Saturday, December 24, 2011

Prime minister - must not come to Tamilnadu says Popular politicians

This is about Prime minister - must not come to Tamilnadu says Popular politicians ! Today 25.12.2011 to 26.12.2011  Prime Minister of India plan to attend fewfunctions at Individual Industrialists owned organisation . But to show it as  Governemnt Program Prime Minister landing at Governor Bunglow and attending a supportine functive which is to justify the visit.

Due Mullai periyar issue , blocking Devotees to sabarimalai sastha , and press and media releases messages says , close assosiates attending   on a Master plan to Disturb the Life of the Chief Minister of Tamil nadu was found in the recent days by the chief Minister were all Disturbed the life of People at Tamil nadu. so People do not Like Prime Minister Mr.Man Mohan singh. Also to Note people were not interested in Man Mohan singh why because , corruptions in his Government. 

This Prime Minister is not doing any favor to care Tamil nadu people is also to be noted. we people of India suspect Sonia in the fatal death of Rajiv Gandhi.  Already people suspected Jawaharlal Nehru in teh Death of Ferozkhan Death - (Indira priyadarshini Husband), People suspected Indira in the Death of Sanjay gandhi, than now people suspect Sonia in the death of Rajiv Gandhi.

So Politicians at Tamil nadu wants to protest against Prime Minister against his Visit scheduled and on his visits ,Possibility of any untoward incident, because yesterday suddenly Sonia said That Indira Congress will win against all partie in the five state assembly elections. This is a Big Joke of this Year2011.People started smiling at sonia on this Joke in a ridiculous way in 2012..


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