Sunday, April 3, 2011

Assam Election result

Hi friends , in India at Assam election for Assam state assembly with 126 constituencies in two stage going to take place. The first stage is on 4.4.2011 for 62 seats.

Ulfa terrorists were not a seperate force. They are the part and Parcel of Politicians . Government with all security measuress but terrorists are in action with out the knowledge of the politicians and government  to Press message is ridiculous.

In the matter of politics terrorists has become  a major partner. when any untoward incidents happens becuase Politicians and political parties in the world wants to keep people in fear . Also they create and say many comments that they will save people. Terrorists are claiming the innocent lives , this itself a self explanation that Terrorists whther Ulfa or Naxals or any other named are all tools to Political parties.

We have to watch one thing only in important periods like election and others This terrorists are in action. OR when the ruling Government wants a diversion of people mind from any important matter They engage terrorists or cruel people who work for Money. so terrorists are none other than a part of Politicians of Today.

This time at Assam B J P will form the Government. AGP and Congress parties will fail in this election. people will teach lesson to terorists in casting their votes .

in 126 seats B J P will get thumping Majority and will form the Government. Congress will have failures. AGP will be noware by this election results. People understood terrorists actions at Assam and westbengal are all the drama staged as and when it is required to create fear in people by political parties.

Now Political parties in India and Pakistan and in the world must leave terrorism acts to make world in Peace otherwise if the political parties are continuing the same actions in the name of terrorists then the world will be in pieces.
Peace is good and pieces is ugly. select the good.

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