Monday, August 28, 2017

I do not think that on date A D M K government by Mr.Edapadi Palaniswamy last Confidence. !! Nerpada Pesu: டெல்லிக்கு செல்லும் அதிமுக அணிகள்… அடுத்தது என்ன? | 28/08/...

1. I do not think that on date A D M K government by Mr.Edapadi Palaniswamy last Confidence. !!

yes, why, while few M.L.A.'s about 21 were kept in a Lodge is against Democracy. while few M.L.A.'s were blocked from their Duty Performance by keeping them in a Lodge and saying the Government last confidence in all Press and Media Debates looks not good.

2. B J P not operating these factions of A D M K party is also true.

3. On Date A D M K Government is try perform in the Next session of assembly.

4. This party politicians and Press and Media triggering D.M.K. to bring No confidence Motion in the Tamil Nadu Assembly is to make defeat that No confidence Motion of D M K is my view. Few M.L.A.'s in out skirt of Tamil nadu will turn to Assembly if their is a No confidence Motion in Assembly and will make the attempt a complete failure to have an opportunity to run the Government with out any disturbance from D.M.K. is the hidden truth.

watch this debate and you will get clear about this revealed  message. B J P and A D M K are in a sound idea that they do not want to allow D.M.K. to catch Power is also a truth.  why because D.M.K. is with Congress a National Party. And Congress in Tamil Nadu will not try to face the next Election to capture or for congress Government Returns????!!!. this is the strength of D.M.K.  so B J P wish to join hands with A D M K in Tamil Nadu is the Truth. for this reason B J P Government  or President are not using article 356???!!!!! is also true!!!.

6. For example in Court dealing J.Jayalalithaa said that she do not have any direct or indirect authority on Jaya Tv was in court Records.

7.Namadu M.G.R. a Daily started and promoted by M.G.R.  for uniting Party Members is the truth.

8. On Date No one is interested to run the Government but every one is expecting Benefits for their presence in A D M K. This is because of Huge amount of Assets and Money in Many Billions is the truth. so that we people find Factions.  This is well known to all Politicians holding very High Position's in Indian Government is also true.

Now How ever A D M K will Manage to assemble all Party people from all districts and will find a Permanent General secretary is also truth.  Mr.Edapadi Palaniswamy is walking on rope or on double edged Knife, now this is to understand the situation of Mr.Edapadi Palaniswamy is also true.

One thing in people talk is Politician's in A D M K party worked all the way for so many years under a leader now want to work but struggling because not trained by the A D M K Chief Minister's. why people talk this because people with many day to day problems like No Water  supply,No Proper Ration Supplies etc, Government not focusing on  Issues troubling People because of the factions in A D M K party. so this situation  has to come to an end for this Responsible Politicians if they believe that they were responsible to People who elected them and want to complete Full Term than they must think and work and act accordingly as per constitution. Parliament must design accordingly with a concern of Supreme court Judges to frame a law for Training Politician's before they jump in to Power Cabin's

Now My Humble appeal and Request to My Beloved President of India Mr. Ram Nath Kovind ji is on Most Urgent Priority Please may arrange to and may please explore the possibilities to appoint a Governor exclusively for Tamil Nadu   ,and this will solve the issues raising every day in tamil Nadu

these are all my view.

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