Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rail accidents in this week is alarming! Government must alert the concerned?

Rail accidents in this week is alarming! Government must alert the concerned?

yesterday Rail accident at Andhra Pradesh and Today at Uttar Pradesh Rail accidents claimed Human Lives . Recent accidents happened due to Driver Mistake or High speed has been quoted as a reason.

Mamtha Banerjee demands proper attention at Railways in India. she added that the accidents and its reasons are shocking and it gives a message their is some thing went wrong in administration in Railways.This is her immediate response in caring people.

she is a chief Minister in India Ruling West Bengal state and quite simple in her activities. she is not following any special dressing also . I think Mamtha Banerjee has become almost a sage in Indian Politics.

Railway Minister is from her Party so she is responding Today on accidents and requesting authorities ,that these not to Happen .


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Watch and Refer SUN News

Watch and Refer SUN News. yes! in News a flash news disturbing we people in Tamil Nadu. sea water Purifying project at Ennore generates Electricity is stopped . The people Union or workers union of that Unit says that Present Government is not paying for the Purchases of raw materials to Andhra Pradesh purchased to use at this project. This may be a self created advertisement by D.M.K.

But is it True in Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Tamil Nadu Government by selvi J.Jayalalithaa did not worked ?.

Earlier, Tamil Nadu electricity Board under Mr. PoornaLingam I.A.S. as Chairman worked very well. after his office other persons occupied were not had planning is my personal opinion. D.M.K. wanted to penalize This chair person and returned him to the than Central Government by Congress. But Congress understood the value of the person and Promoted and redesignated him as Chairman to all India Eelectricity Board. He was controlling entire India was the fate and mud sheded on D.M.K. face by the than congress government is well known to all.

But Now A.I.A.D.M.K. Government by Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa and her Ministry Concerned has not taken appropriate measures in administration matters. This is also a must. As Government changes the Top Ranking officers Normally shuffling would have taken place. But in Tamil Nadu Electricity Board they are in urgent need of many skilled and unskilled employees in the category of Helpers and attendents to provide service to service calls. Now the people existing in work in this class might have been appointed By D.M.K.Government so they are not attending also their is a rumour says that they are all well paid by D.M.K. Politicians to create all Power shut downs to generate dis satisfaction on A.I.A.D.M.K. Government performance.

so I strongly recommend A.I.A.D.M.K. Government must create Loyal Officers and Workers and employees in Electricity Offices for New Appointments is a need along with immediate Transfer of the existing workers and employees from one office to other. Than only they will work properly. They must be transferable in Three years. from one to another office. I feel this is a must. In electricity Board offices if you visit you can see ,a board stating Bribe is not Permitted. But on every service problems people are paying to employees though they are all well paid by the Government. so a corrective measure is a must.

Electricity fare is increased and service is to be provided to the maximum possible extent. for this ,Government has to take appropriate action in Transferring People.This will control the service issues related to Money payments by people for services. Government has provided Call Taxi for service purpose but the result is unsatisfactory.

Selvi J.Jayalalithaa

Selvi J.Jayalalithaa is the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is a well Known matter to You all. Also you Know that she is Representating A.I.A.D.M.K. as a supremo.

Now she want to show her majesty and presuure on the Present Union Government by U.P.A to make realize the mistake of the Oilo Companies on this Price Hike is certainly a Great Job. Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa called for a state wide protest through her party people along with people support in all part of the Tamil Nadu State Today in supporting all People in the Country in all states appealing Government of India and trying to make Oil Companies to revert the price Hike is well attempted and has to be well appreciated. well done to A.I.A.D.M.K. party people and people in support for this Good Cause. This is a first MOve Towards People Care in the Country as a whole - Once again my Good wishes to A.I.A.D.M.K. for a protest on National Interest. Good Luck.

I believe that selvi J.Jayalalithaa can Contest and win the Presidential office . It is the best move by her if she does.

Selvi J.Jayalalithaa is an authentic and Humanitarian. But U.P.A. attending to make Mr.Karunanidhi as President of India. Any How he can not become Prime Minister is also to be remembered. to recognize and show loyalty Congress and U.P.A. like to stage D.M.K. President to Presidential Candidate. Here U.P.A. will also say that Mr.Karunanidhi is also like Mr.Sangma.

No this time many competitions are expected for President of India.

