Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mr. Donald J Trump ,a Richest ,Record in the History of America, in The History of the World.I strongly Recommend and believe that American's Prosperity will Grow along with United States and at the Top with the Nations of the World!!!!

Mr.Barack Obama out Going President of America on 20th Jan 2017 addressed his Farewell Speech was not Fascinating. Many time people stand and showing the sign to stop his speech but he could not understand that sign.
Americans had given Overwhelming support by voting to Mr. Donald J Trump ,a Richest ,Record in the History of America, in The History of the World.I strongly Recommend and believe that American's Prosperity will Grow along with United States and at the Top with the Nations of the World.
1. First and Fore most in the History of United States ,a Union of 13 Colonies today elected Mr.Donald J Trump with overwhelming support .Mr.Donald J Trump is the First Richest ,Industrialist, going to take oath of office as President of America on 20th Jan.2017 is a Historical Record to America and to the Entire world is amazing. 2. Mr.Donald J Trump going to sworn in on 20th jan 2017. Mr.Obama farewell speech could have been delivered at the time of Election favouring Mrs. Hillary Clinton. But he had not done this. How ever he played a clever role to make Mrs.Hillary to get defeated is my view. Mrs. Hillary Clinton had lot of corruption charges and Unofficial usage of official email on personal influenced offices. In my view actually for the first time a ex President Mr.Obama may happen to step in to Supreme court of America on the e Mail case on Mrs.Hillary Clinton is a bright possibility is my View. 3. Mr.Barack Obama who conveyed that America is on good economy ,no this is wrong . America was on a terrible Economic Crunch Due to war practices. 4. Mr.Barack Obama who collapsed all out sourcing Business and events/advertisement events to enhance potentiality towards growth in all Business in America is a painful Truth. 5. Mr.Barack Obama not supported Christianity Religion was also a fact known to all. 6. Mr.Barack Obama stopped many Economic Development's in America as well as in other countries by his Policies is also a truth known to all. As a first measure Mr.Obama gradually detached America and Americans from nations of the world. 7. Mr.Barack Obama who arranged to operate an exact attack on Mr.Bin Laden who was a terrorists also who was the brain behind Twin Tower attack on December. 8. He cleverly drawn a line to keep the white people with out united and made the other minority groups promotional activities very strongly and deeply. He got an opportunity to become President by white People along with Minorities voted in America has to be remembered at all times. Just because of Mr.George W.Bush wrong command to American Army,Navy,Air force to attack on Iraq and due to that huge Damages at Iraq and still could not resume/back to Normal because of its president Mr.Sadam Hussain Punished brutally created a fear in the leading Politicians of that time in United States paved way a chance to Mr.Barack Obama to get as President in 2008 was the truth well known to People of this world. Now in 2016 American People under stood/realised the mistake they did and hole heartedly Americans in 13 colonies with overwhelming support Voted to Mr.Donald J Trump is the Record in the History of the United States and History of the world. Once again Americans voted and elected Mr.Donald J Trump a Richest in America for the first time in the History of America to avail a great endeavour in Administration and Prosperity of the Nation. 9. Even after Mr.Donald J Trump declared Elected he allowed to perform Huge protests against the election of Mr.Donald J Trump which was not correct in my view and belief also he permitted to prevail a message showing a wrong news as Mrs.Hillary Clinton won was very shameful to a President of America in Office. All Americans will agree on this point. 10. Mr.Barack Obama is 100% selfish and do not have regards for the people who worked for his Success in 2008 and for the continuation for the second term which enabled him for 8 years in Administration .In Fact Mr.Barack Obama could not had a courtesy to convey at least Thanks and or Regards to Well wishers across the world like me is certainly Painful today on witnessing this Farewell speech. In My Conclusion I wish to say though Mr.Barack Obama is cunning in the coat of Brave worked as President up to 20th Jan.2017 in United States White House to Have a Peaceful Retired Life.

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