Thursday, March 31, 2011

getpaid atLink: Emergency at Tamil Nadu in India

getpaid atLink: Emergency at Tamil Nadu in India: "Hi friends here is a message about emergency at Tamil nadu in India.  The present situation and handling and partial action are all l..."

Kerala Assembly Election Schedule 2011 and result.

here is a message about Kerala Assembly Election Schedule 2011. This is the same schedule of Tamil nadu.

The message is kerala is a neighbour state to Tamil nadu.

In Tamil nadu election rally and in all television network at tamil nadu , nothing revealed about the manifesto of Political parties of Kerala.

what is the status of increasing the height of the dam.? what is the stand of congress at Kerala on this matter ? what is the stand of Congress and D M K and A I A D M K ?

News blindness. That is news about the neighbour state is blocked by al network is noted by people of India. Because  are all Indians in India. Divide and rule is applied in News giving  also is a feel.

In kerala communist party will face a massive defeat. On the other hand congress and B J P will get many candidates get selected.

Congress will form the Government  at Kerala is my Prediction.This the truth.

thank you.

End of Communism

Hi friends I had a chance to stay for 13 days at calcutta for 13 days. the people are highly affectionate.
Now they are facing their state election . In this Mamtha Banerjee made strong and lovely approach to people of West Bengal.

Now People support found to be very good to Mamtha. she is going to have a stunning victory and communists party candidates will get defeated.
This election will Put an end to communism at India.In the next election National Parties will enter at this state and communist and communism will come to a drastic end.

The sweep of Mamtha banerjee is Decided. and Massive defeat and eleminatiion of Communism from west bengal has become Mandatory.

Emergency at Tamil Nadu in India

Hi friends here is a message about emergency at Tamil nadu in India

The present situation and handling and partial action are all look like an emergency at Tamil Nadu in India ,says,D M K party Party President yesterday.
Also he added that Mrs. Gandhi felt bad about emergency punishments and it treatment by officers in a public address at chennai. 

Mrs Gandhi was the prime Minister of India ,she visits to Tamil nadu ,and do not have allied with D M K . when she was travelling on the over bridge of Guindy at chennai D M K party people throw cheppals on her ,is an incident can not be forget by people of India. But Congress forget all these is a pathetic message.what to do?

when shoes threw on George Bush it had become World News. But the above Incident not known many of this world.

so , while Election in proceeding party people say anything and every thing to win in that is the secret. But People are fooled. Only media can put light on all wrong notations to give knowledge to people of India and Indian Democracy. 

Election commission in India is an autonomus Body and it is Powerful authority as per Law. But It obeys central Government of India and all Government .It decides every thing on discussion with all parties before the election is conducted get in to a common stand. So No partiality.

This time election commission in Tamilnadu actions , and D M K party and its allies actions are permits to think that their may be a possibility of an other action. That is elction commission and D M K party may arranged  the feeding of votes in electronic Machines  . For example a constituency is getting 15 machines in which 4 or 5 machines might have been with feeded votes with an understanding of central and state ruling parties is also possible. if happens than the candidate in that constituency of this party will get win. 

As per the sitution prevails , D M K and allied parties will get massive set back and get defeat in 90% of the constituencies they contest. A I A D M K and allies vicotry and seats they get were already declared by me . for this please read  the earlier post.

The Result published by me will become true if election commission operates its performance in a clean and genuine  manner.

Thank you.

My idea

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Thank you,

world cup 2011 winner

world cup 2011 winner

getpaid atLink: World Cup Cricket semi Final 30 - 3. 2011

getpaid atLink: World Cup Cricket semi Final 30 - 3. 2011: "In this semi final world cup cricket today 30-3-2011 between Pakistan and India going to take place at Mohali in  few hours.  Peo..."

world cup 2011 winner

Hi friends here is the world cup 2011 cricket Match winner prediction.

India will be the winner in this match 2011 ,2nd April.

The First batting team will score 244 is the target.

Please watch this score and the predictons went true.

Man of the match will be Goutham Gambir.

How in 1983 Kapil Dev with his fine Knock won the cup,similarly Dhoni will do the same Repeated Knock and India will win this world cup.

Thank you/

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Cup Cricket semi Final 30 - 3. 2011

In this semi final world cup cricket today 30-3-2011 between Pakistan and India going to take place at Mohali in  few hours. 

People are in a Good Tempo to watch this competition. The value added to this Interst in this Game is the Participating of Mr. Gilani The Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is witnessing this match along with Mr. Man Mohan singh , Prime Minister of India and Sonia Gandhi - Leader -Ruling Party.

All right Let me give my Prediction here as ususal. 

Today in this match India will win. click this link   win a 42" LG LED TV. I may be getting this because My prediction will be correct.

Take Granted Today India will win . 
The first batting team will score 221 or 261. Sachin Tendulkar will make his Fifty. 
Dhoni will be the Man of the Match Today.
These are all my predictions. My prediction never fails.
watch and enjoy. 
Thank you. 

New Zealand

In World cup cricket contest in semifinal yesterday New zealand Last the Game. People have Noticed well enough that Sri Lanka team also not done well. Thy reached the score in 47 overs. After Sangak kara Sri Lanka Team was Not Played well.

The Mistake of New Zealand was ,The Captain asked to bowl Mr.Ryder was wrong. In that situation it is totally wrong. Two Overs by Ryder give few valuable runs which caused the defeat of New Zealand.

Otherwise New Zealand would have won yesterday. New Zealand  used spinners in the very early time is also wrong.Otherwise Srilanka would have last few wickets in the early stage itself.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Black money Hasan Ali

Hi friends and viewers here is a message about Black Money Hasan Ali and supreme Court.

Today supreme court called the Government to give explanations on Black Money Generation.

