Friday, April 8, 2011

Platinum Jewel - Richest place in the World

Hi friends , follower's and Viewer's here is a Splash news on Platinum .

This is the richest jewel in this world today. This is known to you.

Recent Sattelite pictures declared very clearly that Platinum is available just in 15 to 20 yards digging.

Yes! this place is None other than Coimbatore at Tamil Nadu in India.

even their is a rumour that is , to avail this, Many political people in the Name of Big Fair being conducted using a Language Name. This is also confirmed by archealogical department.

But Innocent people who sold their Lands and houses recently at Coimbatore are Loosers. They are exploited is the fact.  This Metal is available in Plenty in Coimbatore soil.My dear people at coimbatore Please be careful..

Thank you.

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