In India for a Presidential Candidate , a claiming of coding of Caste or community of a candidate must be Banned or such Candidature must be decalred as cancelled automatically is an amendment in Constitution is a Must is my view. I believe this is an abuse. Why because he/she is going to be the First citizen of India ,so He/she must show same respect and values towards all Caste and communities and He / She can say the Next to First Citizen of India in India are all Followers of First Citizen.


Friday, May 25, 2012

getpaid atLink: Minister in P.M.O.Office like to generate rify wit...

getpaid atLink: Minister in P.M.O.Office like to generate rify wit...: Minister in P.M.O.Office like to generate rifts with selvi j.jayalalithaa? yes he like to increase his popularity for that he Mis uses Prim...

getpaid atLink:

getpaid atLink: Jagan Mohan Reddy has alleged that the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party along with the CBI are conspiring to arrest him. Congress noticed...

Jagan Mohan Reddy has alleged that the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party along with the CBI are conspiring to arrest him.

Congress noticed his father rasing as a valcano in people interest and in people Love. which might not been liked by congress. so that YSR might have been arranged to be killed in a flight accident. Y.S.R. had Mass and respects across India ,but now we understand all these because ofr his huge accumulated properties and wealth in wrong ways and means. He used all for popularity.

Now all Black accounts were caught by C.B.I. Today Government made him to surrender. He will accept and reveal all His corruptions and Black money assets accumulated in wrong means . The Politicians of Andhra Pradesh were still keeping the more than 60% people in Andhra as illitrate and innocent. This is the cunning methods of Politicians. Andhra Pradesh is the only State not developed people life in the state like other states in India is well known from the observations. Corruptions every where this includes Thirumala Tirupathi Temple because of Politicians Involvement is also known to us.

So Jagan Mohan Reddy will get arrested Today as a safety measure. other wise people will kill him at Andhra.

Minister in P.M.O.Office like to generate rify with selvi j.jayalalithaa?

Minister in P.M.O.Office like to generate rifts with selvi j.jayalalithaa? yes he like to increase his popularity for that he Mis uses Prime Minister Office for making unwanted comments on Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. It is already a fate is decided that he would be sent out of Politics at what , he will try to become Rajya sabha M.P. he will say as answer.

coming to the point yesterday when he met media and press he made comments on the price hike of Milk,electricity by selvi J.Jayalalithaa government while answering a question to press why petrol was hike to Rupees 7.50 which is an extraordinary level of burden on consumers.

Mr.Narayana swamy can reveal the petrol Pump owners List in India. why do not ge try for this?

also why he did not made protests against Price hike on Milk,Electricity and transport by Tamil Nadu Government to help people?

what prevented him to do protest against all unethical increase in prices? why he can't call for National Bandh ?

why he always support to wrong matters and developments in Government policies and program's.?

He must under stand that he will not get any popularity on making any on going attempts by Prime Minister office or chief Minister offices in India.

Let him say what all the benefits and supports he did to the people who voted him to become M.P.? or let him please list ut what are all the Public welfare measures he attempted using his office to press and media? Press and media can also ask such questions? what are all the benegits as a M.P. he derive and what is the amount he spent for people welfare from his M.P. Fund which is more than 2 crores.?Let him please say what are all the benefits and salary and income and expenses incurred to all M.P. in the Present Parlaiment from Prime Minister Office? why Not for information Mr.Obama is not asking this details from Prime Minister Office? why not media and press is not publishing these details?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Monday, May 21, 2012

Most urgent News to World from message from US President Obama

Most urgent News to World from message from US President Obama
Thanks to BBC NEWS.
Please treat the news as most Urgent why because it is from Mr.Obama.
The message is as follow;
Europe 'must focus on jobs and growth' - that's the message from US President Obama, speaking after the G8 summit of some of the world's leading economies. But German Chancellor, Angela Merkel insisted that eurozone countries had to stick to austerity measures to cut their deficits. Can blanket measures work for all countries?
No,It can not.
Euro Zone countries must start finding and creating or generating fresh opening in all job's which is a most wanted measure to make Fund flow in people. Fund flow in people will give a start to business run and it will flourish after a short time with its own wings.
Churches, Mosques and Temples or any other shrines must come forward to donate with generous mind to share the funds for the development of countries or in other hand people survival to make easy.
also to note on the other hand Rulers in few countries crushing people to show their powers ,so revolutions. this is a loss generating process. do not allow to its peak.but no other go to those people who live those countries. so other countries in the world must initiate themselves to join their hands with the revolution Groups on selected values on legitimacy of the matters . Than only any Type of war can be avoided and can present Peace to this world.
Thanks. How long Mr.Obama can say or commit to this world, is only up to Next President sworn in . so Now it is the time to realize the seriousness of the matter and work to react up on this quickly. Please react accordingly towards positive results to help this world.

