Friday, September 8, 2017

(07/09/2017) Kelvikkenna Bathil Special | Exclusive Interview with 'Isai...

A man who completely failed remember Guru who converted him in to Islam  . For a question he did not remembered his Guru.

as a Musician his compositions were mostly fusions or blend of all Music by Musician's up to Ilayaraja is the view of Mine.

when People looking for a change he used his Music blend's and flourished.  He is not at all an asset why because with the recent Movies which are all utter failures is to be agreed. in fact because of His Music Film's like "Mersal" ,"Rajni in 2.0" Enthiran 2 etc are all going to make the feature film's an utter failures. Please wait and watch this happenings. regards.

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