Friday, September 7, 2012

we people on earth were not interested or believe on any Terrorists act as a solution to any Problem

US designates Haqqani group as 'terrorists'.


The decision is right but this is not the right time, why because Presidential election is on.

we people on earth were not interested or believe on any Terrorists act as a solution to any Problem.

already U.S. and U.K. and other few countries stationed army forces at Iraq and than at Afghanistan for bringing down the Peace is the reason told to we people and press and media. But gradually Afghanistan being converted as a Arm Force Base for these countries absolutely a wrong act.

a single alphabet Might have wrongly added in the country Name while in communications paved way to the killing of Mr.Saddam Hussein,yes Instead of Iran it was may be wrongly spelled Iraq ,and told huge Chemical weapons was stored at Iraq. but by using the Name of Iraq ,Iran might have developed all Nuclear plants and its arrangements is come to Light. Also Now Iran is a Vital Force which could terminate many countries on the world in No seconds is also a Truth?. But Let us believe that Iran will not use Nuclear weapons on any part in this Earth. Oh God, May please give such feelings and Thoughts to Mr.Mr.ayatollah Khomeini. Thanks.

Because of Attacks on Iraq is a reason for Today Huge Price hike on Oil and its allied Products. No one could deny this?.Because of Iraq shattered From its strength Now No one available to question Iran is also a True,this is well known to Iran.

so any Human on Love on his Mother land will raise his/her Voice , No one can deny this?.

But world is looking for eradicating Terrorism from the earth planet is also a Truth. In that case People like Mr.Haqqani may please turn to dialogues with reasonable decisions of them is a best solution. Here the Name Haqqani - Haq means legitimate Rights ,qani = claiming . But Mr.Haqqani must understand that Lord Allah is the Haqqani for all and not we people to take that right of God.thanks.

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