This is a surprising act from supreme court, since all Dignitaries at supreme court are also living in the same Indian soil.

This has been already detailed in a erlier post of mine. Again as a social responsibilty I would like to say few lines here.

Government at center and State were not at all allowing the Income-Tax Department function freely. Lot of obstacles in Income Tax from the Government is the Main cause for this Black Money.

We Indians Know pretty well in Most of the Business done , even with huge sales and collection on every day at many shopping Malls /shopping centers selling Textiles,House Hold vessels,Computers and Electronic Goods,Gold Jewelary sales ,(Temples,church,Mosque with trust account many sages and their trusts and their accounts not paying correct Tax to Government because many Politician and their Money floated in these Mutts and converted in to white Money) in Particular were not forced to sell vide Invoice/Bill with Tax Numbers. In all these Huge Shops with Huge sales do sales through a slip which do not have any Tax Number details/informations . So The shop owners were allowed to do sales and allowed to not to pay correct Tax amount payable against the correct sale volume in terms of Money.

The Prime People for the Cause of Black Money generation is Qualified Auditors with C.A.,I.C.W.A.(auditors with either both or one or withe other  qualification). These Professional people do write accounts for the expectation of people).To stop this Government has to form a council with authority ,Like Medical council, to disqualify this certificate as auditor. Income Tax department has to be given authority to ride Auditors with out any notice. I believe These measures will make a full stop to Black Money generation.

All these Well Known to Highly qualified and Trusted people at Supreme court. So supreme court must try to bring out a law in to force to control this will give a better result.

I do not say that Central and State Government alone  are responsible,but we people are also responsible in this matter.we need to help the Government,because Government is for the people,by the people and to the people as per Democracy.we must sell or buy must insist for a Bill/Invoice.

So Government Loosing  Huge Tax Revenue but on the other Hand Black Money is generated and growing to a huge Money in value. This is the exploitation to Government and it is Known to all in India including Legal People in Supreme court.

Let us hope for a change to get started to get Huge revenue to the Government and not to allow the illegal sales of any thing in Indian Market.

Thank you.

M. L. C

This is a message about M.L.C. and Mayor.

The strategy of Mr. M.G.R. in this matter has to be followed.

M.L.C. has to be Removed. Mayor is alo an unwanted Position.

Because these two position does not allow the Government schemes to reach the people properly. Possibility of  Mistakes is High in administration.

So Parliament and Supremecourt through President must pass an order to say ,State assemblies  are Not  allowed to have M .L.C. This is an unwanted Expense to Government .

Thank you.

M.L.A. is a wrong certification

This is the latest information about M.L.A.

M.L.A. - means Member of Legislative Assembly. While M.P. - Member of Parliament ,similarly M.L.A. Must be renamed as M.S.A. - Member of state Assembly.

 Judiciary must be is a complete Authority of  Legislation. and Parliament and State Assemblies Must be the Complete Authority for Execution.
Indian Democracy and Learned Scholars Must intervene in this matter and must confirm this. Even Proposals for any Legislative changes from Parliament ans state asemblies must get the concurrence of The Legislation/Judiciary
and for which details must be forwarded to Judiciary for approval through President and speaker.

This change  is a need. Judiciary must be given importance.

Thank you


Hi friends ,followers and viewers here is a message about Another valuable support to J.Jayalalitha.

The Tamil New Year Kara Birth time and Planet's Positions are very much Favourable to J.Jayalalitha.

As per the Tamil New year benefits ,It is Favorable to a female to become the Ruler at Tamil Nadu.

so No Doubt ,J.Jayalalitha shall be the Next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is the Mandatory.

Also to note This year will offer Negative results to D M K allied Parties.

B J P will get a start towards success , will make this party as oppposition party in Tamil Nadu assembly.

Thank you 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011

Hi friends , followers and viewer's this year The World Cup will be won by Newzealand Team.

The runner will be India.

so the final match will be  between India and Newzealand.

Congradulations to Newzealand Team and Indian Team.
Thank you.

Radiation soars at Japan reactor

Hi frinds here is a message about Radiation soars at Japan reactor.

Today I had a talk with my friend whose son live at Japan for years. He is drawing a salary of 6 lakhs per month. He says that earth quake is common to  japan people . we are accustomed with it . but we are new to tsunami and Nuclear Plant radiation. That also as per my knowledge it is exagerated.

If the Nuclear Plants were bursted /explode than the radiation can not be challanged . A terrible loss will be their.

we pray to Lord that Nuclear Plant Problem has to come in to control.

Thank you.

Libya and Mid-East CrisisLive

hi friends here is a message ,French jets strike Gaddafi planes. Even in this clash few Libyans in the name of Army personals would have faced death.why  Gaddafi is doing non sense acts. He should not be interested in claiming lives of Libyans who lived all these years for his welfare. Now he must go out of the country Leaving the country in peace. Not to make the country a war field. If he is really interested in Libyan people He must allow them to live.he has to go out.

Thank you.


Hi friends and viewer's here is a message about copy.

In Tamil Nadu election Manisfesto by D M K party is declared first. It has many compliments declared to people for their vote to favor success. But Election commission say that any type of kind and cash compliments used to people in the election is wrong. but I like to say this compliments after election success result  to  people is also a bribe. Election commission can not say that it has not expected this type of Maniesto by D M K or it did not questioned or expressed its shock on seeing this manifesto.This clearly shows No interest in Clean Government  and Democracy with Election commission and Central Government.

for example  Already in the last election color tv to people is also a bribe,and it is well known to all work at election commission. Election commission kept quite on these manifesto of D M K.

so , when people do not wear dress ,one person wearing dress will be ridicule and mental act , as said by our forefathers.

so No option to the other oppossition parties like A I A D M K ,they need to over come or they are forced to give compliments on the higher side than in the D M K manifesto. So Telling about copy of manifesto is Meaningless and abruptly a foolishness.

