Monday, January 9, 2017

to provide Legal permission to allow this "Bull Game" /"Jallikattu" - Government of India by B J P / by Mr.Narendra Modi may please come Forward !!!

My Dear Respectful President of India Mr.Sri Pranab Mukherjee,

Honorable Sir,

May I Humbly request your  kindness to allocate few seconds to Read this Post.

Today  Our Prime Minister announced Makara Sankranthi/ Pongal is a Compensatory Holiday. You know this is  a festival with Huge traditional Values. This festival have fore fathers sayings and  bindings on Farmers Festival is to me remembered by us.  So May Please have a dialogue to concerned to announce this Pongal /Makara Sankranthi as a Holiday in the declared mandatory list of a year  . Hope and I strongly believe that you will recommend this .  
Sir, In our Traditional imprints "Jallikattu" A Game to show  Courage in Indian Blood and Nerves. In many years we found major Damages to Participants and in very low level/Numbers to Bull's is the truth as per records.

In the last few years we find this Game could not be conducted due to our Supreme Court Orders and Pressure from Animal welfare forums/Board's
we are here to respect and safe guard the well being of Animals in the Earth. at the same time this "Bull" is a Domestic Animal and it is not a Forest Animal
We consume /drink milk obtained from cow. that is also a wrong thing why because that Milk of a cow has been a inbuilt offering to its Young ones and certainly not for we people on earth. But we people are Exploiting the Young ones of cow's and consuming Milk. Actually this has not been objected by any Supreme Court in any Nation in the world or any Animal Forum's  /animal welfare Board's in the countries across the world is known to us.

Hen produce Egg for her generation and not for we people on Earth to consume that as our food. But in Practical we people on Earth were exploiting or cheating Hen and reducing its generation is also known to we people. In Fact we people  brutally kill chicken /Hen and  eat chicken Meat.  This is a wrong act of we people on earth and cheating to a Living thing or Chicken.

above all ,we People Generated and stationed many Zoo in many part of our Nation and in many part of the Countries in the world is a well known message. But in all ZOO we people on the Earth Using the trend and capitalising major interest of children ,we have kept all animals in cages is a forceful action as a Money Making way and and /or not allowed them to live in Nature How they are to be as created by God.  at all "ZOO" we people /Government's in all Nations using the innocence of animals making/minting Money from "Entry Fees at all Zoo"is also Known to we people in the world. Actually This formation of Zoo and allowing animals to artificial living  is a clear Exploitation /or cheating to Animal World.  On This Animal Welfare Forum's /and or Animal welfare Board's in the world were not Objected this Brutal Act of we Human on Earth. I wish to say that Supreme court of India and Supreme court in all Nation's in the world were not Raised any Objection in any form on this Exclusive Clever exploitation on Animal Welfare is the 8th Wonder of our World is My strong and Painful Feeling and view. 

So Government of India by B J P / by Mr.Narendra Modi may please come Forward to pay immediate attention on this traditional Game to provide Legal permission to allow this "Bull Game" /"Jallikattu" at all the traditional Places Only. But it must not be on Money Betting , a clause in the approval to be added is my strong recommendation's. 

Thanks. Rest of the action /justice is at your Golden Hands ,My Dear President Mr.Pranab Mukherjee sir.  sincere and Honest Thanks  to Politicians and samaritans at Judiciary and Animal welfare Board's/Forum's to allow this Game to Happen in 2017.

Wish You All A Happy Pongal /Makara Sankranthi/Farmer's Festival of India.

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