Millions watch Pacific eclipse

Millions watch Pacific eclipse. News further reveals that,


An annular eclipse, in which the Moon partially blocks out light from the Sun, has moved across east Asia and the western US.

But at the same time the Earth quake Italy and at Japan twice on yesterday is also to be counted on this. Is there any connection with the eclipse is to be analyzed.

generally on eclipse days the waves in Sea will raise to maximum height.

Earth quake is may be the latest symptom of eclipse. let us analyze this matter .

Sunday, May 20, 2012

World News

Sri Lanka president orders release of jailed rival.COLOMBO - Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa has ordered the early release from jail of his highest-profile political rival Sarath Fonseka, the president's spokesman said on Sunday, in an apparent bid to quell international criticism of the government's human rights record.

sarath Fonseka showing much interest on Tamil along with an amicable settlement with People in Sri lanka.

this is the reason why he was arrested.

He might be source of information's with visuals to media channels who published all in time to bring it to the knowledge of people in the world.

This is the last term of office to Rajapakse as president of sri lanka.
also Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse would had a clear cut of analysis about the administration and execution of actions by Mr.Barack Obama on Terrorist at Pakistan near Pakistan army head quarters. so this action certainly would have created in the mind of many Rulers in the world.
so Now the release of Fonseka from jail has effected. Next in the election Fonseka will defeat Mahinda Rajapakse with a landslide victory.
Thanks to news.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Do you want to watch Sneha weds Prasanna?

Do you want to watch Sneha weds Prasanna? Yes I know this video right Now available in online. Thanks. VISIT BLOGGERWORLD

Airlines and air Travel services

Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know, Airways repair and maintenance center.

Air Deccan and Kingfisher airlines are planning to set up a maintenance,repair and overhaul facility in Bangalore. This was confirmed by G R Gopinath, M D, Air Deccan. Maintenance ,repair and overhaul facility would take care of third-party maintenance work of the world is an another feature.

Jet Airways is planning to start a cargo airline sometime next year.This company is also planning to set up a maintenance-repair overhaul center.

very good idea to growth.

World's Largest Solar Power Plant and 93 soccer stadiumsSoccer stadiums

My dear lovely viewer's of this blog, my sincere thanks to you for staying connected. I would like to keep in touch on this site. Please add me to your Friends list so we can stay connected. This is the latest information letting you know, The world's largest solar power plant is Sinan-gun,Jeollanam-d0. Dongyang Engineering and construction corporation will hold a dedication ceremony for the power plant with in attendance Prime Minister Han seong-soo and other dignitaries on November 15.

The Plant generates a capacity of 35,oooo MW annually on a site that is 670,000 square meters, a size equivalent to 93 soccer stadiums.

It can generate electricity to power more than 10,000 homes.the investment cost is 200 billion .

so all nations can do this in their countries to meet out the electricity requirement. it is safe also.

Now U.K. also can plan to arrange this energy for development of sports and Games.

I strongly recommend Now, it is a need to all nations in the world to think and to react for this energy.

Monday, May 14, 2012

autos - Global manufacturers go local in cost-wary India

In autos Global manufacturers go local in cost-wary India. this has started in work over few decades from now. All Car Manufacturers arrived in Car Market and found many good and strong and vibrant sellers as their dealers or distributors to sell their cars/Trucks and to maintain the reputation and the obtained Good Name in Technology and its values.

