Friday, April 1, 2011

Best Out of Three

Hi feriends and viewer's here is a message about Best out of Three.

Normally in all matters we have a practice to react or come to a justification we offer three chance. 

In Politics Few personalities like to occupy the chair for 5 th time ,sixth time and so on.

Our Government must Pass a Law to dictate that ,a Person Male or female can Hold a very High office Position like Chief Minister,Prime Minister for Three times. In Democracy it is a must. We follow democracy , it does not mean we can keep on electing a person for many times fpr higher office is meaningless. This is also a reason for their mistakes in administration. People were not getting their needs ,Because That person who get elected more than 3 times is getting Over confidence and thinks People are fools. 

Also Personalities think that they can do any achievements with Money Power . But Now with the present election result this though going to be smashed from their minds.This is a lesson for them to go out of Politics.

Citizen of India over 80 years can be the advisors and not to be permitted to occupy High Offices . This is to be enforced by a Law in Indian Democracy. 

The Above said set back of Democracy must be looked in to ,accordingly by Judiciary and Parliament of India.

After this election Congress Party must Change the Leader of that party at Tamil Nadu. The Present leader has got enriched in assets by many means. 

thank you.

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