Thursday, January 31, 2013

Governor K. Rosaiah

Governor K. Rosaiah

Hon.Mr.k.Rosaiah  is an extraordinary Human in the world among few others live/lived with us is can not be denied by any one in the world.

How? He was the Finance Minister in Y.S.Rajasekareddy's congress  Government in Andhra pradesh.

on the Sudden demise of the chief Minister Mr.Y.S.R ,Mr.K.Rosaiah took the Office of Chief Minister with official Approval by Central Government and sworn in .
But in a confusion Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy took oath of office as Chief Minister.
But Knowledgeable person's where ever they Go they get right approval and acceptance is the Notes in our Tradition. to add values to our Tradition Mr.K.Rosaiah being appointed as Governor of Tamil Nadu by President of India. A right action by President a Right Job to a Right Person to a right result is also proved.
He is with extraordinary Knowledge and showing respects to all matters. Also he clearly knocks every Mind in the matters they are connected . yesterday he is very clear in his advice ,said Tamil Nadu Governor K. Rosaiah on Friday urged film makers to show due respect to the sensitivities of the people while making films.This is True. 
he joined in Thiyagarajar Music festival at Thiruvaroor  to know more and as a token of Respect to Music as a Music Lover.

Above all in My View and Opinion he must be the only one Person in India took Office as Governor after being served as a Chief Minister. He served as a M.L.C.,M.L.A.,M.P..

This is Historical Event to the History of the world or a Historical Data need to be recoded as a Guinness record. Any could be like him in Future, but on date he is the First Human in Love by all in India in this Generation  is a true.This is a merit to India in particular Andra Pradesh state also. 

I wish him to be President of India ,for that he must be hale and healthy and God must provide him a Healthy Life with Healthy thoughts always.
This is showing his greatness in Movements with Personalities in maintaining Cordial relation. Let us learn this secret from this elder is a must.

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