Now VOLVO stationed at India with its Highest strength in Technology with safety measures with economy . I will try to join in this team if opportunity strikes. Already BENZ stationed in India Through TATA over centuries in auto's , than BENZ car had its own car industry and sellers show Rooms with its class of style and quality prescribed by Benz. For example if you visit BENZ Show room near Chennai Airport you can find the stunning showroom in its class. This declare the quality of Benz.In India once if people buy imediately on registration officers from Income - Tax will arrive to question about accountabilities. But this has changed in India. Why because In India Many rich people from all Industries started buying Car's and Trucks from all car and Truck Industry started work in India. Farmers ,Industrialists ,People from I.T.Industry and Politicians were started use to travel by car from Foriegn countries made. so that Car company like Ambassador got closed/ also Ambassador do not want to go for updation. Please do not say Hindustan Motors brought Lancer. Updation at regular intervals is a must. See, In HONDA few Models were failed over many decades in Midle east and europe. But selling in huge quantity in India why because it has been brought you by a Faithful Auto's seller. HONDA Capitalised this faith of people on a Motors Company from Chennai. Like on Japan Technology in Car has gone down to its lowest because of the awareness and availability of all other Branded cars except made in India cars . Hindustan Motors is the Only company has all Machines imported from U.K. does a major role in business for all the auto manufacturers entered in Indian Market keeping in mind with a export quantity in sales share. Engines and other few important assembling and manufacturing were done from Hindustan Motors Plants. Thanks to Birla Family for bringing pride to India.

Now you are watching Volkswagan is grabing big share of Maruthi ,TATA,and Toyota in car sales. In - Fact Maruthi struggling is to be noted and recently a plant got closed in Maruthi .But sale drop in the above mentioned car sales is an expectation after VOLVO started in India. Nissan as usual did not created any break through in sales or not taken any share of any car company like Toyota is the truth. But VOLVO will DO this break through in Car Market. German Products will always challanges frim sweden products. Sweden Products are always beyond compare and challange is the fact in auto's Maruthi gradually will get close why because to have its market It killed ,ruined standard Motors ,Hindustan Motor Ambassador and Premier automobiles and others. so Now curse of those families of those company employees will dictate terms in closure of Maruti at the earliest.

Technology Never fails but may delay with few disturbances which may delay the promptness. But Technology win at all races. Engineers maximum do their best but many self knowledged and self motivated in Marketing and sales like me Gives a great shape to continuity of the growth in its business in auto's.

VOLVO in Trucks do very well in all sectors in India. Though Volvo Trucks Costs high in Figure , people do started calculations in these days about of its services and through which the earnings from the Trucks ,VOLVO Trucks reflects in High returns in comparison with other Trucks available in India is also a Truth from In advanced Construction Technology called as ACT is performing well from chennai.

Now you may ask me that in which auto's you are linked with. answer is No. many coding age as a criteria not allowing me to work with them. This exercise or result observed started from Hyundai motor company interview. This is my experience where frustration started. There are people not ready to use Good hands. For example in my experience I saw a person who grabed the wealth of people or management in croroes in selling H M Ambassador Cars Now working as General Manager in Volkswagan. This is a curse in auto's in Industry.So it Means, Recommendation that catch values in Placement's.

I am the person created awareness in clearing the Non Moving O.E.Stocks at dealer points supplied by the manufacturers. It has created a drop in sales to a small extent immediately to a manufacturer manufacturing almost all components to auto's from Chennai in Tamil nadu. The meanufacturers replied that they were also in the same directions. so the loss in auto's was stopped to an extent at that time. No personal benefits on any time from any companies. Gained good name. But No use in this cunning world.


Mrs.Meira Kumar

India's lower house of parliament elected a woman as its speaker , a first in the male-dominated chamber's history.Meira Kumar is 64, was elected to the position unopposed.She will preside over 543 elected members, of which 58 are women.

Women play a prominent role in the politics of India, the world's largest democracy. The South Asian country of 1.1 billion people has a female president, Pratibha Devisingh Patil but as per Rules in India elected by 543 M.P.'s. and President of India is Not elected by People of India . Infact People can say the He/she is Nominated by a strong political party in rule is the truth. India follow U.S. in all matters But India not following United states in this matter.Because this matters.

Today a rumor in people talk say three Names proposed for President of India . They are Mr.Man Mohan singh ,Meira Kumar,selvi J.Jayalalithaa.

In my view I ruled out selvi J.Jayalalithaa'a name why because she may be interested to become Prime Minister of India to bring rapid changes in Human lives in India.

So Mr.Man Mohan singh or Meira Kumar were may be in the Race. Vice President Mr. Ansari name is not in the Race is also to be Noted .


