Monday, January 23, 2017

Watch full military farewell to President Obama

Why we must all be wary of Arun Shourie when he attacks Narendra Modi next!!!

No,I will Not Agree on these comment's, yes, we people in India know that this process 
blocked terrorists moves in India is true. 

Regional Political Parties in all States of India were last their Black Money   
and could not work in their state is also True.

For Example : in U.P. in the upcoming State assembly election Mr.Mulayam Singh 
Yadav and Mr.Akilesh Yadav were may not have Black Money to use in 
the upcoming election  expenses. so that they successfully played 
a Drama to make People in U.P. to believe that both father and son were in 
mis understanding or in fight or non cooperative.   so Eradication of Black Money 
worked well.

Off course People in Middle class had trouble.

Same time I have few questions to Mr.Modi and to

For example.

by Mr.Narendra Modi  ? Yes, this alcohol sales outlet by Government of Tamil Nadu 

BHIM App or some card payments will only solve this issue. above to this Mr.Modi
born at Gujarat where Mohandas Karamchand had birth ,so home state. so as a  
follower to Gandhian Principle Liquor sale can be banned in India, in Particular   

Regards. J.K.Sundararajan.

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