Thursday, October 23, 2014


My Dear Modi Sharing Deepavali with People at Jammu Kashmir is Your Kind quality of act. Lovely. I am always with you. similar to this I humbly request you to issue Voter ID Card  embossed with the details of a Aadhar Card and color Photo image. 2.similar to this you may please arrange to organize to issue Ration Card for availing Civil supplies in a Debit /Credit card format with the details of Aadhar Cards. This will vanish Duplicate Ration Cards in the civil supplies and will  give your Government about the exact Ration card Numbers and as well as its in built exact Quantity required  to supply to each family. if you incorporate Aadhar card details in each Ration Card than any one in a family can go for the Purchase in TUCS/civil supplies shops.
Here I like to put forward my Humble request to supply 12 Gas cylinders per Year on Subsidy Rate in your Term of PMO.Please. Crediting the subsidy value will take a long time. It has an Opportunity for Gas Distributors to penalize few customers by not crediting the amount in her/his Bank account  is also a possibility.
Your Goals are very very High in taking Our Nation and its Economy to its good level and with Best Social Developments.I Strongly believe that you will achieve this and we will arrive your Good result by our Cooperation and support.
Thanks.Rest in my Next Post at in My Ideas/suggestions to

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