Now people of Tamil Nadu were going to get extradinary benefits from A I A D M K  Success. So success to A I A D M K  and allied parties is Mandatory. This will be a Sweeping victory to A I A D M K and a Washout to D M K as tsunami .

In particular  Mr.Karunanidhi is expected to get defeated like a earlier election in which Mr.Subbu won at Harbour constituency but he has withdrawn from the lection which made Mr.Karunanidhi victory in the election is remeberable at this time.

Also I feel and believe  That Mr Karunanidhi ,Mr stallin and leading leaders of D M K will face defeat in this election.

I had sent a letter to DMK chief ,stating their grand victory in the last elction. But not respected and reciprocated. This proved that they are truthless to people.

This is the Victory to Mr. M G R and A I A D M K  after his Death is a Guiness record. The faith create by M G R with people is the Result.
Supremo J Jayalalitha will come forward to help people in all circumstance to make the party a Grand one in the world ,since we  have  faith on her..

thank you.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

super shopping

super shopping

super shopping

hi to my dear friends and viewer's here is a message  about shopping at super shopping.

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All right, now you will ask a question where is this super shopping shop. Here is the answer.

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Debt management

Hi friends and viewers here i have a valuable news to you.

in this world we are happened to go for a loan in many occassion. But while repaying you may face troubles due to interests charged. A simple solution to all your financial problems is Debt management. This is a site where they offer you best solutions to over come your financial difficulties.

I will publish the site link as early as possible. You just click the Link and get all details about debt clearence.
Your debts with many can be paid and you will be having a loan in one account with simple terms and conditions.
you will become stress free.

Thank you.


Hi friends and followers here is a message about jewelry. Jewelry is the part of beauty to woman in this world. In particular wearing jewels in huge numbers can be found at India. Indian woman are interested in buying jewels.

Jewelry buying is a very good investment today.

jewelry is in many varieties at many leading showrooms and trade halls and exhibitions.

Few jewels wear by Royal kingdom has huge Values in bidding. This has a history.

jewelry can be pledged and can avail loan in seconds with simple formalities.

So go for a purchase Jewelry today .

Thank you.

j jayalalitha - In Love

Hi friends ,follower's and viewer's here is a Hot news about j jayalalitha - secret love.

Yes! This is the truth. She is not only affectionalte to Mrs.sasikala. Totally wrong.she is in love with A I A D M K.Few fools say that she abide to Mrs.saikala, is also She reacts to all , as per the need ,time ,situation and ethics with sense. She wants A I A D M K BACK TO POWER AT TAMILNADU.THAT IS HER DREAM.THIS IS THE SECRET LOVE OF HER AT ALL TIMES AFTER SHE ENTERED IN POLITICS.

She love A I A D M K party People and worker's

she loves all Tamil Nadu People because who believe her more than anything.

Now on date j jayalalitha is in secret Love with the Victory of Tamilnadu state Election 2011. She is in Love with Jayanetwork(Jayatv employees)

No Doubt her and A I A D M K party success is decided  by D M K and allied party people,this can not be denied by them.

for example a senior citizen aged 84,efficient Politician with maximum knowledge, but wants a cheap Political advertisement from a comedy actor,  is establishing his Defeat in this election.

Than , yesterday D M K leader and Minister Mr.Azagiri  is confirming the Success of A I A D M K  by making comment . He said that after this election A I A D M K party will not be in esistance. With out knowing the strength of Mr. M G R He makes this comment is joke. Winding up of A I A D M K is not at all possible by any blody . This matter he failed think. 

Even J Jayalaitha ,supremo of this party can not wind up this party. The Logo Two leaves and M G R are Ever Green to this world. The good deeds of M G R is a saviour of this Party..Now J Jayalalitha is also deepened her immense secret Love on Tamil Nadu People. 

why? What is the reason ? What made her to have this secret Love at this age ? because she is AMMA.

Amma means Mother.In Numerology AMMA = 1441 = 1+4+4+1 = 9. Any thing begin after this point and this is the ending to any one. 

so let us support  secret Love of J Jayalalitha.

Thank you.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tamil Nadu Election result of April, 13 , 2011

Hi dear Friends , follower's and viewer's here is a mesage about Tamil Nadu Election Result 2011.

The election Result April 13 , 2011 is published here for your Kind information. Be happy and Joyful. Goddess Victory strike the Door of A I A D M K party.

1.  D M K party allaince with many parties and sharing many places with many parties which are all not at all known to whole Tamil nadu  is the First advantage to A I A D M K.
By this sharing many seats with many parties Gives the party a chance to say, the defeat is because of the allies who did not have people support, and D M K would have contested in all 234 seats is also a mistake.

2. D M K is not contesting  in maximum Numbers because This Party last Faith on the D M K Party people who were the good workers. so workers will not work for the success.

3. Thier is a strong note in the Public Mind is that this party Rule is a Family Rule,so People wants a change in this matter is also a reason for defeat this election.

4. Congress party allaince and Drama in connection to that happened are all witnessed by people of Tamil Nadu through color T V distributed freely.

5. Congress got allotted 63 seats and also alotted the constituencies as demanded  by D M K , But Congress could not find people to contest in those 63 seats  is also a reason for Defeat.still  Tamil Nadu  congress say that the list of contestants will be published , even after the Nomination filing started on March 19,2011, is also a reason for defeat.Congress party still say that the list is pending with Congress party Leader at Delhi, so people cannot get anything done from Congress party people at Tamil Nadu is Proved by this act.

