Monday, December 12, 2011


60 YEARS of  INDEPENDENCE WELL UTILIZED FOR CORRUPTIONS? yes! in India today the situation  is U.P.A. Government Top's in Corruption charges.

in Many meeting many Prime Ministers told that they will take all actions to provide light to all Villages. But in reality many parts of Metro cities and its surrounding areas are in Dark in Night because no Light provided. India is popular for its Farmers. Farmers are living at Villages. but many Villages do not have current Facility ,and partly having lights to few houses and No street Lights. This is an example. 

In BBC I read that a message say that Unemployment is increasing. For example if teh Government wanted provide Light to Villages than on this matter itself you can find many million employment opportunities. But Politicians think if they provide the needs to people than people do not have demands and needs,also People will become knowledge ,which will make a full stop to major portion of Politicians ,who are from Rowdies segment.

Now ,Indians started talking why our forefathers got freedom from British?. also they add ,if we are under British Government than we would have reached many heights in all spheres of life,and we last the chance because of freedom. 


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