Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bharat Ratna Award

hi friends and followers and viewers here is a shocking news about Bharat Ratna Award.

Now Thier is a Recommendation from Maharastra Government to Government of India ,recomending Mr.Sachin Tendulkar Name for Bharat Ratna award .

I strongly object this recommendation . Also like to say that Mr. Sachin Tendulkar has not Done any sacrifice.

He played Cricket for his own records like sunil Gawaskar . His records are valuable to him and cricket ,not to India as a whole. In future any player from any country will over come his records and at that time cricket board and sports ,people,media are all going to say comments with refference to Tendulkar name and not India.

He has not done any thing beyond Human capacity.He aimed ti over come all earlier records . He was a Failure Captain .

Government Must Note that Team lead by Kapil Dev and Team lead by Dhoni were brought the world cup to India and this Victory  raised the value and respect in International status to Government of India. This cannot be denied by any one on this earth. 

I would like to say  Players like Tendulkar and Gawaskar are all with a Non cooperative Tendency. They are unable to cope up with 11 players on the Ground and they could not able to extract the results which make the country glow and cherish. These Players played for their Individual cherishment.

So Awarding Bharat Ratna award to Mr.Sachin Tendulkar is objectable by all people in India.Government of India Must not do this Mistake.

Thank you. 

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