6.  Other allied parties do not have Mass and support from people is also a reason for defeat.

Now You can read the Published result of the upcoming election 2011, April 13,at Tamil nadu:-

Election on April 13, 2011: Venie Tamil Nadu - India.

Congress         contesting  in  - 63 -                    will Win  at - 3-     defeat       -  60

P M K           contesting       -   41                       will Win     -8-      defeat      -  33

Vidudalai siruthai party
                     contesting      -    12                        will win    - 5 -      defeat      -  7

Communist                        -    12                      will win       - 3 -     defeat      -   9

Communist the other front  -    21                      will win      - 4  -     defeat      -   17

T M D K                           -   41                       will win      - 6  -     defeat     -  35

D M K and few other small
                  parties           -    118                     will win       - 49 -    defeat      -  69

A I A D M K and few small
               Parties            -    160                       will win     - 156 -    defeat     -  4.

This is Going to be the result of the Tamil Nadu election On April 13 2011.

Thank you.
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The King's Speech

I will follow you

Hi friends and follwers and viewer's  this is I will follow you.

hi yesterday you had a telephoniv conversation with me about follow me. Yes! you are sincerely following my words and advice at all posts given to you through links in posts.

You are simply following my directions through my posts because you have a strong faith , that is ,I will follow.
 I will follow you to help you in all matters and details you require at any point of time.

This is because we believe that we are in connection with people of this world through this blog connectivity. This is a great opportunity given to us by let us pay our sincere thanks whole heartedly to Google Team.

I will follow you for your Promotional activities .

Thank you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Holiday destination's

This is the latest information letting you know,The Pyramids of Giza .
The pyramids of Giza confirms why they are among the seven wonders of the world.Wear shoes,carry lots of water since a fair amount of walking is required .The Great Sphinx has been guarding the pyramids since 2500 BC.

so have a tour to  see pyramids in the upcoming holiday season.

Thank you for your visit
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Hi friends and viewer's here is a message about A I A D M K.

This is a political Party established by Mr. M .G. Ramachnadran ,a Dominating actor of that time in 1972 with an asset of 336 lakhs at the time of his death .But after his demice this party is still run valuably and admirably by selvi J.Jayalalitha.

She is also an actor . Her entry in politics is also well designed and well trained by Mrs Gandhi regime.

she is a mass puller. she is figthting for a come Back to Power .She will succeed. A massive victory is awaiting.

Congress wanted to skip D M K. but D M K threatened Congress by submitting a resignation letter of their M.P.,and Ministers to Prime Minister. But at last this has been taken back. Because In Telecom spectrum case Mr.Rasa is under investigation  and it is a Drama by C B I ,In this Congress Involvement will also come to light and D M K will shed mud by saying this in this election if congress departed. Thinking all these Congress accepted for 63 seats and got the all demanded constituencies. This is like a bless from Karnan to Kunthidevi.

Now D M K and congress working together. so after election also D M K can not raise its voice against  to say/comment about congress involvement in Spectrum case is the expectation of congress.

so A I A D M K success is granted.

M D M K is a indirect service of D M K. Also it will not win even in single seat if not allied with A I A D M K. so by this defeat it can indirectly help D M K Success is the dream.

A I A D M K has lot of Party workers and Leaders developed By M G R. So Supremo J.Jayalaitha offers these seats to their own party people ,a grand success is in the Vision. Please enjoy the Victory from the real service of A I A D M K workers.

Thank you to A I A D M K Supremo J.Jayalalitha for reading this post in full. Jaya T V news channel is also can say few words from these posts in their news.

"the time for action has come"

Hi friends and viewer's here is a message about "the time for action has come".

Yes!. While the election commission and The supreme court  (Judiciary and Executive) were not caring about Election Manifesto than the time for action has come for other Political Parties also to announce such manifesto to buy Vote  from people of Tamil nadu
So Other Political Parties can announce benefits to people. For example A I A D M K can announce that their party will give setof Box with Dish antenna at free of cost to all people at Tamil Nadu. It will cost about 3500/- This is an announcement will promote other business people also. how? In the earlier election Color T V at free of cost issued to all by Government. But it spoiled the television sale business at all shops. here by announcing the setof Box with Dish antenna at Free of Cost  By A I A D M K will benefit people.

A I A D M K Supremo for  any suggession or for idea  may please be contacted to me. 
also it will benefit in business with Government to 
Reliance,Dish,Videocon and others. so This is a bribe which will over rule the other party manifesto and gain a Thumping Victory to A I A D M K in this election. 

I am sure to say with my say that is  A I A D M K victory cannot be challenged by any manifesto or any source  of action. Supremo must believe me and my opinion is my  look out. No body can stop this victory because I believe in my prayers. My prayers never failed.

But manifesto like this is a foolishness . because we are not going to develop a good generation is decided here. Also it declares Manifesto like these establishes that  India and Election commission in India also paves way to growth of Bribe

Let us see sincerely what our Politicians and scholars are going to do after read this Post in full.

Manifesto must not be a shameful act of Democarcy.   
Thank you.  

"the time for action has come" - Election 2011 Tamilnadu - India

Hi friends and viewer's and media friends  here is a message about Election Manisfesto.

Till today Election commisssion is keeping high pressure on Political parties.  The commssion is very correct in
establishing a say , that is no compliments in any form by political parties Directly or indirectly  is not permissable .
Election commission is vigil on maintaining this Till Today.

But It has to be Noted that Election Manisfesto is like a Mini Budget with many programmes as people welfare are announced. Election commission say that No New project /programmes are allowed ,than how the election commission accepts this election manisfesto of Political Parties declaring Things/products as compliments and Many Governmental Programe announcements is creating a doubt on the actions of Election Commission.

