Monday, April 25, 2011

Anti corruption action from Powerful C B I

Hi Friends and viewer's here is a message about Central Beraeu of Investigation - C B I ofIndia.

I believe a good Time started to India .

Election commission started using her Power to the extent possible to Offer Clean India.For example election at Bihar went very successful and in the result Congress and Lau Prasad wife Rabri devi Party Thrashed to Defeat.
The result exhibited the people verdict in favour of Nitish Kumar party is a Boon to Clean India. This is starting Point.

Now C B I ,Today arrested Suresh kalmadi is yet another rapid Growth towards Clean India. We Indians Proud about Our C B I officials. They also started works with out partiality is a Bench Mark. It is to be Noted that Suresh kalmadi belongs to Congress Party. So It shows Congress party realized the need of Clean India.

Also Their is a wide spread rumour in the People of India that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is behind in all these corrective actions to Have Clean India.  If this is the correct Message Than we Indians are proud.

Thanks to C B I and Election Commission of India.

Thank you.

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