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Tamil Nadu Election result of April, 13 , 2011

Hi dear Friends , follower's and viewer's here is a mesage about Tamil Nadu Election Result 2011.

The election Result April 13 , 2011 is published here for your Kind information. Be happy and Joyful. Goddess Victory strike the Door of A I A D M K party.

1.  D M K party allaince with many parties and sharing many places with many parties which are all not at all known to whole Tamil nadu  is the First advantage to A I A D M K.
By this sharing many seats with many parties Gives the party a chance to say, the defeat is because of the allies who did not have people support, and D M K would have contested in all 234 seats is also a mistake.

2. D M K is not contesting  in maximum Numbers because This Party last Faith on the D M K Party people who were the good workers. so workers will not work for the success.

3. Thier is a strong note in the Public Mind is that this party Rule is a Family Rule,so People wants a change in this matter is also a reason for defeat this election.

4. Congress party allaince and Drama in connection to that happened are all witnessed by people of Tamil Nadu through color T V distributed freely.

5. Congress got allotted 63 seats and also alotted the constituencies as demanded  by D M K , But Congress could not find people to contest in those 63 seats  is also a reason for Defeat.still  Tamil Nadu  congress say that the list of contestants will be published , even after the Nomination filing started on March 19,2011, is also a reason for defeat.Congress party still say that the list is pending with Congress party Leader at Delhi, so people cannot get anything done from Congress party people at Tamil Nadu is Proved by this act.

6.  Other allied parties do not have Mass and support from people is also a reason for defeat.

Now You can read the Published result of the upcoming election 2011, April 13,at Tamil nadu:-

Election on April 13, 2011: Venie Tamil Nadu - India.

Congress         contesting  in  - 63 -                    will Win  at - 3-     defeat       -  60

P M K           contesting       -   41                       will Win     -8-      defeat      -  33

Vidudalai siruthai party
                     contesting      -    12                        will win    - 5 -      defeat      -  7

Communist                        -    12                      will win       - 3 -     defeat      -   9

Communist the other front  -    21                      will win      - 4  -     defeat      -   17

T M D K                           -   41                       will win      - 6  -     defeat     -  35

D M K and few other small
                  parties           -    118                     will win       - 49 -    defeat      -  69

A I A D M K and few small
               Parties            -    160                       will win     - 156 -    defeat     -  4.

This is Going to be the result of the Tamil Nadu election On April 13 2011.

Thank you.
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