Also how Juddiciary/ Supreme court allows this type commitments at the time election in the manifesto of political parties. No Judge/Lawyer/Advocate / people with goodwill with legal status is not filing any case against these type of manifesto's is shocking to Democracy.

One Party announced Color Tv in the Last election and it distributed the same to all people. how? It is from the revnue from people of the same state. This is a value about 3,000/= . It means this is a commitment of payment in Kind after Election . why it is permitted by Election commission? Now also their are few announcements will be paid if that party succeed .It means The Election commission allows Guranteed Bribe in cash or Kind for casting the vote by people after the elction result . so it means Election commission making Mistakes or supporting politicval parties indirectly.
This means  Democracy is on question or ruined by election commission.
Or This type of  values for Democracy has to be Published to the Knowledge of people on the earth, because they believe in our election strategy and operations in a Democracy. so Election's in India and in it states is an exploitation to International society.In other words we are exploiting all nations on the earth in the name of Democracy, but we are running Democracy..

Thank you.

English News Paper from Chennai

Hi friends ,follower's and viewer's here is a message about New Paper.

Every day people buy News paper to read the News and to have business realtions and to have al other benefits from news Paper. Television did not (Media 24 X 7 News  also) affected News Paper sales. where as we find a Huge increase in sales in conection to sales , competition is also increasing.

You cannot believe that A news Paper at chennai Pays about 60,000 and above as Bonus every Year to her employees, and it is selling price is about 4 Rupees.
 This News paper did not appoint any New people is also remarkable. This Daily News Paper as all India Edition is the only paper not decreased its Price, while other English Daily News paper delivering in a express way has reduced its price of an issue. Government is also not objecting on this matter. People has to reduce support by stopping the purchase of this news paper. People were not at all benefitted by this news paper.  the present Government is supported by this News paper is known to all. So It is not going to help you in openning your eyes in any matter needed to be in our social life.

I strongly recommend People of Tamilnadu must stop buying this news paper. Please Think that you are watching news in Television with vedio ,some times live also.But many of you may be interested to read news paper to Pass time and get develop your litrature. But why I insist you all to stop Buying this News paper as early as possible because , this news paper is getting huge revenue from Advertisement's. with this huge revenue This News paper can give free circulation. but it thinks let us enjoy till people awake with thier thinking. You can go with the other english News paper delivers in express at Low cost to have your litracy increase.

Thank you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is the latest information letting you know, sarvangasana . This is the shoulder stand . Impacts the thyroids favorably. Boosts the immune system . Regular practice helps overcome headaches, even migraines .
Helps build resistance in the lungs to climate changes. So i request you all to prcatice this with an an adviser training. stay fit .

Thank you for your visit.21

Friday, March 18, 2011


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This is the latest information letting you know, The beginner's . the beginner's in any field will be in dilemma in the beginning.  In yoga also while they want to start they will be in a dilemma. but Today Lot of doctrines, books, Yoga Teaching Center's are available  in all countries. so  as a beginner you have to select the guidelines from book,and select a yoga teaching center and get started  doing Yoga to stay fit always.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I sincerely welcome you to read this new post on virgin.

This is a name to a flight, which can fly under sea water with a fixed speed. it is the latest technology in aero space to be used below sea water. Rich people will buy this flight - Virgin.  

Dizzy world and in sea exploration to watch the credentials of the sea it is useful. So they also can buy this Virgin flight to carry people to the location where exhibitions arranged under the sea.

We must appreciate this technology which will be used to recover people in any sea accidents in future. Government and coast guard can buy this flight virgin in the interest of saving the people and the country. 
Wild SightSaving Rachel (A Donovan Creed Crime Novel)

2011 Tamil Nadu state Assembly election Result in Advance.

Hi friends ,follower's and viewers here is a message about Tamil nadu state election result 2011 in India.

This is my Forecast and Prediction.

Today It has been in Notice that allied parties with A I A D M K were showing interest to become Non Allies. they are forming Third front.

1. If Third front Formed It sure , This front will face maasive defeat and loose even Deposit. These parties would have had 10% votes in the last M.P.Election. But a M.P.constituency is a combination of about 6 M.L.A.constituencies. so This votes gained about 10% will come in fraction. so with this election these parties political entity will be under question at Tamil nadu.This is an assured Result.

A I A D M K party Supremo selvi J.Jayalalitha must face this challenge and allow A I A D M K people for remaining constituencies also. She will get 100% success and it will be a Glorious Victory.She will have Thumping Majority and she will form the Next Tamil nadu Government. This is also an assured Result in this election. People of Tamil nadu is in favour of Selvi J.Jayalalitha.

This is because Congress did not contested in all 234 constituencies .Independent contest by Congress in this election would have fetched a Glorious Come Back. But The Congress supremo did not had Faith on  my addressed advises and on Tamil Nadu people. Tamil nadu people would have voted exclusively to congress because to pay respect to the Charismatic Leader Mr. Rajiv Gandhi ,who died at sriperumbudhu at Tamil nadu. But at Tamil Nadu ,congress party allied with D M K.At Tamil Nadu Congress party people work for D M K, because they are not congress from party , but in the name of congress an operation for D M K.Also it has been witnessed as  a rule by a family(D M K  )people , Tamil Nadu people going to  cast their Vote in favour of A I A D M K.
In this election   possibly we may  see the defeat of D M K Party Leader. Already once he was defeated by Mr.Subbu at Harbour constituency , but due to the arrangements and request  by Mr. M G R Mr.subbu withdrawal offered D M K Chief success . This is well Known to Tamil Nadu people.

