fighters in India were severely punished by British Government were all the sincere follower's of Mahatma Gandhi!Mahatma Gandhiji did not united India to go against Division of India!why? we people are thinking on this at all times!
look at history,how dare (chekizutha)Freedom fighter Shiva was punished ! Look! All over India many Indians who were involved in Freedom Fight were severely punished is in the History except Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru!
History say's that Jawarharlal Nehru a freedom fighter who was jailed or imprisoned by British Government,but he was in special jail with all comforts and with clean white Kurtha's with a rose in the coat,so that he could wrote Books like Discovery of India!But Others suffered in Jail and revolted for Freedom but People like Nehru were in Prison and enjoyed that imprisonment,and it was a Drama to exploit people of India  was the Truth.

Indians with the Indian Spirit must under stand and must question all Parliamentarians ,this includes Mr.Modi- the present Prime Minister who were not shown any interest in bringing back the family people or Blood related people of Mohandoss Karamchand Gandhi or popularly known as  Mahatma Gandhi .It Means India is still under other country rule? In all these years from 1947 why supporting Nehru Family people to rule India? No one will sjow interest to Answer to this Question?!

all right come to other way of my thinking! 
 we all Indians must think why Father of our Nation Mr.Mahatma Gandhiji did not revolted against Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr. Jinnah while they went for division of India? in to two countries?

Indian History clearly say that Jinnah was not showing interest in starting Muslim League in fact Jinnah was against this starting of Muslim League!

suddenly after a under bench agreement between Jawaharlal Nehru and Lord Mountbatten with out considering the views of Mahatma Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru and Jinnah were decided to divide India for their chair position was a message!    Jinnah suffering with Tuberculosis and Cancer but suddenly turned  ferocious started Muslim League and started campaign for dividing India and wanted establish a separate country for Muslim's  . 

here I would like to say Mr.Jinnah was the first Freedom fighter with all Freedom fighters who organized a Grand welcome Honor and Meetings for Mahatma Gandhi when he turned to India from South Africa from 1942. Mr.Jinnah interested and encouraged  in Gandhiji leadership in freedom struggle was also a truthful message available in History!

Please note,  Jinnah allowed to succeed and established Pakistan an exclusive country for Islam people-a new country at the division of Indian soil rose on 14th August 1947 in world Map. For this Jawaharlal Nehru was supporting ,why because he wanted to become First Prime Minister of India. here a message to Indian's was , Nehru did not had much interest on welfare of India and or Indian's.

Mohandoss Karamchand Gandhi or popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi and his team members in Congress like Mr.Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel and all others  did not attended this serious issue at all. why ? it is a Political Game or a Mystery! why Congress did not turned violent or stringent or forceful or vigorous to make all Indians to unite to stop or Ban this Division or Partition of India on 14th August 1947.
After all revolutions on silent manner on applying Non Violent methods why Mahatma Gandhi or other freedom fighters called themselves as Congress not shown any interest to fight against division or partition by British ? what is the secret stopped this? why it is allowed? 
why Mahatma Gandhi allowed Nehru Daughter Indira Priyadarshini to Use Gandhi as her SurName?
 Mahatma Gandhi ,Sardar vallabh bhai patel and other congress people should have decided to go against this division of India uniting Indians as an extension of Freedom war! In Fact Britishers almost gone out from India at that time is also a fact. 
So we Indians are exploited and even today for soil Pakistan war on India ! is it right? No - must be the answer by the world!.
British Government  believed  that if Muslim and Indians are allowed to live together,than  in long run India will become Islamic country!?. so that British  Government divided India.

Also to Note if Indians as people in Pakistan and in India as one Nation would have emerged as a very big Super Power in the World in 19th Century or in the very beginning of 20th century itself was also a thought and fear in British ,
Regards to all Indians. please raise all the above questions and work to strengthen India at all times. Thanks.

Urgent and decisive action was needed

Service, in our Indian ethos is the ultimate duty Seva Parmo Dharma. One year ago, you had entrusted me with the responsibility and honour of serving you as your Pradhan Sevak. I have devoted every moment of every day, and every element of my body and spirit, in fulfilling the same with fullest sincerity and honesty.

We assumed office at a time when confidence in the India story was waning. Un-abated corruption and indecisiveness had paralyzed the government. People had been left helpless against ever climbing inflation and economic insecurity. Urgent and decisive action was needed.
We systematically went about addressing these challenges. Runaway prices were immediately brought under control. The languishing economy was rejuvenated, building on stable, policy-driven proactive governance. Discretionary allotment of our precious natural resources to a chosen few was replaced with transparent auctions. Firm steps were taken against Black Money, from setting up a SIT and passing a stringent black money law, to generating international consensus against the same. Uncompromising adherence to the principle of purity, in action as well as intent, ensured a corruption-free government. Significant changes have been brought about in work culture, nurturing a combination of empathy as well as professionalism, systems as well breaking of silos. State governments have been made equal partners in the quest for national development, building the spirit of Team India. Most importantly, we have been able to restore Trust in the government.

Guided by the principle of Antyodaya, our Government is dedicated to the poor, marginalized and those left behind. We are working towards empowering them to become our soldiers in the war against poverty. Numerous measures and schemes have been initiated – from making school toilets to setting up IITs, IIMs and AIIMS; from providing a vaccination cover to our children to initiating a people-driven Swachh Bharat mission; from ensuring a minimum pension to our labourers to providing social security to the common man; from enhancing support to our farmers hit by natural calamities to defending their interests at WTO; from empowering one and all with self attestation to delivering subsidies directly to people’s banks; from universalizing the banking system to funding the unfunded small businesses; from irrigating fields to rejuvenating Ma Ganga; from moving towards 24x7 power to connecting the nation through road and rail; from building homes for the homeless to setting up smart cities, and from connecting the North-East to prioritizing development of Eastern India.
Friends, this is just the beginning. Our objective is to transform quality of life, infrastructure and services. Together we shall build the India of your dreams and that of our freedom fighters. In this, I seek your blessings and continued support.

