Saturday, December 31, 2011

How is 2012 for CANCER Born in the World?

Hi this is about How is 2012 for CANCER Born in the World? Yes! forecast for Punarvasu 4th Poosam and Ayilyum :

You are promoted to the Top. This is the Great development in Life. Many born in this Zodiac sign will get marry with out fail.
You will get ambition fulfilled. Financial flow will be very good from many directions and from many matters on this year.
Many Good things will happen in this year 2012.
after your profit in your busines/job will be doubled.
Heavy work load will be their. so tress can found in many. 

Few may met with accident and Lower part of the Body may get affected ,may be legs or from hip/appendix  to foot. you will buy Vehicles like Car/Motor cycle,etc. and you will buy properties like Flats or Individual Houses . You will get scholarships. Your success is on the way in your competitions. Grey shade things are Lucky for you in 2012.You will be happy with your relations on many times through out the year.

In love you will be successful and you will get Marry.


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