In the recent M.P.Election a M.P.belongs to congress got defeated but Selvi J jayalalitha intervention and request made the A I A D M K contestant  withdrawal made the congress Siva gangai declared victorious is also known to people of Tamil nadu. This is the ethics follwed by J Jayalalitha  after M.G.R.
Also few Rich chettiyar families at tamil nadu are with loyal binding which also cannot be denied.

The D M K and allied parties will get a massive Defeat in this election. This is inevitable.

The New party B J P , a National Party will succeed in many constituencies and occupy the Assembly as Opposition party fom  this election result will be a Notorious/welcoming  change in Tamil nadu Politics .

D M K has quoted all programs and projects as their welfare measures done in this regime. But this is for the commitment for the last held election. Even this is also not going to work out for any positive sign in the result. The defeat to the present Ruling Party  is Mandatory and unavoidable.


So we are going witness this Result from the Brave people of Tamilnadu.

Also to Note many regional political parties will be out of Tamil nadu Politics.

The Overwhelming success because of the faithful support from Tamil Nadu People is awaiting for A I A D M K.

thank you.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earth quake

Hi here is my thought about the earth quake
I feel the earth quake may be because of some country may do their Nuclear Missile Test under the Sea water. Why I think like this because the earth quake took place in the night session. While it is the Night session in some countries few countries will have their day session. So they do their official works. The research and experiments will also take place in the day session. a country might have tested any missile mission under the sea. 

As per the Archimedes principle some immersion will push out the water to the same space. In application of this principle Tsunami also might have took place. We People on the earth are God fearing. God is watching every thing.

We people born to live. So please stop all nuclear arms invention /development ideas.

  This has to be analyzed by our scientists. But the government and the ruler's have to keep a strong note/watch in the deep sea.

Thank you  The King's Speech

United Nations Organization is loosing her Value

Hi friends ,follower's and viewer's here is a message about a serious Issue of this World is United Nations Organization is loosing her Value.

When U N O representation is not respected by Libya President Mr.Gaddafi of Libya.

Here I would like to add my comment . I believe that people at Libya are also Part of people of this world.

Today the appearance of Libyan President and his threatening Talk and eruptive /clinching France  to come for a war are all Not correct. This shows his irresponsibility of the president.

Mr.Gaddafi must under stand that he is also a Human being and he should be happy about his administration. He ruled The country , it means he administered people of Libya. It does not mean he has all right to claim their Lives.

This is not the right talk of a president ,Calling any country for a war or to show the Power of Libya . If war takes Place few from the  armed forces of Libya may face their Death. But he is not going to in the front line in the war to loose his Life. after doing all damages to Libyan people and Libyan economy The President will run away with a asylum at a country is not correct. This has become Practice to Many Presidents of this world. This idea must get change in the Mind of other Rulers as President in other countries.

So International Force Must come forward to save Libyan people and must force Mr.Gadaffi to surrender himself.

But Mr. Gaddafi must be allowed at the same country Libya and he should watch the next change in administration. He should understand that No country is interested to interfere in others administrative matters. But when it becomes a concern to people life than it is the right all people in the world to come and defend.
This is must be a international security code of conduct.

A president since he is the Powerful in a chair , he should take unlimited authorities and cause damage to human lives.

In the second World war what happened. One hand France and U K creating /adding colonies under their control , on the other hand Germany under the command of Hitler decided to overcome these super powers of that time. This has become a prestige issue to countries. This is also not correct when it is concerned to Human lives. The world wars claimed Huge Lives.

Than Mr. George Bush administration interference at Iraq claimed economy failure at U. S. This also very well watched by all nations.

Now all countries on the earth wants peaceful solutions to any issue. so To keep their country people all countries like to make dialogues on any issues.

Mr.Gadaffi must understand that Throwing out terrorists and Terrorism is a matter of few Hours incident to countries Like U.K.,Germany,France,and other super Powers on this soil today. why they are not showing their powers , because they do not want to claim innocent Human Lives and they want to settle this issue by dialogues.

So Mr.Gadaffi calling or tempting France to come for a clash will not work out. But on the other hand all nation will not keep quiet if Gadaffi is not allowing peace to People of Libya.

armed forces in countries is an arrangement for security and not for war against other country. This should be understood by Mr.Gadaffi. 

Let us Hope Mr. Gadaffi will go for a good decision and allow the Political Change ,which is Mandatory.

thank you .Protector    Blessed

B B C World - closure and removal of Nuclear Plants

Hi friends ,followers,and viewer's here is a message about Closure and Removal of Nuclear Plants. This is inevitable. This is an ethnic/chronic  issue today to this world.

Yes! In this matter Media must come forward to take this news to get implemented.

Media in this world must show their Power Now. You may ask why you are urging on this issue?

Because Country Like Japan , which is known for its technological developments ,is now do not have any solution to overcome this Problem.

And Japanese Government requesting people to evacuate and addressing  people to Go out to any place to save their Lives. This is correct in the point of Human Live values.

But while the same situation prevail in all countries where we people can run?

So To avoid this Danger in concern to value to Human lives People of this World must Go demanding the closure and removal of Nuclear Plants.

Instead of referring scientist and alerting security measure's were not solution to this issue.

We all Born to live . so In this matter Media Must alert People by calling for a Urgent International Media conference by all means is a Mandatory. 

We people do not want this Nuclear Energy.

we people cannot insert a Needle because it is made out of Gold. similarly we do not want Nuclear Energy on this earth.Make a Full stop. Media can do wonder in this matter.

Already many people work at Nuclear  plant were affected with Cancer. More than this Cancer is a Dangerous disease and spread to many people of this world because of  Uranium Radiation. Their is a Possibility of Mixing this radiation in Drinking water. So People of this world started suspecting Government and Medical field.

If any scientist say this measure is not necessary than they must be sent to Japan now by Government to solve this present issue ,Because Not to Play with Human Lives which highly valuable.

