Thursday, April 7, 2011

Breaking News

Hi friends ,follwer's and viewer's here is  Two breaking News.

The Flash news is that the declaration from Election commission and D.M.K and allied Parties meeting at Chindadiripet.

Yesterday Election commission of India said that Political Parties Logo fixing work got finished.

The same day same Time The Ruling Parties at center and Ruling Party at state combined chief for Tamil Nadu Election Mr.Karunanidhi said at Chindadiripet Meeting that their "Success confirmed".

So Here People doubt started on election commission proceedings. People think that election commission has stopped Payments for vote to People at Tamil nadu by the ruling Party. also on this Ruling Party and allied were commented that election commission has declared Emergency at Tamilnadu.

Now The same Ruling Party and allied in a meeting confirm that their "success is Confirmed". It means instead of paying Money to People at Tamil Nadu Huge Money might have been paid to Political Parties Logo sticker fixing people group ,Possibly ,might be by which a small wiring adjustments in few machines during the process of Logo fixing .This might have been happened so that The Ruling party and allied Group in a meeting confirms their success.

So let us watch the Result.

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