E.V.K.S.Elangovan son fo e.v.K.Sampath

Hi friends and viewers and to the exclusive knowledge in Politics of Tamil Nadu. Mr.Raja Gopachari a great politician of India who did not earned any thing from politics (assets and this Kamarajar and Anna durai are also clean Hands) But with social Responsibility wanted to save People of Tamil Nadu and their rights ,so that he who seeded the thought for a immediate Political Party which can go against Congress for keeping the People Rights and survival in Tamil Nadu.

Bad Luck Mr.periyar who was a proposed leader for that party and he started Dravida Kazagam . This party was designed to have principles which created rift between communities. But in the name of Dravidian people this party collected a small fund that itself grown to millions in futrure. Now after death of Periyar few holding the rights of those asseets and and enjoying pleasures in their life is the truth.No government questioned on this. O.k.all right.

But Due to the principles not cooperating once again Mr.Rajai started negotiating with people in Politics of that time. Than Rajaji succeccfull in started D.M.K. with the Leader ship Mr.E.V.K.Sampath as its leader. Mr.Anna Durai , Mr.Karunanidhi,and mr.M.G.R. are all in D.M.K. But it is a shocking News why Mr.Karunanidhi and M.G.R. who were sticked on the policies of Periyar and why slipped from the Dravida kazagam - and wanted to be away from. D.K. is still as an unanswered question in the minds of people.

Mr.E.V.S.Elangovan .the than D.M.K. Party President was died due to ill ness. But still many people say that they have doubt on improper treatment attention in saving his life. Their may be a possibility of a Political Motto.

Over many decades Mrs E.V.K.Sampath is a strong leader in work at A.I.A.D.M.K. ,More over she is also a leader in Jayalalithaa's like and admiration is also to be remembered at this time.

so as per that E.V.K.S.Ilangovan has to be given a senior position in D.M.K. this has not happen. but Congress gave welcopme to Him. He also till date teaching many lessons through his victory to Dravidian parties. People know that he is a Very Good Politician from tamil nadu. Congress not used him properly is also correct .

After Mr.E.V.K.Sampath, Mr.C.N.Anna Durai was elected as leader of D.M.K. He is a learned scholar and politician and had a dream to provide prosperity to People of Tamil nadu. But he was also died due to ill health. he used frequent snuff Powder packed in his nose and it caused cancer like disease and he was taken to United states for treatment But treatment failed.

Here People in Tamil Nadu suspected the Death of Mr.Anna Durai. But Karunanidhi succesfully able to operate the party as a leader. In short time Marudhur Gopalan Ramachandran popularly known as M.G.R. by staging a drama by questioning the accounts of the Party and went out and started his Own Party that is called A.I.A.D.M.K. He was a popular actor catched the hearts of people by his actions and dialogues and songs. But he was a son of a Lawyer belongs to Kerala state who married Sathya belongs to Colombo-Kandi. M.G.R. Mother searching a survival landed at tamilnadu and struggled a lot. M.G.R. started acting in Dramas and than cinemas. from the time of Dramas Mr.M.G.R.and Mr.Karunanidhi were friends and joined hands in D.M.K. and well supported by Anna Durai .

when Mr.M.G.R. went sick he wanted to merge D.M.K. and A.I.A.D.M.K by yet another attempt was failed again, at that time D.M.K. had only 13 M.L.A.'s including Mr.Karunanidhi and with 24% vote bank strength. D.M.K. was also interested in that with few proposals for acceptance in merging . This act was initiated by Mr.Biju Patnaik. Later it was failed. Even at the time of death Mr.M.G.R.Wanted to merge A.I.A.D.M.K. with D.M.K.

Mr.M.G.R. who collected One Rupee as his salary had Huge assets at the time his Death is also to be remembered. so Anna Durai is the only person with clean hand.

In this D.M.K. accepting the Name A.I.A.D.M.K. will not cause any harm to Politicians of D.M.K.. But D.M.K. was so strong in demanding in retaining the Name D.M.K. Here the merge was stopped. Even Now D.M.K. and A.I.A.D.M.K. can merge with the Name of A.I.A.D.M.K..

Their is neither the of name of M.G.R. or J.Jayalalithaa in party Name,where as in D.M.K. you can say that Dravida M.Karunanidhi .