Thank you for responding to this post.         Protector   Blessed  .

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music world therapy

Here is a message letting you know the latest information’s about Music for the Heart. In human body and life Heart is a vital organ .you must have it functioning well at all times. 

what to do? 

We are forced to take many dinners or food from hotels will sometime damage our health. This may be because of the repeated usage of the edible oil at the hotel where you bought the food. So it may lead to cholesterol hike in your body. Blood pressure may increase. 

To have control on these dangers, you, have to accept my words here. Listen Music therapy music every day which will keep your heart healthy and in good condition. This music therapy is an addition help left by our ancestors.
Thank you 
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The King's Speech

Monday, March 14, 2011

business cards

hi my dear friends ,follower's and viewer's her at this blog thank you all for staying connected.

Here this is a message about personal business cards. It has become a most wanted one in all business to all people in teh world.

Personal Business cards declares your business and status to teh society where ever you go.This is a self explanatory one. with these cards your business expansion has become simple and easy.

Now many companies ands sites available to tell you in detail about cost effectiveness of these cards and other details.

If you need any further detail please revert to me to know a personal business card promoter site . I will provide the link at this site to make you easier to click the link to go the site instantly for business.
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Thank you.

Virtual assisrance

Hi my dear friend you are telling about your daughter marriage arrangements. here is a useful message about wedding venues. These venues were doing virtual assistance in all matters connected to your wedding needs.

so please contact immediately the virtual assistance group who have readily the wedding venues and all other wedding needs . why fear when I am here.

I know you will always take my word sincerely in all matter at all times. so This time you can go with this Virtual assistance group companies.

Thank you. 

Dentist for you

hi to my dear viewer's here at this site here is a message about dentist for you.

Yes! I know about you my dear . yesterday you are asking some clarification about dental problems over Phone.
But due to unavoidable situation I could not able to continue my talk at that time. so that I call you on your mobile now. Yes,tell me your questions.

Yes Thank you for calling me . I want to appear beautiful.but my dental problem is not allowing this need fulfillment.Now I am 15 years uncle. My dentals were growing in unshape and not proper like others. I want to have this corrected what i have to do?

O.k.This is your problem now. Do not worry many dentist clinic with modern amenities and instruments with wide scope of technology  are available. I will send a mail of those selected dentist world to care you. You can select yours according to the nearness to your residence and the cost.

i believe  you are  happy to hear this .With in few seconds you can see my mail in connection to discussion we had now.

Thank you.Wild Sight

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turbo-charger - Power Booster technology

Hi friends,follower's and viewer's here is a message about Turbo- charger. Turbo charger manufactured by many companies,in this Hollset,turbo energy etc were used in cars and Trucks.
This will enhance the power of your Car engine or Truck/Bus engine. You will feel undisturbed . Most of the car's from European countries were have this fitments. The efficiency of your engine will get  increased because Turbo charger is a Power Booster..
Thank you have this technology at your vehicles.

Thank you.Wild Sight
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gym and Excercise club

Exercise in Diabetes 

Regular Exercise for Diabetics is very essential; Exercise.
 Lowers Blood sugar
v Decreases Diabetes Medication
v Decreases or stops diabetes complications
v Lowers BP.

In these exercises glucose and fats are used in presence of oxygen i.e. aerobic oxidation takes place; this is more effective in burning calories.
Examples - Walking, running, cycling, swimming, and skipping.

In THESE EXERCISES lesser utilization of oxygen takes place and is less effective in burning calories.
Examples - Weight lifting, stretching, muscle strengthening exercises.

With love j.k sundararajan. Take care of your health


Friday, March 11, 2011

Donate for t sunami

Hi friends ,followers and viewers here is a message about  tsunami at Japan. please help by sending your donations in cash or kind to your Government in your nations to be sent in favor to Japanese Government and people.

This act is to be started immediately.

Donate only to genuine office of your Government.Not to any private institutions or persons.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 19 - challange to NASA

Hi to friends here is a message about  tsunami. Today it has affected Japan and people are struggling. 

Actually on March 19 The world will face a big Danger on the earth, We do not know which country /countries were going get affected.

This is a challenge to N A S A. On march 19  The Earth is going to be very near to Moon. So because of Moon Earth in nearness Major disastrous is expected.

Now it is needed what it can be  , a forecast to save people on the earth is a need of this Time.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

100% fresh juice

Snoring is something that can keep you awake at night. Sometimes snoring occurs from obesity or sleep disorder and so on. If you have a snoring problem, perhaps visiting your doctor will help you find the answers to your problem. Loosing weight by exercising can give you the activity you need for those bones as well as sleeping and sometimes loosing weight is not bad for us either. Your partner may snore as well, which keeps you awake at night. If your partner snores ask him/her to visit, the doctor to find out if a medical condition exists.

It is better to know now, rather than wait until it is too late.
The best solution in food is, add ginger in food in the morning and dried ginger in lunch will keep your health in good condition. Always try to use garlic in your food stuffs. Add green leaves to have fiber part in your food. It is very good always drink any juice in the empty stomach in the morning.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sexual problems test

Know the symptoms:
Always tired,sexual problems,frequent urination,sudden weight loss,wounds healing takes long duration,Always hungry,Numb or tingling hands or feet, blurry vision,Always thirsty,Virginal infections etc are the symptoms will caution you .

immediately go to your doctor for a treatment. 

Here you have to maintain good food practice. Selected vegetables and fruits to be taken. Always have small amount of food in regular intervals at the same time daily.Protector
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Range of chilled foods

Hi my dear viewer's, this is about Improved temperature control for chilled food during distribution.
E - Commerce has brought about a dramatic increase in the number and range of chilled foods delivered in small quantities. However these have to be kept at a suitable temperature throughout delivery.

