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My Humble view to enhance or increase huge Employment to less educated or many registered in Employment Exchange's in India,Please. j.k.sundararajan.                                                                                                                            1. Please employ many less educated in Civil Supplies ,for this may I request you to Generate Civil Supplies wing 2(TWO).                                             2.                                                                                  Please arrange to issue a Government Order to do so. By this 1. allow Civil supplies to procure Food grains from Farmers Directly ,club Banks and Bank Loans for this. so by this Civil Supplies wing I(one) will to keep entire Granary stock position in tact.                                                                                          3.                                                                                             Civil Supplies Wing 1 to supply the requirements to Civil Supplies Wing 2. Here ,                                                                                                             Union Government to order for Employment of Huge less educated available in Employment exchange's for a period of 2 years probation than confirmation.                                                                               Job specification :- here the newly employed to packet Rice, wheat, Dhal, Sugar etc in to small (gunny bags)(no Plastic bags) weight of   5Kg's concern to Rice and Wheat and 1Kg Bags concern to Sugar and Dhal.             Job Requirement's:-       Here need to arrange to procure Machines for weighing,Gunny bags stitching,Shelves to keep and maintain in tact the quantity.                                                                                           For this Union Government of India may please arrange to open this Civil Supplies Wing 2 in all Central Ware Housing Corporation Destination's in all States and Union Territories.(30 states and 6 Union Territories) In case need to open please arrange to open these Civil Supplies Wing 2 - Ware House's to effect the supplies to Ration Shops through small Vans or trucks. So for this minimum number of vans to each Civil supplies wing 2 is to be procured and maintained for to effect the best supplies in time to people in poor to purchase the same from Ration shops/Fair price shop's. for this a separate Ministerial department can be opened.and this must be under direct control and supervision of Prime Minister and President of India.                                                                                4.         civil supplies wing 2 to make payment's to wing 1 for all purchases made in a period of 30 days. by using this payment's civil supplies wing 1 to make payment's to farmers on buying all crops cultivated and sell by farmers.                                                                                    5.      by supplying food materials in small packets like 5 Kg's and in 1Kg's  - Transportation made easy, No  to shortages in supply, quick supply in short time in Ration shops to Ration Card holders/buyers, and above all possibility to Hoarding or looting Ration materials by wrong acts will become Zero level with the sincere working of employees in civil supplies. I Hope you will agree on this idea of mine and may I request our to arrange to implement this idea effectively by putting forward the same to the Kind perusal and kind approval of Prime Minister and Minister's and President of India.                                                                       6. In Fact the Bags may have the stamp of Three lion logo of Union Government to have a Human touch in Ration Card Holders is a must is my belief.                                                                                                             7. by Mr.Narendra Modiji Team and President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee  to arrange to order  all Hotels/Unavagam/Food center's with Three Lion Logo Symbol with the Name Food stalls  Government of India /Arasu food stalls/Government Food stalls.                          Why to initiate to name these Food stalls by Government of India?          All food stalls in operations receiving food materials /grains to cook and sell on these center's were from Civil supplies corporation's only. so by organising and ordering all states to run Food centers in the Name of Food Centers by Government of India is a must. This will generate high impact on Governance by Union Government of India along with the credit to state government for effective running .for this awards can also be announced.                                                                                                                          The above idea's of mine will cetainly generate Huge Employment opportunities and many families will get light in their Home.This is a special care on Middle class and poor of our Nation. Thanks for reading the above idea and ideology for promoting the living of common Man in India. Thanks.j.k.sundararajan . , to and President of India,Prime Minister of India. 

Once again Thanks.

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