Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tamilnadu state Assembly election 2011 Result Forecast

Hi Friends and followers n here is message about Result forecast of  Tamil nadu  state assembly election.

Now   political party  making alliance with  Regional parties to face this election.
  D.M.K. , A.I.A.D.M.K., Congress, B J P and communist parties were the parties were trying to make alliance.

In this B J P is a national Party declared that It is going to contest in all 235 constituencies of state Assembly. This is a very good decision by a national party as a care on people welfare.

Congress is the another National party try to make an alliance with D.M.K. Even after 4 decades Congress party is not interested to contest in all constituencies of Tamilnadu is the situation till Today (02.03.2011).

In this situation Election commission of India announced the election Date . Actually people expected this election date in the end of April Month or in the  Month of May First week. .

Let me declare the result of this election as  my forecast.

In this election if the alliance formed between Congress and D.M.K.  ,these parties expectation is success,
This alliance will make easy success to A.I.A.D.M.K. Because This party will deliberately say its comments on spectrum corruption in its election campaign,even without a  strong Manifesto declaring few welfare measures to people on their Loss to people of Tamil nadu. The impact of spectrum corruption matter revealed to people of India and Benefit of Doubt will definitely going to Favor A.I.A.D.M.K success in this election.

on the other Hand ,as an Option , if ,Congress with a decision declares  to face this election   independently with out any alliance with any party in tamil Nadu ,than this election will give a  result in Favor to Congress party success  to form the next Government.Because people may caste their votes to Congress because it is running the present Central Government,as benefit of this point Tamilnadu and its people may get more benefits is an idea/thought will emerge in the mind of people while casting their Votes.

As a result of B J P contesting in all 234 constituencies It can be possibly victorious and will form the Government.  Because B J P will focus on all Corruption Matters of parties as allied at central Government Today. This is a Benefit. Next reason to B J P success in Tamil nadu is ,People of Tamil nadu watched the Best Administration of B J P headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
Another advantage is B J P is a national party.This is a great strength,also It is presently running the Government in Karnataka ,the neighbor state of Tamil nadu.

The success of B J P party will pave a way to First Administration chance of  a National Party in Tamil nadu,not only this ,it will also make change in people mind gradually to think that regional parties are not necessary and this is the right decision of Tamil nadu people as a silent revolution in Tamil nadu Political Administration.

so in my forecast Next Government at Tamil Nadu assembly will be B J P party and the opposition party at state Assembly will be the Congress.
I believe after four decades ( 49 years) people of Tamil nadu will say Good Bye to Regional Parties which has not cared people of Tamil Nadu.

Why This forecast is concluding that B J P  is going to form the next state Assembly at Tamil Nadu ,Because it is Transparent in all its dealings,and it has interest in people welfare is also well known to people of Tamil nadu.
This world declares that people of Tamil nadu were Trust worthy and clever in making decisions.  International  people faith on Tamil nadu people Trust worthy and cleverness will not fail.

So Tamil Nadu going to have a definite change and  the National party Rule is going to get established.

The People of India will find this clever result by tamil Nadu people as an Example and as a Role Model to Other states of India which have regional parties rule and waiting  to face their  state Assembly election as next in Line.

 thank you . This forecast will be a true one.This  forecast will be appreciated after the results declared by people of India and Tamil Nadu.


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  1. Ridiculous forecast. BJP can never be a ruling party and Congress can never be an opposition party. It is always DMK or ADMK. Have you ever been TN once?