Thursday, November 17, 2016

Respected Economic Affairs Secretary Mr.Shaktikanta Das - and to Prime Minister of India

Respected Economic Affairs Secretary Mr.Shaktikanta Das -  and to Honourable Prime 

Minister of India -Mr.Modiji.

my dear friend your Team support  is excellent to Government by Mr.Modi. Now it is a must to correct and sett right allATM's and cash counting Machine exists at all bank cash counter's on war footing method as earliest possible.

My view to your team is, may I request you to consider to print rupees 200/- .like Rs.10,20,50 ,let us have 100,200,and 500.
For Industrialists,Business man and to the Richest on Demand our government may print Rs.1,00,000.00(1 Lakh) and Rs.10,00,000(10 Lakh) notes (like united states and in few European countries). This will be in small Number and the circulation of it can be monitored /controlling very easily.
Now you have released Rs.2000/-Notes and Now with the level (quantity) printed may please stop immediately,to maintain it circulation to be kept in a control level of monitoring. And  to complete the fixed quota  of printing remaining quantity may be  ordered tto print in Rs.100,50,20 and10.
In technology as a development  in counting machines in Banks  and in all A T M's in all withdrawal /delivery /disperse and in all inward/crediting/deposit's the Numbers in the Currencies has to be collected automatically.This will ensure the money withdrawn but not in circulation. and on crossing a period of 90 days Government may demolish the transaction validity/authority to  such Currencies by a standing Order from the Reserve Bank and which has to be for the said purpose to be Drafted and approved by the Both Houses of Parliament in India. only by this concrete step Black Money can be wiped out from our Nation India.

Thanks for reading this post. -j.k.sundararajan.

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