Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi friends and followers and viewer's here is a message about Mrs.sasikala.

sasikala is a Guide,Friend ,security , and all to J.Jayalalithaa. People Know this. In the early Chief Minister Tenure also she was with J.Jayalalithaa.

Mrs.sasikala  did not interven in any administrative matters of the Government is also known to all in India , in Particular to people at Tamilnadu.

It is believed that always a person support at all times to a leader is Good. This you can find in the History also. This is correct. Mrs.Sasikala is silent women and she is a True and Trusted to J.Jayalalithaa. This has to be appreciated by us. I appreciate this kind action of Mrs.sasikala in helping J.Jayalalithaa in Promoting the A I A D M K party is   correct.

I wish and Say thanks to Mrs.sasikala.

Thank you.

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