This project is concerned with TLM modeling of the temperatures developed in food stuffs in packages that involve one of the new “gel” refrigerants. Modeling is complicated by the changes of state experienced by the fragment and by the need to consider a wide range of ambient temperatures and foodstuffs. Full modeling of the thermal transients is enabling us to produce a software decision support tool to be used by food producers to optimize
The wrapping strategies for different deliveries should be taken care.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Forbes Travel

The Korowai live in three houses high above the treetops of the rainforest of Irian Jaya. (New Guinea). They know of neither iron nor pottery and they are only aware of the existence of a world beyond their own through hearsay. Some of their houses are located 50m above the ground. Fear of attacks from their neighbors drives the Korowai to these heights.

When peace returns among the clans, the houses are lowered a little. Each hut takes about three weeks to build, every five years, when the old hut rots away, a new one is constructed.
If you are interested to watch the life of different people .

Please visits Irian Jaya in New Guinea.

Friday, March 4, 2011

food supplement's

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News on this blogspot offering matters and sites will enable your savings and income. This is the latest information letting you know, Put an END to Food Confusion once and for your way to good health and to stay fit.Fruits,vegetables,grains,proteins,and fats we eat. From all these our body grasping minerals ,amino acids,multi vitamins,and salts. all these should be in a level to be consumed. out of these components derived from food what we eat should in a prescribed level. Read many books in this regard to know more.Take the out of Arthritis with cabbage,control Diabetes with out cutting sweets but by consuming high quantity of bitter guard. 

once if your level is so high please start consuming bitter guard raw with small amount of buttermilk everyday. this will remove and reduce the sugar level to normal. only information in this is you will get pimple like boilings on the skin. do no bother. the boiled skin will broke out and will become normal after few days. so your sugar/diabetes problem comes to end.

say good bye to Any medicine/pills.Protector 

getpaid atLink: New Era in Tamil Nadu politics

getpaid atLink: New Era in Tamil Nadu politics: "Hi friends and follower's and viewer's here is a message about Tamil Nadu Election 2011. A new era in Tamil nadu politics is on the way. p..."

New Era in Tamil Nadu politics

Hi friends and follower's and viewer's here is a message about Tamil Nadu Election 2011.

A new era in Tamil nadu politics is on the way.

people of Tamil Nadu wanted to have a change .Yes! Now People at Tamil nadu  started communicating between  themselves ,saying that they should vote to a National Party. It can be either Congress or B .J.P.
Tamil nadu people want to merge themselves with National Political Parties. They want to skip their interests completely from Regional parties.

A leading g daily English News Paper which support a regional party in all situation,including corruption may be believed only by Chennai city people.  This support may be because of 
Publisher and the ruler live in the same area and run office in the same area.

 As a whole in 234 constituencies People decided to vote to the National Parties only.So As a result if this trend one out of this two - B J P or Congress will be in the ruling and other will be the opposition side in the next Tamil Nadu State Assembly.

Actually Tamil Nadu people wanted this change few years earlier itself. But both the national parties having the wrong projections they raided on the regional parties. But people felt very bad about this.

A Decade ago People of Tamil Nadu wanted to have Congress in Power  in Tamil Nadu state Assembly. 
At least Now Congress must have faith in themselves and on the people of Tamil nadu ,must contest in all 234 constituencies to have Tamil nadu people interest in National Parties Rule. 

Let Me Hope That this will come True.ProtectorBlessed

here is that

Does the battle sport a such contour?


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Climate Change

Here is a message letting you know how to save our earth from climate change?
Sindh was home to one of the world's oldest civilizations at Mohenjodaro in Sind is  one among the oldest civilization . This is the news you would have read in your school education.Now the above said lines exists in Internet. 
What I want to say is we have to accept and grab one important act in this civilization. I know that you are eagerly to know this. Please do not get tempted. Because you also would have read this News at your school education. The matter is we have forgotten to follow or give importance to this News. 

The news is The city structural design of that Valley. In particular in that design water channel Tunnels built on both sides of the houses in all streets.
This was followed and even adopted in cities. Now it has become most important to all countries. Yes ,In all cities and villages we had Ponds,Lakes,and rivers. Now these are all becoming remote to see,due to House construction to meet out the increasing Population. 

But even Today You can arrange to call the attention of the Government's and people to Feel the importance of this set up. Constructing Water running Channels on Both side of the rives in which the The Rain water has to be harvested /channelized to run to a big Lake or Ponds or Dams. This water saving will serve a lot to the people. Water scarcity can be avoided. Water is an important matter for living. we have to take certain measures. Few years back Water harvesting being done as small projects in all houses to maintain the Ground water level. But it is required to take further steps more than this ,by which a stretch of Channels /tunnels/(in which all wiring's/Electricity,telephone wires has be pipe-lined with the use of clamps. The drainage water must be arranged to Flow at a deep level through strong pipes.So the rain water pouring on streets /Roads/Highways were can be stored in a Place specifically allotted for this. Why i said this alternate arrangement may be question from you now. am i right? yes,With the previous rain water harvest arrangement the water storage is in process ,partially helped out. 

Flats construction is increased the  digging bore well's.  also the depth is not maintained the same in all Bore wells at all Flats. so the rain water harvested is drained /pulled by the bore wells with maximum depth. so this arrangement going to become a failure in future. 

Now as another measures Channels to a Pond/ lake/Dam  has to be organized.Plans must be laid out to stop the Rain water going in to the sea/ocean.

This water storage can be used to plant more trees. With out how you can plant? so please do this,which is the need of this time. 

Even Some Government may award for this suggestion. I know I will not be awarded but at least recognition from U N O is possible.
2011 GRAMMY Nominees