Sunday, April 7, 2019

Indian National Congress Manifesto can not become TRUE in Practical ,People Must be in Alert and not to get convinced on this issue??!! Both I N C and B J P can not do this Promulgation and the election promise will be an exploitation!!!!!!!???

 Indian National Congress Manifesto  can not become TRUE in Practical ,People Must be in Alert and not to get convinced on this issue??!! Both I N C and B J P can not do this Promulgation and the election promise will be an exploitation!!!!!!!??? 

Union Territory has to be converted as State of  India. so  Indian National Congress Must confirm that Right from Delhi to Andaman Nicobar and pondicherry (Puduchery) state,  all Union territories has to be considered?. Just saying that Puduchery will be awarded STATE Values. This could be an exploitation. All 6 Union Territories Of India must be given STATE Status. this will not happen. Even actions through Parliament activities Puduchery State status will be Prolonged up to Next General Election announcement in 2024. 

How ever it is a glorious action by Mr.Narendra Modi who took responsibility and trained in all type of activities to be a Opposition Leader in Parliament is also True. 

Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi did not developed either Mamta Banerjee,or Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu or Congress star leader either P.chidambaram or Mr.Kamal Nath etc in focus as reached the status to become Prime minister of India is also a Tactics (Once again Nehru Family) similar to D.M.K.  and A.D.M.K. Tactics in Tamil Nadu.  

tactics is nothing But Making People of India to think that these Two Parties were enemies and their policies were different were all only a set up . This is not to allow third person as Leader or Third Party to lead the Government.

What a Great people. why I Painfully written this because in as soon Mr.Modi occupied the Prime Minister office on the Basis of Judgement on Coalgate corruption charges ,He must have directed the Government and concerned offices to arrest Dr.Man Mohan singh Ex Coal Minister and P.M. this has not happened and No one on corruption charges said and focused in the Earlier General Election on 2014  were Punished is the Truth to this World.

 People in India trusted and voted to Mr.Narendra Damodardas Modi Expecting that people on corruption charges could be Punished and the B J P Government will make NO ROOM TO corruptions after 2014,but it is unfortunate corruptions are continuing. 
How We people(People includes Mr.Modi) could  confirm that Corruption charges continuing? Yes, A possibility ,Since  the Top most leaders and Chief Bank Officials shared the message about Demonetization to all Politicians this include M.L.C. the great job failed. Only Middle class and poor and few people from common man were stood in the Line in Banks to change their currencies to the New one. this great Job of Mr.Modi made to fail by Politician's this includes B J P top leaders.

Not only failure, Bank officials might have delivered huge amount of New currencies to all Politicians this includes M.L.C.,and Industrialists and business man through their personal vehicles , this is the only possibility and they might have got paid for this was bribe or in other form corruption's.
 so why B J P Government did not punished those Bank officials who failed to exercise the Government orders? all in Unity is the Truth to Indians and to the World. so Corruptions started from this demonetization. Right from sweet stall ,snacks shops to Hotel ,Electrical shops,Medical shops ,Retails shops like Reliance,More (Birla Group) ,petrol pumps ,Cooking Gas dealers ,colleges and schools for Fees,etc were not at all providing Bill or Invoice with GST Number. so what is the use of GST ,while tax revenue not coming exactly to the Government of India Treasury and right Registration office to RTO bribe is nothing but Corruption or Black Money Generation. Black Money Generation permitted will lead to many issues in future for future Generations,yes only few will be Rich and all others will be in group as slaves to the those few who have huge Black Money. so  Indian slaves going to be ruled by Indian Rich.

Above all till date No film Producer submitted real salary and package and benefits to its workers this includes Director,Hero and Heroine etc. 

why GST not applicable to Gold which is huge in Sales on every day in India.  petrol,diesel and cooking gas in to the hands of Private as Dealers not by Oil companies either or by Government of India,mostly dealers are Politicians and No bill for sale .leaving these Huge returns as GST to Government of India ,Government says only by Alcohol sales government can run,what a foolish government? These are all happened because Most of the Politicians are illiterates and any time anywhere killers. this threat made people to keep silent to save their family is also a painful Truth. 
In My View One Man show that is Mr.Modi wishing India prosperity is not all possible. while Mr.Modi entered in parliament as Parliamentarian and Prime Minister  few others as seniors in BJP party were from Congress and in Opposition party leaders in Parliament were working with corruption charges were designated itself a wrong Move by Mr.Narendra Modi is the Truth. thanks.

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