Now Both Dravidian parties can be merged and Mr.E.V.K.S.Elangovan can be elected and placed to be the president of the New Party would be a right choice as per Manu Dharmam and a right political act. . After election results Mr.E.V.K.S.Elangovan can nominate /elect Mr.Stalin or any body as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. This will be a genuine Change and and prolonging Love of people can be obtained . Above all Selvi J.Jaya Lalithaa now has to accept for this and may negotiate for this, this will make her to be a versatile and appealing and Bold leader in Union Government may be as a Prime Minister or President.

Congress has to work for this , Dravidian parties in divided is a Drama staged well and catched the people mind at Tamil nadu ,and made congress to stay out from Politics of Tamil nadu even congress may be allied party with the ruling Government at Tamilnadu in many times is the History.Now Congress successfully Damaged the Nme and Values of D.M.K. in the people mind at Tamil nadu. But by arranging the merger of These Two Dravidian Parties will provide a chance for the reestablishment of Congress or establishment of B.J.P in Tamil Nadu is the Only way and mean. Like Mr.M.G.R. Selvi J.Jayalalithaa also do have any Family Background attachments in politics, she is alone like Vajpayee,Abdul Kalam . she is having a dream to Rule India. Let Congress Try her for once.

A,I,A,D,M,K, and D.M.K. merge by Karunanidhi will become meaningful if he accepts the above ideas. It is a need , why because D.M.K. lat its Total Values in People is an updated News. People talk say that Using (D.M.Karunanidhi ) D.M.K. he and his family arranged to accumulate Huge wealth . so to put a full stop to people in tamil Nadu and in India are Thinking against D.M.K. merging D.M.K. in A.I.A.D.M.K. is a must with a strong Leadership of Mr.E.V.K.S.Elangovan is my view and opinion.


Friday, May 11, 2012



Entertainment was at its peak. Now London is very Busy with Olympics 2012.

I wish this olympics 2012 will show a Gigantic Break through in sports and games in Numbers of Viewer's. Also London will exhibit a bench mark in This game show along with a Huge turn over in its and in associated sponsors earnings. This earnings in Pounds will be an extraordinary.

Travel to Beach side Resorts

Beach side Resorts

Stay a head in your Tours and travels by selecting a best Beach resort . beach resort do have SPA saloons with Ayurveda treatments to rejuvenate your body and sex.

Beach resort are very resourceful in finding and building a team in a sport. Try this to have victory on any challenges.


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Real Estate

real estate business in India today provides excellent returns and capital appreciation opportunity to investors and is likely to do so at least for the next 5 years.

The price of property in every Indian city has risen during the last 25 years at an average rate of 20 – 25% per year besides providing return in the form of rentals or to its owners.

Start buying Flats with all facilities from genuine Promoters in real estate Business.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Olympic gold the pinnacle of the sport : Nadal

Hi friends you know that a very big chance for sports persons to carry Medals to add proud to their country and to their own career.Many waiting for this.

Drugs is also waiting to play a crucial game in many sports man life.This is the truth.

Olympic gold the pinnacle of the sport : Nadal. this is his dream he says. He say winning medal at Olympic is the superior one above all his victories.

But I am very sorry to predict that He do not have chance to win the medal this time in Olympics 2012. Planets are not in favor of Mr Nadal.My predictions were true in his cpmprtitions also on all times.

so Nadal will not win this medal at olympics this time is my accurate prediction in my astrology.


London 2012: Missiles may be placed at residential flats

London 2012: Missiles may be placed at residential flats. This is very much essential to be a part of safety measure by Royal Government of U.K.

Actually their is an expected Dangers from Afghanistan enroute. Few countries may try to make an attempt to win many Gold medals. on the other hand few countries will try to assoiate with terorists Groups to create disturbances at Olympics 2012. Terrorists are who work for Money and they do not have knowledge on Values for sports and Games and Human Lives.

China will try to take major number in Gold medals Tally. second will be United states. and U.K. will come in the third Position though hosting. since euro crisis many other european sports performance may not glitter to shine.

so U.K. Government for teh first time in the world missiles are used in safety measures. Biggest U.K.Naval ship was stationed in the Thames river for safety. But I think if any thing goes wrong only from these points who may fell in for money may attempt a bad idea. so a second line to watch these sources is also a need.