Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Time has come to Kamal Hassan to take one More Vishwaroopam"

"Time has come to Kamal Hassan to take one More Vishwaroopam"

No need to Mr.Kamal Hassan to go Out of the state or country,because he is son of this soil.
Now he need to call the kind attention of  People,
More than 8 Crore people in Tamil Nadu ,and More than 112 Crore people in India ,will come forward to help and support Kamal Hassan.
also it is ridiculous to watch ,why Judiciary and Government were not supporting Kamal Hassan is shocking. Similar Films with Dialogues attacking Islam Community already stalled in Indian Theaters is well Known to us. This type of cinema's will not create any clash between any communities is also True.same time we can avoid those comments possibilities is a need.
so Higher authorities may please think this film as an entertainment and allow the run in theaters.
Their will be no possibility for a second opinion to "An artist must get the due respect/justice from the Government" in time  in India and in the world.  
Kamal Hassan must come forward to Discuss the Matter with the Government concerned is a most wanted. Also it is to be adhered by any Producers that they must not use the Name of the Holy Books like Quran,Bible,Ramayanam,Mahabharat,Grantham of sikhs and other Divine connected religious matters in any where in a film in any manner .
Other wise, telling about the atrocities by any religion or community in a secular country is a responsibility of its Citizen's in all Possible format's.



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