Tuesday, January 29, 2013

why UPA chair person keep quite on the ethnic issue of Viswaroopam film Produced By Kamal Hassan?

why UPA chair person Mrs sonia Gandhi keep quite on the ethnic issue of  Viswaroopam film  Produced By Kamal Hassan?

Tamil Nadu  making Popular actor and Producer out From Tamil Nadu? says Kamal Hassan.

His Film Viswaroopam now facing Problem in stalling ,why few Political and religious persons opting for Cheap advertisement on this Ban?.

Politicans in India at present keep a strategy , that nothing can be done in India with out their approval and acceptance and involvement.
But Judiciary  is delaying Judgment, Delayed Justice is Denied Justice  is rightly Pointed Out by Kamal hassan. Here I like to add that Delayed Justice is a way to Kill democracy.
In India their is no safety to Cinema Industry.
All right what can be the best option to Kamal hassan Now?.
Mr.Kamal Hassan now to release the Film in DTH , as he planned earlier. This is a must today to Him. 

Also he says that he like to go out of Tamil nadu and want to work for other Film Industries , This may be Hollywood. 
Police must be given direction by Government to ensure Peace in screening this film in any part of Tamil nadu.

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