Veer Savarkar - great freedom fighter & social-political philosopher.

Today, on birth anniversary of Veer Savarkar, let us remember & pay tribute to this great freedom fighter & social-political philosopher.

Hi dear it is more important to remember a great Indian Ruler of our fore fathers time.

Joint press by Shri Arun Jaitley, Shri Ananth Kumar & Shri Bhupendra Yad...

My Ambition Right Now is to Become an Honourable Family Man

My Ambition Right Now is to Become an Honourable Family Man:
'Ranbir Kapoor Can Do Any Film, He's That Good,' Says

Cricket, Bollywood and Business in Ambani

Cricket, Bollywood and Business in Ambani Triple Whammy

President of the Bharatiya Janata Party

BJP President[edit]
President of the Bharatiya Janata Party
Assumed office
9 July 2014
Preceded byRajnath Singh
Member of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly
for Naranpura
Assumed office
MLA, Sarkhej
In office
Preceded byHarishchandra Lavjibhai Patel
Personal details
BornAmitbhai Anilchandra Shah
22 October 1964 (age 50)[1]
Mumbai, MaharashtraIndia
Political partyBharatiya Janata Party
Spouse(s)Sonal Shah
Alma materGujarat University

In July 2014, BJP's Central Parliamentary Board unanimously approved Amit Shah's appointment as the President of the party.[27] As a prominent politician, he receives Z plus security Cover from Government.[28]

Electoral record[edit]

Since 1989, Shah has fought 28 elections to the Gujarat State Assembly and various local bodies. As of 2014, he has never lost an election.[7]
ElectionYearConstituencyResultVotes % VotesSource
Gujarat Legislative Assembly (by-election)1997SarkhejWon7683956.10%[29]
Gujarat Legislative Assembly1998SarkhejWon193,37369.81%[30]
Gujarat Legislative Assembly2002SarkhejWon288,32766.98%[31]
Gujarat Legislative Assembly2007SarkhejWon407,65968.00%[32]
Gujarat Legislative Assembly2012NaranpuraWon103,98869.19%[33]

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anyone can directly reach the Prime Minister by writing an email

New Delhi: On the first anniversary of BJP-led NDA government in power at the Centre, thePMO website has been totally revamped, making it more user friendly and interactive.
According to reports, the new look of the website was unveiled on Tuesday marking the first anniversary of the Narendra Modi government.
PM Modi also took to twitter to confirm the development.The website has a section by which anyone can directly reach the Prime Minister by writing an email.
“Write to the Prime Minister,” it says while giving the option of ‘Login/Register/Lost Password/Resend Activation Mail’
The website also has a section named ‘Our Government’ which has sub-sections of the President of India, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Cabinet Secretariat, Press Information Bureau,,, GOI Web Directory and MyGov.
The website also showcases latest news reports, the Prime Minister's photos, quotes, and full texts of his speeches.
Immediately after Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister in 2014, the look and feel of the PMO website was changed with more social media integration.

'Unconstitutional' authority influenced PMO in UPA rule: PM Modi

Monday, May 11, 2015

getpaid atLink: a special Deepavali from 11.07 Am by exploding/fir...

getpaid atLink: a special Deepavali from 11.07 Am by exploding/fir...: Jayalalithaa Acquitted in Corruption Case. Judge Took 10 Seconds to Announce Verdict.   1. This is a well fabricated Case run in Judic...

a special Deepavali from 11.07 Am by exploding/fire crackers and Distributed Krishna Sweets to People Selvi J.Jayalalithaa and three others released today from legal cases completely

Jayalalithaa Acquitted in Corruption Case. Judge Took 10 Seconds to Announce Verdict.


1. This is a well fabricated Case run in Judiciary  and fooled people in India and in particular People of Tamil Nadu over 18 years.

AT last Selvi J Jayalalithaa Patience fetch   Victory today.

Selvi J.Jayalalithaa and three others released today from legal cases completely. 

People in Tamil Nadu  celebrates a special Deepavali from 11.07 Am by exploding/fire  crackers and Distributed Krishna Sweets to People is the present time situation prevails is the Truth. 

In My View 

J.Jayalalithaa can not be called as Criminal or convicted why because this is a case based on Income Tax issue. Case says that J.Jayalalithaa did not paid income tax for the assets ascertained during her Rule. 

For non payment of income Tax Union Government's Income Tax department could have asked her to pay the tax with penalty.  But this case was fabricated and deviated as Criminal offense . Judiciary could have asked to revert/surrender  that assets accumulated by J.Jayalalithaa and three others to Government Treasury. But instead of that this fabricated case pro longed over 18 years is the painful issue to  people .

How ever J.Jayalalithaa  relieved from this case today is a great stress free to people in Tamil Nadu. Good Luck and Good wishes to J.Jayalalithaa.

Also to Note:

Mr.Modi Government can not pass any Bills in Rajya Sabha for the welfare of People in India  because B J P do not have sufficient Numbers. This is the situation up to January 2016.

so To run the Government bravely and Helpfully to people who elected Mr.Modi ,Judiciary under his Government offered a right decision to J.Jayalalithaa by relieving her from the case from 11Am Today 11.5.2015.

by this Mr.Modi will secure the support of 37 M.P.'s of A.I.A.D.M.K. along with the support of Trinamool Congress by Mamta Banerjee Received from Yesterday .

So People in India got a right chance to gear up the prosperity of the Nation along with their developments is assured. 

Good Luck to Modi Government.